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Peter Ham VI3135 flight log
ViVa pilot since: Jun 3rd, 2004
Total hours: 3173.50

 Flight history
 2017-06-24CharterNZWF-NZQN1.00Beechcraft D18S Bentley Flight Service N8648EWanaka - Queenstown; scenic flight
 2017-06-19CharterNZMO-NZQN1.00McDonnell Douglas MD-95 Midwest N914METe Anau/Manapouri - Queenstown; 12,000'; local scenic
 2017-06-17CharterNZAA-NZTG1.00McDonnell Douglas MD-95 Hawaiian Pacific N756HPAuckland - Tauranga; FL220,
 2017-06-11CharterNZQN-NZQN1.00Beechcraft D18S Amphib N5722TQueenstown local scenic
 2017-06-10CharterNZTG-NZTG1.00Beechcraft D18S Amphib Rusty Myers C-FRPLTauranga local scenic
 2017-06-06CharterNZTG-NZTG1.00Vistaliners Boeing 737-300 Canadian North C-GDPATauranga local
 2017-03-26CharterCZST-CYSQ2.00Beech D18S C-FHZAStewart - Atlin; VFR 9500; freight run.
 2017-03-20CharterPAKT-CZST1.00Douglas C-47 NZ National Airways Corporation ZK-AQSKetchikan - Stewart; VFR; short freight run
 2017-02-19CharterCYZT-CYLW1.50feelThere/Wilco Boeing 737-300 Air New Zealand ZK-SJEPort Hardy - Kelowna; IFR FL300;
 2016-12-19CharterCYYJ-KSFO2.50Airbus 310-300 Wardair C-GIWDVictoria - San Francisco; IFR FL340;
 2016-10-10CharterKSMF-KRDD1.00Douglas C-47 SPANZ ZK-BYDSacramento - Redding; VFR 3000';
 2016-09-17CharterCYPR-CYXY1.50Capt Sim Boeing 737-200 N912NBPrince Rupert - Whitehorse; IFR FL310; private charter
 2016-09-08CharterKMFR-KMFR1.50Capt Sim Boeing 737-200 Canadian North (C-GCNS) Test flying the Boeing at Medford OR
 2016-06-29CharterPAJN-PAWG1.00Team FS KBT Lockheed L-188CF Electra Juneau - Wrangell; VFR 10,500'; cargo run.
 2016-06-25CharterPAJN-PANC1.75Thomas Ruth Boeing 727-200ADV First Air C-GXFAJuneau - Anchorage; IFR FL300; cargo run.
 2016-04-01CharterKBFI-KSEA1.00CLS Boeing 747-200B GE Viva Combi N522MCBoeing Field - Seattle; VFR; photo shoot over Mt Rainier.
 2016-03-30CharterCYYJ-KBFI0.75CLS Boeing 747-211B Wardair C-GXRAVictoria - Boeing Field; VFR 10000'; positioning flight for Combi conversion.
 2016-03-26CharterCYZF-CYYJ2.50CLS Boeing 747-211B Wardair C-GXRAYellowknife - Victoria; IFR FL350; first leg in the NZ beer delivery venture.
 2016-03-24CharterCYXY-CYZF2.00Captain Sim Boeing 757-236F True North Cargo C-GATMWhitehorse - Yellowknife; IFR FL300; cargo run.
 2016-03-22CharterCYXS-CYXY2.00Captain Sim Boeing 757-236F True North Cargo C-GATMPrince George - Whitehorse; IFR FL300; beer cargo
 2016-03-19CharterKMWH-KSFO2.00Captain Sim 757-200F Corporate Cargo N757MAGrant Co / Moses Lake - San Francisco; IFR FL300; freight run
 2016-03-04CharterKPAE-KBFI0.50Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 United N7001UPaine Field - Boeing Field; VFR; final flight for this classic Boeing. Now resides at Museum of Flight.
 2016-02-08CharterPAYA-CYXY0.75HJG Boeing 727-193 Pacific Airlines N2979GYakutat - Whitehorse; IFR FL250; cargo flight.
 2016-02-06CharterCYPR-PAYA1.50HJG Boeing 727-171C Pacific Western C-FPXD Prince Rupert - Yakutat; IFR FL300; freight run.
 2016-01-25CharterCYXS-CYXY2.00HJG McDonnell Douglas DC-9-15F Reliant Airlines N915RPrince George - Whitehorse; IFR FL350; cargo run.
 2015-12-31CharterKOTH-KHQM1.25Lockheed L-1249A Turbo Super Constellation US Navy 131630North Bend - Bowerman; VFR 9500;
 2015-12-26CharterPAHO-PAHO1.00CASA C212-200 Ryan Air N439RAHomer, AK; Local test flight.
 2015-12-25CharterKOTH-KOTH1.00Lockheed L-1249A (YC-121F) USAF 38158North Bend; local test flight
 2015-12-21CharterKHAF-KHAF1.00Lockheed L-18 Lodestar N555HHalf Moon Bay local scenic
 2015-12-06CharterCYYJ-KHQM1.00Lockheed L-18 Lodestar N60419Victoria - Bowerman; VFR 6500'; $100 hamburger trip
 2015-11-14CharterCYPR-CYXY1.75TDS Boeing 727-200 Carnival Air Lines N6167DPrince Rupert - Whitehorse; IFR FL350;
 2015-11-10CharterCAK4-CYPR1.75Lockheed Lodestar L-18 Pacific Alaska Airways NC33664Woss - Pr Rupert; VFR 9500';
 2015-08-26CharterCYXS-CAB52.00Lockheed Lodestar L18 Trans Canada Airlines CF-TCVPr George - Bronson Creek; VFR 8500'; cargo delivery.
 2015-08-20CharterPANC-CYXS3.00Overland Boeing 777-200ER N777ASAnchorage - Pr George; IFR FL340; bit of a scenic flight down to PG.
 2015-08-18CharterCYZF-PANC2.75Overland Boeing 747-400 Atlas Air (Polar Air Cargo) N496MCYellowknife - Anchorage; IFR FL3200; cargo run
 2015-08-17CharterCYQR-CYZF2.50Overland Boeing 737-700 Janet Airlines N909JARegina - Yellowknife; IFR FL340; cargo run.
 2015-08-14CharterCYXS-CYQR2.25Overland Boeing 737-700 Airtran N286ATPr George - Regina; IFR FL340;
 2015-08-10CharterCYSQ-CYQH1.00Lockheed Lodestar L-18 Atlin - Watson Lake; VFR 7500'; cargo run.
 2015-08-09CharterCBS4-CYSQ1.00Lockheed Lodestar L-18 Mule Creek - Atlin; VFR;
 2015-08-08CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.50Lockheed Lodestar L-18 Victoria scenic flight
 2015-08-08CharterCYAZ-CBS81.00Lockheed Lodestar L-18 Tofino - Port Alberni; VFR; scenic flight around the Tofino area then to Port Alberni for coffee.
 2015-05-17CharterCYYJ-CAK41.50Howard 500 ZK-BVEVictoria - Woss; scenic flight up the Island for lunch at the Woss Diner.
 2015-05-15CharterPHNL-KSEA5.50SkySpirit Boeing 767-300ER Hawaiian Airline N587HAHonolulu - Seattle; IFR FL380; next week it will be for real.
 2015-05-14CharterKNUW-KNUW1.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 Freighter RNZAF NZ7271Whidbey NAS; a scenic around the Gulf Islands.
 2015-05-14CharterKNUW-CYYJ1.25HJG McDonnell Douglas MD-82SF Everts Air Cargo N73444Whidbey NAS - Victoria; dropping off a load of supplies for Eric.
 2015-04-19CharterKPWT-KPWT1.00Eaglesoft Citation II Bremerton scenic flight; checking out the local area.
 2015-03-09CharterPANC-CYXY1.75HJG McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 Air New Zealand (1973) ZK-NZLAnchorage - Whitehorse; IFR FL300;
 2015-03-08CharterPADL-PANC2.00MJahn Douglas C-47 Bush Air Cargo N777YADillingham - Anchorage; IFR 10,000; cargo run.
 2015-02-28CharterKYKM-KSEA1.00Posky Boeing 737-800 Westjet Yakima - Seattle; VFR; scenic flight in the Magic Micky.
 2015-02-27CharterKHQM-CYYJ1.00Posky Boeing 737-800 Westjet Bowerman - Victoria; VFR; scenic flight in the Magic Micky
 2014-12-17CharterCYPR-CZST0.75Carenado Beech C90B King Air N685TPrince Rupert - Stewart; VFR 5500';
 2014-12-15CharterCAK4-CYPR1.75Carenado Beech C90B King Air N831TWoss - Prince Rupert; VFR 15,500';
 2014-10-11CharterKFCA-8U21.50Howard 500 N4362FGlacier Park Intl - Schafer USFS and Return; VFR; picnic outing with friends
 2014-09-12CharterKSMF-KRDD0.75CS Legendary C130 Transamerica Airlines N11STSacramento - Redding; VFR 7500'; cargo run.
 2014-08-13CharterPANC-CYXY1.50CLS McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 National Airlines N65NAAnchorage - Whitehorse; IFR FL320;
 2014-08-03CharterCYYJ-PANC3.25TDS Boeing 737-700C Northern Air Cargo N360WAVictoria - Anchorage; IFR FL340; cargo run.
 2014-07-02CharterCBS8-CAK41.25Carenado C185F SKYWAGON N2643Z Call of the WildAlberni Valley Regl - Woss; VFR;
 2014-06-03CharterCYKD-CYEV0.50MJahn Douglas C-47 - SPANZ ZK-BYDAklavik - Inuvik; VFR 2000';
 2014-04-24CharterCAB5-PASI1.50JBK Douglas DC-4-1009 Slick AirFreighter N88890Bronson Creek - Sitka; VFR 3000'; freight run.
 2014-04-23CharterCYXS-CAB53.00JBK Douglas DC-4-1009 Brooks Air Fuel N708ZPrince George - Bronson Creek; VFR 10500'; cargo run.
 2014-04-17CharterCYXS-CYQH2.50JBK Douglas C-54G-DC Air North C-ABDCPrince George - Watson Lake; VFR 10,000'; cargo run.
 2014-03-02CharterKRDD-KGEG1.75CLS DC-10-30CF Centurion Air Cargo N279AXRedding - Spokane; IFR FL350; cargo run.
 2014-03-01CharterKLAS-KRDD1.75CLS DC-10-30 Air New Zealand ZK-NZQLas Vegas - Redding; IFR FL300;
 2014-02-09CharterKIWA-KLAS1.00TDS Boeing 737-990 N318AS Alaska AirlinesPhoenix Mesa Gateway - Las Vegas; IFR FL300;
 2014-01-13CharterKGTF-CYMM2.00TDS Boeing 737-800w Southwest Airlines Scimitar N8605EGreat Falls - Ft McMurray; IFR FL340;
 2014-01-01CharterCYMM-CYZF1.50Kittyhawk Boeing 737-204 Adv ZK-NAA National Airways Corporation Late 1960sFt McMurray - Yellowknife; IFR FL300; First flight of 2014
 2014-01-01CharterCYZF-CYMM1.50Kittyhawk Boeing 737-219 National Airways Corporation ZK-NAC 1977Yellowknife - Ft McMurray; IFR FL310;
 2013-12-23CharterKLAS-CYMM3.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-253 Adv EG & G (Janet) N5175ULas Vegas - Ft McMurray; IFR FL340;
 2013-12-02CharterCYMM-CYXY2.25Posky Boeing 737-700C Northern Air Cargo N361NCFt McMurray - Whitehorse; IFR FL340; cargo
 2013-11-26CharterCYMM-CYOD1.00Aero Commander 500 Cargo ViVa C-FWESFt McMurray - Cold Lake; VFR 4000'; cargo run.
 2013-11-16CharterCYEG-CYMM1.00TDS Boeing737-700w Air Canada Rouge C-GPHXEdmonton - Ft McMurray
 2013-10-08CharterCYXS-CYDQ1.50Bristol Superfreighter Mk32 Lambair Canada CF-QWJPrince George - Dawson Creek; VFR 6500'; freight run.
 2013-09-12CharterCYVR-KHQM1.25Curtiss C-46A Commando Viva C-FCURVancouver - Bowerman; VFR 3000'; cargo run.
 2013-09-03CharterKPWT-KTIW1.00Avia 51 ZK-PWS Seaplane SafarisBremerton - Tacoma Narrows; VFR; scenic flight.
 2013-08-08CharterPANC-PAHO1.00AFG NAMC YS-11 Reeve Aleutian combi N169RVAnchorage - Homer; VFR 7500'; another cargo run.
 2013-07-23CharterPAFA-PAHO1.50Eaglesoft Citation X N59SKFairbanks - Homer; IFR FL300; a run down to join in the opening celebrations.
 2013-06-05CharterKMCI-KMCI1.00Aerosoft Eurowings BAe 146-200 American AirlinesKansas City; local flying and general handling.
 2013-05-31CharterPAFA-PAFA1.00Enigma Simulations British Aerospace BAe ATP G-MATPEvaluation flight at Fairbanks.
 2013-05-22CharterPAFA-PAFA1.00SGA Airbus A300B4-203 Wardair C-GIZJFairbanks, checking out the Airbus for evaluation.
 2013-04-15CharterKSEA-PANC3.50Posky Boeing 737-700C Alaska Airlines Cargo N612ASSeattle - Anchorage; IFR FL340; another Alaskan freight run.
 2013-04-12CharterKMCI-KSEA3.25Posky Boeing 737-700C Southwest Cargo - America One N423SWKansas City - Seattle; IFR FL340; cargo contract.
 2013-04-03CharterKATL-KMCI2.25Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 Freighter - Viva CargoAtlanta - Kansas City; IFR FL300;
 2013-04-02CharterKTPA-KATL1.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Viva CargoTampa - Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson; IFR FL300; another cargo run.
 2013-04-01CharterKORL-KTPA1.00Airspeed AS.57 Turbo Ambassador Eastern Air Lines 1953 N057EAOrlando Executive - Tampa Intl; VFR 9500;
 2013-03-24CharterKTPA-KORL1.00Posky Boeing 737-7AH BBJ N888TYTampa Intl - Orlando Executive; VFR 12500'; scenic flight over mid Florida.
 2013-02-13CharterCYQR-CYQT2.00FeelThere Boeing 737-300 Southwest Lone Star One N352SWRegina - Thunder Bay; IFR FL300; checking out some scenery in the mid - eastern regions.
 2013-02-05CharterKABQ-KMCI2.00HJG Boeing 717-200 Boeing-AirTran N717XDAlbuquerque - Kansas City; IFR FL300; Combi freight & Pax run.
 2013-01-21CharterEGLL-LSZH1.50RFP Boeing 747-200 Wardair C-FPJCLondon Heathrow - Zurich; IFR FL300;
 2013-01-06CharterPANC-PATK0.75MAAM Douglas DC-3 Cargo Airscapade N451ZSAnchorage - Talkeetna; VFR 2000'; freight run.
 2012-12-26CharterKTUS-KSFO2.25Captain Sim Boeing 707 Wardair 707-311C CF-FAN 1977Tucson - San Francisco; IFR FL300; a special Christmas charter.
 2012-12-05CharterCAK4-CAK42.00Avia 57 OK-AVCSeveral flights at Woss running through the flight testing schedule.
 2012-12-05CharterCAK4-CYPR2.50Avia 57 OK-AVCWoss - Prince Rupert; VFR 10,000'; checking the cruise performance.
 2012-12-04CharterCYVR-CAK41.50Avia 57 OK-AVCVancouver - Woss; VFR 5500'; repositioning for flight testing.
