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Campbell Gold VI240 flight log
ViVa pilot since: Dec 4th, 2008
Total hours: 837.90

 Flight history
 2017-11-25CharterLAK-PARC2.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Medical Supplies - Livengood Camp-Five Mile-Stevens village-Beaver-Veneitie-Artic Village. Fog and low ceilings made for challenging approaches and landings. Better conditions over Veneitie Reservation.
 2017-11-12CharterPABA-FVM1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Fairbanks-Livengood Camp-Five Mile - Medical and Winter Supplies. A 26kt oblique headwind enroute made for constant nav monitoring and adjustment. Challenging approaches and landings.
 2017-11-12CharterLA30-LS720.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Phoenix (Louisiana)-Aerolite Aero Park. LA30 was the shortest runway I have ever taken off from - white knuckles and a screaming engine. 1800 ceiling made for low flying, and another short runway awaited at at LS72.
 2017-11-10CharterPABT-PAKP0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - 2 x pax + mail, Beetles to Anaktuvuk Pass. Uneventful flight.
 2017-11-10CharterCYOC-CEZ21.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverAfternoon - Medical supplies and 2 x pax, Old Crow to Chapman Lake. Low ceiling and threading the valleys. Tense flight outrunning a storm front. Difficult approach and white knuckle landing at CEZ2 in failing light.
 2017-11-10CharterCBW2-CAF21.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverAfternoon - Emergency medical supplies and 2 x medics, Kitimat to Bella Bella. 1200 ceiling and skimming the waves at 500 ft in snow flurries all the way. Threading coves and inlets made for a very busy flight.
 2017-11-10Charter3U7-8U20.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - 3 x pax, Benchmark to Schafer. Threading some very rugged terrain in snow flurries and low ceilings. Challenging approach (trees and ground mist) and landing on a short r/w at 8U2.
 2017-11-04CharterCBW2-CAF21.00Beech Baron 58Dusk - 2 x pax, Kitimat-Bella-Bella. 32kt crosswind enroute made for a bumpy flight. Approach and landing at CAF2 in failing light and 3 kt crosswind. Landed on 1st attempt.
 2017-11-03CharterPASW-PAMH1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverLate Afternoon - ToughMan Challenge, Skwentna-Minchumina. Low vis, fog takeoff, and variable strong crosswinds enroute. Long approach in rain and rapidly failing light at PAMH. Difficult Challenge with basically one chance to land.
 2017-11-03CharterPAMH-PABT1.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverLate Afternoon - Another ToughMan Challenge in poor visibility; Minchumina-Beetles. 2200 broken ceiling, with 1400 ceiling at PABT. Failing light and gusty winds on final approach and landing. White knuckle challenge all the way.
 2017-10-29CharterPARC-CYOC1.25Beriev Be-103Night - Arctic Village to Old Crow. 2 x Old Prospectors and Dynamite. A little bumpy enroute but no incidents. It was good to see the lights at Old Crow, and a gentle landing was effected.
 2017-10-28CharterPASX-PASW1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - ToughMan Challenge, Soldotna-Skwentna. Ceiling 200, Vis 1/4 mile - Slam Dunk white knuckle landing on a short forest airstrip. Good Challenge.
 2017-10-28CharterKMSY-KLFT1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverNight - Emergency Blood Plasma to Lafayette General Surgical Hospital. Balls to the Wall on this one. Oblique Tail Wind of 16 Kts did not help. But made good time.
 2017-10-27CharterPANN-PAFA1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDusk - Flying on Instruments to Fairbanks. Challenging flight in fading light and limited Instruments in the Beaver. Good final approach and nice touchdown.
 2017-10-27CharterPAPH-PAIL1.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - ToughMan Challenge, PAPH-PAIL. Ceiling 3500 max alt 3000. Threading valleys in strong crosswinds and turbulence. Great Challenge.
 2017-10-27CharterPAIL-PASX1.25DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - ToughMan Challenge, PAIL-PASX. Max 3500 alt through the mountains. Low ceiling and strong winds made for a white knuckle experience. Good Challenge.
 2017-10-27CharterKMSY-KBTR2.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Emergency Vaccine Delivery, New Orleans-Houma-Bayou Boeuf (water)-Baton Rouge. Hazy start, progressively lower ceiling, and a bumpy ride with heavy rain and crosswinds at KBTR.
 2017-10-26CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.50Cessna 172Day - Blind Instrument Flying. Instrument and Navigation Training with limited external visual input.
 2017-10-26CharterPAFA-PANN0.50Cessna 172Day - 2 x Pax to attend business meeting. Clear weather and an uneventful flight.
 2017-10-22CharterKSEA-CYVR1.25Douglas DC-3Night - Cargo Run, Seattle-Vancouver. Bumpy flight with strong crosswinds. 8kt crosswind at CYVR made for a challenging landing. Landed on 1st attempt.
 2017-10-13CharterKGCN-44AZ1.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Flying in Grand Canyon from Grand Canyon Nat Park to Sandhill Ranch. Clear weather and fantastic scenery - a most enjoyable flight.
 2017-10-07Charter4AK-FVM0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverNight - Emergency Generator Parts, Livengood Camp to Five Mile. Difficult flight on a dark and overcast night. The lights of FVM were a very welcome sight. it was very difficult to judge approach height, etc.
 2017-10-06CharterD66-4AK1.25DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Delta Junct-Eielson AFB-Livengood. Engineering Spares, Mail, and Winter Medical Supplies. Uneventful flight in clear conditions.
 2017-10-01CharterPAVD-Z931.00Aero Commander 500Day - Medical supplies and Engineering parts; Valdez-Thompson Pass-Copper Center. Heavy cloud necessitated threading the mountains. Challenging flight.
 2017-10-01CharterZ93-D661.50Beech Baron 58Day - Copper Center-Gulkana-Paxson-Black Rapids-Delta Junction - spares and winter food supplies. Low cloud made for careful flying through mountain passes. Short runways were also challenging.
 2017-09-30Training 1.00Beech Baron 58Day - Training on the Beech Baron 58. Threading the valleys and short runway approaches. Challenging flying.
 2017-09-23Training 0.50Airbus A320-232Night - Manual flying the 321. Challenging approach and landing at KSEA.
 2017-09-23CharterEGKK-EGAC1.25Airbus A320-232Day. IFR - Gatwick to Belfast. Bumpy landing at EGAC.
 2017-09-10CharterPAOR-CKX0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Auto and Generator Parts, Northway to Chicken. Hazy Weather and a 6kt crosswind - but an uneventful flight. Trees at the ends of the runway made for a challenging landing at CKX.
 2017-09-09CharterHEOP-HECA0.50EurofighterDay - Al Rahmaniyah to Cairo - Dropping off UN Observer. Poor visibility with plenty of sand and dust in the air. Good approach and landing in 6kt crosswind.
 2017-08-27CharterCYYJ-KSEA1.50Cessna 172Night, IFR - 2 x Pax, Victoria - Seattle. Busy flight with continuous ATC Directives. Clear weather and a good landing at KSEA.
 2017-08-25Training 1.00Airbus A320-232Night - Familiarization flight in the 321. Very different flying approach (fly-by-wire) to that of the equivalent Boeing. Calm and clear weather made for a good experience.
 2017-08-20CharterCYYK-KSEA0.50Boeing 737-800Day - Manual flight to re-familiarize with the 737. 16kt crosswind at KSEA made for a challenging approach and touchdown. Al good experience.
 2017-08-05CharterHUEN-HK0E1.50Aero Commander 500Day, Uganda - Entebbe - Jinja to pickup 2 x pax and onto Tororo and Webuye. Hot and thundery weather, but an uneventful flight.
 2017-07-30CharterPABL-PAGK1.50Aero Commander 500Day - Allen AAF to Clearwater to collect 2 x pax, then onto Gulkana. Uneventful flight in good weather. Spectacular mountain crossing.
 2017-06-25Charter76AK-PABI0.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDawn - Pogo Airstrip to Allen AAF. 2 x Pax + engineering spares. Clear weather and an uneventful flight in great scenery.
 2017-06-25CharterKSEA-CYVR1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverPre Dawn - Seattle to Vancouver for business meeting. Some turbulence from an approaching weather front. A good approach and landing at CYVR in a gusty crosswind.
 2017-05-12CharterCHP-76AK1.25DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDusk - Circle Hot Springs - Coal Creek - Pogo Mine. Transporting of explosives and generator spares. A gentle flight with no incidents. Very gentle landings.
 2017-04-28CharterPAVD-PAFA1.75Aero Commander 500Night - Valdez to Gulkana to pick up a medical casualty, then on to Fairbanks. A dark night with 15kt crosswinds. Gentle landing at PAFA, and patient transferred to local medics.
 2017-04-16CharterPAHO-41AK1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - From Homer to Winter's Strip to collect a medical emergency, and back. Poor visibility, blizzard, 12-20kt winds. White knuckles flight. Got patient through safely.
 2017-04-16CharterCYYQ-CYBQ0.50EurofightrDay - Airforce Pole2Pole Challenge Leg 7. Churchill to Tadoule Lake. Low Speed challenge - Short Hop. Discipline needed to keep average speed <400 kts. Weather good, 8 kt crosswind on landing. Short Runway - so correct use of speed brake needed.
 2017-04-15CharterCYYJ-KSEA0.75Aero Commander 500Night - 2 x Pax and Ore Samples. Uneventful flight in good weather conditions. A nice night for flying.
 2017-03-25CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverNight - Uneventful flight home after a long business trip. The lights of home were a great sight.
 2017-02-05CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.00Aero Commander 500Dusk - Flight to Whidbey to collect the Beaver, then home to Victoria. Uneventful flight in fading light. Gentle approach and landing at CYYJ.
 2017-02-05CharterCZST-CYYD2.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Stewart-Woodcock-Terrace-Smithers. Medical Supplies and Mail. Heavy clouds over the mountains and a 40kt oblique tailwind made for a challenging flight.
 2017-01-01CharterPAHN-CKX4.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - PAHN-CYDB-4Z5-PAOR-CKX. Medical and winter supplies. Snow, crosswinds, wind-shear, varying visibility - poor flying weather with slam-dunk landings.
 2017-01-01CharterCYDA-CEZ20.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDawn - 2 x prospectors + equipment, Dawson to Chapman Lake. Overcast, but an uneventful flight.
 2017-01-01CharterPAHO-41AK1.50Piper PA18 Super Cub with Tundra TyresDay - Snow storm - Emergency supplies, Homer to Winter's Strip, and back.
 2017-01-01CharterPAHN-FNR1.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Heavy rain, gusty winds, and thunder. Medical team, Haines to Punter; and return with patient. Challenging flight with white knuckle landings.
 2017-01-01CharterPAMC-6AK2.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - low ceiling meant threading the mountain passes, McGrath to Rainy Pass, and back. Medical supplies and generator parts. 2 x pax on return. A very bumpy flight in both directions.
 2017-01-01CharterCEZ2-PAEA0.50Aero Commander 500Dawn - Chapman Lake to Eagle. 2 x pax, mail, and winter supplies. Clear weather, and an uneventful flight.
 2016-11-20CharterPASI-PAHN1.25DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDawn - 2 x pax + Mail, Sitka - Gustavus; then onto Hains with Mail and winter supplies. 10kt oblique headwind, but good weather otherwise. All is white and hushed. A good flight in a twilight world.
 2016-10-07CharterSMF1-PASI5.00Cessna 195Day - Pax, FedEx Shipments, Mail, Engineering Spares. Misty Fjord-Walker Fjord-Shoal Cove-Race Isle Light Station-Ketchikan-Klawock-Wrangell-Kake-Sitka. A long day's flying in low ceilings.
 2016-10-01CharterCZST-KBE2.25DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDawn - Mail and general supplies, Stewart-Bell Hot Springs-Wrangell-Sitka. Threading the valleys to avoid a low ceiling, blustery winds, and turbulence. A challenging flight, with white knuckle, low vis, landings.
 2016-09-30CharterCYOA-CYWO1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - 2 x pax, Ekati to Lupin. Uneventful flight with low ceiling and some turbulence. Tricky approach at CYWO, but safe landing on 1st try.
 2016-09-30CharterCYWO-CYIX1.00Aero Commander 500Day - 2 x engineers and equipment, Lupin to Port Radium. 7kt headwind made for a slower flight. There is some great scenery in this area. A good landing at CYIX.
 2016-09-30CharterKGZ-4AK31.00Dehavilland Super OtterDay - Medical supplies, Glacier Creek-Young Creek 0AK5-Long Lake. Low ceiling made it necessary to thread the mountains and valleys. Difficulty finding 0AK5 and 4AK3 landing strips. Stopover until ceiling lifts.
 2016-09-09Training 1.50Lysander (Bush Conversion)Day - Training in a Bush Converted Lysander. Great flying in a vintage Aircraft. Weather was clear, which made for an excellent training session. Lots of circuits and bumps.
 2016-09-09CharterEGKB-EGMH1.25LysanderNight - 1941 Covert Re-enactment. Depart Biggen Hill to collect operative at Lydd, then to Calais, drop off operative & pick up returning operative. Challenging flight - Nav by map and stopwatch.
 2016-08-29CharterCYRT-CYBK2.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay, VFR - Rankin Inlet to Chesterfield Inlet, to pick up 2 x pax (Fishermen), and then on to Baker Lake. Uneventful flight in an uninhabited landscape. This is a very lonely area.
 2016-08-29CharterCYBK-CYOD3.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay, Returning 2 x lodge developers, from Baker Lake to Ekati. A long tiring flight, with heavy cloud and a 21kt oblique tailwind. Next time, I'll use a faster aircraft. The flight was fuel critical, but we made it safely.
 2016-08-27CharterPANN-CYXY1.00Douglas DC-3Night - bumpy flight, delivering engineering parts to Whitehorse. Turbulence cleared on final approach, and a good landing achieved.
 2016-08-27CharterCYXY-CYHT0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverPre-dawn - Emergency medical team to Haines Junction. Horrendous flight in poor light, misty weather, turbulence, and an oblique crosswind on landing. 2 x go around, down on 3rd attempt. Very challenging.
 2016-08-21CharterPANN-CYXY1.25Douglas DC-3Dawn - Dynamite delivery, Haines to Whitehorse. Difficult flight with turbulence and wind-shear over the mountains, and low cloud covering the mountaintops for last half of flight. White knuckles landing. But safely down.
 2016-08-20CharterPAWG-PAPG0.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay, VRF - 2 x pax, Wrangel to Johnson Petersburg. Clear weather and an uneventful flight in great scenery. Good approach and landing at PAPG.
 2016-08-20CharterPAPG-PAFE0.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay, IFR - 1 x pax + engine spares, Johnson to Kake. Great flying weather, and an uneventful Flight. A nice lazy approach and good landing at PAFE.
 2016-08-20CharterPAFE-PAJN1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay, Emergency Medical team and supplies, KAKE to Juneau. Low cloud over the mountains made for careful flying. Cloud clearing on approach to PAJN. Good approach and landing. Refuelled at Juneau.
 2016-08-20CharterCYUT-CYYQ1.50EurofighterNight - Airforce Pole2Pole Challenge Leg 6. 514 nm, Repulse Bay to Churchill. Another, fuel vs Speed challenge, and again no ATC available. Discipline needed to balance max speed with available fuel. Weather was good, 6 kt crosswind on landing.
 2016-08-20CharterPAJN-PAHN0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverNight - Emergency vaccine, Juneau to Haines. A dark night, 8kt headwind, and some scattered clouds. Used HNS NDB, and it was a good feeling when PAHN lights finally came into view. An enjoyable flight.
 2016-08-12CharterCYIO-CYUT1.00EurofighterNight - Airforce Pole2Pole Challenge Leg 5. 408 nm, Pond Inlet to Repulse Bay. Fast as you can - no ATC available. Great challenge to balance max speed with available fuel. Weather was good, 8 kt crosswind on landing.
 2016-08-11CharterCJQ6-CYEU0.75EurofighterDay, VFR - Airforce Pole2Pole Challenge Leg 2. Tanquery Fiord to Eureka. 20kt headwind, and scattered clouds. Uneventful flight, and landed on 1st attempt.
 2016-08-11CharterCYEU-CYSR1.25EurofighterDay, IFR - Airforce Pole2Pole Challenge Leg 3. Eureka to Nanisivik. Speed versus fuel management challenge. 21kt crosswind. A good challenge with speed up to 400kts. Long approach, and a good landing at CYSR
 2016-08-11CharterCYSR-CYIO0.75EurofighterDusk, IFR - Airforce Pole2Pole Challenge Leg 4. Nanisivik to Pond Inlet. Made good time with 20kt Tailwind. Uneventful flight in good weather.
 2016-08-10CharterCYLT-CJQ61.00EurofighterDay, IFR - Airforce Pole2Pole Challenge Leg 1. Alert to Tanquery Fiord. Heavy Turbulence and Windshear. 20kt Oblique headwind. Long IFR approach, and 1 x go around. A challenge indeed.
 2016-08-07CharterCYYJ-CYCD0.50Beriev Be-103Early Hours - Medical supplies and mail to Nanaimo. IFR in very dark conditions. A great relief when runway lights were finally spotted. A challenging flight. Next flight will be in daylight.
 2016-08-07CharterCYCD-CYAL2.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverAfternoon - Medical supplies to Powell River, then on to Alert Bay. Threading the mountains in scattered cloud and some fog. 8kt Crosswind at Alert Bay made for a challenging approach and landing.
 2016-08-06CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverAfternoon - Seattle to Victoria - Back home before heading north again. Great flying weather, and an uneventful flight. After re-fuelling and loading supplies, it will be an early start tomorrow.
 2016-07-31CharterPABA-PARC1.00Aero Commander 500Dusk - Medical Supplies to Artic Village. Bumpy flight with 29kt oblique headwind. Difficult approach, but landed safely on 1st attempt in 12kt crosswind.
 2016-06-19Charter0AK2-PATQ0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Scatteed clouds and an 18Kt headwind. 0AK2-PABR-PATQ. Medical Supplies and FedEx Deliveries. Uneventful flight.
 2016-05-14CharterPABA-0AK23.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Delivery of medical supplies to far north settlements. Mixed weather with snow flurries. PABA-AK99-AK78-8AK7-PASC-AK11-22AK-3AK9-0AK2. Busy day.
 2016-03-20CharterCYEV-CYUB0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - 2 x Prospectors + samples, Zubko to Tuktoyaktuk. Nap of the earth flying to avoid freezing ceiling. Weather cleared on approach to CYUB, and flight ended uneventfully.
 2016-03-20CharterCYUB-PABA1.25Aero Commander 500Late afternoon - 4 x pax, Tuktoyaktuk to Barter Island. Uneventful flight in the most beautiful golden sunset I have ever seen. What a brilliant flight.
 2016-03-18CharterCBA4-CYEV0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - 2 x pax, Midway to Zubko. Unexpected snow storm at CYEV made for a tricky approach and landing. Safely down on 1st attempt.
 2016-03-06CharterCYKD-CBA41.25DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverAfternoon - Mining supplies and mail - Aklavik to Fort McPherson, then on to Midway. Clear calm weather, and no incidents enroute.
 2016-03-05CharterPARC-YOC1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Arctic Village to Old Crow. Generator spares, medical supplies, and mail. Bumpy flight in 33kt shifting winds. Difficult approach and landing in 16kt wind. Safely down on 1st attempt.
 2016-03-05CharterYOC-CYKD1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - 2 x pax (prospectors), Old Crow to Aklavik. Clear skies, but some turbulence enroute. Uneventful flight in great scenery.
 2016-02-28CharterSAG-PARC1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Transporting a prospector and his samples from Sagwon to Arctic Village. Scattered clouds with an oblique headwind. A good flight through majestic peaks.
 2016-02-27CharterWSM-5CD1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Delivery of dynamite - Wiseman to Chandler Shelf. Threaded the valleys to keep below the ceiling. And a 6kt crosswind, on approach at 5CD, made for a rather jittery landing.
 2016-02-27Charter5CD-SAG1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Chandler Shelf to Galbraith Lake to refuel, then 2 x pax, medical supplies, and mail to Sagwon. White knuckles landing in 23kt winds at SAG.
 2016-02-07CharterPABT-WSM0.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDusk - Urgent medical supplies. Bettles-Coldfoot-Wiserman. Snow flurries and gusty winds. Challenging flight with tricky approaches. Stop-over at WSM until weather improves.
 2016-01-30CharterPAMR-2AK71.25DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Medical supplies and engineering spares, Merrill-Wolf Lake-Bald Mountain. Difficult flight in light snow and low ceiling. Bald Mountain runway was very hard to locate, and it was a white knuckles landing.
