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 Scenery files

This page contains information about Vancouver Island scenery files, and scenery files for other areas of BC served by ViVa. Do you know of a scenery file that should be on this page? Post a note on our forum.

Note: We aren't currently hosting scenery files. Most of the links on this page point to's file library. Many thanks to Avsim for making this possible.

East Vancouver Island Coast line and land class by Harvey Janszen
Renders correct coast line and islands from Sooke to Cambell river. Adds river estuaries and inland lakes. Also adds detail to the towns and rual areas. Flying over the Gulf Islands and East Vancouver Island is greatly enhanced by this scenery.

Port Alberni Valley Regional Airport by Lars Hoyer
This file adds detail to CBS8, Port Alberni's airport. Includes buildings, fences, cars.


Port Alberni by Lars Hoyer
Lars Hoyer does it again, this time He adds detail to Port Alberni Harbour and the float plane base on the river. This file adds a very detailed and acurate rendering of the mill, he Quay, including the clock tower, and the float plane base and grass airstrip, CYPB. The scenery includes some nice special effects like smoke coming from mill smoke stacks, and moving boats in the harbour. What makes the scenery even more amazing is that Lars hails from Germany, and has never even been to Port Alberni!

File: for FS2004

Comox airport by Vern Opperman
Vern Opperman's Comox Scenery adds great detail to Comox airport, including buildings and static aircraft. Anyone who has ever been on the base will be amazed at how well Vern captures the look of the buildings there.


Duncan Airport by Bruce Ellison
Nice detailed rendering of Duncan airport. Includes cars, buildings, static aircraft.


Nanaimo-Collishaw Airport by Ken Peters and Jesse Wheeler
This package adds detailed airport scenery to Nanaimo-Collishaw airport (CYCD) on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Included are accurate renderings of almost all buildings on the airport, cars and ground objects, detailed ground/taxiway layout and general aviation traffic.

Files: FS2004 version FS2002 version

Qualicum Beach Airport by Ken Peters
Adds detail airport scenery to Qualicum Beach airport (CAT4), which is aproximately 30 km North-West of Nanaimo. Included are accurate renderings of almost all buildings on the airport, cars and ground objects, detailed ground/taxiway layout and general aviation traffic. Also includes French Creek marina, with a ViVa float plane dock.

Files: FS2004 version FS2002 version

Vancouver Island Coast 38.2 m Terrain Mesh by FSGenesis
The Cordillera Canada 38.2 m terrain mesh by FSGenesis adds highly accurate terain mesh to BC, and parts of Yukon and Alberta. Vancouver Island mesh is available as a free sample. 38.2 m mesh brings the terrain to life, giving mountains and hills very acurate shape. The Cordillery mesh is only $9.95 USD, which is very inexpensive considering the difference it makes to flying in BC.

Visit FSGenesis at and go to their 38.2 m mesh page to find the Cordillera page with the free Vancouver Island mesh.

BC Seaplane bases by Curt Jardey
New airports & seaplane bases in British Columbia, Canada. All show up in the "Go To" Airports list. All are shown on the GPS map. Real world IACO codes and coordinates are used. The data for the Traffic Tools "Airports030528.txt" file is included. 10 AFCAD files are included. Sikanni Chief scenery bgl files is included. Real world data supplied. The new places are: Sikanni Chief airport, Bamfield Harbour Seaplane, Coal Harbour Floatplane Terminal (Vancouver Harbour), Muncho Lake Seaplane, Nanaimo Harbour SPB, Tofino Harbour SPB, Ucluelet Seaplane Base, Vancouver Int'l SPB, Victoria Harbour, Victoria Intl SPB.


BC AFCads by Jesse Wheeler
Adds correct taxiway, aprons, parking, lighting, and taxiway markings to a number of BC airports. Jesse is a stickler for detail and uses CAP airport charts to make the airport layouts as accurate as possible. Includes the following airports: Qualicum, Tofino, Campbell River, Nanaimo, Langley, Pitt Meadows, Prince Rupert, Comox, Vancouver, Prince George, Abbotsford, Victoria, Port Hardy, Boundary Bay, Courtney. You won't find this file on Avsim, but you can get it here at ViVa.


Alberni Valley Landclass by Irvin McIntyre and Lars Hoyer
Tofino Area Landclass by Irvin McIntyre
Renders correct coastline, islands, major rivers and roads for the Alberni Valley, Barkley Sound and Tofino area. Tofino Area is not finished yet, but does connect to default scenery. Final version will be published when complete. Landclass is compatible with Lars Hoyer’s Alberni Valley scenery and Bill Dick’s scenery in the Barkley Sound, Tofino area. Please note: Both landclasses must be installed, and each must be installed to its own folder. If only one is installed it will not match the default scenery.