 2012-11-29CharterCYUB-CYEV0.75Dreamwings Dash8 Q100 Kiwi Air Tours ZK-BKLTuktoyaktuk - Inuvik; IFR 8000'; moving south.
 2012-11-28CharterCYXY-CYUB2.50Dreamwings Dash8 Q100 Kiwi Air Tours ZK-BKLWhitehorse - Tuktoyaktuk; IFR 10,000'; a load of freight and a bunch of crazy Kiwis on a mission.
 2012-10-21CharterCYZT-CYPR1.00HJG DC-9-15RC Air Canada 1979 C-FTOT CargoPort Hardy - Prince Rupert; IFR FL280; evaluation flight with our new freighter.
 2012-10-16CharterKLAX-CYVR3.00Posky Boeing 747-200FPW EL AL CARGO 4X-AXLLos Angeles - Vancouver; IFR FL340; delivering a load of Kiwi beer.
 2012-10-14CharterKVCV-KLAX1.00Posky Boeing 747-200FPW EL AL CARGO 4X-AXLSouthern California Logistics Airport - Los Angeles; VFR; Delivery positioning flight for cargo.
 2012-10-09CharterNZWT-NZCX1.00Carenado C185F Skywagon Mount Cook ZK-MDBWhitianga - Coromandel; VFR 3000'; checking out the Godzone Coromandel Photoscenery.
 2012-09-19CharterCZGF-W121.00Beechcraft A28 Grizzly No32Grand Forks - Lost River Resort; VFR 9000'; party time.
 2012-09-06CharterCYXT-CYDL2.00G12L Compagnia Trasporti Aerei Airone I-AIRETerrace - Dease Lake; VFR 9000'; another cargo run.
 2012-09-04CharterCYSQ-PAJN1.25Lockheed L-749 Christler Flying Services N9464Atlin - Juneau; VFR 5500'; cargo run.
 2012-08-31CharterKPDX-CAK41.50Antonov An-148 Air New ZealandPortland - Woss; IFR FL220; a group of Kiwi's checking out the lodge.
 2012-08-21CharterPANC-CYXY1.75HJG Boeing 727-221/Adv(RE) Super 27 N727M NomadsAnchorage - Whitehorse; IFR FL330; a group charter from Nomads Travel Club.
 2012-08-16CharterCYAZ-CAK41.00MJahn Douglas C-47 N101KCTofino - Woss; a scenic flight up the coast.
 2012-08-07CharterPAWG-CAB51.00Carenado C208B Grand Caravan N78KLWrangell - Bronson Creek; VFR 3000'; freight run.
 2012-08-02CharterNZAR-NZAA1.50MAAM DC-3 - Passenger - NZ National Airways Corporation ZK-AYK 1963Ardmore - Auckland; scenic flight around the Auckland region checking out the Real New Zealand Auckland City scenery.
 2012-07-23CharterPAFA-PANC1.50Douglas LAS modified A26 - VivaFairbanks - Anchorage; VFR 9500'; another freight run.
 2012-07-14CharterKFCA-KFCA1.00Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon - Tundra N217BHA scenic flight out of Glacier Park Intl to check out the Blue Sky scenery.
 2012-07-12CharterPHNL-PANC6.00Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Cargo - VivaHonloulu - Anchorage; IFR FL320; supplying tropical foods to the Alaskan markets.
 2012-06-07CharterPADK-ATU2.50EMBRAER EMB-110 BandeiranteAdak - Attu; IFR 10,000'; a freight run out to the western most Coast Guard base out along the Aleutians.
 2012-06-05CharterPANC-PADK3.00Kittyhawk-Vistaliners Boeing 737-200 Reeve Aleutian N303RVAnchorage - Adak; IFR FL310; the Aleutian freight run.
 2012-05-19CharterNZAA-CYVR12.75POSKY Boeing B747-400 Air New Zealand Boeing - Lord of the Rings - ZK-SUJAuckland - Vancouver; IFR FL370; The Hobbits of Middle Earth are on vacation .....
 2012-05-10CharterPHNL-PHKO1.50Posky - Embraer Legacy 600 Vegas N900EMHonolulu - Kona; VFR; luxury scenic about the Aloha Isles.
 2012-05-08CharterCYXS-PAFA2.75Embraer Legacy 600 N909TTPrince George - Fairbanks; IFR FL370; another specialised corporate charter.
 2012-05-07CharterCYZF-CYVQ1.50BAC 1-11 203 Braniff \Yellowknife - Norman Wells; VFR 15,500; a demo operational flight to check the suitabitiy of the aircraft over the northern routes.
 2012-04-10CharterCAK4-CAK41.00Avia 51 - Seaplane Safaris ZK-PWSScenic flight out of Woss
 2012-02-29CharterKHIF-PAED4.50Posky Boeing 737-700C Midway Cargo N367MLHill AFB - Elmendorf AFB; IFR FL340; Military cargo contract.
 2012-02-28CharterCYYC-KSLC2.00Kittyhawk Boeing 737-700 Noble AirCalgary - Salt Lake City; IFR FL320; moving top management for a meeting.
 2012-02-17CharterPASI-CYXS1.75Wilco/Feelthere Boeing 737-500 Pacific Sky Corp P4-PHSSitka - Prince George; IFR FL310; corporate charter.
 2012-02-15CharterPABR-PASI3.25Wilco/Feelthere Boeing 737-400 Combi Alaska Airlines N768ASBarrow - Sitka; IFR FL320; another leg of the 'Magical Mystery Tour'
 2012-02-12CharterPANC-PABR2.00HJG Lockheed L1329-23 Jetstar N8148AAnchorage - Barrow; IFR FL300; discreet deliveries to the frozen north.
 2012-02-09CharterCYXS-PANC2.75Wilco/Feelthere Boeing 737-300 Arik Air 5N-MJBPrince George - Anchorage; IFR FL320; cargo contract.
 2012-02-06CharterKPDX-CYXS2.00Wilco/Feelthere Boeing 737-300 Private N368CEPortland - Prince George; IFR FL320; a top secret flight for an unnamed Government department.
 2012-01-23CharterKSFO-KONT1.25FFX Boeing 737-800 American Trans Air N309TZSan Francisco - Ontario; IFR FL300; freight run.
 2012-01-09CharterCYVR-CYXS2.00JBK Boeing S-307 Stratoliner - TWA NC19907Vancouver - Pr George; VFR 10500'; cargo contract.
 2012-01-04CharterCYVR-KGEG1.50Avro York C.1 Transair Canada Ltd. CF-HASVancouver - Spokane; VFR 10,000'; a special beer delivery.
 2011-12-28CharterCYVR-PAKT1.75Posky Boeing 737-7AH BBJ N888TYVancouver - Ketchikan; IFR FL340; a group of the Viva lads going away for the weekend.
 2011-12-27CharterKPDX-CYVR1.00Lockheed YC-121F Turbo Super Constellation - Colonial Pacific Air Lines C-FRARPortland - Vancouver; VFR 16500'; delivery flight.
 2011-12-23CharterCYZF-CYSM1.75Percival Q6 PetrelYellowknife - Fort Smith; VFR 3000'; a demo flight with a few supplies.
 2011-11-30CharterKTIW-KPDX1.00Embraer 120 Brasilia - Palmetto Express N771CBTacoma Narrows - Portland; VFR 9500'; freight run.
 2011-11-13CharterKSMF-KBOI2.00Posky Boeing 737-700C Midway Cargo N737CSacremento - Boise; IFR FL310; a cargo of secret military stuff.
 2011-10-21CharterKSUN-S811.25Alphasim De Havilland C-7 Caribou - Viva C-DHBOHaily / Friedman - Indian Creek; VFR 11,000'; stocking up the beer supplies in the new lodge.
 2011-10-20CharterKMYL-S811.00DHC Dash 7-100 Newmans NZ ZK-NEXMc Call - Indian Creek; VFR 10,000; flying a group of developers out to Indian Creek to survey a site to build a new lodge.
 2011-10-20CharterKMYL-S811.00DHC Dash 7-100 Newmans NZ ZK-NEXMcCall - Indian Creek;
 2011-10-12CharterKSNA-KPDX2.50HJG Boeing B727-200F ADVC - Champion Air N678MGJohn Wayne - Portland; IFR FL300; another cargo contract.
 2011-10-11CharterCAK4-CYXY3.50Douglas LAS modified Super26 - Viva N26CDWoss - Whitehorse; VFR 10,500'; heading back to work to shift a backlog of freight.
 2011-10-03CharterCYXY-CYDB1.00Rockwell Aero Commander 500S Shrike Viva C-FACSWhitehorse - Burwash; VFR 5500'; supplies for Burwash.
 2011-10-01CharterCYXS-CYXY3.50Fairchild F-27A Friendship Bonanza N745LPrince George - Whitehorse; IFR FL180; another freight run.
 2011-09-22CharterCFQ6-CYXY1.25FSD Cessna 337D N3828UPelly Crossing - Whitehorse; VFR 5500'; flying the 337 down for a repaint.
 2011-09-19CharterPANC-CYXY2.00HJG Boeing 727-2Q9 Adv F SP CARGO N740DHAnchorage - Whitehorse; IFR FL320; a load of Alaskan goodies for Whitehorse.
 2011-09-17CharterCYXS-CYXY2.00Captain Sim Boeing 707-320C Cargo CAC N707HEPrince George - Whitehorse; IFR FL320; construction materials to complete another project.
 2011-09-11CharterCYXY-CYXY1.25Team FS KBT Lockheed VP-3A Orion Jaguar N353JGSunset prowling at Whitehorse.
 2011-09-10CharterCAK4-CAK41.00Spartan 7W Executive NC17665A sunset scenic flight out of Woss.
 2011-09-01CharterCFT5-CBX51.00LAGO DHC-6-300 Twin Otter - Wheels Viva C-GYTVHyland - Cantung; VFR; freight run.
 2011-08-30CharterCYDA-CYXY1.50PAD DHC-6 Twin Otter - Tundra Viva C-FTOADawson - Whitehorse; VFR 9500'; returning from a freight run.
 2011-08-14CharterKBLI-KORS0.75Ford 4-AT-E Tri-Motor - Orca Tours 1881Bellingham - Orcas Is; VFR 1000'; low and slow scenic.
 2011-08-10CharterCYKA-CYXS1.25Lockheed L-049 Constellation Modern Air Transport N86531Kamloops - Prince George; VFR 8500'; a short run late today.
 2011-08-05CharterCYZF-CYXS3.25Cal Classics Modern Douglas DC-6BF Northern Air Cargo N37552Yellowknife - Prince George; VFR 9500'; cargo contract.
 2011-07-20CharterCYRV-CBM51.50Various Milton AircraftRevelstoke - Telegraph Creek; VFR; enjoying various aircraft created by Milton.
 2011-07-12CharterCYBL-CAK40.75Spartan 7W Executive - Petes AngelCampbell River - Woss; VFR 2000'; party time at Woss.
 2011-07-11CharterCYCD-CYBL1.00Sud-Est SE161 Languedoc Avianco EC-AGUNanaimo - Campbell River; VFR 1000'; scenic flight up the coast.
 2011-07-10CharterCYXS-CZAM1.75Sud-Est SE161 Languedoc Avianco EC-AGUPrince George - Salmon Arm; VFR 8500';
 2011-06-28CharterCYXS-CPD71.75LAS modified Super26 ( Douglas A26 ) Viva N26CDPrince George - Peggo Devon; VFR 9500'; another load of supplies to the strip.
 2011-06-27CharterCAR3-CYXS1.50Focke Wulf Fw-200A Condor OY-DAMLillooet - Prince George; VFR 6500'; still showing a group of tourists the spectacular BC scenery.
 2011-06-26CharterCYPS-CAR31.25Focke Wulf Fw-200A CondorPemberton - Lillooet; VFR 5000'; a scenic flight showing a group of tourists BC's splendor.
 2011-06-22CharterCYHY-CPD71.50feelThere Cessna C208B Caravan Viva CargoHay River - Peggo Devon; VFR 8500'; delivering more drilling and exploration supplies.
 2011-06-17CharterCYXS-CPD72.25Curtiss C-46A Commando VivaPrince George - Peggo Devon; VFR 9500'; oil drilling supplies and materials.
 2011-06-11CharterKBLI-KPWT1.75Ford 4-AT-E Tri-Motor Robertson Aircraft Corp.Bellingham - Bremerton; VFR 1500'; a leisurely cruise around the islands.
 2011-06-10CharterKPDX-KGTF1.75HJG Boeing 727-100C SP Cargo N7400HPortland - Great Falls; IFR FL300; another beer run.
 2011-06-08CharterKSMF-KLGB2.25Curtiss C-46A Commando Interior Airways N4860VSacremento - Long Beach; VFR 6500'; another freight contract.
 2011-06-06CharterKLMT-L672.75Lockheed L-749 Constellation Connie Air Cargo N6021CKlamath Falls - Rialto; VFR 9500'; a beer run down country.
 2011-05-30CharterPAJN-KPDX2.75Captain Sim Boeing 707-320C JR Executive CargoJuneau - Portland; IFR FL320; another cargo contract.
 2011-05-26CharterCYVR-PANC3.50Captain Sim Boeing 707-320C Cargo CAC N707HEVancouver - Anchorage; IFR FL320; taking some of Vancouver's finest produce to the Alaskan markets.
 2011-05-24CharterCAT4-CYGB1.00Ford 4-AT-E Tri-Motor RNZAFQualicum Beach - Gillies Bay; VFR 1500'; special 'Kiwi Tours' around the islands.
 2011-05-21CharterCYFB-CYXP1.25Avro York M500-2 Arctic Wings CF-HMXIqaluit - Pangnirtung; VFR 8500'; taking a load of goodies out for the oficial opening at Pang.
 2011-05-17CharterCYVR-KSMF2.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 Freighter VivaVancouver - Sacremento; IFR FL320; another beer run.
 2011-05-16CharterCYZF-CDK21.50Douglas C-47 - MJahn Bare MetalYellowknife - Diavik Mine; VFR 4000'; loaded with beer for the mine crew.
 2011-05-15CharterPANC-KSEA3.25Gates Learjet 25D Cargo N238CAAnchorage - Seattle; IFR FL340; freight run down the coast with a load of Alaskan beer.
 2011-05-12CharterPAWG-PASI1.00Douglas DC6-A CB16 N6174C Everts Air CargoWrangell - Sitka; VFR 4000'; freight run out through Tongas Fjords.
 2011-05-01CharterCYFB-CYXP1.00DHC Dash 7-101 Cargo - Newman NZ ZK-NEXIqaluit - Pangnirtung; VFR 9500'; a load of building materials for the construction.
 2011-04-26CharterCYXY-CYCB3.00British Aerospace BAE 146-300 QT Air New Zealand ZK-NZKWhitehorse - Cambridge Bay; IFR FL300; a load of Kiwi beer for the locals.
 2011-04-25CharterCYZF-CYCB2.00British Aerospace BAe 146-200 AirCal N148ACYellowknife - Cambridge Bay; IFR FL300; cargo run.
 2011-04-18CharterKSEA-KAVX5.00MJahn Douglas C-47 - Catalina Flying Boats N2298CSeattle - Catalina Island; VFR 9500' freight run.
 2011-04-17CharterPAKT-KSEA2.00Howard 500-105 N130PKetchikan - Seattle; VFR 9500';
 2011-04-16CharterPANC-PAKT3.25Cal Classics Douglas DC-6B - Florida Air Transport N70BFAnchorage - Ketchikan; VFR 9500'; freight run down the coast.