 2016-01-30Charter2AK7-PAIN1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Bald Mountain to Cantwell to collect 2 x Rangers and take them to McKinley Natl Park. Uneventful flight in a pink setting sun - it's beautiful at this time of the year.
 2016-01-03CharterPAKW-PAWG0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Medical supplies to Wrangel. Gusty crosswinds at Wrangel - 1 x Go Around. Good landing on 2nd attempt.
 2015-12-20CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.00Aero Commander 500Night - Test flight using the Steam Version of FSX. Uneventful flight.
 2015-12-20CharterKSEA-CYZF2.75Boeing 737-800Night, IFR - Busy ATC flight with strong gusty winds enroute. Clear at CYZF, and a good visual landing in gusty winds.
 2015-12-05CharterCYYJ-KSEA1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverNight - Meeting with prospective clients tomorrow. Difficult flight in rain and 20kt gusts. Very bumpy approach, but safely down on 1st attempt.
 2015-11-21CharterCYYG-CYTN0.50Aero Commander 500Night - Charlottetown to Trenton. 2 x Pax. Clear weather, 6-8kt crosswind on approach and landing.
 2015-11-21CharterCYTN-CYHZ0.50Aero Commander 500Night - Trenton to Halifax to deliver urgent blood work. 15kt winds made for a difficult approach and landing at CYHZ. Sleety rain on approach further reduced visibility.
 2015-10-17CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Going home, KSEA to Victoria. Some rain enroute, but a pleasant and uneventful flight.
 2015-08-30CharterCYJQ-CYZP3.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDawn - Winter medical supplies. CYJQ-CYZP-CYPR-PAKT-PAKW. Autumn is in the air, and it's getting cooler now with misty mornings. Great flights in super scenery. No problems.
 2015-08-15CharterKSEA-CYJQ3.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDawn - Emergency vaccine delivery. KSEA-CYYJ-CYCD-CYPW-CYJQ. Uneventful flying in misty conditions. Gusty 8kt winds.
 2015-08-07CharterKSFO-KSMF1.75Boeing 737-800Night, IFR - Cargo flight, San Francisco to Sacramento. Busy skies tonight, and plenty of ATC directives. An uneventful flight.
 2015-08-02CharterNUL-PAKK1.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Delivering medical and engineering Supplies. NUL-KAL-PAUN-PAKK. Clear weather and uneventful flying.
 2015-08-02CharterPAKK-PAOM1.00Aero Commander 500Night, IFR - Med1vac of injured prospector, Koyuk to Nome. Clear weather with some turbulence and 6kt crosswind on landing. A busy flight with lots of ATC directives.
 2015-07-24CharterPARY-NUL1.00Dehavilland BeaverDay - Collect engineering parts from Pitka and Koyukak, and deliver to Nulato. Uneventful Flight in clear weather.
 2015-05-17CharterS81-4U92.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Idaho Forestry Service, delivering equipment to difficult airstrips. S81-2U8-0U3-ID67-KLLJ-0U8-U00-4U9. Some white knuckles.
 2015-05-17CharterKPDX-KSEA0.75Aero Commander 500Night - 2 x pax, Portland to Seattle. Some turbulence enroute, but otherwise a quiet flight.
 2015-05-16Multi 2.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay, clear weather - Gold prospectors and their gear - PAFA-PAML-PATA-PARY-Z17. A busy multi-drop flight. Great flying weather.
 2015-05-04CharterPAYA-19AK0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverMorning - Medical supplies to Icy Bay. Clear weather with some turbulence over the coastline. Great flying conditions.
 2015-05-04Multi 5.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Mining and Pipeline Spares. 19AK-PACY-CXC-Z93-PAGK-DDT-PAXK-PAFA. Clear but bumpy weather - turbulence, windshear, and 19kt crosswinds. A good day's flying.
 2015-05-03CharterAK76-PAYA0.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - 2 x Prospectors and their equipment, East Alsek River to Yakutat. Clear weather and an uneventful flight.
 2015-05-03CharterKSEA-CYYC1.50Boeing 737-800Night, IFR - Seattle to Calgary. Some turbulence and crosswinds enroute. Busy flight with constant ATC directives.
 2015-05-03CharterCYYC-KSEA1.25EurofighterMorning - Return flight to Seattle in a Eurofighter. Threading the valleys enroute at high speed. Great flight.
 2015-05-02CharterCFA4-AK761.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Prospecting Equipment and Dynamite - Carcross-Mule Creek-East Alsek River. Clear weather to thread the valleys. A great flight in spectacular scenery.
 2015-04-26CharterPAHN-CFA40.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - 2 x Uranium Prospectors + Equipment, Haines to Carcross. Clear weather and an uneventful flight.
 2015-04-25CharterAK76-PAHN0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Generator spares to Haines. Great flying weather - threading the mountains with some turbulence on approach to PAHN.
 2015-03-22CharterCYYJ-KSEA0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - 2 x pax to Seattle. Great weather and an uneventful flight. Some turbulence on KSEA approach.
 2015-01-14CharterCYYJ-CYYC1.75Boeing 737-800Night, IFR. Busy flight with constant ATC directives. Weather overcast with a low visibility approach and landing at Calgary.
 2015-01-14CharterCYYC-CYCZ1.00Cessna 172Day - Clear weather for a flight to a business meeting in CYCZ. A pleasant and uneventful flight.
 2015-01-14CharterCYYC-CYYJ1.75Boeing 737-800Night, IFR - Return Flight. Uneventful flight in poor visibility. Flying the needles at CYYJ.
 2015-01-14CharterEGKK-LFPG1.75Boeing 737-800Night - Uneventful Early-bird flight to Paris. Weather was cold but clear. After landing, I Breakfasted at a little cafe I especially enjoy on the Left Bank. Ah, Paris...
 2015-01-14CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Cessna 195Night - Returning home to Victoria in the clapped out old 195. Challenging flight in turbulence and low ceiling. Good to be home again.
 2014-12-13CharterSGOC-BNF1.25Cessna 195Day - Winter Medical Supplies - SGOC-SDEP-SCRI-SSBA-BNF. Blustery weater with low ice producing ceilung. Challenging flying. Threading the valleys today.
 2014-12-13CharterPAJN-PASI0.50Cessna 195Day - Mail delivery - PAJN-7AK2-PAGS-PAEL-PASI. Cold and Icy conditions made for difficult flying in the clapped-out old Cessna 195. Great challenge - white knuckles all the way!
 2014-11-25CharterSGOC-BNF1.00Cessna 195Morning - Winter medical supplies. SGOC-SDEP-SCRI-SSBA-BNF. Overcast, moderate winds, and some turbulence. A challenging flight.
 2014-11-25CharterPAJN-pasi2.00Cessna 195Day - Mail and medical supplies. Blustery weather with rain and some sleet. Low ceiling (3500) and icing in cloud. Difficult approaches in crosswinds and poor visibility.
 2014-11-08CharterEXI-SGOC3.00Cessna 195Dawn - Winter Medical Supplies. EXI-HMS-PAOH-PEC-TKE-PAEL-PACA-SSTA-SGOC. Challenging flying, threading mountain passes and landing in hidden coves. Misty and overcast weather, with low ceilings.
 2014-10-25CharterPAHN-EXI2.25Cessna 195Day - 1500 Broken Clouds with a 3500 Ceiling. Difficult flying over mountains shrouded in cloud. A long flight with 2 x pax and medical supplies.
 2014-10-18CharterPANR-PAHN2.25Cessna 195Morning - Lighthouse spares, Funter Bay-Point Retreat-Eldred Rock; then 2 x pax to Haines. Weather overcast with gusty cross/head winds. Long approach into Haines.
 2014-10-11CharterPASI-PANR4.50Cessna 195Dawn - Flying the coves with winter vaccines. Overcast with some wind and light rain. PASI-SKOS-SGOC-2Z6-CYM-KLP-CBA-FRP-PANR. Again in the clapped out old Cessna 195.
 2014-10-08CharterSDEP-PASI0.50Cessna 195Day - Return to PASI in the clapped out old Cessna 195. Gusty crosswinds made for a tricky landing. Weather overcast.
 2014-10-05CharterPASI-SKBA0.75Dehavilland BeaverDay - Winter medical supplies. Sitka-Katlian Bay-Greel Lake. Overcast weather with some rain. Winter approaches.
 2014-10-05CharterPASI-SDEP0.75Cessna 195Dusk - Medical supplies. Overcast, windshear, and turbulence. White knuckle flying in the clapped out old Cessna. Great challenge - it's a good day to fly...
 2014-09-28CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.25Boeing 737-800IFR - Night - General Cargo. Uneventful flight in heavy traffic with plenty of ATC directives. Clear weather, and a long ILS 9 approach at CYYJ.
 2014-09-28CharterPAJN-PAEL2.50Cessna 195 AmphDay - 4,000 ceiling, rain, and some turbulence. Delivery of winter medical supplies to outlying sea bases. Great flying in a Clapped out old cessna.
 2014-09-28CharterPASI-PAJN1.75Grumman GooseDay - 4,500 ceiling, rain and some thunder. Long flight in the turbo Goose. Difficult approach and a heavy landing at Juneau. The Goose is not one of my favourite planes.
 2014-09-20CharterKDEN-KSEA3.25Boeing 737-800Night - Cargo, Denver-Pasco-Seattle. Broken cloud and some turbulence enroute. 1 x go around at KSEA. Good final landing at the end of an uneventful flight.
 2014-09-20Multi 5.75Dehavilland BeaverIditarod Supplies - KAL-NUL-PITKA-PARY-Z48-Z17-TKI-PAMC-8KA-1AK6-PAUO-CSR-PAWR. A great adventure in fantastic scenery. Good weather too.
 2014-09-20CharterAK00-TPO0.75Dehavilland BeaverDusk - 2 x pax, Anchor Air Park - Port Alsworth. A great sunset over beautiful scenery. A very pleasant flight.
 2014-09-20CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Flight home.
 2014-09-11Training 1.00Boeing 737-800Day - Training flight - uneventful session. Good approach and landing at KMWH.
 2014-08-30CharterPAKK-PAUN0.75Dehavilland BeaverLate Atrernoon - 1 x pax, PAKK-2C7; 1 x pax and engineering parts, 2C7-PAUN. Uneventful flight in good visibility and light winds.
 2014-08-30CharterPAUN-KAL0.50Dehavilland BeaverNight - delivery of emergency rabies vaccine, Unalakleet-Kaltag. Hazy visibility, and a 10kt crosswind enroute. It was good to see the beacon at Kal. Straight in approach and good landing.
 2014-08-29CharterPAJN-7AK20.50Dehavilland BeaverMorning - Mail Run, Juneau to Snettisham. Misty conditions with some turbulence enroute. Poor visibility on approach and landing at 7AK2.
 2014-08-29CharterPAOM-PAKK1.50Dehavilland BeaverDawn - Mail Run and general supplies, PAOM-AK26-WMO-GLV-ELI-PAKK. A misty start to the day, but clearing as time went on. Uneventful flying.
 2014-08-11CharterPASC-PABR2.25Dehavilland BeaverDay - Delivering engineering spares and Line Workers. PASC-AK11-22AK-3AK9-0AK2-PABR. Poor visibility (fog) below 2,000ft making for difficult approaches and landings.
 2014-08-08Charter5CD-SAG0.75Dehavilland BeaverMorning - Chandler Shelf-Galbraith-Sagwon. Engineering Supplies and 2 x Pipe-Line workers. Foggy takeoff at 5CD; weather cleared enroute. Uneventful flying.
 2014-08-08CharterSAG-PASC0.50Dehavilland BeaverNight - Emergency medical supplies and staff, Sagwon to Dead Horse. Difficult flight in patchy fog and low clouds. White knuckle blind approach at Dead Horse. Down on 1st Attempt.
 2014-08-03CharterPAPR-5CD1.00Dehavilland BeaverLate afternoon - Medical supplies and line workers - Prospect Creek, Cold Foot, Chandler Shelf. Clear Weather on departure, but rain and poor visibility at 5CD. White knuckles approach and landing. Safely down on 1st attempt.
 2014-06-28CharterPAFA-PAPR2.00Dehavilland BeaverMidnight - transporting pileline staff and spares. PAFA-PANN-4AK-FVM-PAPR. Great flying in the midnight sun - some turbulence and crosswinds.
 2014-06-28CharterHECA-HE252.00EurofighterDay - Nile patrol, Cairo to Aswan. HECA-HE25-ASYUT-HELX-HESN. Uneventful patrol in good weather. Some sand in the air below 4,000ft. A great aircrsft to fly.
 2014-06-07CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Douglas DC-3Night - General Cargo Flight. Seattle to Victoria. 12kt headwind and turbulence. Difficult approach and crosswind landing at Victoria.
 2014-06-07CharterPAVD-PAFA3.50Dehavilland BeaverDusk/Dawn - Alaska Pipe Line Maintenance crew and Parts transport. PAVD-K55-Z93-PAGK-PAXK-5BK-D66-AK41-PAFA. great flying challenge in varying weather conditions.
 2014-06-07CharterHECA-HEAX0.50EurofighterDay - Nile Patrol in Eurofighter. Cairo to Alexandria. Sandstorm and poor visibility enroute. Weather cleared at HEAX to allow a good approach and landing
 2014-05-18Training 0.50Junkers Ju-52Day - Heavy clouds, rain, wind shear, and heavy turbulence. A difficult training flight in preparation for the 1936 Olympics re-enactment. The JU-52 was difficult to control throughout the flight.
 2014-05-03CharterMOU-SCM1.25Dehavilland BeaverNight - Urgent medical supplies Yukon River. Moutain Village-Emmonak-Alakanuk-Sheldon Point-Scammon. Challenging flights, at night, in gusty winds and broken clouds.
 2014-04-26CharterPAGA-HCA2.00Dehavilland BeaverDusk/Night - Pitka-Koyukak-Nulato-Kaltag-Grayling-Annik-Holy Cross. Yukon River - Various cargoes and pax. Clear weather and no problems.
 2014-04-26CharterHCA-MOU1.50Dehavilland BeaverNight - More Yukon River supplies and pax. Holy Cross-Russian Mission-Marshal Don Hunter-Pilot Station- St Marys-Mountain Village. Challenging night flying along the Yukon River.
 2014-04-12CharterSPLP-SPJJ1.00Douglas DC-3Day - High altitude flying in the Andes. Lima to Jauja. Threading mountain passes and landing at an alt of 12,381ft. A difficult and challenging flight.
 2014-04-12CharterWBQ-RMP1.00Dehavilland BeaverLate afternoon - medical and engineering suplies. Beaver-Stevens village-Five Mile-Rampart. Clear weather and great scenery. A nice gentle flight.
 2014-04-12CharterSPJJ-SPMF1.00Douglas DC-3Day - Threading the high mountain passes again in the Andes. Difficult flight in poor visibilty, turbulence and wind shear. SPMF is only 5775 asl, but difficult approach and landing.
 2014-04-12CharterRMP-PATA0.50Dehavilland BeaverDusk - River Yukon survey. Rampart-Ralph M Calhoun. Great flying weather over interesting scenery.
 2014-04-12CharterKGJT-KGCN3.50Dehavilland BeaverDay - Threading nap of the earth at full speed through the Grand Canyon. Grand Junction-Mesa-MacMesa-West Water-Tangri La-Hite-Page Mun-Grand Canynon Nat Park. Wow, what a flight!!!
 2014-04-12CharterPATA-PAGA1.25Aero Commander 500Late afternoon - 4 x pax Ralph Calhoun to Pitka. A gentle flight in soft fading light. It's very beatuiful up here at this time of the year. Stop over with special friends at Pitka - life is good, very, very good!
 2014-03-26CharterCEX4-CYDA1.50Beaver AmphibianDay - Yukon River survey. Good weather and an uneventful flight, Carmacks to Dawson.
 2014-03-26CharterCYDA-PACR1.25Beech Baron 58Day - Next leg of the Yukon River survey. Dawson-Eagle-Coal Creek-Circle City. Weather holding clear, and another good day for surveying. Uneventful flying.
 2014-03-26CharterPACR-WBQ1.00Beaver AmphibianDay - Back in the Beaver for the next leg of the Yukon River survey. Circle City-Fort Yukon-Beaver. Water landing at Beaver. Uneventful flights in excellent weather conditions.
 2014-03-26CharterCFA4-CYHT0.45Aero Commander 500Night - Medevac, Carcross to Haines Junct. Difficult flight in very dark conditions over rough wooded terrain. The CYHT lights were a welcome sight, and they guided us safely in. White knuckles approach over tall trees.
 2014-03-09CharterPAFA-Z911.25Dehavilland BeaverDay - Mining supplies Linengood Camp; then 2 x prospectors and dynamite to Birch Creek. In all the years I've carried dynamite I've not been blown up once!
 2014-03-09CharterZ91-palr1.00Beaver AmphibianDay - Survey team from Birch Creek to Chandler Lake. Crossed the Yukon Flats then a slow climb over the Brooks Range. Water landing at PALR. Clear weather - great flight.
 2014-03-08Multi 2.25Dehavilland BeaverDawn - various pax, mail, and medical supplies. CKT-CYDA-CEZ2-PAEA-L20. Broken clouds with some turbulence and crosswinds. No problems.
 2014-03-08CharterL20-PAFA2.00Beech Baron 58Day - Medical supplies and mail. L20-76AK-CHP-AK41-PAFA. Hazy weather and some tricky short airstrips surrounded by trees. A good challenge.
 2014-03-01Charter4Z5-KGZ0.50Dehavilland BeaverDay - 2 x prospectors, Horsefeld to Glacier Creek. White knuckles take off - Horsefeld has a very short runway in a hollow with trees at each end. Otherwise an uneventful flight.
 2014-03-01Charter4GZ-CKX2.25Beaver AmphibianAftetnoon - Mining and medical supplies. Glacier Creek-Chitina-Duffys Tavern-North Way-Chicken. Gusty winds up to 21kts, otherwise an uneventful multi-drop flight.
 2014-02-25CharterCYDB-4Z50.50Dehavilland BeaverLate afternoon - 2 x prospectors, Burwash to Horsefeld. Clear weather enroute. 4Z5 is a horrendous airstrip - very short, in a hollow, with gianormous trees at each end. Slam-dunk white knuckles landing. Clean underwear needed.
 2014-02-23CharterCBS4-PAHN1.25Dehavilland BeaverLate afternoon - Mule Creek-East Alsek River. Overcast with snow on departure. Dusk approach in 5kt crosswind and mist at PAHN. It seemed a long flight.
 2014-02-23CharterPAHN-CYDB1.75Beech Baron 58Dusk - urgent medical supplies, PAHN-CFA4-CYHT-CYDB. Gusty 20+ crosswinds and ground mist made for a difficult flight. White knuckle early evening landing at CYDB in horrific crosswind.
 2014-02-18CharterPAFE-CBS42.00Beech Baron 58Late afternoon - medical supplies, Kake-Gustavus-East Alsek River. Fog at East Alsek prevented landing. Diverted to Mule Creek and a difficult night landing.
 2014-02-16CharterEGKK-EGCC1.00Beech Baron 58Night - Gatwick to Manchestet - stormy weather, 53kt winds and heavy rain. Challenging flight with a white knuckle landing at Manchester.
 2014-02-16CharterCBM5-PAFE1.00Dehavilland BeaverAfternoon - Medical supplies, Telegraph Creek to Kake. Scattered clouds and 14kt winds made for a challenging flight.
 2014-02-15CharterCBW2-CBW41.75Douglas DC-3Day - Kitmat-Ketchikan-Bob Quin Lake. General cargo and medical supplies. 24kt headwind made for a slower but uneventful flight.
 2014-02-15CharterPAKT-CBM50.75Dehavilland BeaverAfternoon - 2 x pax and mail, Bob Quin Lake to Telegraph Creek. Poor visibility and 14kt oblique crosswind at CBM5. White knuckle landing, but safely down on 1st attempt.
 2014-02-09Charter0.75Dehavilland Beaver
 2014-02-09CharterCYPR-CBW20.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverOops - My previous pirep should have been: Prince Rupert to Kitmat. Day in a Beaver. 24kt winds made for an interesting flight delivering medical supplies. 0 hours applied as time was noted in previous pirep.
 2014-01-12CharterPAKW-CYPR2.75Douglas DC-3Day - Medical and engineering supplies. Wrangel-Klawock-Sandspit-Prince Rupert. Difficult flying conditions - heavy cloud, low ceilings, rain/snow, gusty winds & windshear. Stop over until weather improves.
 2014-01-10CharterPASI-PAWG0.75Douglas DC-3Dawn - General cargo, Sitka -Wrangel. Cloudy and rain with heavy turbulence enroute. Difficult approach at PAWG with low cloud and a 10 kt crosswind. Good landing on 1st attempt.