Alberni landclass: Alberni_Valley_Landclass-09-12-04.ZIP for FS2004 only
Tofino area landclass: Tofino_Area_Landclass-08-25-05.ZIP for FS2004 only (updated Oct 8,2005)

Viva Base at Boundry Bay by Wayne (Ace) Chiasson
Adds viva buildings to Boundry Bay.Includes an office and hanger with opening door.

File (in rar format): viva_czbb.rar

Viva Base at Victoria International by Lars Hoyer, Jesse Wheeler and Ken Peters
Adds Viva offices, hangars and a pilots club to CYYJ. Includes detailed afcad, ground objects and opening hangar doors.

Pacific Coastal AI flight plans by Dave Hazell
AI flight plans for Pacific Coastal.


Dave W's house. By Lars Hoyer.
This file adds Dave W's house. The house is located at Holden Lake in Cassidy near Nanaimo, which is very close to CYCD. This scenery is licensed for use by Viva pilots only.


Ogden Point. By Jon Patch and Holger Sandmann.
This is a consolidation and enhancement of my previous Victoria releases, with wise assistance and components from Holger Sandmann. Included are revised shorelines, landclass and 38m mesh and buffer meshes for South-Eastern Vancouver Island; boat docks with static boats, seaplane docks and terminal buildings for Harbour Air, Kenmore Air and West Coast Air; simple representations of the Johnson and Bay Street bridges; a number of generic buildings simulating the converted warehouses that front the harbour; piers, buildings, breakwater and other components of the Ogden Point Terminal; dock, service building and pilot boats of the Pacific Pilotage Authority; Odgen Point Cafe and Dive Shop; marine navigational lights for Victoria Harbour and area, including Esquimalt harbour and Oak Bay; antennae location corrections for the area; Centre of the Universe observatory, Elk Lake Boathouse, Christ Church Cathedral; AFCADs included: updated Victoria Harbour (CYWH) seaplane base, updated Camel Point Public Heliport (CBF7), Victoria International Seaplane Base (CAP5); updated AFCADs for the ship and boat traffic (SEA1, VIC1, VIC2, VIC3); AI craft models and repaints (Cruise ships are repaints of Asuka model by Mitsuya Hamaguchi: MS Amsterdam of the Holland America Line travelling from Victoria to Vancouver, MS Summit of the Celebrity Cruise Line travelling from Seattle to Victoria); S-61 Sea-King helicopter in Helijet colours; Pacific Pilot custom vessel working from the Pilot dock; 22, 30 and 40 foot vessels plying the harbour and nearby Straight of Juan de Fuca. Effects included for lights, water, smoke effects. Several flights are offered, including two flights for owners of the Aerosoft Beaver (not required). Ultimate Terrain compatible (not required). Users of Misty Fjords will also get additional cruise ship traffic: the Island Princess and the Volendam alternating with the Amsterdam and Summit. Includes a couple of items for Vancouver: Metrotowers in Burnaby – custom gmax models from the upcoming FSAddon payware project for South-Western British Columbia, and a refinery in Vancouver with smoke and steam effects. Replaces,,,, and Detailed documentation included.


Courtenay Air Park - CAH3. By Peter Hall
This package adds detailed airport scenery to Courtenay Airpark on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Included are accurate renderings of all buildings on the airport, and general aviation traffic. Courtenay is a small Airpark run by The Courtenay Airpark Association. The scenery was designed around "Ultimate Terrain" scenery. Parking locations 2 and 3 put you outside the Pilots Lounge.

File: Courtenay_Airpark_V1a.ZIP

Victoria International Airport - CYYJ. By Don Grovestine
CYYJ (2007), packaged in a single load module for both FS9 and FSX with an installer, depicts the Victoria, British Columbia, Canada international airport (CYYJ), the nearby Coast Guard/floatplane complex at Pat Bay and the adjacent industrial park. It is now fully compatible with Ultimate Terrain for both FS9 and FSX, Victoria Plus, BC Roads, EVI Shoreline and, of course, CYYJ Custom AI. In addition to major compatibility improvements, this version reflects recent changes at the real CYYJ and adds a number of minor features missing from previous releases. CYYJ (2007) is still the next best thing to being there! Please note, the Version 3.4 installer may have difficulty installing for FSX. Version 3.5 corrects that problem.

File: Victoria, BC, Canada - CYYJ (2007) Version 3.5 for FS9 and FSX
CYYJ Custom AI v2.2 for FS9 and FSX

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