 2011-04-15CharterPAFA-POWM2.75Curtiss C-46A Commando Canadian Pacific CF-CZIFairbanks - Point Barrow; VFR 9500'; cargo run.
 2011-04-04CharterPAFA-CYCB4.00Douglas C-118A CB16 N451CE Everts Air FuelFairbanks - Cambridge Bay; VFR 9500'; fuel delivery.
 2011-04-01CharterOB8-KLGA0.75Fairchild FH-227 NORDAIR C-FNAJElizabeth - La Guardia; IFR 9000; a short commuter run.
 2011-03-27CharterCYZF-CYCB2.00PMDG Beechcraft 1900D - ERA Aviation N972EAYellowknife - Cambridge Bay; VFR 15500'; freight run.
 2011-03-21CharterPAUN-CYEV3.75Curtiss C-46A Commando v2 alpha3 - Interior Airlines N4860VUnalakleet - Inuvik; VFR 9500'; Another cargo run.
 2011-03-14CharterCYXY-PAUN3.50Lockheed L-749 Constellation - Connie Air Cargo N6021CWhitehorse - Unalakleet; VFR 14,500'; delivering a load of Yukon cargo.
 2011-03-13CharterPAOM-PAUN1.25de Havilland DH-104 Dove NZ WARBIRDS NZ1808Nome - Unalakleet; VFR 3000'; a group of Kiwis visit .
 2011-03-10CharterPANC-PAUN1.50Antonov An-12BK Cargo - Buffalo CX-ANTAnchorage - Unalakleet; VFR 12500'; another load of cargo to supply the construction gang.
 2011-03-10CharterPAFA-PAUN2.50Bristol Superfreighter Mk32 Lambair CF-QWJFairbanks - Unalakleet; VFR 4500'; more supplies for the construction.
 2011-03-03Charter6AK-6AK1.50Ford Tri-MotorSeveral scenic flights at Rainy Pass with this old classic.
 2011-03-02CharterKSEA-PANC6.50Curtiss C-46A Commando v2_alpha1 - Interior Airways N4860VSeattle - Anchorage; VFR 10500'; a freight run up the coast.
 2011-03-01CharterKRDD-KRDD2.00Boeing Stearman D75N1Several flights with this wicked Stearman at Redding CA. What a wild ride :)
 2011-02-25CharterKSMF-KLAS2.00Curtiss C-46 SA Commando - v2_alpha1 Aerocondor ColombiaSacremento - Las Vegas; VFR 11500'; freight run.
 2011-02-23CharterKRDD-KSMF1.00Curtiss C46 Commando v2_alpha1 Flying TigersRedding - Sacremento; VFR 3000'; test flying the improved C-46 while delivering a load of cargo.
 2011-02-21CharterKLAX-KRDD1.50Posky Boeing 737-700 Cargo N888TYLos Angeles - Redding; IFR FL320; beer run.
 2011-02-18CharterKPDX-KRDD2.00Fairchild C123B Provider N698SMPortland - Redding; VFR 9500'; beer run
 2011-02-11CharterCYZF-CYRT3.00Cal Classics Douglas DC-6B - Everts Air Cargo DC-6 N6174C PeanutsYellowknife - Rankin Inlet; VFR 9500'; another cargo run of essential supplies.
 2011-02-07CharterCYDA-CAK45.25MAAM DC-3 - Cargo NZ Warbirds RNZAF NZ3546 ZK-DAKDawson - Woss; VFR 10,500'; enjoying the company of some Kiwi friends.
 2011-01-31CharterCYXY-CYDA2.25Bellanca Aircruiser Mackenzie Air Service CF-AWRWhitehorse - Dawson; VFR 4500'; another load of supplies to Dawson.
 2011-01-26CharterCYZF-CDK21.25Fairchild C-119 WeatheredYellowknife - Diavik; VFR 4000'; delivering a load of mining supplies.
 2011-01-26CharterCDK2-CYXY4.00Fairchild C-119 Reddog Air Service N8951RDiavik - Whitehorse; VFR 10,000'; a load of mining equipment needing repair.
 2011-01-21CharterPAFA-PAJN3.00Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan N501Fairbanks - Juneau; VFR 10,000'; loaded with a 'special' cargo requiring descrete handling.
 2011-01-19CharterPABR-PAFA2.50Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan N501Barrow - Fairbanks; VFR 9500'; freight run.
 2011-01-10CharterPABE-PABR2.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-200 Freighter Braniff Flying Colors 76 N408BNBethel - Barrow; IFR FL340; another flight with essential supplies.
 2011-01-08CharterPANC-PABE1.50Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 Freighter Alaska Golden Nugget N2979GAnchorage - Bethel; IFR FL260; freight run.
 2011-01-06CharterPANC-PAVD1.00Consolidated C-87 Liberator ExpressAnchorage - Valdez; VFR 4500'; another load of beer to Valdez
 2011-01-06CharterPAHO-PAVD1.50Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 Freighter Alaska Air Cargo N753ASHomer - Valdez; IFR FL200;
 2011-01-04CharterKPDX-PAVD5.50Lockheed L-749 Constellation Pacific Northern N86524Portland - Valdez; VFR 16500'; heading north with a back load of cargo.
 2011-01-03CharterPANC-KPDX3.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Cargo Alaska Salmon N792ASAnchorage - Portland; IFR FL320; delivering Alaska's finest salmon to the markets.
 2010-12-31CharterPASN-PANC2.00Kittyhawk Boeing 737-200 Reeve Aleutian N303RVSt Paul Island - Anchorage; IFR FL320; the last flight in the Reeve freight contract, and the last flight for 2010.
 2010-12-27CharterPASD-PASN1.75HJG Boeing 727-100C Reeve Aleutian N831RVSand Point - St George - St Paul; IFR FL320; supplying the outer islands.
 2010-12-21CharterPADU-PASD1.50Cal Classics Douglas DC-6B Reeve Aleutian N65LUnalaska - Sand Point; VFR 7500'; another leg in the cargo contract.
 2010-12-20CharterPANC-PADU4.00JBK Douglas DC-4 Reeve Aleutian N91067Anchorage - Unalaska; VFR 8500'; another freight run out along the Aleutians.
 2010-12-19CharterPABR-PANC3.25JBK Douglas C-54G-DC Brooks Air Fuel N708ZBarrow - Anchorage; VFR 9500'; more freight.
 2010-12-18CharterPAFA-PABR2.75JBK Douglas DC-4 Brooks Fuel N90201Fairbanks - Barrow; VFR 9500'; a load of fuel for Barrow.
 2010-12-17CharterCYEV-PAFA2.00Embraer EMB-120RT Everts Air Cargo N1110JInuvik - Fairbanks; VFR 12500'; moving freight the Everts way.
 2010-12-16CharterCYRT-CYEV3.75Tinmouse Boeing B737-242C First Air C-GNDC, 2003Rankin Inlet - Yellowknife - Inuvik; IFR FL340; northern freight run.
 2010-12-15CharterCYEG-CYRT2.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Cargo Norlinor C-GTUKEdmonton - Rankin Inlet; IFR FL330; another load of beer and other supplies for the northern folks.
 2010-12-13CharterCYZF-CYEG3.75MAAM DC-3 - Cargo Nordair CF-GOC 1963Yellowknife - Edmonton; VFR 4500'; flying a load of machinery parts down for repair.
 2010-12-11CharterCYRT-CYZF2.00Captain Sim Boeing 707-320C Challenge Air Cargo N707HERankin Inlet - Yellowknife; IFR FL300; another day , another load of freight.
 2010-12-10CharterCYFB-CYRT2.00Tinmouse Boeing 737-200C First Air 2003 C-GNDCIqaluit - Rankin Inlet; IFR FL300; moving more freight in the wintery north.
 2010-12-09CharterCYXS-CYFB4.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Viva CargoPrince George - Iqaluit; FL340; restocking the Iqaluit base while the weather is good.
 2010-12-08CharterCYWL-CYXS1.00GAS Stinson Model A 2W VH-UKKWilliams Lake - Prince George; VFR 5000';
 2010-12-07CharterCYKA-CYWL1.25Stinson Model A Tri Motor - Shell NC21104Kamloops - Williams Lake; VFR 5500'; a short trip to socialise with the crew.
 2010-11-29CharterKSLC-CYKA4.00Lockheed L-749 Constellation N7777G Rolling StonesSalt Lake City - Kamloops; VFR 12,500'; moving north with the Stones.
 2010-11-20CharterKGEG-KSLC3.00Douglas LAS Super 26 N26CDSpokane - Salt Lake City; VFR 9500'; cargo of aero parts and Chester's Brew.
 2010-11-19CharterKPWT-KGEG1.25Douglas LAS Super 26 N26CDBremerton - Spokane; VFR 9500';
 2010-11-17CharterKPDX-KPWT1.00MAAM DC-3 - Cargo - Air North C-GZOFPortland - Bremerton; VFR 4500';
 2010-11-07CharterCYZF-KPDX3.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200C Nordair C-GNDCYellowknife - Portland; FL350 IFR;
 2010-10-31CharterCYWL-KPDX1.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Canadian North (1992) C-GNDCWilliams Lake - Portland; IFR FL300;
 2010-10-28CharterO48-O481.00Beechcraft AT-11 - BetaMoved our AT-11 Beta testing to Little River CA this morning.
 2010-10-28CharterCYVR-CYZF5.00Beechcraft AT-11 - BetaVancouver - Yellowknife; VFR 9500'; a trip up to Yellowknife to demo the AT-11 for Tim & Co.
 2010-10-27CharterKPVF-KPVF1.00Beechcraft AT-11 - BetaBeta testing the AT-11 at Placerville CA.
 2010-10-26CharterKSCR-KSCR1.75Howard 500 N4362FStockton - Placerville - Stockton; searching the Sierra's for a strip rumoured to have an old Lockheed Harpoon.
 2010-10-18CharterCYDL-CYBL1.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Cargo - Northern Air Cargo N321DLDease Lake - Campbell River; IFR FL300; repositioning for the next construction contract.
 2010-10-12CharterCYBL-CYAZ1.25Grumman F7F-3s Tiger Cat SOHCampbell River - Tofino; a short fun trip.
 2010-10-11CharterCYBL-CYZT1.00Grumman F7F-3s Tiger Cat SOHCampbell River - Port Hardy; maintenance flight with a dead engine enroute.
 2010-09-30CharterCYDL-CYZF1.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Combi - Pacific WesternDease Lake - Yellowknife; IFR FL310;
 2010-09-22CharterCYWL-CYDL2.75JBK Douglas DC-4 Freighter - Viva CargoWilliams Lake - Dease Lake; VFR 9500'; taking the crew up to the next construction job.
 2010-09-19CharterKPDX-CYWL2.00VBF Convair CV-240 Viva CargoPortland - Williams Lake; VFR 9500'; moving men and equipment to the next construction contract.
 2010-09-15CharterKPDX-KPDX1.25DoughBree Aero Vodochody L-39C AlbatrosSeveral early morning flights out of Portland for the locals.
 2010-09-10CharterKPDX-KPDX2.00DoughBree Aero Vodochody L-39CA number of short scenic flights out of Portland to check out the scenery and this delightful little pocket rocket.
 2010-09-01CharterCYFB-CYSR1.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 - First Air C-FNVKIqaluit - Nanisivik; IFR FL300; northern ops.
 2010-08-13CharterPABT-PANC2.00Avro York - Artic Wings CF-HMXBettles - Anchorage; VFR 9500'; freight run in another classic.
 2010-08-12CharterPABT-CXF0.75Bristol Superfreighter 32 - Lambair CF-QWJBettles - Coldfoot; 2500'; freight run.
 2010-08-10CharterPAFA-PABT1.25JBK Douglas DC-4 Freighter - Air North C-FGNIFairbanks - Bettles; VFR 4500'; cargo run to restock the construction crews.
 2010-08-03CharterKFHR-74S1.00De Havilland Dh.89a Dragon Rapide - Selkirk Scenic ToursFriday Harbor - Anacortes; VFR 1000'; a leasurely trip around the San Juan Islands.
 2010-07-27CharterCYWL-CBZ91.00Lockheed L-749 Constellation - Aerochago S.A.Williams Lake - Fraser Lake; VFR 5500'; freight run to supply the new lodge and dinner.
 2010-07-21CharterPHNL-PHNL1.25Alphasim V-22 OspreyExploring Oahu in the Osprey.
 2010-07-14CharterCAW5-BGL1.00Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon - Float N2797LPort Hardy SPB - Black Gold Lodge; VFR 1500; a short hop up the coast with a few boxes of supplies.
 2010-07-12CharterCAU8-CAU81.00Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon - Float N2839KChecking out some locations in the River's Inlet area for lodges.
 2010-07-07CharterCYZF-CYFB3.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Viva CargoYellowknife - Cambridge Bay - Iqualuit; IFR FL330; taking a load of Avgas fuel drums to Iqualuit to restock their supplies.
 2010-07-03CharterKPDX-PANC3.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Cargo Alaska SalmonPortland - Anchorage; IFR FL320; another milk run up the coast.
 2010-07-02CharterCYXT-CYXT1.00JBK Douglas SC-54 MATS DaygloA late in the day flight checking out a new paint at Terrace.
 2010-06-28CharterCYXQ-CYXQ1.00Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon N2797LBeaver Creek - Horsfeld - Beaver Creek; a short hop across the border to drop off some passengers at the Horsfeld Lodge.
 2010-06-26CharterCYQH-CYXQ2.75Fairchild C-119 Boxcar - VivaWatson Lake - Beaver Creek; VFR 8500'; cargo contract.
 2010-06-23CharterCYXY-CYQH1.00Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Cargo - Alaskan Salmon N792ASWhitehorse - Watson Lake; IFR FL150; short cargo run with a custom paint.
 2010-06-22CharterCAB5-CYQH1.75Curtiss C-46A Commando - Universal N606ZBronson Creek - Watson Lake; 9500'; positioning for a cargo contract.
 2010-06-21CharterPAWG-CAB50.75Curtiss C-46A Commando - Capitol N9892ZWrangell - Bronson Creek; 1500'; freight run.
 2010-06-16CharterPAOH-PAWG1.50Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon N2797LHoonah - Wrangell; 2000'; enjoying the majestic Tongass Fjords scenery.
 2010-06-13CharterPAJN-PAOH1.25Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon N12ASJuneau - Sisters Island - Hoonah; 1500'; a trip out to the Island to service the beacons.
 2010-06-11CharterCBS4-PAJN1.25Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon N12ASMule Creek - Juneau; VFR 3500';
 2010-06-08CharterCYSQ-CBS41.75Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon N2797LAtlin - Skagway - Haines - Mule Creek; VFR; multiple stops to deliver Chester new brew.
 2010-06-07CharterCYXY-CYSQ1.50Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon N185BLWhitehorse - Carcross - Atlin; VFR 3500'; cruising amongst some spetacular scenery as we weave our way to various strips.
 2010-06-06CharterPAFA-CYXY4.00Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon N757Fairbanks - Northway - Whitehorse; VFR 3000 & 9500'; cruising around and delivering a few supplies along the way.
 2010-06-04CharterPAMC-PAFA2.00Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon N1675MMcGrath - Fairbanks; VFR 2500';
 2010-06-03CharterPATK-6AK1.00Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon N12ASTalkeetna - Rainy Pass; VFR 2500'; delivering supplies to several small strips.
 2010-06-03Charter6AK-PAMC1.50Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon N12ASRainy Pass - Tatitna - McGrath; VFR 3500'; several stops to drop off supplies at some small strips.
 2010-06-02CharterPANC-PATK1.00Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon N12ASAnchorage - Talkeetna; VFR 1500'; cargo contracts.