 2014-01-05CharterEGKK-LFOB1.00Douglas DC-3Night - Very bad weather with rain, 33 kt winds and thunder. Difficult approach and white knuckles landing at Beauvais. Landed on 1st attempt. Stopover until weather improves.
 2014-01-05CharterCYLT-CJQ60.50EurofighterAirforce Pole-to-Pole challlenge leg 1. Alert to Tanquay Fiord. Good weather and good time made. GPS not very accurate at this latitude. A good start to the challenge.
 2014-01-05CharterCJQ6-CYEU0.50EurofighterAirforce Pole-to-Pole Challenge Leg 2. Tanquary Fiord-Eureka. Good weather and an uneventful flight. The Eurofighter serms to be a good choice for this year's challenge.
 2013-12-28CharterPAJN-PASI1.00Douglas DC-3Dawn - Winter supplies, Juneau to Sitka. Horrendous flight in snow and a 39kt oblique headwind. Wind-shear and heavy turbulence enroute, and a white knuckles landing at PASI. Landed on 1st attempt, but clean underwear needed.
 2013-12-21CharterPAJN-PAKW1.00VLJ Business JetDawn - Medical and Winter Supplies. High speed flight, Juneau-Sitka-Wrangell-Klawock. Heavy cloud and rain; A very responsive and stable aircraft - a pleasure to fly.
 2013-12-03Multi 4.00Aero Commander 500Urgent winter medical supplies. PAJN-PASI-PAWG-PAKW-CZMT-CYZP. Gusty winds, low ceilings, broken clouds, and ground mist made for challenging flights and some white knuckle landings.
 2013-11-29CharterPAJN-PAKW2.00Aero Commander 500Dawn - Medical supplies. Juneau-Sitka-Wrangell-Klawock. Broken cloud and gusty crosswinds up to 18kts. Bumpy flight and white knuckle landings. Winter is definetly here.
 2013-11-18CharterPAUM-KAK10.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDusk - 2 x pax and mail, Umiat to Iniqok. Bumpy flight with gusty crosswinds. Tricky landing at KAK1 in failing light.
 2013-11-17CharterPADU-PAAK2.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Aleution winter medical supplies. Uneventful flight, Unilaska-Nikolski-Atka in bumpy weather. It's very bleak and lonely on the islands at this time of the year.
 2013-10-13CharterPAQFA-PAML0.75Aero Commander 500Dawn - US Postal Service, Fairbanks to Manley Hot Springs. A misty start to the day, 8kt crosswind and a short runway at PAML made for a challenging flight. It's looks like winter's on its way.
 2013-10-13CharterPAML-PACL0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverMorning - US Postal Service and winter medical supplies, Manley Hot Springs to Clear Sky Lodge. Weather had cleared somewhat, but there was a 12kt headwind at PACL. Good landing.
 2013-10-12CharterCBM5-PAJN1.25DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverNight - Medevac, Telegraph Creek to Juneau. Difficult flight in poor visibility, 19kt oblique crosswind, light rain. It was a dark and stormy night. Good approach and landing at PAJN.
 2013-10-11CharterTKE-CBM52.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - US Postal Service - TKE-PASI-PAPG-CBM5. Challenging flights in gusty winds up to 43kts and misty approaches. Great mountain flying with spectacular scenery.
 2013-10-04CharterPAJN-TKE2.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverMorning - US Postal Service, PAJN-7AK2-PAGS-ELV-TKE. Misty weather with light rain and gusty winds up to 22kts. Challenging flights to get the mail through.
 2013-09-28CharterAK23-PADU1.75Dehavilland BeaverMorning - Aleutian Challenge winter medical supplies - Driftwood Bay-Nikolski-Unalaska. Hazy weather with 26kt gusty winds. Great challenge.
 2013-09-24CharterPACD-AK231.75Dehavilland BeaverDay - Aleutian Winter Medical supplies. PACD-KFP-PACS-AK23. Challenging flight with 10-20kt headwinds, poor visibility, and misty landings on difficult airfields.
 2013-09-21CharterPAGK-PACY1.25Dehavilland BeaverDusk - Gulkana-Chitma-Yakataga - 2 x prospectors and equipment. Beautiful sunset and an uneventful flight. An 18kt tail wind made for a quicker flight than usual.
 2013-09-21CharterPAKN-PAII1.75Dehavilland BeaverDawn - Winter Medical supplies for the Aleutian Chain. King Salmon-Egegik-Pilot Point-Chignik. Misty weather and turbulence over rather desolate terrain.
 2013-09-21CharterA79-PACD1.50Dehavilland BeaverDay - Aleutian winter medical supplies. Chignik Lake to Nelson Lake over Mt Veniaminof, then on to Cold Bay. 22kt head/crosswinds made for white knuckle landings - Clean underwear needed!
 2013-09-15CharterPAGB-PAUM0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDusk - 2 x pax, Galbraith Lake-Umiat. 10kt crosswind and some turbulence en-route. Beautiful orange/Pink Sunset flooding incredible scenery. A great flight.
 2013-09-15CharterZ41-PAGK1.00Beech Baron 58Dawn - 2 x prospectors and equipment, Lake Hood to Gulkana. A gentle flight in calm weather; good approach and landing at PAGK. After breakfast it's on to Yakataga.
 2013-09-13CharterPAKP-PALR1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Medical supplies - PAKP-5CD-PALR. Uneventful flight in calm, clear weather.
 2013-09-13CharterVEE-PAGB1.50DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDusk - VEE-PARC-PAGB. Medical supplies to the Venetie Indian Reservation. Threading the high peaks of the brooks Range in mist, 24kt winds, and a golden sunset - fantastic!
 2013-09-08CharterPAGB-AK111.25Dehavilland BeaverDay - Last legs of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Challenge - PAGB-SAG-PASC-AK112. Misty weather gave poor visibility, and 20kt gust winds made for challenging approaches and landings. This was a great challenge.
 2013-09-08CharterAK11-22AK0.50Dehavilland BeaverDay - Point McIntyre to Helmericks, 2 x pax and engineering spares. 300 ceiling and 20kt gusting winds. Difficult approach and landing at 22AK. Landed on the 4th attempt.
 2013-09-08CharterAK11-PAUM0.75Dehavilland BeaverDay - Point McIntyre-Umiat. 1 x pax. Ceiling at 300 made for another challenging flight. It was difficult locating PAUM, and it was a bumpy landing in 16-19kt winds. But safely down on 2nd attempt.
 2013-09-08CharterPAUM-PAKP0.50Aero Commander 500Morning - Umiat to Anaktuvuk Pass. Medical supplies and generator parts. Uneventful flight in clear weather and great scenery. Tricky approach and landing in the mountains at PAKP.
 2013-09-04Charter5CD-PAGB0.50Dehavilland BeaverDusk - Alaska Pipeline Challenge - Chandler Shelf-Galbraith Lake. Challenging flight in fading light and a beautiful sunset. Some windshear and turbulence over the mountains.
 2013-08-31CharterPAPR-5CD0.75Dehavilland BeaverMorning - Alaska Oil Pipeline Challenge, PAPR-CXF-SCD. Scattered cloud, 14kt headwind, turbulence and wind-shear over the mountains. A beautiful morning for flying.
 2013-08-24CharterD66-PAPR2.25Dehavilland BeaverDay - Alaska Oil Pipeline challenge - D66-Ak41-PAFI-4AK-FVM-PAPR. Broken clouds, rain, mist, gusty winds, and turbulence made for challenging flights. Some white knuckle landings.
 2013-08-16CharterK55-D662.00DHC2 Beaver AmphibianDay - Alaska Pipeline Challenge - K55-Z93-PAGK-PAXK-5BK-D66. Massive cloud banks and plenty of turbulence. A great challenge with spectactular scenery and some water landings.
 2013-08-13CharterPAVD-K550.50DHC-2 Beaver AmphibianDay - Alaska Pipeline Challenge - Valdez-Thompson Pass. Heavy clouds over the mountains and a lot of turbulence. Difficult approach to a short runway. Good landing on 1st attempt.
 2013-08-12CharterRGL-1U1.25DHC-2 Beaver AmphibianDay - Wrangel to Masset - medical supplies and 2 x pax. Calm weather and an uneventful flight. Summer is getting older now, and the scenery reflects this.
 2013-08-11CharterCYPR-RGL1.75DHC-2 Beaver AmphibianDay - Heavy cloud 2,500 to 4,000. General cargo and pax, CYPR-ZKI-ANN-RGL. Some turbulence enroute, but otherwise a good flight.
 2013-08-10Charter52U-U611.75Bell Jet Ranger RotaryDay - Idaho Forestry Service, 52U-U45-S81-U72-U61. Transporting Rangers and equipment. Good rotary flying weather - threading the mountains and valleys.
 2013-08-10Charter16Z-MDR0.50DHC-2 Beaver AmphibianDay - River run, general supplies, kerosene, and 2 x pax, from McGrath to Medfra. Clear, warm weather. Great flying following the snaking river. Stop over in good company.
 2013-08-10CharterA29-BNF0.50DHC-2 Beaver AmphibianDay - Good weather, Sitka to Warm Spring Bay. Generator spares and a mechanic. It's a beautiful day for flying a float plane - the sea is sleepy and calm, and there was only a 2kt crosswind on approach.
 2013-08-09CharterU98-52U0.50Bell Jet Ranger RotaryDay - Idaho City to Weatherby - 2 x pax. Uneventful flight. Rotary aircraft are not the easiest to fly - a bit of a bumpy landing.
 2013-08-09CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverNight - Some thunder enroute, but a nice flight home. It's good to be in the Beaver again. I think it's time to hit the wilderness and breathe free again.
 2013-08-04CharterEGXP-EHLE1.25DeHavilland MosquitoNight - WW2 Re-enactment, pathfinder from Scampton to Lelystad. Broken clouds and some turbulence. The Mosquito can be quite twitchy at higher speeds. Good landing at EHLE.
 2013-08-04CharterEHLE-EGXP0.50EurofighterNight - Return flight, Lelystad to Scampton in a Eurofighter. High speed, slick, and smooth. We just cut through the weather and landed 30 mins after take off. A great plane to fly.
 2013-08-04CharterEGXP-EGPH1.00VLJ Business JetDay - Medical airlift, Scampton to Edinburgh in a modified VLJ Jet. Broken cloud with moderate turbulence. A fast approach and slick landing at EGPH. Patient and medical team delivered safely.
 2013-07-27CharterEGMH-EGKK1.00EurofighterNight - Weather analysis patrol. Other than fluctuating barometric pressure, it was a routine flight. Currently, rain and thundery conditions.
 2013-07-14CharterEGXP-EHLW0.50Eurofighter TyphoonMorning - Urgent NATO dispatches, Scampton to Leeuwarden. Uneventful flight - rain and 6kt crosswind at EHLW. Good approach and down on first attempt. Fast flight.
 2013-07-14CharterEHLW-EGXP0.50Eurofighter TyphoonMorning, 1 x senior officer pax, Leeuwarden to Scampton. Some cloud enroute, and a 1500 ceiling at EGXP. Landed on 1st attempt. This is a very responsive and stable aircraft - but heavy on the fuel.
 2013-07-10CharterKMYL-U980.50DHC-2 Beaver TundraAfternoon - Idaho Forestry Dept, McCall to Idaho City. 2 x Rangers and medical supplies. Uneventful flight in clear weather. Nice long runway at U98.
 2013-07-07CharterKPR-FKK2.25Beaver AmphibianLate afternoon - Medical supplies, Port Williams to Camp Point, then two pax on to Farewell Lake. Uneventful flight with a spectactular orange/purple sunset - wow! Stop Over at FKK.
 2013-07-07CharterFKK-16Z0.75Beaver AmphibianMorning - 2 x pax, Farewell Lake to Mc Grath. Good visibility, but moderate turbulence enroute. Leaving the mountains behind us, we flew over a great expanse of forest on this leg. Again, spectactular!
 2013-07-01CharterKKL-KPR1.75Beaver AmphibianLate Afternoon/Dusk - Karluk to Lake Brooks to pick up 2 Rangers, then on to Port Williams. Difficult flight in low heavy cloud, turbulence, and 21kt headwind. Blind landing in fog at KPR. White knuckles!
 2013-06-30CharterKWP-KKL1.25Beaver AmphibianMorning - mail and general cargo West Point Village-Amook Bay-Alitak-Olga Bay-Karlack Lake. Poor visibility - heavy cloud ceiling 1000ft upwards, and heavy ground mist up to 500ft. A very challenging multi-flight.
 2013-06-29Charter1U1-KMYL1.50Dehavilland BeaverAfternoon - Idaho Forestry Service Medical Supplies. 1U1-I08-OU3-ID41-KMYL. Clear weather, but very difficult airstrips. A very challenging multi-flight.
 2013-06-29Charter5Z9-KWP1.00Beaver AmphibianDay - 2 x pax and general cargo, Lake Brooks to West Point Village. Uneventful flight with a very difficult, zero visibility, water landing in fog at KWP. White knuckles but satisfying.
 2013-06-22CharterKMYL-1U11.50Dehavilland BeaverDay - Idaho Forestry Service, medical supplies. McCall-Wilson-Chamberlain-Bernard-Moose Creek. Clear weather, threading the valleys, skimming the mountains, and very difficult airstrips. Not for the faint-hearted.
 2013-06-16CharterPAJN-BD71.25Hawker Fury Bi-PlaneMorning - Emergency medical supplies, Juneau-Snettisham-Muddy Lake-Juneau. The Fury is a fantastic performer, and the flight was NOP in mist and light rain. What a great ride!
 2013-06-15Charter0.75DeHaviland MosquitoAfternoon - low level, high-speed valley flying. CBS4 to CFA4. Weather clear and calm. Thrilling flight with speeds over 200kts. Challenging landing - safely down on 4th attempt.
 2013-06-14CharterPAGS-AK761.25DHC-2 Beaver AmphibianDawn - Alaska Challenge, Gustavus to East Alsek River. A misty dawn with 3/4 mile visibility below 500ft. Costal route chosen and misty conditions necessitated a water landing at AK76. Good tree-top challenge.
 2013-06-14CharterAK76-CBS40.75DHC-2 Beaver AmphibianMorning - Alaska Challenge, East Alsek Lake to Mule Creek. Up and over critical fuel management leg. Clearing mist at Mule Creek allowed a runway landing on first attempt - had fuel enough and a little to spare. Great challenge.
 2013-06-13CharterPAFE-PAGS1.25DHC-2 Beaver TundraEvening - Alaska Challenge, Kake to Gustavus. Tree-top flight through inlets and valleys in a gentle golden fading light. 300 ceiling at PAGS made for an interesting landing. Great challenge.
 2013-06-10Training 0.50DeHaviland MosquitoDay - Training flight from EGMH (Manston) to EGKK (Gatwick). Clear weather. No GPS or Nav-aids made for an interesting experience. Not the best approach, but a satisfactory landing at Gatwick
 2013-06-09CharterCBW4-CBM51.25DHC-2 Beaver AmphibianMorning - Alaska Challenge, Bob Quinn Lake-Telegraph Creek-Kake. Misty with clouds around the mountain peaks. High flying with a long descent into Kake. Fuel management and economy is the challenge on this leg.
 2013-06-08CharterCBW2-PAKT1.50Dehavilland BeaverMorning - Alaska Challenge. Kitiman to Ketchikan - max 500AGL. Valley and inlet flying in mist and light rain. Long flight as no over-the-top allowed. A good challenge.
 2013-06-08CharterPAKT-CBW41.25DHC-2 Beaver AmphibianEvening - Alaska Challenge, Ketchikan to Bob Quinn Lake. Light rain and clouds covering the mountain tops. White knuckles in fading light through valleys that all look similar. It is easy to get lost, and the mountains often grow faster than the Beaver ca
 2013-06-07CharterCYPR-CBWT0.75Dehavilland BeaverDawn - Alaska Challenge, Prince Rupert to Kitimat. Tree-top, valley, and inlet flying. Misty with gusty winds, and a difficult approach at Kitimat. White knuckles all the way.
 2013-06-05CharterCYZP-CYPR0.75DHC-2 Beaver AmphibianDawn - Alaska Challenge - Sandspit to Prince Rupert. Max alt 500ft. This leg was over misty water with crosswind and varying barometric pressure. Great challenge and flight.
 2013-06-02CharterPAWG-CYZP1.75DHC-2 MKIII Beaver TundraMorning - Alaska Challenge, Wrangell-Klawock-Masset-Sandspit. Max Alt=500 AGL. Hazy weather,broken clouds, and a great tree-top flying flight.
 2013-06-01Charter16Z-LHD1.25Twin Otter AmphibianMorning - Pax flight from Mc Grath to Lake Hood. Scattered clouds and some turbulence over the mountains. Straight in at Lake Hood and a good landing.
 2013-06-01CharterPAUM-POLI1.00Beaver MKIIDay - 2 x pax, Umiat to Oliktok Point. Beautiful warm weather and an unevenful flight over very flat terrain. 1 x go around at POLI to get a better approach to the runway.
 2013-06-01CharterPAJN-PAWG1.75Beaver MKII TundraDay - Alaska Challenge, Juneau-Stika-Wrangell, 500 AGL max. Light rain and winds to start, clearing enroute. Threading valleys and inlets. Great challenge.
 2013-05-31Charter3C3-13S1.25Beaver AmphibianDusk - Cambell Lake to Lake Louise - Urgent medical supplies. A beautiful mauve sunset enroute, and an uneventful flight over spectacular scenery. Bumpy water landing at Lake Louise.
 2013-05-29CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverDay - Delivering a MKIII Beaver Amphibian. Heavy turbulence enroute and surrounding thunderstorms. The plane handled well and a good landing at CYYJ.
 2013-05-26CharterCFA2-CYSQ0.50DHC-2 Beaver AmphibianDay - Toughman Challenge, Arcross to Altin. River and valley threading, Max alt 2600ft, River at 2200ft. Weather heavy rain, overcast, 3000ft, 5mi vis. 16kt winds, White knuckles.
 2013-05-25CharterCBW2-CAF21.25DHC-2 Beaver AmphibianDay - Toughman Challenge - Kitmat to Bella Bella. 450' Max alt, 600' ceiling, 5 mi vis, moderate turbulence, 16kt gusty winds. Threading valleys and inlets. Great challenge.
 2013-05-19CharterPAJN-BQV1.00Dehavilland BeaverMarning - Juneau to Gustavus to pick up 2 x pax. Then on to Bartlett to deliver vaccines. Back to Juneau to brop off pax. Good weather with low cloud. Uneventful flight.
 2013-05-18CharterPAMR-A131.00Dehavilland BeaverDawn - Merrill to Bold to collect an injured Ranger and then back to Merril. Ground mist and a low ceiling made for a challanging flight and difficult landings.
 2013-05-18CharterPAMR-PAAQ0.50Dehavilland BeaverEarly Morning - Mail and engineering spares to Palmer Mun. Uneventful filght with ground mist clearing enroute.
 2013-05-18CharterPAAQ-UMM1.25Aero Commander 500Dawn - 2 x pax, Palmer Mun to Summit. Threading the valleys because of a low ceiling. Some turbulence and light rain enrouts. Difficult landing on the short runeay at UMM.
 2013-05-18CharterUMM-SVS1.25Aero Commander 500Dawn - Pax and medical supplies to PACL (Clear), then on to SVS (Stevens). Low ceiling, light rain, and gusty winds. Ok at PACL. Horrendous conditions at Stevens (fog and driving rain) - 4 x missed approaches - landed on 5th try. Clean underwear needed.
 2013-05-17CharterW33-CYPT1.25DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverMorning - Medical supplies and mail. Friday Harbour-Victoria-Nanaimo-Vancouver-Pitt Meadows. Uneventful flight in clear weather. Some turbulence over coastlines and some windshear.
 2013-05-16CharterCYYG-CYSJ1.25Aero Commander 500Night, IFR - Medivac, Charlottetown to St John. 3 miles visibility and a 14 kt tail wind. Difficult approach, but safely landed on 1st attempt. Patient and medical attendant delivered in good time.
 2013-05-16CharterCYSJ-KBGR1.25Douglas DC-3Dawn, IFR - Early-Bird flight St John to Bangor. Over cast with some turbulence enroute. Long approach to Bangor. There was a lot of traffic about this morning.
 2013-05-12CharterCYJJ-KSEA0.75DouglasDC4Dawn - Early-bird pax flight. Weather clear and an uneventful flight. Gentle landing at a misty and sleepy KSEA.
 2013-05-11CharterEDDH-EDDI2.25Aero Commander 500Night,IFR - Hamburg-Bremen-Hannover-Madgdeburg-Berlin. General cargo and mail. Long flight with constant ATC directives. Weather good and an uneventful flight.
