Vancouver Island Virtual Airline
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ViVa is Vancouver Island's very own virtual airline. No matter what kind of flying you like to do, we have a place for you. Our mission is to promote flight simulation on Vancouver Island and to help Island flight sim enthusiasts connect. So whether you like to fly the big iron on Vatsim, or you enjoy a quiet VFR flight on your own, if you live on Vancouver Island, or if you are interested in Vancouver Island, we want you!

New Pilots

ViVa is proud to introduce our newest pilots: Pierrot Denis ( VI777); Hayden Denison ( VI614); Randy Wood ( VI9336); Howie Thate ( VI2055); Brian Jacob ( VI610); Sonny Tassone ( VI323); Bill irvine ( VI4094); Darrell Hein ( VI365); Jury Zaporozecs ( VI2011); Sam Jay ( VI88888); Hal Burns ( VI1955); Richare Peabody ( VI940);

PIREPS filed in the last day

Date Call sign Name Flight From To Aircraft Flight time Comments
2022-09-26 VI9292 Jeff Laurie Charter EGLC EIDL Embraer E190-E2 2.75
2022-09-26 VI2011 Jury Zaporozecs Charter TXKF MMUN Boeing 757F 3.5
2022-09-26 VI2055 Howie Thate Charter CYPA CYQW Fokker 50 0.75
2022-09-26 VI1151 Bernd Schulze Koehling Charter CYYZ KDEN Boeing 747-8F 3.75
2022-09-26 VI75048 Daryl Williams Charter CYXT CYZP Beechcraft Baron 1.5 Terrace to Sandspit
2022-09-27 VI1955 Hal Burns Charter C53 KSMN Cessna 152 0.75 Mountain cruising in Idaho
2022-09-27 VI2011 Jury Zaporozecs Charter MMUN KVBG Boeing 757F 5
2022-09-27 VI2055 Howie Thate Charter CYQW CYXE Fokker 50 0.75
2022-09-27 VI2055 Howie Thate Charter CYXE CYYC Fokker 50 1.5