 2010-06-01CharterKPDX-PANC3.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Cargo Canadian North C-GOPWPortland - Anchorage; IFR FL340; another northern freight run.
 2010-05-31CharterKSMF-KPDX1.75Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 Freighter - Viva CargoSacramento - Portland; IFR FL300; a short cargo run.
 2010-05-29CharterCYBL-CBA71.25Carenado Cessna C185F Skywagon N2797LCampbell River - Scar Creek; VFR 3000'; a quick trip across to Scar Creek for the night.
 2010-05-28CharterCAK4-CAK41.00Carenado Cessna C185F SkywagonChecking out my new 185 at Woss.
 2010-05-27CharterKPDX-KLAS1.75Eaglesoft Citation X N59SKPortland - Las Vegas; IFR FL470; taking Chester down to Vegas for his performance.
 2010-05-24CharterKSNA-KPDX2.25Eaglesoft Citation X N500ESSanta Ana - Portland; IFR FL450; delivering Sid back home again.
 2010-05-22CharterKSNA-L671.00Flight1 Cessna 421C Golden Eagle N421GESanta Ana - Rialto; VFR 4000'; a quick trip across the LA basin to visit Stefan.
 2010-05-20CharterKPDX-KSNA2.75 Eaglesoft Citation II/SP N705ESPortland - Santa Ana; IFR FL370; taking Sid and his wife down south for a few days holiday.
 2010-05-19CharterU81-KSUN1.25FSD Pilatus PC-6 B2-H2 Porter - wheels N21324Cold Meadows - Friedman Meml; VFR 11000'; a short hop to visit the folks at our Viva base.
 2010-05-16CharterKGTF-U811.50Aero Commander 500 Cargo N22WRGreat Falls - Cold Meadows USFS; 10500' VFR; cargo flight delivering beer to the hunting lodge.
 2010-05-15CharterCYZF-KGTF2.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoYellowknife - Great Falls; IFR FL320; cargo contract to stock the new Viva base.
 2010-05-11CharterKBZN-29S0.75DHC Dash 7-100 - Newmans NZ ZK-NEXGallatin Bozeman - Gardiner; VFR 9000'; delivering a load of Chester's brew.
 2010-05-11Charter29S-KGTF1.00DHC Dash 7-100 - Newmans NZ ZK-NEXGardiner - Great Falls; VFR 10500'; more deliveries.
 2010-05-10CharterKWYS-KBZN0.75Lockheed L-749 Constellation - Eastern N105AWest Yellowstone - Gallatin-Bozeman; VFR; short hop freight run.
 2010-05-07CharterKLWT-KJAC2.00Avro York G-AHEYLewistown - West Yellowknife - Jackson Hole; VFR 10500'; moving some of Chester's Moonshine.
 2010-05-06CharterKMSO-KLWT1.00Antonov An-148 - Air NZMissoula - Lewiston; IFR 15000'; cruising the Montana skies.
 2010-05-04CharterKLMT-KMSO2.50SCDS Yakovlev Yak-40K - VivaKlamath Falls - Missoula; IFR FL270;
 2010-05-03CharterKBLI-KLMT2.00Lockheed L-749 Constellation - Connie Air CargoBellingham - Klamath Falls; VFR 10500'; cargo contract.
 2010-04-28CharterKPDX-KBLI1.25Fokker F27A-200 - NZNAC ZK-BXFPortland - Bellingham; VFR 10500'; a short cargo flight.
 2010-04-26CharterKSJC-KPDX1.75Captain Sim Boeing 707-320C Cargo - CAC N707HESan Jose - Portland; IFR FL300; hauling freight in an old classic.
 2010-04-25CharterKSEA-KSJC2.50Embraer EMB-120 - N16731 Freight DogSeattle - San Jose; VFR 15500; a quick freight run down country.
 2010-04-20CharterCAK4-KSEA2.00MAAM DC-3 - Cargo - VivaWoss - Seattle; VFR 7500; positioning flight.
 2010-04-19CharterCYVR-CAK41.50MAAM DC-3 - Cargo - VivaVancouver - Woss; VFR 6500'; cargo run to restock the Lodge.
 2010-04-14CharterKGEG-CYVR1.50Howard 500 Cargo ZK-BVESpokane - Vancouver; VFR 10500'; cargo run.
 2010-04-12CharterKPDX-KGEG1.50Howard 500 Cargo - ZK-BVEPortland - Spokane; VFR 9500'; freight contract.
 2010-04-08CharterKPDX-KSJC2.75Lockheed L-749 Constellation - Connie Air cargoPortland - San Jose; VFR 10500; cargo contract of Portland beer.
 2010-04-07CharterCYBL-KPDX1.50AFG Beech King Air 300 - RNZAF 1886Campbell River - Portland; VFR 10500';
 2010-04-06CharterKSJC-CYBL3.00Antonov An-12BK Cargo CF-ANTSan Jose - Campbell River; VFR 12500'; delivering a load of auctioned machinery parts.
 2010-03-30CharterCAK4-CWGC1.00Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (Amphib) - Seaplane Safaris.Woss - Lars' Cabin; going visiting.
 2010-03-29CharterCYZT-CAK40.75GAS Stinson Model A Tri Motor - ShellPort Hardy - Woss; VFR 1000'; delivering supplies to restock the Lodge.
 2010-03-27CharterKSFO-CYZT2.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Cargo - VivaSan Francisco - Port Hardy; IFR FL320; special cargo contract.
 2010-03-26CharterCYWL-KSFO2.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Cargo - VivaWilliams Lake - San Francisco; IFR FL320; contracted to collect a 'special cargo'.
 2010-03-25CharterCYXT-CYWL2.00MAAM DC-3 - Cargo - VivaTerrace - Williams Lake; VFR 7500'; more cargo work.
 2010-03-24CharterCYXS-CYXT1.75MAAM DC-3 - Cargo - VivaPr George - Terrace; VFR 8500'; cargo contract.
 2010-03-23CharterCYZF-CYXS3.50Armstrong Whitworth AW.27 Ensign Mk2 G-ADSRYellowknife - Pr George; VFR 8500'; cargo contract.
 2010-03-22CharterCYXY-CYZF3.75LAGO DHC-6-300 Twin Otter - Skis SAR 13805Whitehorse - Yellowknife; VFR 9500'; ferry flight plus a bit of freight to pay the way.
 2010-03-21CharterPAFA-CYXY3.00LAGO DHC-6-300 Twin Otter - Wheels SAR 13805Fairbanks - Whitehorse; VFR 9500'; ferry flight to reposition the aircraft.
 2010-03-18CharterPANC-PAFA2.25Lockheed L-188 Electra II - ShillelaghsAnchorage - Fairbanks; VFR 14500'; taking a load of Irish travelers to view the Alaskan interior for St Paddy's day.
 2010-03-16CharterCYXY-PANC2.25Lockheed L-188 Electra II - Evergreen IntlWhitehorse - Anchorage; VFR 16,500; freight run.
 2010-03-15CharterCYHY-CYXY4.00Bristol B170 Superfreighter G-AMLPHay River - Whitehorse; VFR 8500'; moving some big bulky freight.
 2010-03-11CharterW12-CYHY3.50Antonov An-72Lost River - Hay River; IFR FL260; freight run.
 2010-03-05CharterCYBA-W122.50Abacus Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels) C-FUIEBanff - Lost River Resort; VFR 10,500'; another couple of days off for a bit of fun.
 2010-03-03CharterCYYC-CYBA1.00Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - Cargo - VivaCalgary - Banff; VFR 5500'; stopping of at Banff for a few nights.
 2010-03-02CharterCYYQ-CYYC4.00Airspeed AS.57 AmbassadorChurchill - Calgary; VFR 4500'; freight run combined with a delivery flight for a new aircraft owner.
 2010-03-01CharterCYTH-CYYQ1.50Pander S.4 PanderjagerThompson - Churchill; VFR 4000'; supply run.
 2010-02-28CharterCYWG-CYTH2.50Pander S.4 PanderjagerWinnipeg - Thompson; VFR 4000'; freight run.
 2010-02-27CharterCYXS-CYWG3.00Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Viva CargoPrince George - Winnipeg; IFR FL310; special cargo contract.
 2010-02-26CharterKSFO-CYXS4.00Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Viva CargoSan Francisco - Prince George; IFR FL310; cargo contract.
 2010-02-23CharterKPWT-KTIW0.50Curtiss C-46A Commando - Bare MetalBremerton - Tacoma Narrows; VFR; just a short hop.
 2010-02-19CharterCYZF-CYHY1.25MAAM DC-3 - Cargo - BuffaloYellowknife - Hay River; VFR 4000'; Buffalo 'milk run' to supply the Buffalo base at Hay River.
 2010-02-14CharterPHNL-PHNL1.00Lockheed L-749 Constellation VivaChecking out the new Viva colours over Oahu.
 2010-02-12CharterPHNL-PHNL1.00Lockheed L-749 Constellation - Pacific NorthernCruising the skies over Oahu checking the Blue Sky textures.
 2010-02-11CharterPHNL-PHNL1.00Alphasim F-4N Phantom IICruising the skies over Oahu to check out the scenery.
 2010-02-09CharterKSFO-KSFO1.00Lockheed L-749 Constellation - Wien AlaskaChecking out the new San Francisco textures.
 2010-02-03CharterL67-KVNY1.50Beechcraft D18S Cargo N2913BRialto - Van Nuys; VFR 4000'; cruising around the LA Basin checking out new texture scenery.
 2010-02-01CharterKLAX-L670.75Lockheed L-749 Constellation - Pacific NorthernLos Angeles - Rialto; VFR 3500'; a short trip to have lunch with Stefan.
 2010-01-30CharterKBLI-KLAX4.00Lockheed L-749 Constellation - Connie Air CargoBellingham - Los Angeles; VFR 11500'; cargo contract.
 2010-01-28CharterKBLI-KPDX1.75Beechcraft D18S Cargo N2913BBellingham - Portland; VFR 5500'; freight run.
 2010-01-24CharterKBLI-KPDX1.50Beechcraft D18S Cargo N2913BBellingham - Portland; VFR 5500'; freight run.
 2010-01-22CharterCYXS-KBLI1.75Lockheed L-749 Constellation, Connie Air CargoPr George - Bellingham; VFR 11500'; supplies for the construction gang.
 2010-01-19CharterCYZF-CYXS2.00Gates Learjet 25D N453MAYellowknife - Pr George; IFR FL330;
 2010-01-15CharterCYHY-CYZF1.00Lockheed L-749 Constellation - Connie Air CargoHay River - Yellowknife; VFR 5000'; flying in some special guests for the official opening of Viva's FBO.
 2010-01-01Charter81CA-81CA1.00SIAI-Marchetti SM.1019AA bit of local flying from 7-M Ranch with the Bird Dog on steroids.
 2009-12-31CharterKSAN-KSAN2.00VariousExploring the San Diego and southern Californian area.
 2009-12-29CharterKSFO-81CA0.75Bristol B170 SuperfreighterSan Francisco - 7-M Ranch; delivering construction materials for the lodge.
 2009-12-28Charter81CA-81CA1.00JBK - Douglas DC-4 FreighterSeveral flights out of 7-M Ranch.
 2009-12-25CharterTNCM-TNCM1.50Lockheed L-749 Constellation F-ZVMVA scenic flight around the Netherland Antilles
 2009-12-25CharterNZTG-NZTG1.00GAS Boeing Stearman PT-17Scenic flight around Tauranga
 2009-12-21CharterCYZF-CYHY1.00Captain Sim Lockheed C-130E Hercules - NWT AirYellowknife - Hay River; VFR 10500'; short freight run down across the Lake.
 2009-12-20CharterCYVQ-CYXY2.00Lockheed L-749 Constellation - TWA N6020CNorman Wells - Whitehorse; VFR 10500'; cargo run.
 2009-12-15CharterCYSQ-PAKT2.50Airspeed AS.57 AmbassadorAtlin - Ketchikan; VFR 10500'; cargo run down the coast.
 2009-12-14CharterCYXS-CYSQ3.00Pander S.4 PanderjagerPrince George - Atlin; VFR 10500', cargo contract.
 2009-12-13CharterCYVQ-CYZT3.00Lockheed L-749 Constellation - TWA N6020CNorman Wells - Pr George; VFR 15500';
 2009-12-11CharterCYZF-CYVQ2.00Lockheed L-749 Constellation - ACE FreightersYellowknife - Norman Wells; VFR 8500'; freight contract to supply the construction workers at Norman Wells.
 2009-12-09CharterCYVQ-CYVQ1.00AFG Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle VI-RChecking out the Caravelle at Norman Wells and checking the new scenery.
 2009-12-05CharterCYZF-CYZF1.00Lockheed L-749 ConstellationChecking out the 749 at Yellowknife.
 2009-12-01CharterCYZF-CYZF1.00AFG NAMC YS-11 Combi - ReeveEvaluating the YS-11 out of Yellowknife. Several flights.
 2009-11-28CharterCYZF-CYZF1.00Ilyushin Il-18D CubanaA few evaluating flights out of Yellowknife.
 2009-11-19CharterPANC-PANC1.00Pander S.4 PanderjagerChecking out the Pander at Anchorage.
 2009-11-17CharterPAOM-PAOM0.75FSD Cessna 337D N3828UAn early morning flight around Nome.
 2009-11-17CharterPAOM-PANC2.75Rockwell Aero Commander 500S Shrike - Alaskan ForestryNome - Anchorage; VFR 11,500'; Ferry flight to help out the Alaskan Forestry service.
 2009-11-15CharterEXI-PAGS1.00Grumman G44A WidgeonExcursion Inlet - Gustavus; scenic flight.
 2009-11-13CharterPAMC-PAFA1.50Cal Classics Douglas DC-6A - Buffalo AirwaysMcGrath - Fairbanks; VFR 5500';
 2009-11-10CharterPANC-PAMC1.50Airspeed AS.57 AmbassadorAnchorage - McGrath; VFR 6500'; cargo run with building materials & machinery parts.
 2009-11-09CharterPACD-PANC2.75Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation - AirliftCold Bay - Anchorage; VFR 9500; freight run back to Anchorage.
 2009-11-05CharterPAFA-PACD3.50Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation - AMSAFairbanks - Cold Bay; VFR 10,500'; cargo contract.
 2009-11-04CharterCYZF-PAFA3.50Antonov An-12BK Cargo - Air AnonymousYellowknife - Fairbanks; VFR 12,500'; a discrete cargo contract.
 2009-11-03CharterCYXY-CYZF3.25Airspeed AS.57 AmbassadorWhitehorse - Yellowknife; VFR 8500; contract freight run.
 2009-10-31CharterCYZT-CYXY3.50Flight1 Cessna 310 N137CMPort Hardy - Whitehorse; VFR 10500';
 2009-10-30CharterCAK4-CYBL1.50GAS Boeing 40CWoss - Campbell River; VFR 2000';
 2009-10-29CharterCYYJ-CAK41.50GAS Stinson Model A Tri MotorVictoria - Woss; VFR 3000'; taking a group of tourists up to the Viva Lodge.
 2009-10-24CharterCYZF-CYXS2.50SCDS Yakovlev Yak-40K Viva CargoYellowknife - Pr. George; IFR FL300;
 2009-10-17CharterCAK4-CAK41.00De Havilland DH80 Puss Moth CF-PEIChecking out the new Puss Moth at Woss.
 2009-10-15CharterPANC-PAFA1.25Antonov An-12BK Cargo N12ANAnchorage - Fairbanks; VFR 10500'; cargo run.
 2009-10-09CharterCYZF-CYSQ3.00DHC Dash 7-100 Canadian Forces YellowYellowknife - Atlin; VFR 12500'; cargo flight.