 2013-05-11CharterEDDI-EGKK1.25EurofighterMorning,IFR - Berlin-Gatwick. 1st IFR flight in the Eurofighter. A busy flight with constant ATC directives. Clear weather, 500kts cruising speed, and a visual r/w 26R landing. A bit tight on fuel because of the cruising speed.
 2013-05-11CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.00Douglas DC-3Pre-Dawn - Medical and Engineering supplies. Overcast weather, some turbulence enroute, and light rain at Victoria. Flying the needles on approach and landing, R/W 27, 6 kt crosswind.
 2013-04-26CharterEGKK-LFPG1.25Boeing 737-800Night, IFR - Early Bird Service, Gatwick to Paris. Uneventful flight in heavy traffic with a good approach and landing at LFPG. Short taxi, for a change, to the gates.
 2013-04-20CharterCYYJ-KCTB2.00Boeing 737-800Night, IFR - Cargo of engineering and farming supplies to Cut Bank. Uneventful flight enroute in broken cloud. Long approach and challenging visual landing R/W 23 with 23kt headwind. Good landing.
 2013-04-19CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.25Aero Commander 500Night - KSEA to KTCM to collect 2 x pax and then on to CYYJ. Hazy, bumpy, and some windshear enroute - crosswinds up to 15 kts. Overall a good flight.
 2013-04-03CharterLGAV-LGSO0.75Cessna 195Day - 2 x pax, Athens to Syros. Clear weather and a most pleasant flight among the Greek Islands.
 2013-03-23CharterPHNL-PHNL0.75Aero Commander 500Morning - Circumnavigation of Hawaii - flying a police observer around the Island. Good weather and an uneventful flight.
 2013-03-23CharterCYVR-CYVR1.75Cessna 195Late Afternoon - Medical supplies,CYVR to CYSE. 2 x Pax, CYSE to CYYJ. 2 x Pax CYYJ to CYVR. Clear weather with light variable winds. Uneventful flight.
 2013-03-23CharterCYVR-KSEA1.00Cessna 195Night - 2 x pax CYVR to KSEA. Clear weather with a little turbulence enroute. Uneventful flight, with a long taxi at Seattle. Good night flying on instruments.
 2013-03-01CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.75Aero Commander 500Night - CYJJ to CYCD to pick up injured man, and then on to CYVR. Broken cloud and rain enroute. Difficult approach and landing at CYVR in crosswind and rain. Patient delivered safely after long taxi to ambulance.
 2013-03-01CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.75Aero Commander 500Night - CYJJ to CYCD to pick up injured man, and then on to CYVR. Broken cloud and rain enroute. Difficult approach and landing at CYVR in crosswind and rain. Patient delivered safely after long taxi to ambulance.
 2013-02-08CharterCYVR-CYYJ0.50Aero Commander 500Night - 2 x pax and Radar Spares. Uneventful flight in good weather conditions. Nice approach and landing at Victoria. Long Taxi to parking.
 2013-01-27CharterVNNG-VNSR0.75Aero Commander 500Day - Medical supplies, Nepalguin to Sanfebagar in Nepal. Challenging mountain flying with a very difficult landing at VNSR - a dirt runway that is almost invisible from the air. 3 x missed approaches before finally getting down.
 2013-01-11CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.50Aero Commander 500Night - Delivery of urgent Medical Blood Work to CYVR. Uneventful flight in calm weather. Visibility was a bit hazy on approach at CYVR, and a long taxi after landing.
 2013-01-05CharterKESA-CYYJ0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Flight home after exausting business meetings in KSEA. A beautiful clear and quiet night. Uneventful enroute, and a smooth approach and landing at CYYJ. It's good to be home.
 2012-12-13CharterCYCD-CTQQ0.75Cessna 195Day - Urgent medical supplies to Comox. Stormy weather with sleet and snow flurries. The 195 does not fly well in icy conditions, so low flying to avoid snow clouds was necessary.
 2012-11-30CharterKSEA-CYCD1.00Grumman GooseDay - Medical supplies to CYCD. Weather clear, and an uneventful flight.
 2012-11-29CharterPAKT-CYPR0.75Mooney M20TDay - Engineering spares, Ketchikan to Prince Rupert. Rain,sleet,and some snow flurries enroute. Bumpy approach at CYPR - landed on 1st attempt.
 2012-11-28CharterPAWG-PAKT1.00Piper CherokeeLate Afternoon - 4 x pax, Wrangell to Ketchikan. Weather overcast but dry. Some wind-shear enroute, but generally an uneventful flight. Landed at PAKT in failing light.
 2012-11-27CharterPAWG-STBC1.00Grumman GooseDay - 2 x Pax to Petersburg, refuelled then 4 x pax and mail to Tinker Bell Cove. Lousy weather with rain, gusty winds, and low ceiling. Choppy water take-offs and landings. Not the best flying conditions.
 2012-11-25CharterAK29-SROB1.00Grumman GooseDay - Engineering spares Sitka Seaplane Base to Ceawfish Inlet; then, 2 x pax on to Rowan Bay. Weather poor with low ceiling, rain, and gusty winds. Choppy takeoffs and landings.
 2012-11-25CharterSROB-PAWG1.50Grumman GooseDay - Rowan Bay to North Whale to pick up an injured person, then on to Wrangell. Weather still poor, and a runway landing was made at PAWG - the sea was too rough for a water landing.
 2012-11-25CharterPAWG-PAKT1.00Piper CherokeeNight - Patient transfer to Kietchikan. The weather had lifted somewhat and it was an uneventful flight. It was very dark at PAKT and the final approach seemed to go on for ever. Good landing on 1st attempt.
 2012-11-20CharterPACA-PASI0.75Grumman GooseDay - 2 x pax, Cape Spencer to Sitka. Rain and gusty winds, but an otherwise an uneventful flight. Tricky approach and landing at PASI - landed on first attempt.
 2012-11-18CharterPAGS-PACA0.75Grumman GooseDay - Emergency spares to Cape Spencer Light-house. Weather was again heavy rain with some hail, and gusty winds and a choppy seas. Stop-over at the light-house untill the weather lifts a little.
 2012-11-17CharterPAKW-PAWG1.00Cessna 195Day - General cargo, PAKW-AK62-KCC-PAWG. Weather overcast with light and variable winds - uneventful flight. It's getting colder now, and winter's rapidly unfolding.
 2012-11-17CharterPAWG-GLAG0.75Cessna 195Day - Medevac of injured geologist from Great Glacier Strip. Uneventful flight with the the patient being delivered safely at Wrangel. Weather is still overcast with light winds.
 2012-11-17CharterPAHN-SPRT1.30Cessna 195Day - Emergency Spares out of Haines for Eldrid Rock and Point Retreat Light Stations. PAHN-ERO-SPRT-PAHN; Horrendous weather - strong gusty winds, 2,000 ft ceiling, sleet, and snow flurries. Stopover at Haines until weather lifts.
 2012-11-17CharterPAHN-PAJN0.75Cessna 195Day - 2 x pax, Haines to Juneau. Overcast with rain and some snow flurries. Turbulence enroute and a difficult landing at PAJN in gusty crosswinds.
 2012-11-17CharterHWI-Pagn0.50Cessna 195Day - 1 x pax, Hawk Inlet to Angoon. Poor weather, overcast, heavy rain developing into sleet. Gusty winds on approach and landing at Angoon. Another stop over until the weather lifts.
 2012-11-17CharterPAFE-SWIN0.75Grumman GooseDay - 2 x pax, Kake to Windfall Harbour. It's good to be flying the Goose again. Though the weather was poor the flight was uneventful and we made good time. A bit of a choppy water landing at Winfall Harbour.
 2012-11-17CharterSWIN-5Z11.00Grumman GooseDay - 2 x pax, Windfall Harbour to Juneau Harbour. Horrendous weather - heavy rain with some hail, some thunder enroute, headwind of 9 to 22 kts. Difficult water landing at Juneau. Safely down on 2nd attempt. Forget the white knuckles, clean underwear is
 2012-11-17CharterPAIN-PAGS0.75Grumman GooseDay - 2 x pax and general cargo, Juneau to Gustavus. Heavy rain and turbulence throughout the flight. Variable gusty headwind at PAGS made for a slow approach and difficult landing. Safely down on 1st attempt.
 2012-11-10CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.50Piper CherokeeNight, KSEA-CYYJ-KSEA. 2 x Pax to Victoria and back. Clear skies with gusty winds. Uneventful flight with a beautiful Northern Lights display.
 2012-11-04Charter68A-KCC0.75Cessna 195Day, overcast, heavy rain, thunder, gusty winds up to 20kts. 2 x pax, Wrangel to Coffman Cove. Bumpy flight and a very choppy water landing. Stop over until weather lifts.
 2012-11-03CharterSFOT-STRE1.00Aviat Husky A1-B AmphibianDay, overcast with rain and some thunder - Fords Terror to Devil's Thumb to pick up an injured person, then on to Shade Tree Lodge. Difficult flying conditions, but landed safely at STRE.
 2012-11-03CharterSTRE-68A1.00Aviat Husky A1-B AmphibianDay, overcast, gusty winds 10-20kts - various items to Lloyd Roundtree Seaplane Facility and then 1 x pax to Wrangel. Difficult water takeoffs and landings in choppy conditions - white knuckles.
 2012-11-02CharterCBHA-CZST0.50Aviat Husky A1-B AmphibianDay - Overcast with rain. Dropping off equipment for repair at Stewart. Not the best weather for mountain valley flying. Bumpy enroute and a choppy water landing. Stop over until weather lifts.
 2012-10-28CharterCZST-CBHA1.50Cessna 195Evening - Medical supplies: Stewart to Brian's Escape and Back. Horrendous flight - low clouds, heavy rain, and icing. The approach to CBHA was very difficult in heavy rain. Return flight was better.
 2012-10-26CharterPAKW-PAWG1.00Cessna 195Dusk - medical supplies: Klawock-Nichin Cove-Coffman Cove-Wrangell. Uneventful flight in calm weather. A gentle sunset was reflecting off the mountains.
 2012-10-26CharterPAWG-GLAG0.75Cessna 195Evening - Medivac at GLAG. PAWG-GLAG-PAWG. Tricky flight through the mountains in fading light. Weather was clear and the patient was delivered safely. There was a great display of the Northern Lights on the return leg.
 2012-10-21CharterPAGN-PAIN0.75Cessna 195Dusk - 1 x pax Angoon to Juneau. Calm weather with a magnificant sunset. Even the mountains were quiet. A good approach and landing at PAIN. A great flight.
 2012-10-21CharterPAJN-GLAT1.00Cessna 195Day - Medevac call from Taku Glacier Strip Camp. Difficult flight: PAJN-GLAT-PAJN. Low clouds on mountain peaks and gusty winds made for white knuckles. Also, the GPS failed on the return leg. However, we made it safely back and the patient was delivered
 2012-10-13Charter2Z1-SAHP0.75DC3 FloatsDay - Weather overcast with heavy rain. DC3 with floats, Entrance Island to Hemlock Point with engineering spares. 1st time I have flown a DC3 with floats - great experience.
 2012-10-12CharterPAWG-2Z12.00Cessna 195Day - Supplies to various camps in the Cessna 195 Amphibian. Wrangell-Wilson\'s-3 Point-Entrance Isle. Scattered clouds @ 2,000, wind calm. An uneventful and enjoyable flight through spectacular mountain passes.
 2012-10-11Training 1.25Douglas DC-3Night - Training flight in the X-Plane DC3. Good simulation and a busy flight. Broken clouds and variable crosswinds on approach. Good training session.
 2012-10-09CharterSDRL-BNF2.00BeaverDay, Multi-drop - SDRL-SDEP-PASI-BNF - Winter supplies and engineering spares. Overcast with poor flying conditions. Difficult mountain flying (1200 ft ceilings) with both water and short runways. Finally the weather socked in - stop-over at BNE.
 2012-10-04Training 1.00Dehavilland BeaverDay - Training in the X-Plane Beaver. A very realistic simulation in an excellently modelled plane. A good solid training session with both water and runway landings.
 2012-09-29CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.50Beech Baron 58Dudk - Delivery of a Baron 58. Uneventful flight enroute; fog suddenly appeared on approach at CYYJ. Low visibility, white knuckle, ILS landing. Safely down on 1st attempt. Definately a stopover.
 2012-09-29CharterCYYJ-CYXX1.00Beech Baron 58Early Morning - 2 x pax to CYVR; then 2 x pax to CYXX. Uneventful flight enroute. Some mist at CYXX, but a good approach and landing.
 2012-09-23CharterCYWL-CYXS1.25Dehavilland BeaverMorning - Medical and winter supplies for outlying areas. Williams Lake-Quesnel-Prince George. Deteriorating visibility will mean a wait at CYXS. A misty Autumn is definitely upon us.
 2012-09-22CharterCAP3-CYPS0.75Aero Commander 500Early Morning - Urgent supplies CAP3-CWSK-CYPS. Misty mountain flying with low clouds. Horrendous approach at CWSK - pylons and trees. Good flight upthe valleys to CYPS. Fabulous autumn colours and beautiful mountains.
 2012-09-22Multi 1.25Aero Commander 500Afternoon - Medical and winter supplies to remote locations. Penberton-Lilloet-Echo Valley-Williams Lake. Threading the valleys and short runways. A challenging flight with some turbulence enroute.
 2012-09-21Charter5.50Beaver AmphibianDay, VFR - Delivering flu vaccine to settlements - CYPR-CZKI-CYXT-PANT-68A Water-CZMT-CYPR. A long day, but was able to make all deliveries. Good flying weather - short runways and trees!
 2012-09-21CharterCYPR-CYVR1.50VLJ Business JetNight - Medevac - Patient and medical attendants, Prince Rupert to Vancouver. 19-23kt headwind enroute, but made good time in the VLJ. Patient delivered safely, all ok.
 2012-09-21CharterCYVR-CYYJ0.50Aero Commander 500Night - Time to go home. Uneventful flight with a good approach and landing at Victoria. It's good to be home.
 2012-09-15CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.25Cessna 172VFR - 2 x pax - 1st VFR flight using X-Plane 10. Very accurate simulation and an uneventful flight to Victoria in reasonably clear weather.
 2012-09-15CharterCYYJ-KSEA1.50Cessna 172Night, IFR - 2 x Pax return to KSEA. 1st IFR flight with X-Plane 10. A challenging flight with ATC very different to MSFSX. Great simulation and a pleasure to fly the Cessna 172.
 2012-09-07CharterCYYJ-KSEA1.00DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo BeaverNight - 2 x pax to Seattle. Weather clear and an uneventful flight. Good approach and landing at KSEA.
 2012-09-01CharterLIBP-LIMJ1.25VLJ Business JetDay - Pescara to Roma to pick up two pax,then on to Genoa. Warm, clear weather and an uneventful flight. Made good time, and the passangers were pleased with our discrete service. Again, good money.
 2012-09-01CharterCYYJ-KPDX1.75Douglas DC-3Night, general cargo to Portland. Horrendous flight - strong crosswinds, turbulence, and winshear enroute. It was a constant challenge to maintain assigned altitude and course. However, good approach and a safe landing on first attempt at KPDX.
 2012-08-24CharterLIBF-LIBP0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Foggia to Pescara, 2 x pax. A warm Italian night, uneventful flight enroute. Bumpy approach from the sea into LIBP; however, the passengers enjoyed the flight and will charter us again.
 2012-08-19CharterLIRM-LIBF1.00Aero Commander 500Morning, VFR - My Italian adventure continues, Grazzanise (LIRM) to Napoli (LIRN) to pickup 2 x pax and than take them to Foggia (LIBF). Hot and clear with some turbulence on the approaches. The sea is an incredible blue at this time of the year.
 2012-08-18CharterLICP-LICA1.00VLJ Business JetMorning - 2 pax, Palermo to Catania, picked up another pax then on to Lemezia. No questions asked and eyes front. Strange, LICA was completely diserted on arrival. Uneventful flight and the passangers left in a limo on landing. Good money though.
 2012-08-18CharterLICA-LIRI1.00VLJ Business JetNight, scattered clouds, 6 kt crosswind - 3 x pax, Lemezia to Salerno. On approach to Salerno landing denied because of landing light failure, diverted to LIRM. No further problems, and a safe approach and landing was effected at Grazzanise.
 2012-08-17CharterCYYJ-CYEG1.50VLJ Business JetNight - 4 x business pax to Edmonton. Uneventful flight in clear weather. Long taxi at Edmonton.
 2012-08-17CharterEGMH-LFPG1.50Douglas DC-3Night - Classic DC3 cargo flight, Manston to Paris. Bumpy flight with crosswinds and turbulence. Difficult approach at Paris, but a good landing. It's always a long taxi to the cargo area.
 2012-08-12CharterCYIO-CYUT1.25Eurofighter TyphoonDay - leg 5 of the Pole to Pole Challenge. Pond Inlet to Repulse Bay. Good flight in clear weather. The GPS is problematic at this high lattitude; nevertheless, the leg was completed in good order.
 2012-08-11Training 0.45VLJ Business JetDay,VFR - Familiarisation flight in the new VLJ aircraft. Very fast and responsive and has advanced radar and avionics. Nice!
 2012-08-10CharterCYXY-CYYJ2.50Boeing 737-800Night, IFR - Cargo Run. Uneventful but tiring flight. Lots of ATC directives. Weather cloudy but little turbulence. Clear approach and good landing at Victoria. Stay over at Victoria.
 2012-08-04CharterCYYJ-KPDX1.25Boeing 737-800Night, IFR - Clear weather and an uneventful flight. Good approach and landing at KPDX. Not much traffic about tonight.
 2012-08-02CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Returning home. Some scattered clouds and turbulence enroute. 5kt crosswind on landing. Good flight, and good to be home.
 2012-07-21Multi 0.75Aero Commander 500Day, VFR - Pax Multi-drop in Scotland. EGPH-EGQL-EGPD. A hazey summer's day with some turbulence. 13kt winds made for tricky takeoffs and landings. It's a good day to fly...
 2012-07-21CharterEGKB-EGKB1.25EurofighterNight, Olympic Patrol - Biggen Hill-Thames-London-English Channel-East Anglia-Biggen Hill. 3 x Intercepts, no Hostiles. Uneventful flight and a successfully completed patrol.
 2012-06-20Multi 1.25Tiger MothDay, IFR - Mail run EGPH-EJPG-EGPT-EGPN-EGQL-EGOA. Moderate rain, broken cloud, and 15kt wind. Challenging flight with tricky landings.
 2012-06-15CharterEGKK-EGLL0.75Tiger MothDay, VFR - Fun flight from Gatwick to Heathrow. Clear weather, slight turbulence, 6kt winds. Uneventful flight in a classic plane.
 2012-06-01Multi 2.50Eurofighter2012 Airforce Pole to pole Challenge: legs CYLT-CJQ6-CYEU-CYSR-CYIO. Fuel critical flying, weather good so far, some turbulence enroute. Challenging landings on short runways. Great challenge.
 2012-05-25Training 1.00F-117ADay - Training in the F-117A. What a fantastic aircraft - the weather was clear and there were no problems during the training session. The aircraft was responsive and handled well. It's now time for some covert operations.
 2012-05-20CharterCYYJ-CYYJ1.25Aero Commander 500Day, VFR- Multi-drop of medical supplies and engineering spares. CTTJ to CUPK - 1 x go around at CYPK because of geese. CYPK to KBLI and then return to CYYJ - uneventful flight in clear weather. In all, an enjoyable morning's work.
 2012-05-19CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.00Cessna 172Night - Returning Home. Clear weather with some turbulence enroute and a 5kt crosswind at CYYJ. A nice gentle flight - good to be home.
 2012-05-12CharterEDAE-EDDB0.50BF 109VFR, Day - Historical reenactment in BF-109 - Eisenhullenstad to Berlin-Schonefeld. Poor visibility made for a difficult flight. A couple of bounces at Berlin, then down. Not the easiest aircraft to fly.
 2012-04-28CharterKVCT-KNGP1.00Aero Commander 500Day - Medevac flight, KVCT to 72TA to pick up patient and medical addendant. Thenon to KNGP. Overcast weather with 16kt winds below 2000ft - difficult takeoffs and landings and moderate turbulence enroute. This was a challenging flight - patient and atten
 2012-04-07CharterEGMD-LFPG1.50Aero Commander 500Day,VFR - 4 x Pax to Paris. Uneventful flight. Slick landing at Paris and a long taxi to parking.
 2012-03-08CharterKSEA-KMWH1.00Aero Commander 500Night - 2 x pax and some engineering spares to Moses Lake. Uneventful flight enroute. Some turbulence and crosswind on final. A good landing and a very long taxi to parking.