 2009-10-08CharterCYZF-CDK20.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Cargo w/gravel kit - VivaYellowknife - Diavik Mines; FL200; cargo contract to supply the mine.
 2009-10-05CharterCYZF-CYZF1.00GAS Boeing Stearman N2SChecking out my new Stearman at Yellowknife.
 2009-10-03CharterCYZF-CYHY1.00MAAM DC-3 - Cargo - Buffalo AirwaysYellowknife - Hay River; VFR 3500'; delivering a few pallet loads of Heineken plus crates of supplies.
 2009-10-02CharterPABR-CYZF2.75Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 Freighter. Viva CargoBarrow - Yellowknife; IFR FL310; cargo contract restocking our base.
 2009-10-01CharterPANC-PABR2.25SCDS Yakovlev Yak-40K CargoAnchorage - Barrow; IFR FL280; Cargo flight to the north coast.
 2009-09-30CharterCYDL-CYSQ0.75Antonov An-12BK Cargo - Goliaf CargoDease Lake - Atlin; VFR 10,500'; delivering some bulky cargo.
 2009-09-29CharterCYXY-PANC2.50Cal Classics Douglas DC-6A. Alaska AirlinesWhitehorse - Anchorage; VFR 10500'; cargo contract.
 2009-09-24CharterCYPR-PAKT0.75Curtiss C-46A Commando Buffalo Airways CargoPrince Rupert - Ketchikan; VFR 2000'; early morning cargo flight.
 2009-09-23CharterCZST-CZST0.75Abacus Cessna C185 Skywagon (floats) C-FUIEA scenic flight out of Stewart.
 2009-09-22CharterCBM5-PAKT1.00DHC Dash 7-101 CargoTelegraph Creek - Ketchikan; VFR 8500'; delivering machinery parts to be overhauled.
 2009-09-21CharterCZST-PAKT1.00Grumman XF5F SkyrocketStewart - Ketchikan; VFR 5000'; a scenic flight out to the coast.
 2009-09-18CharterCYDL-CBM51.00Grumman XF5F SkyrocketDease Lake - Telegraph Creek;
 2009-09-17CharterCYSQ-PAHN1.00SCDS Yakovlev Yak-40KAtlin - Haines; VFR; a short and leasurely cargo flight out to the coast.
 2009-09-16CharterCYWL-CYWL0.75SCDS Yakovlev Yak-40KChecking out new sky and cloud textures at Williams Lake.
 2009-09-14CharterCYXT-CYXT1.00Alcor C-6-1 Junior TransportFound another strange but delightful aircraft at Terrace.
 2009-09-10CharterPANC-PAOM2.00Lockheed L188 Electra II. NationalAnchorage - Nome; VFR 12500'; cargo contract.
 2009-09-09CharterPAGA-PAGA1.00SAAB 105Showing off the new pocket rocket to the locals around Pitka-Galena
 2009-09-07CharterPADQ-PADQ1.25SAAB 105Checking out the new SAAB at Kodiak.
 2009-09-03CharterPACD-PADU1.00Cal Classics Convair CV-580 Viva cargoCold Bay - Dutch Harbor; VFR 10500'; cargo run.
 2009-09-01CharterPANC-PACD2.00KBT Lockheed VP-3A Orion. Viva CargoAnchorage - Cold Bay; VFR 12500'; cargo run out along the Aleutian Islands.
 2009-08-31CharterPATK-PAMC1.75Wittman Tailwind W8 N243956Talkeetna - McGrath; VFR 3000'; with a brief stop at Rainy Pass.
 2009-08-30CharterCAK4-CAK41.25Wittman Tailwind W10Checking out the new versions of the Tailwind at Woss.
 2009-08-28CharterCYSQ-TUL1.00Antonov An-14 N503CAtlin - Tulsequah; VFR 5000'; Cargo run down through the valleys.
 2009-08-25CharterTUL-TUL1.25FSD Cessna 337D N86256A scenic in the Tulsequah region in NW BC.
 2009-08-23CharterCYZT-TUL2.25Rockwell Turbo Commander 690B N690NAPrince George - Tulsequah; IFR FL180; taking a group of official types to assess the area.
 2009-08-22CharterTUL-PAJN0.75Rockwell Turbo Commander 690B N690NATulsequah - Juneau; a late in the day flight out to drop off the surveyers.
 2009-08-19CharterCAK4-CAK41.25Avro Anson Mk1Cruising around the Woss area.
 2009-08-14CharterCYZF-CYZF1.00MAAM DC-3 - Cargo. Four Star CargoYellowknife - Discovery Mine - Yellowknife; VFR 2500'; cargo run.
 2009-08-12CharterCYZT-CYXS1.00SCDS Yakovlev Yak-40KPort Hardy - Prince George; IFR FL320; cargo delivery.
 2009-08-10CharterCYZT-CYZT1.00SCDS Yakovlev Yak-40KPort Hardy scenic.
 2009-08-07CharterCYAZ-CAK41.00Britten Norman BN-2A IslanderTofino - Woss; VFR 2000'; headed to Woss for a well earned break.
 2009-07-29CharterCYMM-CYXS1.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 Cargo - Viva CargoFt McMurray - Prince George; IFR FL320; cargo run.
 2009-07-26CharterCYEG-CYMM1.25FSDZigns Lockheed L749A Constellation - Ace FreightersEdmonton - Ft McMurray; VFR 5500'; a regular milk run to bring supplies to the construction workers.
 2009-07-18CharterCYZF-CYMM1.75Douglas C-133B CargomasterYellowknife - Ft McMurray; VFR 10500'; taking a load of mining equipment down country.
 2009-07-16CharterCYEV-PANC2.50Douglas C-133B CargomasterInuvik - Anchorage; IFR FL220; cargo run.
 2009-07-14CharterCDK2-CYEV3.00Lockheed EC-121R Super ConstellationDiavik - Inuvik; VFR 12500'; a special cargo contract.
 2009-07-12CharterCYZF-CDK21.50JBK Douglas DC-4 Freighter , Buffalo CargoYellowknife - Diavik; VFR 3500'; supplying the mine with general supplies and mine equipment.
 2009-07-10CharterCYZF-CBX52.00CIS Antonov An-32PYellowknife - Cantung; VFR 12,500'; delivering various supplies and mining equipment.
 2009-07-02CharterCYXY-CYZF4.00MAAM DC-3 - Cargo Buffalo AirwaysWhitehorse - Yellowknife; VFR 8500'; a load of beer and machinery parts.
 2009-06-30CharterPAGK-CYXY2.00Cal Classics Douglas DC-6B Northern Air CargoGulkana - Whitehorse; VFR 8500'; taking a few engines for overhauling to our Whitehorse base.
 2009-06-29CharterPAOR-PAGK1.00Cal Classics Douglas DC-6B Everts Air FuelNorthway - Gulkana; VFR 4000'; via the valley route, delivering supplies and fuel.
 2009-06-28CharterPABR-PAOR2.00HJG Boeing 727-100C/F/QC Wien Air AlaskaBarrow - Northway; FL300; via Fairbanks VOR, cargo contract.
 2009-06-27CharterPAOM-PABR2.00HJG McDonnell Douglas DC-9-20 N8965UNome - Kotzebue - Barrow; IFR FL250; delivering supplies to various communities.
 2009-06-25CharterPABE-PAOM1.25HJG McDonnell Douglas DC-9-20Bethel - Nome; FL220; moving up the coast with more freight deliveries.
 2009-06-23CharterPANC-PABE1.25HJG Boeing 727-100 QC (IGW) RNZAF 2001Anchorage - Bethel; IFR FL260; the RNZAF helped us out with a few cargo deliveries.
 2009-06-19CharterPABR-PAFA2.00Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation ex EALBarrow - Fairbanks; VFR 10500'; cargo run.
 2009-06-17CharterPAOT-PABR1.75Lockheed L-1049H Super ConstellationWien Memorial - Wiley Post Meml; VFR 9500'; freight run up to Barrow.
 2009-06-16CharterPANC-PAOT2.75Cal Classics Douglas DC-6A Florida Air TransportAnchorage - Wien Memorial; VFR 10500'; cargo contract to Kotzebue.
 2009-06-09CharterPADQ-PADU3.00Cal Classics Douglas DC-6A Cayman CargoKodiak - Unalaska; VFR 5500'; cargo contract and enjoying the scenery as we cruise down the Aleutian Islands.
 2009-06-08CharterPANC-PADQ1.50Cal Classics Douglas DC-6A USOAAnchorage - Kodiak; VFR 5500'; freight run to supply the Viva base at Kodiak.
 2009-06-01CharterPAGS-PAGS2.00LZ Sikorsky S-76-ExecGustavus - Lituya Bay - Gustavus; taking a group of Geologists out to the Bay to view the area.
 2009-05-31CharterPAYA-PAGS1.75JBK - Boeing 307 StratolinerYakutat - Gustavus; VFR 2500'; a very enjoyable scenic run down the coast.
 2009-05-30CharterPANC-PAYA2.00JBK - Boeing 307 StratolinerAnchorage - Yakutat; VFR 5500'; a scenic run down the coast.
 2009-05-29CharterPAFA-PANC1.75Stinson Model A Tri MotorFairbanks - Anchorage; VFR 5000'; a step back in time as we take a classic golden oldie on a freight run.
 2009-05-28CharterCYEV-PAFA2.50Cal Classics Convair CV-440 Metropolitan Dodita Air CargoInuvik - Fairbanks; VFR 10500'; freight run.
 2009-05-27CharterKBVS-CYXS2.50Lockheed L-1049H Super ConstellationSkagit - Revelstoke - Prince George; VFR 10500'; freight run to several strips.
 2009-05-27CharterCYXY-CYEV2.50Breguet 765 SaharaWhitehorse - Inuvik; VFR 8500'; freight run in the Big Ugly.
 2009-05-26CharterKBVS-CYXS2.50Lockheed L-1049H Super ConstellationSkagit - Revelstoke - Prince George; VFR 10500'; freight run delivering cargo to several strips.
 2009-05-26CharterCYXS-CYXY2.75Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation Slick AirwaysPrince George - Whitehorse; VFR 10500'; cargo hauling to the Yukon.
 2009-05-25CharterCYYJ-KBVS1.00Lockheed L-1049H Super ConstellationVictoria - Skagit; VFR 2000'; freight run.
 2009-05-24CharterKPDX-KAWO1.00Embraer EMB-110P BandeirantePortland - Arlington; VFR 8500'; freight run in the Bandit.
 2009-05-19Charter3W5-1S21.00De Havilland Dh.89a Dragon RapideConcrete - Darrington; scenic flight.
 2009-05-18CharterKCLM-3W51.25Beechcraft D18S CargoFairchild - Concrete; VFR 2500'; combining a freight run with a scenic and checking out a few landmarks.
 2009-05-17CharterKCLM-KCLM1.25Lockheed L-1049G Super ConstellationOut of Fairchild for a scenic over the Olympic Mountains.
 2009-05-12CharterKCLM-KCLM1.25Lockheed L-1049G Super ConstellationA couple of scenic flights out of Fairchild Intl.
 2009-05-11CharterKCLM-CAK41.75Hunting Percival P.66 Pembroke C.1Fairchild Intl - Woss; VFR 2500'; a run up the coast with a new aircraft and a load of freight.
 2009-05-07CharterCYBL-CYBL1.00Lockheed L-1049G Super ConstellationLocal flight out of Campbell River.
 2009-05-02CharterCYYJ-CAK42.00MAAM DC-3 - Passenger NZNACVictoria - Friday Harbor - Woss; VFR 3000'; taking a group up to Woss for some hunting & fishing.
 2009-05-02CharterCAK4-CAK41.00Beechcraft A28 GrizzlyChecking out the new Grizzly at Woss.
 2009-04-27CharterKEAT-CYYJ1.25MAAM DC-3 - NZNAC PassengerPangborn Meml - Victoria; VFR 8500'; taking a load of tourists up to Victoria for the annual Viva Base party.
 2009-04-26CharterKPDX-KEAT1.00Airspeed AS.57 AmbassadorPortland - Pangborn Meml; VFR 8500'; freight run.
 2009-04-24CharterCZAM-KEAT1.25Airspeed AS.57 AmbassadorSalmon Arm - Pangborn Meml; VFR 10,500'; delivering supplies to the new FBO.
 2009-04-17CharterKPWT-CZAM1.25Cal Classics Convair CV-440Bremerton - Salmon Arm; VFR 10,500'; cargo contract.
 2009-04-16CharterKPWT-WA381.25PZL 104 Wilga - Tundra wheelsBremerton - Bear Gulch; local scenic.
 2009-04-15CharterKPWT-KPWT1.00De Havilland DH.104 Dove NZ1808Out of Bremerton for a scenic over the Olympic Mountains.
 2009-04-13CharterKPWT-KPWT1.50De Havilland DH.91 Albatross - JBKSeveral scenic flights out of Bremerton.
 2009-04-07CharterCYSE-CYSE1.00McDonnell Douglas MD500EA scenic flight out of Squamish.
 2009-04-03CharterKOLM-4W01.00Junkers-52/3MOlympia - Bandera State; VFR; flying a few tourists and supplies into the Bandera strip Lodge.
 2009-03-31CharterKOLM-KSHN1.00Beechcraft D18S CargoOlympia - Sanderson; VFR; cargo run.
 2009-03-26CharterKOLM-KOLM1.00GAS Boeing 40Olympia; evaluating the GAS Boeing 40B-4 & 40C. A great vintage cargo hauler.
 2009-03-19CharterKSEA-WA410.75Beechcraft D18SSeattle - Bear Canyon West; VFR 3000'; taking a group of investment developers down to the strip to survey the area for a tourist & hunting lodge.
 2009-03-17CharterKPDX-CYXS2.25AFG Beech King Air 300 N55813Portland - Prince George; IFR FL200; delivering urgently needed machinery parts.
 2009-03-14Charter5J0-KCVO1.25Antonov An-148Grant Co - Corvallis Muni; FL180; bring the contractors out to the opening of Viva's newest FBO.
 2009-03-08CharterKRDM-KBKE1.00Cal Classics Boeing 377 StratocruiserRoberts-Redmond - Baker City; VFR 8500'; urgent cargo flight to deliver beer and supplies.
 2009-03-06CharterKPDX-KRDM0.75Cal Classics Boeing 377 StratocruiserPortland - Roberts-Redmond; VFR 8500'; delivering beer and cargo to our new FBO.
 2009-03-03CharterKPDX-2OR10.75Cal Classics Convair CV-580Portland - Big Muddy Ranch; VFR 10500'; freight run to stock up the ranch.
 2009-03-03Charter2OR1-37OR0.75Cal Classics Convair CV-580Big Muddy Ranch - Vey Sheep Ranch; VFR 5500'; restocking the ranch with various supplies.
 2009-03-01CharterKPDX-PHNL6.50Cal Classics Douglas DC-6BPortland - Honolulu; IFR FL210; ferry flight to deliver aircraft to it's new owner.
 2009-02-23CharterKEUG-3S41.25MAAM DC-3 - CargoEugene - Illinois Valley; VFR 6000'; freight run.
 2009-02-21CharterKEUG-KEUG2.00Antonov An-12BK CargoEugene - McKenzie Bridge - Santiam Junction - Eugene; VFR; freight run to drop off various supplies at a couple of strips.
 2009-02-20CharterKMFR-KEUG1.00Antonov An-12BK CargoRogue Valley-Medford - Eugene; VFR 6000'; moving the construction team to Eugene for the next job.
 2009-02-18CharterKRBG-KMFR0.75Antonov An-12BK CargoRoseburg - Rogue Valley Medford; VFR; moving the construction team and materials to Medford for the airport refit.
 2009-02-16CharterKAST-KLKV1.75Cal Classics Douglas DC-6BAstoria - Lake County; VFR 10,500'; cargo contract.
 2009-02-14CharterKPDX-R031.25Cal Classics Douglas DC-7CFPortland - Alkali Lake State; VFR 10500'; another freight run with machinery parts and building materials.
 2009-02-13CharterKPDX-KONP1.00Fokker F-27-200Portland - Newport; VFR 10,500'; cargo contract to deliver supplies to our new base.
 2009-02-13CharterKONP-5S61.00Nord 262ENewport - Cape Blanco State; VFR 4500'; cargo run.
 2009-01-28CharterKPDX-KDLS0.75Antonov An-12Portland - Columbia Gorge The Dalles; VFR; cargo contract.
 2009-01-22CharterKSFO-KSCK0.75Boeing 221A MonomailSan Francisco - Stockton Metro; VFR 2000'; delivering this newly restored aircraft to the new owners.
 2009-01-21CharterKASE-KSFO3.25Cal Classics Convair CV-580Aspen - San Fransisco; VFR 18500'; cargo run out to the coast.
 2009-01-19CharterKPSP-KASE2.50Cal Classics Douglas DC-6APalm Springs - Aspen; VFR 13,500'; freight run out to the ski lodges.
 2009-01-15CharterKPDX-KPSP2.00SGA McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30FPortland - Palm Springs Intl; IFR FL300; cargo contract to supply the new Viva FBO.
 2009-01-11CharterKSEA-KGEG1.00Captain Sim Boeing 707-320C CargoSeattle - Spokane; IFR FL300; freight run.
 2009-01-01CharterCYPK-CWDG1.00LZ Sikorsky S-76-ExecPitt Meadows - Widgeon Lake & return; taking a group of tourists to the Widgeon Lake Lodge for the weekend.
 2009-01-01CharterKLAX-KTVL1.25HJG Boeing 727-100CLos Angeles - Lake Tahoe; IFR FL320; cargo contract to restock some ski lodges.
 2008-12-29CharterKSEA-KLAX2.75HJG Boeing 727-100CSeattle - Los Angeles; FL350; a freight run down the coast.
 2008-12-16CharterCYXC-W121.75MAAM DC-3 - CargoCranbrook - Lost River; VFR 10,000'; restocking the lodge at the Lost River Resort.
 2008-12-16CharterW12-KSEA1.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoLost River - Seattle; VFR 9500'; flying out to meet with the airport management to secure a lease for our Viva Ops.
 2008-12-02CharterCYXS-CYXC2.00Fairchild C-123B Provider - Viva cargoPrince George - Cranbrook; VFR 11,500'; cargo contract.
 2008-12-01CharterCYDL-CYXS1.75FSDZigns Lockheed L-049A ConstellationDease Lake - Prince George; VFR 13,500'; delivering the Connie to it's new owner and combining the flight with a cargo run.
 2008-11-30CharterCYSQ-CYDL1.00Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoAtlin - Dease Lake; VFR 13,500'; freight contract to restock the Viva FBO.
 2008-11-17CharterCYXY-CYDA1.25Dreamwings Fokker 50Whitehorse - Dawson; VFR 12,500'; Fall Haul cargo run.
 2008-11-08CharterPHNL-PHNL1.00SECTIONF8 NORTH AMERICAN F-86E/F SABREHaving fun out of Honolulu with the Sabre.
 2008-11-08CharterCYFS-CBH41.00LAGO DHC-6-300 Twin Otter - WheelsFt Simpson - Praire Creek; VFR 8500'; delivering supplies to the mining company.
 2008-11-02CharterCYZF-CYRA1.00Alphasim De Havilland C-7 CaribouYellowknife - Rae Lakes; VFR 3500'; cargo run.
 2008-10-30CharterCYZF-CYLK0.75Fairchild C-123B ProviderYellowknife - Taltheilei Narrows - Lutselk'e; VFR 3500'; another freight run delivering needed supplies.
 2008-10-29CharterCYZF-CFF42.00Curtiss C-46A CommandoYellowknife - Great Bear Lake; VFR 4000'; helping out with the Fall Haul deliveries.
 2008-10-26CharterCYZF-CYZF1.00SECTIONF8 NORTH AMERICAN F-86E/F SABREHaving a ball with the new Sabre out of Yellowknife
 2008-10-20CharterCBA7-CAR31.00LAGO DHC-6-300 Twin Otter - WheelsScar Creek - Lillooet; VFR 10,000'; delivering essential cargo to the lodge at Lillooet.
 2008-10-17CharterCAK4-CBA70.75LAGO DHC-6-300 Twin Otter - WheelsWoss - Scar Creek; VFR 7500'; delivering supplies to several cabins before winter sets in.
 2008-10-15CharterCAK4-CAK41.00LAGO DHC-6-300 Twin Otter - WheelsChecking out my new LAGO Twin Otter at Woss.
 2008-10-14CharterCAK4-CYAZ1.25Alphasim Cessna 170BWoss - Tofino; VFR 2500'; a low and slow cruise down the coast.
 2008-09-25CharterCYZF-CDK21.25Fairchild C-123 ProviderYellowknife - Diavik; VFR 2500'; delivering supplies and equipment to the mining camp.
 2008-09-24CharterCYFB-CYZF3.25HJG Boeing 707-320C Freighter - Ecuatoriana Jet CargoIqaluit - Yellowknife; IFR FL340; a few containers of beer to Yellowknife as we head south to deliver more cargo.
 2008-09-22CharterCYMX-CYFB2.75HJG Boeing 707-320C Freighter - Florida WestMontreal Mirabel - Iqaluit; IFR FL330; delivering more beer to the base.
 2008-09-21CharterCYWG-CYMX2.25HJG Boeing 707-320C FreighterWinnipeg - Montreal Mirabel; IFR FL300; delivering more beer to the needy.
 2008-09-16CharterCYVR-CYWG2.75Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 Freighter Viva CargoVancouver - Winnipeg; IFR FL330; a full load of containerised beer for the Viva Beer mission.
 2008-09-12CharterPAFA-CYEV2.00Lockheed L-1649A Starliner CJS CargoFairbanks - Inuvik; VFR 15,500'; Cargo contract with the usual load.
 2008-09-06CharterPANC-KBFI3.75Eaglesoft Citation II/SPAnchorage - Boeing Field; IFR FL350; business trip to negotiate several cargo contracts.
 2008-08-28CharterCYRB-CYCB2.00Lockheed L-1649A StarlinerResolute Bay - Cambridge Bay; VFR 12500'; recovering an abandoned Connie and the ferry flight back south.
 2008-08-27CharterCYZF-CYRB2.75Captain Sim Lockheed C-130E Hercules First AirYellowknife - Cambridge Bay - Resolute Bay; VFR 15,500'; A regular cargo run delivering fuel and various supplies.
 2008-08-26CharterCYYE-CYZF1.50Captain Sim Lockheed C-130E Hercules NWT AirFt Nelson - Yellowknife; VFR 15,500'; delivering various cargo on our way north to pick up an abandoned classic aircraft.
 2008-08-24CharterCZST-CYYE1.75Cal Classics Boeing 377 StratocruiserStewart - Ft Nelson; VFR 13,500'; cargo contract.
 2008-08-20CharterPAKT-CZST1.25Junkers JU-W34Ketchikan - Stewart; VFR 3000'; delivering the usual supplies to the Stewart base.
 2008-08-17CharterCYXY-PAKT2.00Cal Classics Boeing 377 StratocruiserWhitehorse - Ketchikan; VFR 10,500'; freight run.
 2008-08-07CharterPANC-PAPH2.25Cal Classics Boeing 377 StratocruiserAnchorage - Port Heiden; VFR 10,500'; Freight run down the Aleutians.
 2008-08-03CharterPASC-PABT1.50Cal Classics Douglas DC-6BDeadhorse - Bettles; VFR 10,500'; another north Alaskan cargo run.
 2008-08-02CharterCYXY-PASC2.25KBT Lockheed VP-3A OrionWhitehorse - Deadhorse; VFR 16,500'; freight contract.
 2008-07-31CharterPANC-PHNL5.50Overland McDonnell Douglas MD-11FAnchorage - Honolulu; IFR FL330; a cargo contract to deliver Alaskan delicacies to the Hawaiian markets.
 2008-07-29CharterCYXS-CYYD1.25Armsrong Whitworth AW.650 Argosy 200Prince George - Smithers; VFR 10,500'; cargo contract in the old SAFE Argosy.
 2008-07-26CharterCAK4-CAK40.75Carenado Beechcraft Mentor T34BA session of aeros out of Woss.
 2008-07-24CharterCAR3-CAR30.75Pober PixieTaking the newly aquired Pixie for a scenic around the Lillooet area.
 2008-07-16CharterPABR-PAOT1.25Vistaliners Boeing 727-100Barrow - Wein Meml; IFR FL260; Cargo contract.
 2008-07-15CharterPANC-PABR2.00Vistaliners Boeing 727-100Anchorage - Barrow; IFR FL330; another cargo run to the north Alaskan coast.
 2008-07-11CharterPANC-CXC1.75Fairchild C-119 BoxcarAnchorage - Chitina; VFR 3500'; delivering building materials and various supplies.
 2008-07-10CharterCYPR-PANC3.75Cal Classics Douglas DC-6BPrince Rupert - Anchorage; VFR 16500'; a freight run up the coast.
 2008-06-28CharterKPDX-CYXC2.00Cal Classics Douglas DC-6BPortland - Cranbrook; VFR 15,500; delivering freight to the southeast BC region.
 2008-06-27CharterKLAX-KPDX3.50JBK Douglas DC-6Los Angeles - Portland; VFR 10,500; cargo delivery to Portland.
 2008-06-25CharterKSMF-KSJC0.75Cal Classics Douglas DC-6BSacramento - Mineta San Jose; VFR 5000'; a short hop down to another Viva base.
 2008-06-25CharterKSJC-KLAX1.50Cal Classics Douglas DC-6BMineta San Jose - Los Angeles; VFR 9500'; positioning flight to load up cargo to take north.
 2008-06-24CharterKLAS-KSMF2.00JBK Douglas DC-6Las Vegas - Sacramento; VFR 12,500; cargo flight to stock the new Viva FBO.
 2008-06-22CharterKRNO-KLAS1.50JBK Douglas DC-6Reno-Tahoe - Las Vegas; VFR 9500'; sight seeing charter over the high desert for an evening of gambling.
 2008-06-21CharterKBFI-KRNO2.25JBK Douglas DC-6Boeing Feild - Reno-Tahoe; VFR 11,500; ferry flight for a new customer.
 2008-06-17CharterCYXS-CYZF2.75Douglas DC-6BPrince George - Yellowknife; VFR 9500'; a cargo run up into the NWT.
 2008-06-15CharterPANC-CYXS2.50Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterAnchorage - Prince George; IFR FL330; Not forgetting my buddies in beautiful BC we had a delivery of Alaskan produce for them.
 2008-06-13CharterAK40-KCR0.75JBK Douglas DC-4 FreighterNixon Fork Mine - Colorado Creek; VFR 5000'; supplying another mining strip.
 2008-06-10CharterPACZ-AK402.25Aviation Traders ATL-98 CarvairCape Romanzof - Nixon Fork Mine; VFR 9500'; taking a load of mining equipment and building materials to the mining strip.
 2008-06-09CharterPAFA-PAKN1.50Boeing C-17 Globemaster IIIFairbanks - King Salmon; IFR FL260; carting a massive amount of cargo the Air Force way.
 2008-06-09CharterPAKN-PACZ1.50AFG Beech King Air 300King Salmon - Cape Romanzof; VFR 10,000; restocking the base at the Cape.
 2008-06-04CharterPAFA-PAKP1.50JBK Douglas DC4-1009Fairbanks - Anaktuvik Pass; VFR 5000'; delivering fuel and general supplies to the Anaktuvik Pass community.
 2008-06-02CharterA59-PAFA2.00JBK Douglas DC4-1009Ivatuk - Fairbanks; VFR 9500; bringing some equipment back for repair.
 2008-05-31CharterFVZ-A591.25JBK Douglas DC4-1009Inagok - Ivatuk; VFR 5500'; Helping Brooks Fuel deliver mining equipment and supplies to the Alaskan North Slope.
 2008-05-30CharterPAFA-FVZ2.25JBK Douglas DC4-1009Fairbanks - Inagok; VFR 8500'; taking building materials and mining supplies to the base at Inagok.
 2008-05-28CharterPANC-PAKN1.50Lockheed L-1649A StarlinerAnchorage - King Salmon; VFR 12,500'; delivering cargo while the DC-6 engines get overhauled.
 2008-05-26CharterCYXY-PANC2.25Lockheed L-1649A StarlinerWhitehorse - Anchorage; VFR 18,500'; Taking 4 P&W R-2800 engines to Anchorage for overhaul for our new DC-6.
 2008-05-25CharterCYEG-CYXY5.00Douglas DC-6BEdmonton - Prince George - Whitehorse; VFR 12,500'; cargo run.
 2008-05-24CharterCYZF-CYEG3.00Douglas DC-6BYellowknife - Edmonton; VFR 10,500'; cargo run in the newly aquired DC-6.
 2008-05-21CharterCYHY-CYZH1.75PMDG Beechcraft 1900DHay River - Slave Lake; FL155; another cargo flight into central Alberta.
 2008-05-17CharterCYRM-CYEG0.75feelThere Cessna C208B Caravan CargoRocky Mountain House - Edmonton; VFR 8500' ; cargo positioning flight.
 2008-05-17CharterCYEG-CYHY3.00feelThere Cessna C208B Caravan CargoEdmonton - Hay River; VFR 10,500'; cargo run to Hay River.
 2008-05-16CharterCEQ5-CYRM1.75Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - CargoGrande Cache - Rocky Mountain House; VFR 6500';
 2008-05-15CharterCYQU-CEQ50.75Beechcraft D18S CargoGrande Prairie - Grande Cache; VFR 5500'; a short hop to drop off some supplies.
 2008-05-13CharterCYMM-CYQU1.50Fokker F27A Mk 200Ft McMurray - Grande Prairie; VFR 12,500'; taking the Fokker across Alberta on a cargo delivery.
 2008-05-10CharterCYYC-CYMM1.75Lockheed L-1649A StarlinerCalgary - Ft McMurray; VFR 10,500'; another day in the life of a freight dog.
 2008-05-09CharterCYXY-CYYC3.00Lockheed L-1649A StarlinerWhitehorse - Calgary; Alberta cargo contract.
 2008-05-03CharterCFT5-CFS71.75DHC-3 Otter PZL WheelsHyland - Finlayson Lake - Sheldon Lake; VFR; supplying various cabins in the eastern YT.
 2008-05-01CharterPAFA-CYQH2.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoFairbanks - Whitehorse - Watson Lake; IFR FL310; Shifting a load of Alaskan cargo down to the YT.
 2008-05-01CharterCYQH-CFT50.75Sukhoi SU-80GP CargoWatson Lake - Hyland; VFR 6500'; Taking the new Sukhoi cargo hauler out to work supplying the Hyland lodge.
 2008-04-26CharterCYXY-CYXY1.00Lockheed L-1649A StarlinerChecking out the 'new' Constellation at Whitehorse.
 2008-04-26CharterCYXY-PAFA2.25Lockheed L-1649A StarlinerWhitehorse - Fairbanks; IFR FL200; taking the new Connie up to Fairbanks with a load of goods.