 2012-03-04CharterKSEA-KSEA1.00Cessna 172Day, VFR - Testing systems out of KSEA after reloading FS9 and FS Global Scenary Special Edition. Been having problems with unexpected loss of video signal. Seems ok after reload - fingers crossed...
 2012-02-28CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.00VLJ Business JetNight - Training out of KSEA in the enhanced VLJ. Cruising speed of 400 kts. Great plane, but a bit twitchy at top speed. Flying with the side-stick is a lot different to flying with a yoke. Good training session.
 2012-02-22Multi 1.75Aero Commander 500Day, VFR - Multidrop 5CO5-CO65-3CO4-NM48-NM75. Weather clear, but plenty of turbulence and ground winds. Tricky approaches and landings - short runways in trees.
 2012-02-04CharterEGKK-EGPF2.00Boeing 737-800Night, IFR - Horrendous flight in 1st UK snow - London Gatwick to Glasgow. 0.5 mile visibility and turbulence all the way with a 16kt crosswind at Glasgow. 1 x Missed approach, white knuckles landing - safely down but clean underwear needed.
 2012-02-01Multi 2.75Dehavilland BeaverDay - Multi Drop medical supplies and engineering spares. PAFA-SVS-WBQ-Z91-PAFA. Hazy weather and poor visibility landings. Flight completed without problems.
 2012-01-26CharterCYPR-CYXY1.50Boeing 737-800Night - general cargo. Oblique headwinds of up to 74kts enroute. Crosswind on landing, but safely down on 1st attempt. Good flight.
 2012-01-21Training 1.50Boeing 747Night - Training on the F-Light Boeing 747-300 at KSEA. Familiarization, systems, and instrument usage.
 2012-01-17CharterEGKK-EHAM1.25Boeing 737-800Night, IFR - Gatwick to Amsterdam cargo. 600 ceiling on takeoff, then clear weather after crossing UK coast. Uneventful flight, and a long taxi to the gate at EHAM.
 2012-01-14CharterUMMM-UUDD1.00EurofighterNight - Minsk to Moscow, Transporting NATO CIC to Military meeting. Clear weather and an uneventful flight. 1 x go around at Moscow.
 2012-01-13CharterEPBC-UMMM1.00EurofighterNight, clear weather - 1 x special operative and dipolmatic pouch, Warsaw to Minsk. FL420, IAS278, GS526. 2 x go around at UMMM - safely down on 3rd attempt. Great flight.
 2012-01-12CharterEDDI-EPBC0.75EurofighterNight - Patrol over Poland - Tempelhof-Poznan-Warsaw. Uneventful flight with no other traffic. 15 kt crosswind on landing at EPBC made for a crabbed landing. Down in one with only moderate anxiety. Great plane.
 2012-01-10CharterEDDG-EDDI0.50EurofighterNight - Urgent NATO dispatches, Osnabruck - Tempelhof. Clear weather and an uneventful flight. Slick landing at EDDI. Standing by for further orders.
 2012-01-08CharterEGMD-EHRD0.50EurofighterDusk - Urgent transport of NATO Admiral Sanders from Lydd to Rotterdam. Fast but uneventful flight. Crosswind on final approach and landing at Rotterdam. Down on 1st attempt. Great flying.
 2012-01-08CharterEHRD-EDDG0.50EurofighterNight - Urgent dispatches for CIC Osnabruch. Uneventful flight - cruise speed 560kts. Some turbulence on approach at EDDG - smooth landing. The aircraft handled responsively - a pleasure to fly.
 2011-12-31CharterEGLF-LFPO1.25EurofighterNight, IFR - Airforce Challenge EGLF - LFPO. Busy flight with continuous ATC directives. Cruising speed of 400 kts. White knuckles landing and a very long taxi to parking. Great challenge.
 2011-12-28CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Aero Commander 500Night - deteriorating weather. Flight home after FSX Re-installation. Mist, rain, and crosswind on final at CYYJ. Down on 1st attempt.
 2011-12-17CharterEGLL-LFPG1.25Boeing 737-800IFR, Night - FedEx Cargo flight London to Paris. Uneventful flight in clear weather.
 2011-12-10CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Aero Commander 500Night, IFR - Returning home after new product release. Overcast enroute and an ils approach r/w 27. Good approach and landing - great to be home.
 2011-11-18CharterCYEV-CYKD0.50Aero Commander 500Dawn - 2 x pax, Zubko to Aklavik. Light snow on takeoff, clearing enroute. Uneventful flight over wintery scenery.
 2011-11-18CharterCYKD-CYOC1.00Dehavilland BeaverDawn - Emergency generator spares, dynamite, and medical supplies - Aklavik to Old Crow. Clear weather enroute. Gusty crosswinds at Old Crow necessitated a careful approach and landing. A soft touchdown was achieved on 1st attempt. Good flight.
 2011-11-16CharterPFYU-PACR0.50Dehavilland BeaverDawn - Hazy morning and -37c. 2 x pax and an uneventful flight. Good approach and landing at PACR. There is a special hush over the sleepy landscape.
 2011-11-16CharterCYHY-CYZF0.75Aero Commander 500Day - Scattered clouds and some turbulence enroute. 4 x pax, Hay River to Yellowknife. Uneventful flight with straight in approach.
 2011-11-15Multi 2.50Dehavilland BeaverDay - Medical Supplies multi-drop. CZGF-CAD4-BG6-CYCG-CZNL-CAR2-CZNL-CYCG. Misty landings, but great bush flying.
 2011-10-21CharterNFFN-NFNA0.75Aero Commander 500Day - Fiji, Nadi to Nausori, 4 x pax. Clear weather with some turbulence over coastline. Great scenery and an uneventful flight. 1st time in Fiji.
 2011-10-01CharterEGMH-LFPG0.75EurofighterNight - Patrol, Manston-Paris-Manston. Clear weather and a great flight at speed. 2 x go around on return to Manston. Slick landing on 3rd attempt.
 2011-09-23CharterFXMK-FAJS0.75VLJ Business JetDay - 4 x pax Mokhothong to Johannesburg. Beautiful African afternoon - some turbulence enroute, but an uneventful flight. Long taxi at FAJS to parking.
 2011-09-18CharterKSEA-CYPR1.75VLJ Business JetNight - Test flight in VLJ Jet with strengthened airframe. Speeds of up to 400 Kts achieved. Difficult approach at CYPR in gusty crosswinds. Trees at approach end of runway made for a white knuckles landing. Great plane, very slick.
 2011-09-09CharterEGKK-LFPG1.25Aero Commander 500Night - 4 x pax to Paris. Strong crosswinds enroute, but calm weather at Paris. Very long taxi at LFPG.
 2011-08-21CharterCYUT-CYYQ1.25EurofighterDay - High Speed transport of Senior USAF Officer, Republic Bay to Churchill. Exiliarating flight at Mach 1.2 in good weather. 2 x Missed approach at CYYQ - couldn't get it quite right. However, slick landing on 3rd attempt. What an incredible ride!
 2011-08-20CharterKSLI-KEDW1.00Douglas DC-3Night - Military personnel and equipment from Los Alantios to Edwards AFB. Bumpy flight with moderate turbulence enroute. Poor visibility at Edwards caused 2 x missed approaches. Down safely on 3rd attempt after a difficult approach.
 2011-08-19CharterCYYJ-CYLW0.75VLJ Business JetDawn - Medical team and supplies, Victoria to Kelowna. Some heavy cloud and turbulence enroute, and a tricky landing in a gusty cross wind. Good flight over great dawn scenery.
 2011-08-14CharterKMIA-KMCO1.50VLJ Business JetMorning - 4 x executive pax - Miami to Orlando. Beautiful weather and an uneventful flight. ILS 17L at KMCO, and a long taxi to parking.
 2011-08-13CharterCYSR-CYIO0.75VLJ Business JetDay - 4 x Executive pax - Nanisivik to Pond Inlet. Uneventful flight enroute; 2 x go around at CYIO to get approach and landing configuration correct. It is quite a challenge to land this jet on a short runway.
 2011-08-13CharterCYIO-CYUT1.75VLJ Business JetDay - Medevac - Pond Inlet to Repulse Bay. Uneventful Flight with a straight in approach at CYUT. We made good time in the VLJ - Patient and medical staff delivered safely.
 2011-08-12CharterCYEU-CYSR2.50Aero Commander 500Day - 3 x pax Eureka to Nanisivik. Scattered clouds, 20 kt cross wind, and intermittent windshear. A bumpy flight enroute and 2 x missed approaches at CYSR. Safely down on the 3rd attempt. Our Journey South continues.
 2011-08-12CharterME05-KHUL0.50VLJ Business JetLate afternoon - Training and familiarisation flight in the VLJ Business Jet. Smooth, slick, and fast - a great ride. A tricky approach in fading light, but a good landing at KHUL.
 2011-08-07CharterCJQ6-CYEU0.75Aero Commander 500Day - Supplies and 2 x prospectors, Tanquary Fjord to Eureka. Heavy turbulence and compass varience made for a very challenging flight. Difficult approach at R/W 28, CYEU.
 2011-08-04CharterCYLT-CJQ61.00Aero Commander 500Day - 4 x Pax and medical supplies, Alert Bay to Tanquary Fjord. Scattered heavy clouds, and turbulence enroute. 1 x go around at CJQ6 - Trees at the end of the runway made for a tricky landing.
 2011-07-15CharterVDPP-VVTS0.75Boeing 737-800Night - Phnom Penh to Tansonnhat, diplomatic passengers. Clear weather enroute, and 1 x missed approach at VVTS because of gusty crosswind. Good landing on 2nd attempt.
 2011-07-01CharterLFAT-LFPG1.25Douglas DC-3Night - Cargo and Mail, Paris Plage to Charles De Gaulle. Clear weather enroute, and a r/w 9L visual landing. Some crosswind on landing, but down safely on 1st attempt.
 2011-06-30CharterEGMD-LFAT0.50Douglas DC-3Night - Channel hop, Pax and Mail, Lydd to Paris Plage. Clear weather and an uneventful flight.
 2011-06-25CharterEDDN-EDDI2.50Junkers JU-52Re-enactment, 1936 flight Nuremburg-Nobitz-Berlin. Horrendous flight with turbulence and strong crosswinds all the way. The JU-52 was difficult to handle; and a final white knuckles landing on 3rd attempt.
 2011-06-24CharterWARA-WARS1.25Aero Commander 500Late Afternoon - VFR Indonesia. Surabaya to Madiun to collect medical supplies and staff. Then on to Yani and the plague outbreak. Hot weather and clear skies. An uneventful flight.
 2011-06-12CharterLFAT-LFAT0.45BF-109Day, VFR - WW2 Re-enactment. Recon mission to Dover Radar Masts. Clear weather, horrendous turbulence over channel. Crosswind landing at Le Touquet. Very challenging aircraft to fly.
 2011-06-05CharterEGMH-LFOB0.75Aero Commander 500Early Morning - VFR. 2 x Pax to Beauvais for business meeting. Cloudy on take off and some turbulence enroute. Lightening on approach at LFOB. Safe landing on 1st attempt.
 2011-05-05CharterPAMR-5HO0.75Beaver AmphibianDay, VFR - Emergency Medivac, PAMR-5HO-PAMR. Uneventful flight to pick up injured miner and deliver to Merrill.
 2011-04-28CharterPAMR-AQY1.00Dehavilland BeaverDay - Merrill-Girdwood-Merrill medivac. Patient pick up at AQY and return to PAMR. Clear weather and an uneventful flight. Patient and attendant delivered safely.
 2011-04-20CharterKGEG-KMSO1.25Douglas DC-3Night - Mail and general cargo. Clear weather and slight turbulence enroute. Difficult approach in mountains, and a heavy landing at KMSO. No Damage sustained.
 2011-04-19CharterKSEA-KGEG1.50Douglas DC-3Night - General Cargo to Spokane. Clear weather and an uneventful flight. Visual approach r/w 21 and short taxi to gate.
 2011-04-17CharterSPQT-SP691.00Douglas DC-3Day - Next Amazon leg to Santa Barbara. No questions asked cargo and passengers. Difficult hot and hazy approach to a short runway in the jungle - turbulence and windshear on final. Down on 1st attempt.
 2011-04-16CharterSPMS-SPQN1.50Grumman GooseDay, VFR - Transporting ecologists and equipment for Amazon survey. Jungle flight with no problems. Short runway on landing - weather clear and hot.
 2011-04-16CharterSPQN-SPQT0.75Aero Commander 500Day - Requena to Iquitos. 4 x pax and Medical supplies. Clear weather and an uneventful flight. Steep descent and hot landing at SPQT - down safely and ready for next Amazon leg.
 2011-04-15CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Aero Commander 500Night - 2 x pax. Some turbulence enroute and 1 x missed approach at Victoria. Safe landing on 2nd attempt. Good to be home.
 2011-03-26CharterPAMR-PACV1.75Aero Commander 500Night - Medical emergency. Takeoff Merril to pick up patient at Valdez (PAVD), then on to Cordova-Smith. Good flight with calm weather. Patient delivered safely.
 2011-03-18CharterCYQQ-CYEG1.75Boeing 737-800Night IFR - Pax and general cargo to Edmonton. Unevenrful flight with a gentle descent from FL230 to ILS r/w 12. Heavy clouds enroute but minimal turbulence.
 2011-03-11CharterCYYJ-CYYC1.50Boeing 737-200Night, IFR - General Cargo and Pax. Busy flight with plenty of ATC directives. Good ILS approach R/W 34 and a gentle touchdown. Most enjoyable.
 2011-03-06CharterLFPG-EGLL1.25Boeing 737-200IFR, Night - Charles De Gaulle to Heathrow. Cargo and pax. Uneventful flight with a great visual approach R/W 9R.
 2011-02-23CharterKPWT-CYAZ1.25Aero Commander 500Night, Emergency medical supplies - Bremerton to Tofino. Heavy turbulence enroute, and a very bumpy approach in a thunderstorm at CYAZ. White knuckles landing with a 10kt oblique wind. Wild!
 2011-01-25Charter1.25Beaver AmphibianDay - 2 x Pax Charter in the Cycledes. LGAV (Athens) to LGSO (Syros), and then on to LGMK (Mikonos). A beautiful day and the bluest sea I have ever seen. Great flight with no problems.
 2011-01-22CharterPACR-PFYU0.50Aero Commander 500Night - 3 x pax, Circle City to Ft Yucon. Uneventful flight with a fantastic clear starry night. Sometimes it seems so very quiet up here.
 2011-01-22CharterPFYU-PALR0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Emergency generator spares to Chandalar Lake. A clear night with a good approach and landing on a short runway at PALR.
 2011-01-08CharterCYDA-PACR1.50Douglas DC-3Night - General cargo and medical supplies. Difficult flight with a nasty weather front 28 mins into flight. Strong headwinds, windshear, and turbulence. 3 x missed approach at PACR. Safely down on 4th attempt. Clean underwear needed.
 2011-01-08CharterPACR-PFYU0.50Aero Commander 500Night, Medevac. Weather clearing, and an uneventful flight to Ft.Yukon. Great visual approach and landing rwy 3. Patient and medical attendant delivered safely. The modified AC500 handled sweetly.
 2011-01-08CharterPYFU-PAEI1.00Aero Commander 500Night - Patient transfer from Fort Yukon to Eielson AFB. An enjoyable flight in clear weather. Straight in approach and a good landing at PAEI - patient stable and delivered safely. Stop over at Eielson.
 2010-12-24CharterKSEA-KMWH1.00Boeing 737-200Night - Mail and Pax to Grant County. Uneventful flight in scattered clouds. Bumpy visual landing Rwy 4. Long taxi to the gates.
 2010-12-22Training 0.50Bristol 170 FreighterNight - Training flight from Lydd to Paris-Plage. Clear weather, and an uneventful flight.
 2010-12-18CharterEGMD-LFPO2.00JF de Haviland MosquitoNight - WW2 Re-enactment - Lydd to Orly and back - reconnassance. Challenging flight in heavy cloud and gusty winds. White knuckles landing at EGMD on a short runway and gusty crosswind. Great adventure.
 2010-12-17CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.50Aero Commander 500Night, VFR - 2 x Pax to Victoria. Bumpy departure from KSEA, then things settled down for an uneventful flight. 14kt headwind on landing, rwy 2, at CYYJ. It's good to be home.
 2010-12-04CharterLSGG-LIMF1.25Douglas DC-3Night, IFR - General cargo and UN staff from Geneva Switzerland to Castelle Italy. Blind flying over the Alps and descent to LIMF. Good approach and ILS landing Rwy 36. Stop over and next leg tomorrow.
 2010-12-03CharterLFSR-LFSD1.25Douglas DC-3Night, IFR - Medical supplies and personnel from Champagne AB France to Longvic AB France. Uneventful flight with a low-ceiling ILS landing at LFSD Rwy 36.
 2010-12-03CharterLFSD-LSGG1.25Douglas DC-3Night, IFR - Military equipment transport, Longvic AB to Geneva. Turbulence, heavy clouds, and crosswinds enroute. A challenging crosswind approach and ILS landing, Rwy 23, Geneva.
 2010-12-02CharterEGKK-LFOE1.50Douglas DC-3Dusk - Military equipment charter, Gatwick UK to Fauville AB France. Horrendous weather - Snow, strong gusty winds, and windshear. White knuckles landing in variable crosswind at Fauville AB.
 2010-12-02CharterLFOE-LFSR1.25Douglas DC-3Night - Military personnel charter from Fauville AB France to Champagne AB France. The weather was easing up by this time, and the flight went uneventfully. ILS BC approach and landing - Rwy 07 at LFSR.
 2010-12-01Training 0.75Douglas DC-3Day - Port engine shutdown 10 mins after takeoff. Return to Lydd for emergency landing on one engine. Clear visibility with 5 kt crosswind. White knuckles landing - safely down on 1st attempt - great training experience.
 2010-11-27CharterRPVM-RPLP1.50Douglas DC-3Night - Medical Supplies, Mactan to Legaspi Philippines. Good flight in poor visibility. Landing on 1st attempt at RPLP.
 2010-11-27Multi 1.00Aero Commander 500Dusk/Evening, Hawaii - Pax and Mail - PHNL-PHMK-PHNY-PHOG. Great day for island flying. Challenging landing at PHOG in 22kt headwind. Safe landing on 1st attempt.
 2010-11-20CharterRPVD-PPVM0.75Douglas DC-3Dusk - Pax and engineering spares, Sibulan to Mactan-Cebu Philippines. Poor visibility and turbulence clearing enroute. Good ILS approach and landing at PPVM. The weather seems to be improving.
 2010-11-18Multi 1.25Douglas DC-3Day - Philippines multi - Medical supplies. RPML-RPMO-RPMP-RPMG. Turbulent weather and short runways made it a challenge. Some bumpy landings.
 2010-11-18CharterPPMG-RPVD0.50Douglas DC-3Day - Philippines - Pax run, Diplog to Sibulan, via Siquijor. Usual lousy turbulent weather enroute and poor visibility short runways. Good landing at RPVD - my best so far on this tour.
 2010-11-16CharterRPMD-RPML0.75Aero Commander 500Day - 2 x Pax Bangoy to Cagayan De Oro Philippines. Horrendous weather - rain, thunder, and cyclonic winds. A very rough flight with a challenging landing at RPML. 1st time in the Philippines.
 2010-11-05CharterCYYR-CZUM1.00Douglas DC-3Night - Goose Bay to Churchill Falls. Cargo of medical and winter supplies. Difficult flight with strong crosswinds enroute, and rain and a 500ft ceiling on approach to CZUM. Landed on 1st attempt.
 2010-10-22CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Grumman GooseNight - 2 x Pax to Victoria. Scattered clouds enroute and an uneventful flight. Good landing at CYYJ and a short taxi to parking.
 2010-10-16CharterLFPG-EGKK1.25Aero Commander 500Night - 4 x Pax to Gatwick. Uneventful flight with a challenging crosswind landing at EGKK. Landed on 1st attempt.
 2010-10-02CharterPAKT-PAWG0.75Douglas DC-3Day, VFR - Cargo and passengers to Wrangell. Rain on departure, with weather clearing enroute. Gusty headwinds made for a busy flight. Bumpy approach at PAWG.
 2010-10-02CharterEGKK-LFPG1.25Boeing 737-300Night, IFR - Passenger flight to Paris. Gusty winds at LFPG made for a difficult approach and landing. Gusty ground winds made for a long and difficult taxi to the gate.
 2010-09-25CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.45Grumman GooseNight - Delivery of referbished Goose. Gusty multi-directional winds and windshear enroute. A good approach and landing at Victoria. Enjoyable flight in this classic aircraft.
 2010-09-14CharterPANC-PAHO0.45Aero Commander 500Night, IFR - 2 x pax to Homer. Heavy clouds enroute, and socked in at PAHO. Blind ILS landing with r/w only sighted at last minute. Safely down on 1st attempt.