 2008-04-25CharterCAP6-CYXY2.50DHC Dash 7-101 CargoIngenika - Watson Lake - Whitehorse;
 2008-04-24CharterCYDL-CAP61.25DHC Dash 7-101 CargoDease Lake - Ingenika; VFR 11500';Delivering supplies to several smaller communities in northcentral BC.
 2008-04-23CharterCYXT-CYDL1.50Beechcraft D18S CargoTerrace - Dease Lake; VFR 8500'; moving some supplies up to the Viva base at Dease Lake.
 2008-04-22CharterCYWL-CYXT2.25MAAM DC-3 - CargoWilliams Lake - Terrace; VFR 8500'; another cargo contract.
 2008-04-21CharterCYVR-CYWL1.50MAAM DC-3 - CargoVancouver - Williams Lake; VFR 9500'; cargo run.
 2008-04-20CharterPHNL-CYVR5.50Posky Boeing 767-200SF-ERHonolulu - Vancouver; IFR FL330; delivering a load of tropical goods to the mainland.
 2008-04-18CharterKHQM-KHQM0.75PZL M-15 BelphegorBowerman; checking out this jet powered ag machine.
 2008-04-17CharterKBFI-PHNL5.50Posky Boeing 767-200SF-ERBoeing Field - Honolulu; IFR FL340; Restocking the Viva base.
 2008-04-10CharterKBFI-W121.00Aero Commander 500 CargoBoeing Field - Lost River Resort; VFR 9000'; restocking the lodge with the usual provisions.
 2008-04-09CharterPANC-KBFI3.25Posky Boeing 767-200SF-ERAnchorage - Boeing Field; IFR FL330; loaded with some of Alaska's finest produce for the markets.
 2008-04-08CharterPAOM-PANC2.50Fairchild C-119 BoxcarNome - Anchorage; VFR 10,000';
 2008-04-07CharterPAOT-PAOM1.25Curtiss C-46A CommandoWien Meml - Nome; VFR 3000; hauling cargo in a good old classic.
 2008-04-06CharterPAFA-PAOT1.50Lockheed VP-3A OrionFairbanks - Wein Meml; FL200; Trying out a mil surplus VP-3 for cargo ops.
 2008-04-04CharterPABA-PAFA1.50Lockheed L188 Electra IIBarter Island - Fairbanks; Positioning flight to reload with more cargo.
 2008-04-02CharterCYXY-PABA2.25Lockheed L188 Electra IIWhitehorse - Barter Island; IFR FL200; Delivering cargo to the north coast of Alaska.
 2008-04-01CharterCYEG-CYXY2.00Posky Boeing 767-200SF-EREdmonton - Whitehorse; IFR FL320; getting up into the colder climate with more cargo.
 2008-03-31CharterKSLC-CYEG2.00Posky Boeing 767-200SF-ERSalt Lake City - Edmonton; IFR FL320; Back to the snowy north with more cargo.
 2008-03-30CharterKONT-KSLC1.50Posky Boeing 767-200SF-EROntario - Salt Lake City; IFR FL310; slowly working our way north with various cargo contracts.
 2008-03-29CharterTNCA-KONT6.75Posky Boeing 767-200SF-ERAruba - Ontario CA; IFR FL340; deliver flight with a new aircraft for the fleet.
 2008-03-28CharterTTPP-SVLO2.00Beechcraft D18S CargoTrinidad - La Orchila; VFR; with another two Caribbean Islands crossed off the 'Been there - done that' list.
 2008-03-28CharterSVLO-TNCA1.75Beechcraft D18S CargoLa Orchila - Aruba; VFR; the final legs in Viva's Great Caribbean Island Hopping Party.
 2008-03-27CharterKPDX-KLMT1.00Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoPortland - Klamath Falls; IFR FL310; another cargo contract.
 2008-03-27CharterTLPC-TTPP3.50Flight1 Cessna 310St Lucia - Trinidad; A few more Islands in the Caribbean Hop.
 2008-03-26CharterKSFO-KPDX1.50Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterSan Francisco - Portland; IFR FL320.
 2008-03-25CharterKLAX-KSFO1.75Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterLos Angeles - Ontario(KONT)- San Francisco; IFR FL320; picking up cargo at ONT for SFO.
 2008-03-23CharterKEYW-KLAX5.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterKey West - Los Angeles; IFR FL320; Cargo run.
 2008-03-22CharterSABA-TLPC2.75Flight1 Cessna 421C Golden EagleSaba - St Lucia; VFR 3000', with stops at St Kitts, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Dominica & Matinique.
 2008-03-21CharterMDPC-TNCM3.00Britten Norman BN-2A IslanderPunta Cana - Princess Juliana; VFR 3000', via Fajardo, St Croix, Anguilla.
 2008-03-21CharterTNCM-SABA0.25Alphasim De Havilland C-7 CaribouPrincess Juliana - Saba; cargo run.
 2008-03-20CharterMBPV-MDPC2.25Flight1 Cessna 421C Golden EagleProvidenciales - Puerta Plata - Punta Cana; VFR 3000', another couple of legs in the Caribbean Island party.
 2008-03-19CharterMYSM-MBPV1.50SkyUnlimited P-38J LightningSan Salvador - Crooked Island - Mayaguana Island - Providenciales Intl (Caicos Island); VFR continueing the Caribbean Island Hopping party.
 2008-03-17CharterMYNN-MYSM1.25Flight1 Cessna 421C Golden EagleNassau - San Salvador; VFR 3000'.
 2008-03-16CharterKBCT-MYNN1.50Flight1 Cessna 421C Golden EagleBoca Raton - Bimini - Nassau; VFR 3000' the start of the Viva Caribbean Island hopping party.
 2008-03-15CharterCYVR-KBCT5.00Eaglesoft Citation XVancouver - Boca Raton; IFR FL510; leaving the icey north for the sunny Bahamas .....
 2008-03-08CharterPARY-2C72.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoRuby - Galena - Nulato - Kaltag - Shaktoolik ; VFR ; Iditarod supply run.
 2008-03-08Charter2C7-PAOM3.25MAAM DC-3 - CargoShaktoolik - Gambell - Nome; VFR 3500'; Emergency medical evacuation flight from Saint Lawrence Island to Nome.
 2008-03-07CharterPABV-PARY2.25MAAM DC-3 - CargoBirchwood - Ruby; VFR 3500'; supplying the Iditarod teams.
 2008-03-04CharterMYNN-MYNN2.00Hughes 500DOut of Nassau for numerous short flights to check out Freeflow Bahamas scenery.
 2008-03-02CharterPAMC-PAYA3.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoMcGrath - Yakutat; VFR 9500; hauling cargo out to the south east.
 2008-03-01CharterPAEM-PAMC1.75MAAM DC-3 - CargoEmmonak - McGrath; VFR 3500'; cargo flight.
 2008-02-29CharterPAOT-PAOM1.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterWien Meml - Nome; IFR FL280; moving more cargo.
 2008-02-29CharterPAOM-PAEM1.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoNome - Emmonak; VFR 3000'; cargo run.
 2008-02-27CharterPANC-PABR2.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterAnchorage - Barrow; IFR FL330; cargo run.
 2008-02-27CharterPABR-PAOT1.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterBarrow - Wien Meml; IFR FL330; cargo run.
 2008-02-24CharterPANC-PANC3.00Quest Kodiak - CargoAnchorage - Sparrevohn - Anchorage; VFR 8500'; delivering building supplies.
 2008-02-24CharterPANC-PANC2.00Quest Kodiak - CargoAnchorage - Thompson Pass - Anchorage; VFR 9500; supplying the cabin in the Pass.
 2008-02-23CharterPANC-PANC1.75Quest Kodiak - CargoAnchorage - Trading Bay - Anchorage; VFR; cargo flight.
 2008-02-22CharterPANC-PANC3.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoAnchorage - Middleton Island - Anchorage; IFR 9000'; cargo supplies to the Island base.
 2008-02-21CharterPANC-PANC2.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoAnchorage - Seward - Chenega - Anchorage; VFR 3000'; cargo run.
 2008-02-20CharterCYVR-PANC4.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterVancouver - Anchorage; IFR FL340; Cargo run to restock our FBO.
 2008-02-16CharterCYZT-CYBD1.50MAAM DC-3 - Viva CargoPort Hardy - Bella Bella - Bella Coola; VFR; final 2 legs of the Vancouver Island tour. Restocking beer run.
 2008-02-14CharterCYBL-CYZT0.75De Havilland DH98 Mosquito IICampbell River - Alert Bay - Port Hardy; VFR 4000'; continueing the Vancouver Island tour.
 2008-02-12CharterNZTG-NZTG1.00Boeing Stearman PT-17Taking the Stearman for a scenic and checking out the payware Tauranga NZ scenery.
 2008-02-10CharterCAK4-CYBL1.00Savoia Marchetti SM.79 SparvieroWoss - Courtenay - Campbell River; VFR; Day 3 of the Vancouver Island tour. Low level through the valleys.
 2008-02-09CharterCBS8-CAK41.25Savoia Marchetti SM.79 SparvieroAlberni Valley - Tofino - Woss; VFR; Day 2 of the Vancouver Island Taildragger Party.
 2008-02-08CharterCYYJ-CBS81.25Savoia Marchetti SM.79 SparvieroVictoria - Nanaimo - Qualicum Beach - Alberni Valley ;VFR ;Starting the Viva Vancouver Island Taildragger party hop.
 2008-02-06CharterCYVR-KSUN1.75Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterVancouver - Friedman Meml; IFR FL330; delivering building supplies and beer to Hailey down in Idaho.
 2008-02-03CharterKLVM-1U11.75Aero Commander 560BLivingstone - Moose Creek; VFR 10500; delivering supplies to the USFS cabins.
 2008-02-02CharterKWYS-KLVM0.75DHC-6 Twin Otter - WheelsWest Yellowstone - Mission/Livingstone; VFR 12,500'.
 2008-02-01CharterKJAC-KWYS1.00DHC-6 Twin Otter - WheelsJackson Hole - West Yellowstone; VFR 12500'.
 2008-01-28CharterKBIL-KCOD0.75Hawker Siddeley HS.780 Andover C1Billings - Cody; Low Level Ops.
 2008-01-28CharterKCOD-KJAC0.75Avro York M24Yellowstone Regl/Cody - Jackson Hole; VFR; cargo delivery.
 2008-01-27CharterKFCA-KBIL1.50Embraer EMB-120Glacier Park/Kalispell - Billings; IFR FL170; cargo run.
 2008-01-26CharterKHVR-KFCA1.50MAAM DC-3 - CargoHarve - Glacier Park/Kalispell; VFR 8500; delivering some much needed supplies.
 2008-01-23CharterKGGW-KHVR1.00Alphasim De Havilland C-7 CaribouWakoal/Glasgow - Harve; VFR 4000'; cargo run.
 2008-01-21CharterKMSO-KGGW1.75Curtiss C-46A CommandoMissoula - Wakoal/Glasgow; VFR 9500'; another cargo run .... Montana Moonshine.
 2008-01-20CharterKASE-KMSO2.00Eaglesoft Citation II/SPAspen-Pitkin - Missoula; IFR FL360; time to check out some Montana action.
 2008-01-19CharterKGEG-KASE2.75Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoSpokane - Aspen Pitkin; IFR FL200; flying a load of medical supplies.
 2008-01-18CharterW12-KGEG1.00Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoLost River - Spokane; VFR 10,500; a short cargo hop .
 2008-01-16CharterCAK4-W121.50AFG Beech King Air 300Woss - Lost River Resort; VFR 10500; Taking some developers to visit the resort.
 2008-01-13CharterPALR-PAGB1.00Beechcraft D18S CargoChandalar Lake - Chandalar Shelf - Galbraith Lake; continueing the cargo run through the Brooks Range.
 2008-01-12CharterCXF-PALR0.50Beechcraft D18S CargoColdfoot - Chandalar Lake; VFR 3000'; cargo run in the Brooks Range in Central Alaska.
 2008-01-09CharterCYHZ-CYYT1.50Vistaliners Boeing 727-100 Reeve AleutianHalifax - St John's; IFR FL330; Leg 12 of the Trans Canada party.
 2008-01-09CharterCYYT-CYFB3.00Vistaliners Boeing 727-100 Reeve AleutianSt John's - Iqaluit; IFR FL360; The final leg in Viva's Trans Canada Party.
 2008-01-08CharterCYFC-CYHZ1.35Vistaliners Boeing 727-100 Reeve AleutianFredericton - Charlottetown - Halifax; IFR/VFR FL200; Completing 10 & 11, two short legs in the Trans Canada Viva Rave up.
 2008-01-06CharterCYQB-CYFC1.00Vistaliners Boeing 727-100 Reeve AleutianQuebec Lesage - Fredricton; IFR FL200; Leg 9 of the Viva Trans Canada Party.
 2008-01-05CharterCYYZ-CYQB2.00Vistaliners Boeing 727-100 Reeve AleutianToronto Pearson - Ottawa - Quebec Lesage; IFR FL200 ; Legs 7 & 8 of the Trans Canada Party.
 2008-01-02CharterCYWG-CYYZ2.25Vistaliners Boeing 727-100 Reeve AleutianWinnipeg - Toronto Pearson; IFR FL330; Leg 6 of the Viva Trans Canada trip.
 2008-01-01CharterCYEG-CYWG2.25Vistaliners Boeing 727-100 Reeve AleutianEdmonton - Regina - Winnipeg; IFR FL300; continueing the Trans Canada Viva Party.
 2007-12-31CharterCYXY-CYEG3.50Vistaliners Boeing 727-100 Reeve AleutianWhitehorse - Yellowknife - Edmonton; IFR FL330; legs 2 & 3 of the Trans Canada Party.
 2007-12-30CharterCYYJ-CYXY2.50Vistaliners Boeing 727-100 Reeve AleutianVictoria - Whitehorse; IFR FL360; the start of the Trans Canada Party.
 2007-12-28CharterCAK4-CYAZ0.50Bugatti P-100Woss - Tofino. Having some fast fun down the coast.
 2007-12-25CharterCAK4-CAK41.00Dornier Do 27A4Out of Woss searching for the old strip by Crawfish Lake.
 2007-12-25CharterCAK4-CAK40.75Mudry CAP-10 BHaving some Christmas fun at Woss in the new aerobatic CAP 10 .... WOW !!
 2007-12-25CharterCRAW-CRAW0.50Dornier Do 27A4Checking out the new bush strip at Crawfish Lake
 2007-12-23CharterCBY7-CAK42.00Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Sikanni Chief - Woss; IFR FL200.
 2007-12-21CharterCBD7-CBY72.00Aero Commander 560AMuddy Lake - Sikanni Chief; VFR 9500'.
 2007-12-19CharterCBS4-CBD71.15Fairchild C-119Mule Creek - Muddy Lake; VFR.
 2007-12-17CharterCYDA-CBS41.75Fairchild C-119Dawson - Mule Creek; VFR 10,000'.
 2007-12-15CharterCYZF-CYDA3.75Fairchild C-119Yellowknife - Dawson; VFR 10500'; delivering a load of building supplies.
 2007-12-12CharterCYZF-CDK20.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoYellowknife - Diavik Diamond Mines; FL230; flying in mining equipment and supplies.
 2007-12-11CharterCLRD-CYZF1.75Veneaviones Rockwell Turbo Commander 690BLiard River - Yellowknife; FL180.
 2007-12-10CharterCYXS-CLRD1.75Veneaviones Rockwell Turbo Commander 690BPrince George - Liard River; VFR 13500'.