 2010-09-11Charter0AK6-PANC0.45Aero Commander 500Night - Medivac of injured man to Anchorage. Heavy clouds enroute, but no incidents. Good approach and landing at PANC. Patient and medical attendant deliverd safely.
 2010-09-05CharterCYZT-CYPR1.75Douglas DC-3Day, IFR - Passengers and mail to Prince Rupert. Turbulence and crosswind enroute made it an uncomfortable flight. Difficult approach and a bumpy landing at CYPR. It was good to land on the 1st attempt.
 2010-09-05CharterCYPR-PAKT0.75Douglas DC-3Day - Winter supplies to Ketchikan. Horrendous flight - rain, windsheer, and changing wind direction and density. White knuckles landing when at the last second the headwind changed to a tail wind. Down safely, but a change of underwear necessary.
 2010-09-03CharterCYQQ-CYZT1.00Aero Commander 500Day - 4 x pax, Comox to Port Hardy. Rain, scattered clouds, and a gusty headwind enroute. some valley flying to avoid heavy clouds. A bumpy approach to CYZT; and a good landing on 1st attempt.
 2010-09-02CharterCYYJ-CYQQ0.75Dehavilland BeaverMorning, VFR - Victoria to Comox, engine spares and medical supplies. Uneventful flight with a gusty crosswind enroute. Fall is definitely in the air.
 2010-08-24CharterEDDI-EDDH1.50Junkers JU52Day, VFR - Clear conditions, cargo from Berlin to Hamberg. 1st time in the JU52 - great flight with a slightly bumpy landing. A enjoyable vintage plane to fly.
 2010-08-21CharterLFPG-EDDS1.75Douglas DC4Night, IFR - Cargo run, Paris to Stuttgart. Clear weather, and an uneventful flight. A good visual approach and landing r/w 07.
 2010-08-20CharterEGMH-LFPG1.50Douglas DC-3Night, IFR - Manston to Paris passenger run. Scattered clouds with moderate turbulence enrouts. ILS9R at Paris - cross wind with a very bumpy approach, and one bounce on landing.
 2010-08-15CharterCYJT-CYQX1.25Douglas DC-3Night, Newfoundland - Military cargo and personnel, Hamon Field to Gander. Some turbulence and crosswind enroute. Gusty crosswinds on approach made for yawing and a bumpy touchdown at Gander.
 2010-08-14CharterEDDT-ETHC1.45Douglas DC4Night - Berlin Airlift, Tegel to Celle. Rain and poor visibility enroute. 2 x missed approaches at Celle AB - short runway and degrading visibility. Down safely on 3rd attempt. Great flight.
 2010-08-13CharterETHC-EDDT1.25Douglas DC-3Night - 1948-1949 Berlin Airlift, Celle to Tegel Berlin. Authentic navigation with maps and stopwatch. Low ceiling and rain enroute, and a misty, tricky, visual landing at Tegel. a most enjoyable challenge.
 2010-08-12CharterVECA-ZPPP3.00Douglas DC-3Day, The Hump Challenge -India-Burma-China, Chabua to Kunming. Heavy cloud, thunder storms, severe turbulence. Some mountain peaks over 20,000 ft. An exciting and challenging flight.
 2010-08-11CharterEGPU-EGPL1.25Beaver AmphibianDay, VFR - Mail, and 2 x pax, Tiree to Barra and then on to Benbecula. Blustery winds and heavy turbulence enroute. Wild seas and rugged islands provided great scenery. The floats made for challenging dry landings.
 2010-08-11CharterEGPL-EGPO0.50Aero Commander 500Day, VFR - Quick hop from Benbecula to Stornaway Scotland. Cargo of tweed, 2 x pax, and outgoing mail. Very tubulent flight with poor visibility. Better visibility at EGPO, and a bumpy landing in blustery winds. Passengers looked a little shakey.
 2010-08-11CharterEGPO-EGPF1.75Douglas DC-3Night - Time to head back from the Outer Hebrides. Cargo of tweed from Stornoway to Glasgow Scotland. Horrendous flight with heavy turbulence, and strong multidirectional winds. Tne Northern Lights were spectactular, and a white-knuckle landing was made a
 2010-08-10CharterEGPI-EGPU0.75Beaver AmphibianDay, VFR - Medical supplies, food, and engineering spares - Islay Scotland to Tiree Scotland. An uneventful flight with a tricky landing in gusty, multi-directional crosswinds at Tiree. One step closer to the Outer Hebrides.
 2010-08-04CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Douglas DC-3Night - General cargo to CYYJ. Horrendous flight - thunder storm and very heavy turbulence enroute. Clearing on approach to Victoria. Landed on 1st attempt in a moderate crosswind. Good to be home.
 2010-08-01CharterLFPG-LFSD1.25Boeing B29aDay - Delivery of refurbished B29a from Paris to Lonvic Airforce Base, France. Uneventful flight and a good approach and landing at Longvic. This is definitely a more challenging aircraft to fly, than the B17.
 2010-07-31CharterZYTL-ZKPY1.00Hercules C130Night - UN medical staff going on rest leave, Zhoushuizi, China to Pyongyang, Korea. Uneventful flight with good approach and landing at ZKPY.
 2010-07-31CharterOBN-EGPI0.75Dehaviland Beaver AmphibianDay, VFR - 2 x pax (cartographers) from Oban, Scotland to Islay Island, Scotland. Great flight with good scenery. Excellent runway landing at EGPI.
 2010-07-31CharterEGKB-LFPG1.50B17 Flying FortressNight - WWII reinactment - Biggin Hill, UK to Paris, France. Fantastic flight in a great aircraft (Wings of Power simulation). Good approach in crosswind at Paris, and a text-book visual landing - A most enjoyable reinactment of Is Paris Burning?
 2010-07-28CharterZSQD-ZYTL1.00Hercules C130Night - Medical supplies and Containment Team, from Liuting to the quarantine area at Zhoushuizi China. Clear weather and an uneventful flight. Good approach and landing at ZYTL.
 2010-07-25CharterZSJN-ZSQD1.00Hercules C130Evening - Red Cross Personnel and relief supplies from Yaoqiang to Liuting China. Better visibility than previous China flights. Uneventful flight, and a good manual ILS approach and landing at Liuting.
 2010-07-24CharterZBHH-ZBYN1.25Hercules C130Day - covert nap of the earth flying. Baita HotHot to Wusu China. Infra-red scanning for missile bunkers. Adrenaline rush throughout flight, and a good landing at Wusu in heavy mist.
 2010-07-24CharterZBYN-ZSJN1.00Hercules C130Late Afternoon - Transporting military staff from Wusu to Yaoqiang China. Fog and low clouds gave zero visibility. Flying on Radar and instruments made it a challenging flight with a difficult landing at ZSJN.
 2010-07-23CharterZBAA-ZBHH1.50Aero Commander 500Day, IFR - 1st time flying in China. WHO health team, Beijing to Baita Hothot. Baita socked in and a white knuckles blind approach. Good landing and passengers safely delivered.
 2010-07-04CharterKCC-PAPG0.50Beaver AmphibianDay - 2 x pax + hunting equipment, Coffman Cove to Johnson Petersburg. Strong blustery winds and turbulence enroute made for a very bumpy flight. A stromg crosswind at PAPG made for a white knuckles landing. Down safely on first attempt. Passengers looked
 2010-07-03CharterCUPR-PAKT1.00Piper ArcherDawn Flight, 0300 Takeoff - Passenger charter, Prince Rupert to Ketchikan, with a pick up at Annette Island enroute. Great flight with good visibility - some spectactular scenery enroute. Bumpy landing at PAKT.
 2010-07-03CharterPAKT-KCC0.50Beaver AmphibianMorning - 2 x Hunters, from Ketchikan to Coffman Cove. Weather poor - Heavy rain, low ceiling, and turbulence. Good water landing at the Cove. Lay over until weather improves.
 2010-06-25CharterEHRD-EHTX0.75Aero Commander 500Day, IFR - Europe sightseeing, Rotterdam to Texei. Weather hazy and warm - a pleasent flight with a good visual landing, on grass, at EHTX.
 2010-06-24CharterEGNJ-EHRD2.00Piper PA-20 PacerDay - Humberside to Rotterdam - Europe sightseeing. Clear weather and an uneventful flight. Good landing at Rotterdam.
 2010-06-24CharterCYYJ-CYQQ1.00Piper PA-20 PacerDay, VFR - 2 x hunters and equipment to Comox. Clear weather with some turbulence. Uneventful flight, but a bumpy landing in crosswind, rwy 11 at CYQQ.
 2010-06-18CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Douglas DC-3Night - General cargo. Cloudy and turbulence enroute, clearing on approach at CYYJ. Difficult landing with a strong crosswind.
 2010-06-12CharterPASI-CYZT1.75Boeing 737-200Night, IFR - Passengers and freight to Port Hardy. Poor visibility, rain, and an oblique crosswind at CYZT. Landed ILS 11 on first attempt. Good flight.
 2010-06-12CharterCYZT-CYQQ0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Charter, 2 x Mechanics returning home to Comox. Scattered clouds and light rain enroute. Good flight with weather clearing at CYQQ. Passengers happy.
 2010-06-05Multi 1.50Beaver AmphibianDay, VFR - Mtlti-drop - mail and hunting/fishing supplies. Wrangell to North Whale, Tokeen, Nichin Cove, Port Alice, Cape Pole, and finally to Coffman Cove. Misty and rain, but a great flight.
 2010-06-05CharterKCC-PASI1.25Beaver AmphibianDay, VFR - 2 x pax - fisherman, Coffman Cove to Cape Pole. Then 3 x pax - environmentalists, Cape Pole to Sitka. Clear weather, great scenery, and an uneventful flight. Stop over at Sitka.
 2010-06-04CharterPAKT-PAWG0.75Dehavilland BeaverDay, VFR - Pax charter, 3 x fishermen, Ketchikan to Wrangell. Rain and some crosswind enroute. Bumpy approach and landing at PAWG. Spectactular scenery in this area - I'll see if I can pick up some charters.
 2010-06-01CharterCYVR-CYZT1.00Boeing 737-200Early Evening, IFR - Passenger charter. Heavy clouds and a low ceiling enroute. Poor visibility at Port Hardy. ILS Rwy 11 - good landing.
 2010-06-01CharterCYZT-CYVR1.25Boeing 737-200Night, IFR - Return flight to Vancouver. Weather clearing enroute. 1 x Go around at CYVR. A good approach and landing, ILS 8L, on 2nd attempt.
 2010-05-30CharterCAG4-CYVR1.25Aero Commander 500Night, IFR - Medevac to Vancouver. Uneventful flight enroute. Poor visibility and rain at Vancouver. ILS 8R, and a long taxi to gates. Patient and medical staff delivered safely.
 2010-05-28Multi 1.25Aero Commander 500Day, IFR - CYYJ to CBQ2 to pick up a sealed crate, 264 lbs, no questions asked. Then onto CAR3 to deliver crate. Weather good, and mountains spectactular. Cargo delivered in good order - sattisfied customer.
 2010-05-28CharterCAR3-CAG40.75Dehavilland BeaverMorning - 2 x fishermen to Twin Lakes. Misty and bumpy while threading the mountains. Tricky approach at Twin Lakes, and a great slam-dunk landing. Good flight.
 2010-05-25CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Returning after overseas charters. Rain showers and some turbulence enroute. Greased visual landing R/W 9. It's good to be home.
 2010-05-23CharterFADN-FXMM1.25Aero Commander 500Morning - Durban, South Africa to Maseru, Lesotho. 2 x Communication Engineers and spares for network failure. Uneventful flight over mountains (10,000 ft), with a agood landing at FXMM (5,351 ft).
 2010-05-23CharterWPEC-WRKT0.75VLJ Business JetDay - Cakung to Mali; United Nations WHO Deligation. Uneventful flight, over great island scenery. Good time made on flight, with bonus given
 2010-05-16CharterGNFX-DAUT1.25Beriev Be-103Early morning - executive charter, contract signing at Timimoun. Uneventful flight with good time being made. Visual rwy 6 landing in strong crosswind. Bit of a bump, but down safely.
 2010-05-16CharterDAUT-DAUA0.50VLJ Business JetPrev Pirep aircraft type incorrect - should be VLJ Business Jet. This pirep - day, VFR, low altitude, short hop to DAUA to refuel and pick up another executive passenger. Clear weather, crosswind at DAUA, but a good landing.
 2010-05-16CharterDAUA-DAUZ1.75VLJ Business JetDay - Next leg of executive charter, Adrar to oil field at In-Amenas. Clear weather and an uneventful flight. Tail wind made for a timeous flight and happy clients. Good landing at DAUZ.
 2010-05-15CharterGMTT-GMMN1.25VLJ Business JetNight - Executive charter, Tanger to Casablanca. Slick flight with no problems. Bumpy approach to GMMN, but a good landing. Very long taxi to parking.
 2010-05-15CharterGMMN-GNFK1.25VLJ Business JetIFR, Night - Covert oil executive charter - Casablanca to Moulay-Ali-Cherif. Severe turbulence and windsheer enroute. Blind landing, ILS31, at GNFK in fog and crosswind. Good bonus for a quick flight.
 2010-05-14CharterLXGB-GMTT0.50Aero Commander 500Morning, VFR - No questions asked charter, 2 x pax - Gibralter to Tanger. Sea mist on approach to GMTT, but a good landing. Passengers gave a substantial tip, then disappeared.
 2010-05-08CharterKJFK-KDCA1.00Boeing 737-200Night, IFR - Strong headwinds, up to 84kts, made for a difficult flight. A visual landing, rwy 33, at Ronald Regan made for a white knuckles experience with a heavy landing.
 2010-05-08CharterKDCA-KPIT1.50Boeing 737-200Night, IFR - General cargo. Still strong headwinds - 60 kts. Busy flight with constant ATC instructions, and a visual landing, rwy 28L, at Pittsburg. Good landing, but a long taxi to cargo ramp.
 2010-05-07Multi 1.00Aero Commander 500Afternoon, medivac - L20 to CIK to pick up an injured miner, and then on to Fort Yukon. Scattered clouds and good visibility - uneventful flight. Injured man delivered safely.
 2010-05-07CharterPFYU-PAFA1.00Aero Commander 500Night - Patient transfer from Fort Yukon to Fairbanks. Uneventful flight with a good approach and landing at Fairbanks. Stop over at PAFA.
 2010-05-06CharterPATW-5BK1.00Dehavilland BeaverDay - 2 x pax to Black Rapids. Heavy clouds over mountains, and a vicious crosswind enroute. White knuckles landing with a gusty oblique crosswind at the Rapids.
 2010-05-06Charter5BK-76AK1.25Dehavilland BeaverDay - Mechanic and spares to Delta Junction - AC500 with engine trouble. Weather bumpy but clear. A good approach and landing at Delta. Stop over while mechanic does his stuff.
 2010-05-02CharterLGKS-LGIR0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Emergency Medevac from Kasos to Nikos Kazantzakis. Fog and crosswind made for a difficult approach and landing at LGIR. Landed on first attempt, and patient and medical staff delivered safely.
 2010-05-01CharterPACL-PATW0.50Dehavilland BeaverVFR, Afternoon - Charter to take a mechanic and generator parts to Cantwell. A good day for threading the mountains. 1 x go around at Cantwell, but good landing on 2nd attempt.
 2010-05-01CharterLTBS-LGRP0.50Aero Commander 500Day, VFR - Tourist charter, Dalaman, Turkey to Diagoras, Rhodes. Beautiful day, with great sights for the tourists. Perfect landing at LGRP.
 2010-05-01CharterLGRP-LGKS0.75Aero Commander 500Dusk - Emergency medical supplies to Karpathos and then onto Kasos. Clear weather, and an uneventful flight. Good landing at Kasos in poor light.
 2010-04-30CharterPAML-PACL0.50Dehavilland BeaverDay, IFR - Cargo of engineering spares to Clear Sky Lodge. Drizzle and crosswinds enroute, but a safe landing at PACL.
 2010-04-29CharterPAFA-PAML0.75Dehavilland BeaverDay, IFR - 2 x Pax to Manley Hot Springs. Drizzle, mists, and a strong headwind made for a challenging flight. Good landing at Manley.
 2010-04-24CharterLSGG-LIRF1.75Boeing 747Dusk - Geneva to Rome - general cargo. Uneventful flight, with a good visual landing at LIRF, Rwy 16C.
 2010-04-23CharterKSLC-CYVR3.00Boeing 747IFR, Night - Horrendous flight. ATC misdirections resulted in re-filing flight plan enroute. 30 mins late, then 1 x Go Around at CYVR because of traffic. ILS 8R in heavy rain.
 2010-04-19CharterEGLL-LFPG1.00Boeing 747-400IFR, Night. Cargo run Heathrow to Paris. Misty approach, ILS 9R, and a long taxi to cargo ramp at Paris. Good flight.
 2010-04-18CharterBIRK-EGQS2.00Boeing 737-400Military charter of Scientists and military personel from Reykjavik to Lossiemouth. No ATC and no other traffic. Uneventful Flight.
 2010-04-05Multi 2.00Dehavilland BeaverKenya Charter - HKFG-ASMC-HKLG-HKLO-HKFG. 2 x Missionaries to Missionary Station; Mail to Lokitaung; Game Warden to Lodwar; then back to Fergusons Gulf. Great flying weather - no incidents.
 2010-04-03CharterPAEN-5HO0.50Dehavilland BeaverDay, VFR - Delivery of vaccine and other medical equipment. Clear weather and an uneventful flight.
 2010-04-03Multi 1.50Piper ArcherVFR, Multi - CYYJ-CYVR for a business meeting; then on to CYQQ to view some prospective property. Clouds building enroute and 12kt crosswind at CYVR and CYQQ.
 2010-04-01Charter2.25Dehavilland BeaverVFR - US Postal Service out of Anchorage, Legs 4 to 7. PATK-1AK6-BGQ-9AK3 and back to Anchorage - PANC. Clear weather and no problems. A great day for flying.
 2010-03-31CharterPAOM-PAFA2.00Boeing 737-200IFR - Cargo of engineering spares and mining supplies. Heavy clouds enroute and a blind landing at Fairbanks at dusk - ILS 19R. Ceiling on approach was 300 and dropping. Good flight with no incidents.
 2010-03-27CharterPAWR-PAKT1.00Dehaviland Beaver TundraDay, IFR - US Postal Service, Anchorage Leg 3. Uneventful flight and a great landing at Talkeetna. Will need to take on fuel to continue on leg 4.
 2010-03-26CharterKSEA-KSLC3.00Airbus A320-200IFR Day - Passenger Charter. Heavy clouds and turbulence enroute. Snow on arrival at Salt Lake - blind landing, ILS 34R. Safely down without incident. Long taxi to gates.
 2010-03-26Multi 1.00Dehaviland Beaver TundraUS Postal Service - Anchorage Legs 1 & 2 - PANC-AK39-PAWR. Wild landing at Whittier with water rolling over the approach end of the runway. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.
 2010-03-24CharterCYYJ-CYYC1.50Airbus A320-200Night IFR - General cargo to Calgary. Uneventful flight. Bumpy landing at CYYC.
 2010-03-23CharterEGLL-LFPG1.50Airbus A320-200Night, IFR - Passenger charter. Clear weather enroute. Difficult visual approach to LFPG rwy 27R in strong gusty crosswind. Good landing, then very long taxi to gates.
 2010-03-21CharterPANC-CYXY2.00Boeing 737-200Night, IFR - General cargo run. Turbulence and crosswinds enroute, and a bumpy landing at Whitehorse. Its good to be down.
 2010-03-21CharterCYXY-CYQQ1.50Airbus A400MIFR, Night - Cargo of engineering spares and medical supplies to Ketchikan. Checked out MCDU during flight, and used it in paralled with IFR ATC directives. Good flight.
 2010-03-20Multi 1.00Dehavilland BeaverDawn - Emergency Medivac, Gasline explosion. PANC-AK39-PANC. Clear weather with patient collected from South Gasline and safely delivered to Anchorage.
 2010-03-19CharterPAOM-PAUN0.75Airbus A400MNight - Engineering spares and dry goods. Overcast and snow on departure. Spectactular lights in the sky enroute. Weather clear on approach. Landed in gusty crosswinds.
 2010-03-14Charter3Z1-PAGM1.25Aero Commander 500Day - Multidrop to St Lawrance Island. Feather River to Savoonga and then on to Gambell. Medical and engineering supplies. Good flying conditions, and no problems.
 2010-03-14CharterPAGM-NOMF1.25Airbus A400MNight, IFR - Military Transport. Cloudy and cold weather. Clear at Nome with a visual landing - Rwy 27. Uneventful Flight.
 2010-03-12CharterCYQQ-CYZT1.00Airbus A400MNight - Medical supplies, engineering spares, food, and household goods. Cloudy with intermittent rain and some turbulence enroute. 14kt crosswind at Port Hardy made for a challenging landing.
 2010-03-11CharterKNUW-CYQQ1.00Airbus A400MNight - Mixed cargo. Scattered clouds and moderate turbulence enroute. Rwy 11 visual approach at CYQQ. Good landing.
 2010-03-10CharterKSEA-KNUW1.25Airbus A400MNight - Training on the Airbus A400M Airlifter. KSEA-CYVR-KNUW. Clear weather, and an uneventful flight.
 2010-03-07CharterCYEG-CY2F2.25Boeing 737-200Night - IFR. Strong cross and headwinds enroute made for a slower flight. Calm at Yellowknife, ILS 33. Passenger Charter with mixed cargo. Long approach with a good landing at CYZF.
 2010-03-07CharterCYZF-CYFR0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Emergency Medical Supplies to Port Resolution. Uneventful flight.
 2010-02-27CharterCYYJ-CYEG1.50Boeing 737-400Night, IFR. Cargo and passengers. Uneventful flight, with straight in ILS 12, and short taxi to gates. Busy ATC, but a nice flight.
 2010-02-26CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Boeing 737-400Night, IFR. Passengers and Cargo. Scattered clouds with rain enroute. Straight in, ILS 27 at Victoria - nice landing. Great flight - good to be home.
 2010-02-19CharterWBB-3Z10.75Aero Commander 500Day - Poor Visibility. Delivery of aircraft spares and fuel for a Beaver with engine problems. This is in the middle of nowhere and was difficult to find.
 2010-02-18CharterPAKT-CYQQ1.75Boeing 737-400Night - IFR, Passenger charter to Comox. Clear weather and an uneventful flight. Good landing at Comox.
 2010-02-18CharterHCA-WBB1.00Dehavilland BeaverDay - Urgent mining supplies to Stebbins. A grey morning, with an uneventful flight. 1 x missed approach at WBB due to unexpected crosswind. Safe landing on 2nd attempt.
 2010-02-18CharterCYQQ-KSEA1.25Boeing 737-400IFR - Night. Passenger charter. Uneventful flight in clear conditions. Heavy traffic at KSEA resulted in a long approach, constant ATC directives, and a long taxi to gates.
 2010-02-17CharterPAPG-PAKT1.00Aero Commander 500Late Afternoon - Passenger charter. Spectacular clouds of burnished antique gold enroute. Some rain and turbulence on approach to PAKT. 1 x missed approach; but good landing on 2nd attempt.
 2010-02-16CharterA29-PAPG0.75Beaver AmphibianDay - USA Postal Service Mail Delivery - Petersberg leg. Water takeoff at A29. Heavy clouds over mountains, and moderate turbulence. Clear at Petersburg - good landimg. Need to refuel before next leg.
 2010-02-16CharterPAPG-CBM51.00Beaver AmphibianDay - USA Postal Service Mail Run. Telegraph Creek Leg. Scattered clouds and turbulence through the mountains. Spectactular scenery and exhilarating mountain flying - wow. Good landing at CBM5. One more leg - return to Juneau to complete the route.
 2010-02-16CharterCBM5-PAJN1.00Beaver AmphibianDay - USA Postal Service Mail Run. Last leg - return to Juneau. Heavy clouds, strong up-draughts, and turbulence over the mountains. It was a fight all the way back. Weather clearing to rain at Juneau. Good landing in crosswind. A sattisfying end to the
 2010-02-16CharterPAJN-PAPG1.00Aero Commander 500Afternoon - Time to work my way home. Passenger charter and some general freight. Heavy clouds and some turbulence enroute. Nice sunset, and a safe landing at PAPG
 2010-02-15CharterPAJN-7AK20.50Beaver AmphibianDay - USA Postal Service Mail Run. Nightmare landing at 7AK2 - turbulence and varying crosswinds from the mountain passes. 3 x missed approaches before finally landing.
 2010-02-15Charter7AK2-PAGS0.75Beaver AmphibianDay - USA Postal Service Mail Run, Next Leg. Uneventful flight, scattered clouds, and a good visual landing at Gustavus.
 2010-02-15CharterPAGS-ELV0.50Beaver AmphibianDay - USA Postal Service Mail Delivery - Next Leg to ELV. Scattered clouds enroute, and a good water landing at Elfin Cove. It's been some time since I got my feet wet - good feeling.
 2010-02-15CharterELV-TKE0.50Beaver AmphibianDay - USA Postal Service Mail Delivery, next leg to Tenakee. Spectactular scenery with heavy cloud formations over the mountains. Straight in approach, and good water landing, at Tenakee
 2010-02-15CharterTKE-A290.45Beaver AmphibianDay - USA Postal Service Mail Delivery. Next leg to Sitka A29. Bumpy flight with srong crosswind enroute. Good water landing at Sitka - last flight for today. Will continue Juneau Postal Route tomorrow.
 2010-02-14CharterVAK-HCA1.25Aero Commander 500Dusk - IFR. Transporting hunters and camp supplies to Holy Cross. Uneventful flight. 1 x go around at HCA because of traffic. Weather cool (-10C) but clear.
 2010-02-13CharterZNC-PADY1.00Aero Commander 500Afternoon - Cargo of electrical parts. Poor visibility on takeoff; but clearing enroute. Trecherous shifting crosswind at PADY - 3 x go around before a successful landing.
 2010-02-13CharterPADV-VAK0.45Aero Commander 500Dusk - Emergency call for metal cutting equipment. Low flying to keep under a 1000-1500 ft ceiling. Uneventful flight in fading light - good time made enroute; but a bumpy approach and landing in an 8kt crosswind at VAK.
 2010-02-08CharterZNC-PASM1.50Aero Commander 500Night IFR - ZNC to PABE to pick up emergency medical team. Then PABE to PASM to deliver medical team - mining accident. Scattered clouds and moderate turbulence enroute. A vicious crosswind at PASM made for a white knuckles landing. Note to me - fuel need
 2010-02-07CharterPASV-ZNC1.00Aero Commander 500Late afternoon - fading light. Transporting an old prospecter and 2 cases of dynamite to Nyac. Good money - no one else would take the charter. A nervous flight with a bumpy landing at ZNC. Fortunately I brought along a change of underwear.
 2010-02-06CharterAK21-PADL0.50Douglas DC-3Late Afternoon - Poor Visibility. Challenging flight with a very short runway take off. Cross wind at PADL in rapidly fading light. Safely landed on 1st attempt.
 2010-02-06CharterAK21-PASV1.00Aero Commander 500Day - Cargo of urgent machine parts and medical supplies. Flying at 2000ft AGL to avoid low ceiling. Snow and turbulence enroute, but clearing on approach to PASV. Good landing. Stop over.
 2010-02-04CharterPAPH-AK211.00Aero Commander 500IFR - Afternoon. Urgent medical supplies. Good visibility and a lazy sunset. Challenging landing in fading light on a short rwy at Nushagak. Down safely and supplies delivered. Stop over.
 2010-01-31CharterPAKN-PAPH1.00Aero Commander 500Day - VFR - Cargo, dry goods, blankets, and bottled water. Visibility much better than yesterday. Uneventful flight and good landing at Port Heider. Must remember to fill up with fuel before next leg.
 2010-01-30CharterPADQ-PAKN1.25Aero Commander 500Day - IFR - Medevac. Blind flight all the way. Both Kodiak and King Salmon socked in. Heavy cloud and turbulence enroute. Difficult flying conditions, and a bumpy landing at PAKN. Patient and medical staff delivered safely.
 2010-01-29CharterPGM-PADQ1.00Aero Commander 500Morning - weather clear at PGM. Emergency generator parts to Kodiak. Kodiak socked in - IFR filed enroute. A challenging blind landing - ILS25 at Kodiak.
 2010-01-24CharterLICJ-LICC0.75VLJ Business JetHazy day in Sicily. Passanger charter from Palermo to Fontanarossa. Hazy approach to LICC. Great scenary and a pleasant flight.
 2010-01-23Multi 1.50Aero Commander 500Early Morning - Multi drop with cargo and passengers. AK24-02AK-BLG-PGM. Clear weather with a beautiful orange sunrise. A nice gentle flight with no problems.
 2010-01-16CharterCKU-C050.75Aero Commander 500Day - Urgent food and Medical supplies. Rain on departure and snow flurries on approach to Chenega Bay. The islands are beautiful, yet wild, at this time of the year; and the sea is a mysterious grey green - it is indeed a good day to fly...
 2010-01-16CharterC05-PAEN0.75Aero Commander 500Day - Emergency medevac to Kenai Mun. Weather clear and good time made enroute. Patient delivered safely and is out of danger.
 2010-01-16CharterPAEN-AK240.45Aero Commander 500Late afternoon - Food, Fuel, and generator spares to Hilltop. Failing light and mist made for a challenging landing. 1 x missed approach - AK24 has a short rwy. Stop over and then on to Rustic Wild (02AK) tomorrow.
 2010-01-08CharterCYYJ-CYZT1.50Boeing 757-200IFR, Night, poor weather conditions. UPS Charter. Bad landing in 13kt crosswind and heavy rain, but down in one piece.
 2010-01-02Training 1.50Boeing 757-200Training, IFR, Night, KSEA-CYYJ, Normal Procedures, Boeing 757-200 (Just Flight, 757 Captain Payware). Fantastic simulation...
 2010-01-01CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Boeing 757-200IFR, Day - Cargo charter to carry FeDex overflow. Uneventful flight in good weather.
 2010-01-01CharterCYYJ-CYYC1.50Boeing 757-200IFR - Afternoon/early evening. General cargo. Beautiful sunset enroute, and spectacular clouds. Uneventful flight.
 2010-01-01CharterCYYC-CYEG1.00Boeing 757-200IFR, Night - Urgent power plant spares. Clear weather and an uneventful flight.
 2009-12-26Training 1.00SAAB 340BTraining on the SAAB 340B. Circuits and bumps; and flying the needles at KSEA.
 2009-12-26CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75SAAB 340BNight - Delivery of SAAB 340B Cargo version. Clear weather, and an uneventful flight.
 2009-12-25Charter19AK-KGZ1.00Dehavilland BeaverIFR, Morning - Flying emergency medical team from Icy Bay to Glacier Creek. Nasty crosswinds and winshear all the way through the mountains. KGZ is difficult to find, and very challanging to land. A sattisfying, by the book, flight.
 2009-12-25CharterKGZ-CZN0.50Dehavilland BeaverIFR, Day - Take ae paramedic and medical supplies on to Chisana. Scattered clouds and an uneventful flight.
 2009-12-25CharterCZN-CKU1.00Aero Commander 500IFR, Afternoon - Taking 4 passengers to Cordova Mun. Spectactular mountains and clouds. Some turbulence and windshear enroute; but clear and calm at CKU. Straight in approach and a good landing - rwy 24. We made good time in the Commander.
 2009-12-23CharterAK76-CYHT1.00Dehavilland BeaverDay - E. Alsek River to Haines Junction - medical supplies and fuel. Strong turbulence, windsheer over the mountains, and heavy cloud enroute - visibility clearing on approach. Bumpy landing in 8kt crosswind.
 2009-12-23CharterCYHT-19AK1.25Aero Commander 500Afternoon - 4 pax, Haines Junction to Icy Bay. A 28kt headwind made this a slow flight. Spectacular clouds and sunset over a wild and empty land. Stopover as night falls.
 2009-12-22CharterPAGY-PAGS0.50Aero Commander 500IFR - 2 passangers to Gustavus. Clear weather and an uneventful flight.
 2009-12-22CharterPAGS-AK760.45Aero Commander 500IFR - Emergency medical supplies to E. Alsek River. Turbulence enroute and 8,000 ceiling. 1 x missed approach - short rwy - white knuckles landing. Next time take the Beaver.
 2009-12-21CharterCYSQ-PAGY0.50Aero Commander 500IFR - Delivery of Engine spares to Skagway. Weather clear with some turbulence over mountains. Challenging approach through mountains to runway 20 - Good flight.
 2009-12-20CharterCYDL-CYSL1.00Dehavilland BeaverDay, IFR - Two passengers, Dease Lake to Atlin. Clear weather, and an uneventful flight.
 2009-12-19CharterPAJN-CYDL1.25Dehavilland BeaverDay, Juneau to Dease Lake - Medical and winter supplies. Heavy clouds and 16kt crosswind enroute. Good visual approach and landing at CYDL.
 2009-12-18CharterTPO-PAIL0.50Dehavilland BeaverMorning IFR - Passenger Charter, Port Alsworth to Iliamnia. Bumpy ride with 14kt headwind. Clouds covering the mountain tops. Clear approach and a good landing at PAIL.
 2009-12-14Training 1.00VLJ Business JetDay - Training Session. Circuits, bumps, and flying the needles at KSEA in the VLJ Business Jet.
 2009-12-12CharterCYZF-CYEG2.75VLJ Business JetIFR - Night. Emergency medivac. Uneventful flight, with visual landing at CYEG.
 2009-12-10CharterEGXP-LFPG1.50Boeing 737-200IFR, Night, Cargo run. Scattered clouds and moderate turbulence enroute. Hectic IFR directives because of heavy traffic on approach to LFPG. Good landing and long taxi to ramp.
 2009-12-04CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Passenger Charter. Scattered clouds enroute and severe windshear on approach to CYYJ. Very bumpy white-knuckles approach, but a safe landing - passengers a little pale.
 2009-11-30CharterCYQQ-KBLI0.45DeHavilland DHC-5 BuffaloNight - Cargo, Machine Parts. Weather clear with some turbulence enroute. Straight in approach, ILS16 at KBLI.
 2009-11-29CharterCYYJ-CYAZ1.50DeHavilland DHC-2 AmphibianDay - CYYJ to WA09 (water) to collect surveyers and take them to CYAZ. Two stops enroute to collect salinity samples. Weather overcast with rain on departure, clearing enroute. Uneventful flight and good landing at CAYZ.
 2009-11-29CharterCAYZ-CYQQ0.75De Havilland DHC-2 AmphibianDay - charter by 4 pax to CYQQ. Uneventful flight. Spectacular clouds enroute, and some great mountain scenary.
 2009-11-23CharterEGKK-LFPG2.00Aero Commander 500Day, IFR. Weather patrol. Heavy rain, strong gusty winds, low clouds, poor visibility, turbulence. 1 x missed approach (ILS27R) at LFPG (high gusts and windshear on approach). Safe landing on 2nd attempt.
 2009-11-23CharterCYYZ-KMSP2.75VLJ Business JetLate afternoon/early evening - executive charter. Heavy clouds enroute and some turbulence. Weather clear at KMSP. 1 x go around at KMSP because of heavy traffic - and then a long taxi to parking.
 2009-11-22CharterCYZT-CYYJ1.25Beech King Air 350Night, IFR - Emergency medivac. 28kt tailwind enroute helped to make good time. ILS9 at CYYJ was complicated by windshear, low vis, and rain. Bit of a bumpy landing, but patient and medical staff delivered safely.
 2009-11-21CharterCYQQ-CYVR0.75Cessna 208B Grand CaravanEarly Morning DHL Courier Run. Rain and low ceiling on departure, clearing enroute. Crosswing and difficult landing at CYVR.
 2009-11-21CharterCYVR-KSEA0.75Beech 1900Morning Passenger Charter - Weather overcast with rain, and a 6kt crosswind at KSEA. Routine flight without incident.
 2009-11-20CharterKSEA-CYQQ1.00VLJ Business JetLate Afternoon - IFR. Business passenger charter. A bit bumpy enroute with a spectactular sunset. Rain and low visibility landing (ILS 11) at CYQQ. A most pleasant flight.
 2009-11-20CharterCYQQ-KSEA1.25deHavilland DHC-5 BuffaloNight - Return flight in DHC-5 with animal hide cargo. Uneventful flight with straight in landing at KSEA. Weather clearing along route
 2009-11-20CharterPAKT-CYZT1.45Bombardier CRJ-200Night - Passenger Charter. My first flight in the CRJ-200. Ticklish approach with no auto-throttle in the CRJ-200. 1 x Missed approach at CYZT - Perfect landing on 2nd attempt. Great airplane!
 2009-11-18CharterCYVR-CYQQ1.50DeHavilland DHC-5 BuffaloNight 6,000 kgs of emergency supplies - Nightmare flight - Rain, poor visibility, turbulance, and a 29kt head wind on landing. 3 x missed approaches at CYQQ. Finally made a safe landing. Stop-over until weather clears.
 2009-11-15CharterPAKT-PAWG0.75Dehavilland BeaverDay - VFR, Machine Spares and Medical Supplies. Rain on departure, and scattered clouds enroute. Clear at PAWG with slight crosswind - a good day to fly.
 2009-11-15CharterPAWG-CYPR1.75Dehavilland BeaverLate Afternoon - PAWG to PAKT to Pick up two Vets. Vets taken to Z43, and Biological specimens (Bovine Plague) then taken to CYPR for fast shipment out. Low visibility ILS at CYPR.
 2009-11-15CharterCYPR-CYQQ1.75VLJ Business JetNight, IFR, Poor Visibility, and strong winds up to 60 kts. Transporting Bovine Plague Bio-hazard for analysis. Successful blind landing in rain and crosswind, ILS 11 at CYQQ. Good ending to a busy day.
 2009-11-14CharterEGMH-LFPG1.25Boeing 737-300Dusk, IFR Cargo Run - Strong winds enroute (48kts). Clouds 600 scattered and rain at LFPG. 13 kt crosswind on landing made for a difficult approach and landing. Long taxi to cargo ramp.
 2009-11-14CharterCYZF-CYEG2.00Boeing 737-300IFR, Night - Passenger Charter. Poor visibility enroute, clearing on approach to CYEG. Strong headwinds caused a slow flight. A lot of ATC directives on approach to CYEG, with plenty of traffic in the vacinity.
 2009-11-13CharterEGKK-EGMH0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Weather Patrol. Routine flight with no problems - clear weather all the way. Good landing at EGMH.
 2009-11-08CharterCYZF-CYEG3.25Airbus 320-200Cargo Run - CYZF-CYHY-CYEG. Snow and poor visibility made this a challenging flight, especially on landings. Heavy landing at CYEG.
 2009-11-07CharterCYQQ-CYVR0.75Aero Commander 500Night cargo run - Rain, low ceiling, turbulence and strong headwinds enroute, and a 16kt crosswind on landing. Definitely a lousy night for flying.
 2009-11-07CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Airbus A320-200Day IFR - Rain, crosswind, near zero visability at CYYJ - ILS27 blind landing. Challenging flight. General cargo run.
 2009-11-07CharterCYBL-CYVR1.00Aero Commander 500Night - Emergency Medivac - light rain and crosswind at CYVR made for tricky lsnding. Long taxi to meet ambulance at CYVR - patient and medical staff delivered safely. Good flight.
 2009-11-05CharterCYYC-CYLW1.75Beechcraft 18Day - Machine Parts to CYLW. The Rockies were in playful mood with heavy turbulence and a 53 kt head wind. Hazy approach while threading through hills to r/w 15 and a challenging landing. A good flight.
 2009-10-31CharterCFN4-CYEG2.25Aero Commander 500Medical Charter - Transporting patient and attendant medical staff. Flight uneventful and a gentle landing at CYEG. Stop over at CYEG to get some rest.
 2009-10-29CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.75Aero Commander 500Night - Medical charter, delivering vaccine, KSEA-CYYJ-CYCD-CYVR. Poor conditions - rain, 2000 ceiling, ground mist, 23kt crosswind enroute, wind shear & crosswind on approaches - challenging flight.
 2009-10-24CharterKSEA-CYYJ0.75Douglas DC-3Night - horrendous flight. Low visibility, turbulence, 20kt crosswond on route, rain. Very bumpy approach and a difficult but safe landing. Passengers a little pale, and fresh underwear needed.
 2009-10-24CharterCYYJ-KSEA0.75Douglas DC-3Night - Poor weather, low visibility, rain, 20Kt crosswind on route - but clearing over KSEA. Good landing. Passenger Charter.
 2009-10-24CharterPAMR-PAHO1.00Aero Commander 500Night - PAMR-PAEN-PAHO. Cargo of medical supplies and winter clothing. Scattered clouds, but good flying conditions. Uneventful flight.
 2009-10-22CharterEGXP-EGXC0.50Wellington B Mk101st Test flight in the restored Wellington. Clear weather and a perfect flight.
 2009-10-18CharterEGKB-EGKK2.25Avro Lancaster MKBIIHistorical re-enactment -
 2009-10-17CharterCYYJ-CYQQ0.75Aero Commander 500Medical Staff charter - Night. Low ceiling and moderate turbulence on route. Deteriorating weather and low visibility on approach. Rain and a white knuckles landing. Quite a challenge.
 2009-10-08CharterKDET-KPTK0.50Piper Archer IIDay - Rain, some turbulence, and a 3,000 ceiling. Delivery of vet supplies and bovine vaccine. 8kt crosswind on approach and landing - came in like a crab, but landed OK.
 2009-10-07CharterEGMH-LFAC0.50Douglas DC-3Night - Quick hop over the Channel - passenger charter. Turbulence over the coastline, but uneventful flight.
 2009-10-07CharterLFAC-LFOB0.75Aero Commander 500Night - delivering emergency nuclear power-plant spares - moderate turbulence enroute and scattered clouds. Tricky landing at LFOB - cargo delivered in goo order.
 2009-10-06CharterKCLM-CYYJ0.50Aero Commander 500Night - Passenger Charter - Scattered clouds but otherwise clear. Straight in at CYYJ with slight crosswind. Uneventful flight with a good landing.
 2009-10-05CharterKSEA-KCLM0.50Bristol 170 FreighterNight - Scattered clouds, and clear at KCLM. Uneventful flight - delivery of tractors and farm tools.
 2009-10-03CharterLGTS-LGK20.50Gazelle RotaryDay - Makedonia-Filippos Greece - Tourist Charter. Misty at LGTS and strong windshear over mountains - bumpy ride. Clear weather at LGK2 - Tourists looked a little pale.
 2009-10-03CharterCYYJ-CYVR1.25Aero Commander 500Night - Medical Emergency. CYYJ to CYQQ to pick up patient and medical staff; then on to CYVR. 13kt crosswinds, moderate turbulence, and intermittent rain. Good flight.
 2009-09-27CharterLGLM-LGTS1.00Aero Commander 500Limnos to Makedonia - late afternoon flight. Ah Greece, mysterious islands always hiding in mist - heavy turbulence on route and a mist shrouded landing. Great flight - Passenger Charter.
 2009-09-26Charter9OK7-KLUH0.50Gazelle RotaryDay - Weather Clear - Rotary flight in Oklahoma. 9OK7-40OK-O0K9-KLUH - uneventful.
 2009-09-26CharterLTBA-LGLM1.00VLJ Business JetDay - Istanbul to Limnos - Cartography flight mapping sea route into the Aegean. Misty landing at Limnos with a white knuckles visual landing.
 2009-09-19CharterCYVR-KAWO0.75Aero Commander 500Night - Passanger charter. Scattered clouds and moderate turbulence on route. Uneventful flight.
 2009-09-19CharterKAWO-CYYJ0.50Aero Commander 500Night - Urgent machine Parts to CYYJ. Clear weather, uneventful flight.
 2009-09-13CharterCYQQ-CYZT1.00VLJ BusinessNext Leg North - Strong turbulance on approach. Stop over while the scientists spray the underside of the jet with a matt black coating. They also load a strange large metal sphere on the plane.
 2009-09-12CharterEGKR-EGBB0.50VLJ Business JetNight, IFR - Executive Charter. Scattered clouds, uneventful flight. Good time was made in the VLJ.
 2009-09-12CharterCYYJ-CYQQ0.50VLJ Business JetNight, IFR - Charter taking some scientists North - no questions to be asked. Uneventful flight - northward trek will contiue after stopover to load equipment.
 2009-09-05CharterCYYJ-CYEJ2.00VLJ Business JetIFR, Night - Clear weather, FL350, 45kt tail wind on route, gusty 9kt crosswind at CYEG. Urgent vaccine and medical staff charter.
 2009-08-31CharterEGMH-LFQQ1.00Douglas DC4Night, IFR. Scattered clouds and 8 knot crosswind at LFQQ. Uneventful flight and good landing - just floated down. Passenger charter.
 2009-08-22CharterKRIW-KSLC2.00VLJ Business JetAir Ambulance Flight. KRIW to KCPR to pick up patient, then KCPR to KSLC. Clear weather and an uneventful flight. Patient delivered safely.
 2009-08-21CharterEGKK-LFPM1.50VLJ Business Jet1st flight in the
 2009-08-17CharterCYCD-CYYJ0.50Aero Commander 500Night flight - Special Charter, 4 x Passengers and medical specimens. Scattered clouds and slight crosswind at CYYJ. No incidents - cargo safely delivered.
 2009-08-16CharterKJAC-U590.50Bell 205A-1 Fixed GearTransporting passengers from Jackson Hole to Driggs-Reed Memorial. 16Kt headwind and turbulence over the mountain range. Clear landing at U59.
 2009-08-15CharterCYCD-CYVR1.25Bell 205A-1 FloatsAir Ambulance, CYCD-CYVR-CYPK-CYVR. Good conditions for rotary wing flying. Med Team collected at CYVR, patient at CYPK, then back to CYVR.
 2009-08-07CharterEGMH-LFAC0.50Bristol 170 FreighterCross-channel car transport. Morning flight, scattered clouds, slight turbulence. Crosswind on landing, but soft touchdown.
 2009-07-31CharterCYVR-CYBL0.50Aero Commander 500Flight Home - bumpy on route with scattered clouds and a thunder Storm at CYBL. Good landing in moderate crosswind.
 2009-07-28CharterCYYJ-CYVR1.75Douglas DC4Night Training in DC4 - CYYJ-CYXX-CYVR - Navigation and ILS Landings. Scattered clouds and good visibility. Fantastic Plane and a busy flight.
 2009-07-25CharterEGKK-EGMH0.50Aero Commander 500Night flight to EGMH to collect DC3 for Nostalga flight to LFAC. Great weather, no problems.
 2009-07-25CharterEGMH-LFAC0.75Douglas DC-3Nostalga DC3 from Manston to Calais. Overflying my childhood home; where, as a child I would hear the drone of the DC3s on their way to France. Great night flight in good weather.
 2009-07-25CharterLFAC-LFPG1.00Douglas DC-3Paris Leg - Night, hazy approach and strong wind shear. A
 2009-07-22CharterMT81-KBTM0.50Aero Commander 500MT81 to KBTM to collect 737-400
 2009-07-22CharterKBTM-KGEG1.00Boeing 737-400Special Charter, medical supplies, to KGEG. IFR - clear weather. ILS 21 - straight in. Good flight.
 2009-07-21CharterEGMD-EGKK0.50Aero Commander 500Morning Weather Patrol - Misty over EGKK and crosswinds on landing.
 2009-07-18CharterCYAZ-CYQQ1.00Tiger MothTiger Moth through mountains, and down to CYQQ. Beautiful flying weather, and the nostalgic smell of Castor Oil. Wow, more stimulating than Coffee!
 2009-07-17CharterEDDC-EDDF1.25Boeing 737-400IFR - Clear night - general freight and medical supplies. Strong headwind on route and on approach at EDDF. Heavy traffic and busy ATC directives.
 2009-07-16CharterKVUO-KAST0.50Aero Commander 500Emergency cargo of Bovine Vaccine. Night Flight - clear weather - straight in at KAST. Cargo delivered in good order.
 2009-07-14CharterCYVR-KVUO1.50Aero Commander 500Night Flight - Improving Navigation Skills, and simulating various instrument and system failures on route. Good landing at KVUO
 2009-07-13CharterCYAZ-CYVR1.00Aero Commander 500Night Flight - Emergency Medivac. Scattered clouds and a bumpy ride on route. Straight in at CYVR and a good landing.
 2009-07-12CharterKBOI-KRDM2.00Boeing 737-400Geographical survey - checking elevations. Clear weather and uneventful flight.
 2009-07-12CharterCYVR-CYAZ1.00Aero Commander 500CYVR - CYBL - CYAZ - Passenger Charter. Rain at CYBL - rest of flight ubeventful. 1 x go around at CYAZ because of crosswind.
 2009-07-10CharterJKAC-KIDA1.00Aero Commander 500Taking a party of Shriners to KIDA. Clear weather, 2 x go around at KIDA because of traffic.
 2009-07-10CharterKIDA-KBOI1.00Boeing 737-400IFR, Cargo to KBO1. Scattered clouds on route, but a smooth flight. Some traffic about, but straight in at KBOI. No problems - pleasant flight.
 2009-07-08CharterEGKK-LFPG1.25Boeing 737-400Clear weather on route - strong crosswind on approach to LFPG. Good landing - long taxi to gates. Passenger and Freight charter.
 2009-07-03CharterMGBN-MG0A1.00Aero Commander 500Medivac, Guatemala Jungle. MGBN-SMRA-MG0A-SMRA-MGBN. Choppy, scattered clouds covering peaks. Difficult jungle takeoffs and landings. Great Adventure
 2009-06-25CharterCYZT-CYQQ1.00Aero Commander 500CYZT to CAK4 - Medivac to CYQQ. Low, heavy clouds, turbulence, and rain made this an challanging flight. Very strong headwind on approach, and a good landing.
 2009-06-24CharterCYBL-CYCD1.00Aero Commander 500CYBL to CYQQ to collect freight, then on to CYCD. Good weather, uneventful flight.
 2009-06-19CharterCYCD-CYAZ1.25Aero Commander 500CYCD to CYPW to pick up medical supplies and nurse. CYPW to CYAZ - rain, turbulence, low cloud, and a strong crosswind - white knuckles landing
 2009-06-11Charter1.25Dehavilland BeaverCYYJ to CYXX - picked up 771lbs mixed frieght. Then to CYHE and dropped off freight. Hazey weather at CYHE.
 2009-06-10CharterCYJA-CAH41.75Dehavilland Beaver AmphibianTourist Photoshoot at Grande Cache and then on to Valemont. Great weather for mountain flying - spectactular scenary.
 2009-06-09Training 1.00Dehavilland Beaver AmphibianTraining on the Freight Dogs Amphibian Beaver
 2009-06-08CharterCYCD-CYAZ1.00Dehavilland BeaverQuick hop with visitors, mail, and engine spares. Clear weather - good for for the visitors' sightseeing.
 2009-06-07CharterEGKK-LFPG1.25Boeing 747-200IFR, Night, to Paris. Very busy flight - lots of traffic and ATC directives. Cloudy on arrival, and long taxi to cargo area. Great Flight.
 2009-06-07CharterCYYJ-CYCD0.50Aero Commander 500After flying the heavy iron, it's good to be home. Flying into the sunset, tonight, was fantastic. There is indeed magic here...
 2009-06-06CharterKATL-KJAX1.25Boeing 747-200Good visibility on departure, rain and poor visibility at KJAX. Long taxi at KJAX to cargo ramp. Good flight, and a good landing. Large freight consignment
 2009-06-05CharterKDFW-KATL2.00Boeing 747-400IFR, FL330, Uneventful flight. Thundery at KATL, good landing. Scheduled freight run.
 2009-05-31CharterEGLL-EGLL1.00Boeing 747-300White Knuckles Training on the F-Light 747-300
 2009-05-31CharterCYYJ-CYYC1.50Boeing 747-300Good flight - DHL Charter. Clear weather - wind shear on approach to CYYC made for a cgallenging landing. My best landing so far in the F-Light 747.
 2009-05-29CharterKPDX-KMFR1.00Boeing 737-400Night flight, freight charter. Clear weather, uneventful flight, and a good landing at KMFR.
 2009-05-28CharterCYYJ-KPDX1.25Boeing 737-400Long taxi at CYYJ, Some turbulance on route. Heavy landing at KPDX. Freight charter.
 2009-05-24CharterKSEA-KSEA1.00Boeing 737-400Training - Circuits, Bumps, and Flying the Needles at KSEA - Weather clear. Good Session.
 2009-05-23CharterLFPG-EGKK1.00Boeing 737-400Routine earlybird flight. Weather clear, a great flight.
 2009-05-12CharterCYYJ-CYQQ0.75Aero Commander 500Uneventful flight - Engineering spares to CYQQ
 2009-04-28CharterUHMD-UHMA1.75Aero Commander 500Uneventful flight until approaching UHMA - strong crosswind and sudden fog made it a challenging landing. Various freight delivered and picked up.
 2009-04-27CharterPATC-UHMD1.00Aero Commander 500Clear weather and a great flight. Good landing at UHMD. Machine parts delivery to the Russian Federation.
 2009-04-23CharterPATC-PAOM0.75Aero Commander 500Take off in Snow at PAOM. Weather clearing on route. Moderate turbulence during flight, and a good landing at PAOM. Medical supplies delivered.
 2009-04-04CharterPAUN-PAOM1.00Aero Commander 500Low ceiling last 50 miles. Overcast at PAOM. Good flight with no problems. Freight delivery.
 2009-03-06CharterPAEM-PAUN1.00Aero Commander 500Night, IFR, Spectactular lights in the sky, broken clouds with a 4,000 ceiling. Gusty winds on landing. Mixed freight - enjoyable flight.
 2009-02-22CharterPASM-PAEM0.50Aero Commander 500Late afternoon - IFR - spectacular clouds and surreal light effects on route. Strong cross wind, especially on landing at PAEM - came in like a crab and corrected on touchdown. Passengers looked a little pale.
 2009-02-08CharterPABE-PASM1.50Aero Commander 500Day, IFR, perfect flying weather. PABE-0AK-PASM. Delivery of medical supplies and engineering parts. Temp -22, low ceiling and 2 x weather fronts on route. There's magic here...
 2009-02-01CharterEGKK-LFAT0.75Aero Commander 500Night, Weather Recon over English Channel. Snow fronts and socked in over English Coast. Clear from Mid-channel. Wind-shear and Turbulence over French Coast. 1 x go around at LFAT because of traffic.
 2009-01-31CharterPABE-PASM1.00Aero Commander 500Night, IFR. Spectacular lights in the sky above the clouds at 8,000. Uneventful flight and visual landing at PASM. Engineering Spares delivered.
 2009-01-24CharterPADL-PABE1.00Aero Commander 500IFR, scattered clouds, 4,000 ceiling. 6 miles from PABE port engine cut out (blocked fuel filter). Emergency declared, and a white knuckle landing made. Long taxi to parking on one engine.
 2009-01-23CharterPAHO-PADL1.50Aero Commander 500IFR, afternoon, ceiling @ 3,000 to 4,000. Choppy ride, but easing at PADL. Good landing at PADL. Supplies and Mail delivered. Will fly out tomorrow.
 2009-01-22CharterPANC-PAHO1.00Aero Commander 500VFR, afternoon flight in fading light. Clear weather with little turbulence. A pleasant flight with a good landing at PAHO. Will stop over and refuel. Mail and supplies delivered.
 2009-01-21CharterPAGK-PANC1.75Aero Commander 500IFR, clear, cold, and strong turbulence. Spectactular sunset on route. 1 x Go Around at PANC - heavy traffic. Long taxi to parking - again heavy traffic. Good Flight.
 2009-01-18CharterPAJN-PAGS0.50Beech Baron 58Mountain flying, low Clouds, and severe turbulence. Fluctuating barometric pressue made it an interesting flight. Good landing.
 2009-01-18CharterPAGS-PAYA1.00Beech Baron 58Heavy Rain, low clouds, low visibility. Strong crosswind on route. YAK VOR kept fading because of mountains. Difficult ILS 11 at PAYA in heavy rain and low visibility. Challanging flight.
 2009-01-18CharterPAYA-PAGK1.50Aero Commander 500Mining Frieght. High mountains needed 15,000 to clear. Long descent ino PAGK. Temps were -25 on route. Great flight - Old Betsy did well.
 2009-01-17CharterKRIW-KSLC3.00Beech Baron 58Medical Mercy Flight - KRIW-KCPR-KSLC. Strong headwinds made this a long flight. Poor visibility at KSLC made for a challanging landing. Patient arrived safely and was collected by ambulance.
 2009-01-12CharterPASI-PAJN1.25Aero Commander 500Rain and heavy cloud at departure and along route. Had to fly at 10,000 for most of flight to avoid heavy turbulence. Flew CGL NDB, and landed at PAJN in moderate rain. Freight consignment. Good flight.
 2009-01-11CharterPAKW-PASI1.00Dehavilland Beaver AmphibRaining on departure, 3,000 ceiling, turbulence and strong crosswind on route. Flew BKA VOR/DME until IME NDB detected - music to my ears. Good landing - great flight.
 2008-12-28CharterEGKR-LFPG1.00Boeing 747-400Cargo, IFR, Night, Poor visibility. Long descent into Paris because of traffic. 4 runways in use. Good landing and long taxi to cargo ramp.
 2008-12-27CharterPAKT-PAKW2.00Dehavilland Beaver AmphibCharter to deliver fuel to 84K, KTB, & 96Z. Departed 0830 and entered a twilight world of coves, islands, mists, snow, and wind. Landed at PAKW for fuel and a change of underwear. Great adventure.
 2008-12-26CharterCYYC-CYYJ1.75Boeing 737-400IFR, afternoon-early evening. Several weather fronts along the route. Req FL200 - still bumpy. Rain, moderate visibility, and gusty winds made the landing at CYYJ a tough one - flaps 30 and white knuckles until touch down and the auto brakes deployed. Gre
 2008-12-24CharterPAWG-KAKE0.75Dehavilland BeaverVFR, Day. Last minute supplies to PAPG and then on to KAKE for Christmas. Good visibility and slight turbulence over the mountains - just to let me know they're there.
 2008-12-22CharterCYPR-PAWG1.00Aero Commander 500Freight Charter - will be picking up return freight at PAWG. VFR, afternoon. Weather hazy on takeoff, but clear on landing. The Setting sun was spectacular and the mountains turned to gold - An enjoyable flight.
 2008-12-19CharterCYZT-CAF21.00Aero Commander 500Supplies to CYJQ then on to CAF2. Followed coast until YJQ NDB picked up. Missed approach at CYJQ, good landing at CAF2. Visibility 2,000 ceiling - challanging landings, especially trees at CAF2.
 2008-12-16CharterCYCD-CYPW0.50Aero Commander 500Day, VFR. Bumpy ride over the water. Weather - scattered clouds. Uneventful flight and good landing.
 2008-12-15CharterCYYJ-KPDX1.00Boeing 737-400IFR, Night, calm weather all the way, uneventful flight, heavy traffic at KPDX, long taxi to gates.
 2008-12-14CharterCYAZ-CYYJ0.75Aero Commander 500VFR in failing light - the lights of CYYJ were a welcome sight. Visual landing R/W 2 was complicated by gusty winds veering across the runway - a good challange. Old Betsy made good time on this run.
 2008-12-13CharterCYYJ-CYGZ0.75Aero Commander 500Cargo run, and testing out FSFlyingSchool in Old Betsy. Wind sheer over coast line causing a bunpy ride at times. Good visibility and a nice landing. The FSFlyingSchool added an interesting dimension. An enjoyable flight.
 2008-12-13CharterCYYJ-CYEJ1.50Boeing 737-400IFR, Day, FL190. Turbulence on route - requested FL230. Overcast with crosswind at CYEJ - difficult approach. Not one of my better landings.
 2008-12-09CharterCYPR-PAKT1.25Dehavilland Twin OtterPassenger Charter. Day, IFR, heavy clouds 2,500-6,000, 11kt wind and rain on landing. Long IFR approach because of other traffic, good landing.
 2008-12-07CharterCYAZ-CYQQ0.50Dehavilland BeaverSurvey of Mountain Heights between CYAZ and CYQQ to compare with those noted on FS Navigator Charts. FS Navigator out by up to 3,000 ft.
 2008-12-07CharterCYCD-CYAZ0.50Aero Commander 500Emergency medical Supplies - Also dropped off 100kg of back-log Freight. Clear flight with a good landing.
 2008-12-06CharterKSEA-CYCD1.00Aero Commander 500Day, IFR, KSEA to CYYJ, 400kg Freight. 200KG dropped off at CYYJ and 200kg added. Then VFR from CYYJ to CYCD. 100kg dropped off. Short Layover at CYCD.
 2008-12-06CharterCYCD-CYAZ0.75Aero Commander 500Afternoon, VFR, 300kg Freight - 100K dropped off. Spectacular clouds on route, and a clear approach into CYAZ. Stop over - balance of freight will be delivered tomorrow.
 2008-12-05402Victoria - Calgary
1.75Boeing 737-400Day Flight - My 1st time at Calgary, clear weather, occasional light to moderate turbulence at FL190, 1 x go around at Calgary, long taxi to Gate 11.
 2008-12-05CharterCYYC-CYYJ1.50Boing 737-300Night, IFR, Snowing at departure, strong headwind and turbulence FL180, light traffic and good weather at CYYJ.
 2008-12-04205Vancouver Intl - Victoria
0.50Aero Commander 5001st flight with VIVA (Nervous - 1st time with a VA), clear weather, light traffic, some turbulence on final, 20 flaps, Enjoyable flight.

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