 2007-12-09CharterCBW4-CBU20.75Helio H-295 Super CourierBob Quinn Lake - Iskut Village; VFR 3000'.
 2007-12-07CharterCYPW-CYPW1.00McDonnell Douglas MD500EScenic out of Powell River.
 2007-12-07CharterCAK4-CYXS2.25Veneaviones Rockwell Turbo Commander 690BWoss - Smithers - Prince George; VFR 13500; A group of business execs wanted to check out a few deals.
 2007-12-03CharterCYZT-CYZT0.75Antonov An-148Checking out the new An-148 at Port Hardy.
 2007-12-02CharterCYVR-CAK41.50Beechcraft D18S CargoVancouver - Woss; VFR 3000'; Cargo run, with a stop off at Campbell River.
 2007-12-01CharterCBW3-CYXS1.00Fairchild C-119Fort Graham - Prince George; VFR 6500'.
 2007-12-01CharterCYXS-CYVR1.75Fairchild C-119Prince George - Vancouver; VFR 10,500'.
 2007-11-29CharterPAKT-CBW31.50Fairchild C-119Ketchikan - Fort Graham; VFR 9500'.
 2007-11-25CharterCYVR-PAKT2.50Fairchild C-119Vancouver - Ketchikan; VFR 10500'; more cargo moving north.
 2007-11-24CharterCZAM-CZAM0.75Westland Whirlwind Mk.I.Checking out the new Whirlwind at Salmon Arm.
 2007-11-24CharterCAS9-CAS91.00Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (Amphib)Out of Fort Langley SPB to deliver supplies to Tingle and Thomas Lakes.
 2007-11-17CharterCBQ2-CBQ21.25McDonnell Douglas MD500EOut of Fort Langley to check on several lakes suitable for constructing cabins.
 2007-11-17CharterCBQ2-CBQ21.50Hughes 500DFort Langley - Thomas Lake - Fort Langley; Taking supplies for the construction workers.
 2007-11-16CharterCYBL-CYBL0.75De Havilland DH98 Mosquito NFIIChecking out the new Mossie at Campbell River.
 2007-11-14CharterCYWG-CYVR3.00Vistaliners Boeing 727-100Winnipeg - Vancouver; IFR FL340.
 2007-11-11CharterCBA7-CBA70.75Hawker Siddeley HS.780 Andover C1Out of Scar Creek for a low level flight through the valleys of BC.
 2007-11-11CharterCYYZ-CYWG2.25Vistaliners Boeing 727-100Toronto Pearson - Winnipeg; IFR FL340; heading back to the west coast with a load of cargo.
 2007-11-10CharterCYFD-CYFD0.75Abacus Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)A short flight out of Brantford to David V's farm and touring the local area.
 2007-11-09CharterCYRT-CYFD3.25Vistaliners Boeing 737-200Rankin Inlet - Brantford; IFR FL330; just a little diversion to drop in on David V with a couple of pallet loads of beer.
 2007-11-04CharterCYBB-CYRT2.50PAD DHC-6 Twin Otter - CargoPelly Bay - Rankin Inlet; VFR 8500'; Moving more cargo up in Nunavut.
 2007-11-02CharterCYQH-CYBB2.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoWatson Lake - Pelly Bay; IFR FL320; Cargo run up to the wilds of Nunavut.
 2007-11-01CharterCYZL-CBK70.75PAD DHC6 Twin Otter - CargoLiard River - Mile 422; VFR with a beach landing at Mile 462 SPB.
 2007-10-30CharterCYYJ-CYYJ1.00Hughes 500DChecking out some scenery mods at Victoria and the Viva base.
 2007-10-28CharterCAB5-CAB60.75Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - CargoBronson Creek - Scud River; 2500'. Dropping off various bits need at the cabins.
 2007-10-27CharterCYSQ-CAB52.00Abacus Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Atlin - Bronson Creek; VFR 9500' with a landing at Scud River and Glacier.
 2007-10-26CharterCYXY-CYSQ1.00Abacus Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Whitehorse - Atlin; VFR 3500' via Carcross.
 2007-10-25CharterSETM-SETM1.00Dreamwings DHC Dash8 Q100Camilo Ponce, La Toma, Ecuador; trying out the approach as shown in the video clip.
 2007-10-24CharterPABR-CYXY2.25Vistaliners B737-200Barrow - Whitehorse; IFR FL330.
 2007-10-19CharterPANC-PABR3.00FSDZigns Lockheed L-049A ConstellationAnchorage - Barrow; VFR 9500', another cargo run to the northern extremes of Alaska.
 2007-10-14CharterCYZT-PANC4.25FSDZigns Lockheed L-049A ConstellationPort Hardy - Anchorage; VFR 14,500' .
 2007-10-13CharterCYXS-CYXS0.75FSDZigns Lockheed L-049A ConstellationChecking out a few mods on the Connie at Prince George.
 2007-10-12CharterCYQQ-CYQQ0.75Aero Vodochody L-159BOut of Comox checking out the new Czech Jet.
 2007-10-11CharterCAPE-CAPE0.75McDonnell Douglas MD500Capes Lake - Delight Lake - Capes Lake; dropping off a couple at the cabin.
 2007-10-10CharterCAH3-CAH31.00Alphasim Westland Merlin HC-3Courtenay - Capes Lake - Courtenay; stocking the new lodge and checking out other lakes in the area.
 2007-10-07CharterCAK4-CAK41.25De Havilland DH82a Tiger MothSeveral flights out of Woss, scenics and aerobatics.
 2007-10-05CharterCAK4-CAK41.25McDonnell Douglas MD500EChecking out some lakes in the Woss area for a new cabin location.
 2007-10-05CharterCAK4-CAK41.00Spartan ExecutiveScenic out of Woss
 2007-10-03CharterKPDX-CAK42.00Hawker Siddeley HS748 Viva CargoPortland - Woss; VFR 8500', tracking up the coast with another load of cargo.
 2007-09-29CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25North American P-51D MustangOut of Vancouver to chase AI traffic and have some fun.
 2007-09-29CharterPANC-KSEA3.50feelThere Boeing 737-400 Alaska salmonAnchorage - Seattle; IFR FL350, flying the Alaska salmon route.
 2007-09-25CharterCYXJ-CYZF3.00Hawker Siddeley HS748 First AirFt St John - Yellowknife; VFR 8500', cargo run.
 2007-09-23CharterCYVR-CYXJ2.75Curtiss C-46A CommandoVancouver - Ft St John; VFR 10,500', cargo flight.
 2007-09-22CharterCYYJ-CYYJ1.50Grumman Goose G21aScenic flight around the San Juan Islands.
 2007-09-20CharterCYXJ-CYZJ1.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterFort St John scenic
 2007-09-18CharterCAK4-CAK41.00DHC-3 Otter PZL WheelsChecking out the new PZL Otter at Woss.
 2007-09-17CharterL67-FMR1.50Rockwell Turbo Commander 690BRialto - Hilton's Flying-M Ranch; VFR 15500', joining the search for Steve Fossett.
 2007-09-16CharterKRBG-L674.75AOPA/Flight One Piper Cherokee SixRoseburg - Rialto; VFR 9500'. The final return leg in Stefan's adventure trip to BC.
 2007-09-15CharterCYCD-KRBG3.50AOPA/Flight One Piper Cherokee SixNanaimo - Bellingham - Roseburg; VFR 3500 -9500'. Heading south along Stefan's route.
 2007-09-14CharterCYPK-CYCD1.25AOPA/Flight One Piper Cherokee SixPitt Meadows - Qualicum Beach - Nanaimo; VFR.
 2007-09-09CharterKRBG-CYPK3.25AOPA/Flight One Piper Cherokee SixRoseburg - Pitt Meadows; VFR 8500' with a stop at Abbotsford. The final leg of Stefans flight into the Promised Land.
 2007-09-08CharterKFCH-KRBG3.50AOPA/Flight One Piper Cherokee SixFresno Chandler Exec - Roseburg; VFR 8500', continueing to follow Stefan's route to BC.
 2007-09-06CharterL67-KFCH2.50AOPA/Flight One Piper Cherokee SixRialto - Fresno Chandler Exec. VFR 8500'. Flying Stefan's Trip to BC.
 2007-09-02CharterCYVR-PAFA3.50HJG Boeing 707-320CVancouver - Fairbanks; IFR FL340, late afternoon cargo run up the coast.
 2007-08-30CharterCAB5-CAB51.00LZ Sikorsky S-76-ExecScenic out of Bronson Creek.
 2007-08-26CharterPHNL-CYVR5.50HJG Boeing 707-320CHonolulu - Vancouver; IFR FL350.
 2007-08-25CharterCYVR-PHNL5.50HJG Boeing 707-320CVancouver - Honolulu; IFR FL340. Cargo flight.
 2007-08-23CharterCYQQ-CYQQ1.50Ready for Pushback Boeing 747-200FTrying something a bit different, the Ready for Pushback Boeing 747-200 Flying Tigers. Ex payware now freeware.
 2007-08-19CharterKMSO-CYRV1.50Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoMissoula - Revelstoke; VFR 10500'.
 2007-08-18CharterCYLW-KMSO1.75JBK Douglas DC4-1009Kelowna - Missoula; VFR 9500'. Off to help Sid supply the forest fire workers.
 2007-08-16CharterCYXS-CYRV1.25Dreamwings DHC Dash8 Q100Prince George - Revelstoke; VFR 9000'.
 2007-08-15CharterCYAZ-CYAZ1.00Convair 240Tofino area scenic flight.
 2007-08-12CharterCYSQ-CYXS1.75Dreamwings DHC Dash8 Q100Atlin - Prince George; 11500' VFR , continueing the BC scenic flight with a rowdy bunch of Kiwi's.
 2007-08-11CharterCYPR-CYSQ1.50Dreamwings Dash8 Q100Prince Rupert - Atlin; 12500' VFR, scenic flight along the coastal mountains.
 2007-08-09CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25MBB BK-117Scenic flight out of Vancouver Intl.
 2007-08-08CharterCYCP-CYRV1.00IRIS T-6/A Texan IIBlue River - Revelstoke; More fun in the Texan.
 2007-08-04CharterPADK-CYPR3.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoAdak - Prince Rupert; IFR FL350.
 2007-08-02CharterAQY-AQY1.00Aero Commander 560AOut of Girdwood for a scenic flight through the mountains.
 2007-07-30CharterPADU-PADK3.00Fokker F28 Mk4000 CargoUnalaska - St Paul Island - Adak; FL330, the last of the Aleutian cargo run.
 2007-07-29CharterPANC-PAPH1.75Fokker F28 Mk4000 CargoAnchorage - Port Heiden; FL300. A cargo run down the Aleutians.
 2007-07-29CharterPAPH-PADU1.25Fokker F28 Mk4000 CargoPort Heiden - Unalaska. Moving further out on the Aleutians.
 2007-07-28Charter1.50VariousChecking FS Genesis - West Coast & Rockies.Great freeware mesh.
 2007-07-27CharterCYEV-PANC1.75Fokker F28 Mk4000 CargoInuvik - Anchorage; FL330. Another cargo flight in the new Project Fokker F28-4000.
 2007-07-25CharterCAV5-CAV50.50Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (amphib)Checking out Sullivan Bay SPB
 2007-07-21CharterCYZF-CYEV2.00Fokker F28 Mk1000Yellowknife - Inuvik; FL300, taking the new Fokker for route evaluation.
 2007-07-20CharterCYXY-CYZF3.25Douglas DC-4Whitehorse - Yellowknife; VFR 9500'.
 2007-07-18CharterCYZT-CYXY2.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterPort Hardy - Whitehorse; FL360.
 2007-07-17CharterCAK4-CAK41.25North American P-51D MustangMustang fun at Woss.
 2007-07-14CharterKHND-CYZT3.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterHenderson(Nevada) - Port Hardy; FL360.
 2007-07-10CharterI08-I081.25Aerosoft PA-18 Super Cub - TundraOut of Cabin Creek Idaho to check out a few new strips.
 2007-07-07CharterKHND-KHND1.00North American P-51D MustangOut of Henderson Field - Las Vegas for some sight seeing in the Mustang.
 2007-07-06CharterCYVR-KLAS2.75Eaglesoft Citation II/SPVancouver - Las Vegas; IFR FL370.
 2007-07-04CharterCZGF-CZGF0.75Iris P-40F WarhawkA bit of fun in classic warbird.
 2007-07-04CharterCAB5-CBW40.50North American P-51D MustangBronson Crek - Bob Quinn Lake.
 2007-07-01CharterCYGB-CYGB1.25McDonnell Douglas MD500EOut of Gillies Bay to check out the new Texada Island scenery.
 2007-07-01CharterCAG9-CAG90.75Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (amphib)Scenic flight out of Surge Narrows SPB.
 2007-06-29CharterCAB5-CBW40.75Helio H-295 Super CourierBronson Creek - Bob Quinn Lake.
 2007-06-24CharterCAU6-CAU61.00Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (amphib)Scenic out of Gold River SPB.
 2007-06-23CharterCDEN-CBD72.00DHC Dash 7-101 CargoDean River - Muddy Lake; VFR 12,500'.
 2007-06-22CharterCZGF-CZGF1.00North American P-51D MustangChasing AI Traffic out of Grand Forks.
 2007-06-21CharterCAK4-CDEN1.25DHC Dash 7-100Woss - Dean River; VFR 10,500'; cargo run with supplies for the Dean River lodge.
 2007-06-20CharterCAM3-CYYJ1.25Bell/Textron 430Looking for Butler Field. No joy.
 2007-06-19CharterCBF9-CBF90.50Dehavilland Dash-7The Dash 7 at Mabel Lake.
 2007-06-19CharterCAU8-CAU80.75Dehavilland Dash-7More Dash 7 flying out of Rivers Inlet.
 2007-06-16CharterCZBB-CZBB2.00VariousSome short flights around the Fraser Delta to check out new scenery at Boundary Bay,Delta Heritage Airpark,Langley and Chilliwack.
 2007-06-15CharterCDEN-CDEN0.50Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - CargoDean River scenic
 2007-06-15CharterCDEN-CDEN0.50Aero A-102Checking out this Czech beauty at Dean River.
 2007-06-14CharterCAU8-CAU81.00Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (Tundra)A scenic flight out of Rivers Inlet.
 2007-06-13CharterCAK3-CAK31.50Hughes 500DOut of Delta Heritage Airpark for several flights around the area
 2007-06-10CharterCBQ2-CBQ21.00McDonnell Douglas MD500EA return trip from Fort Langley to the lodge at Widgeon Lake.
 2007-06-09CharterCZNL-CZNL1.50Bell/Textron 430A scenic round trip out of Nelson to Castlegar, Trail, Salmo back to Nelson.
 2007-06-08Charter2.00Hughes 500DOver the last few days there have been inspections at numerous airstrips checking on construction progress.
 2007-06-03CharterCAG3-CAG31.25Aerospatiale AS350More scenic flights out of Chilko Lake Tsylos Park to the Wilderness Ranch and around the area.
 2007-06-02CharterCAG3-CAG31.50Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - CargoChilko Lake - Tsuniah Lake Lodge - Twin Lakes - Elkin Creek Ranch - Scum Lake - Chilko Lake; Moving people and cargo to various resort lodges.
 2007-06-02CharterCAG3-CAG30.50Hughes 500DChilko Lake (Tsylos Park Lodge) - Chilko Lake Wilderness Ranch - Chilko Lake (Tsylos Park Lodge); dropping off a couple of guests to the Wilderness Lodge.
 2007-06-01CharterCBH2-CBX21.50Hughes 500DHelmet - Yoyo - Mobile Sierra; Checking on the construction teams work in developing the bases in the northeastern BC.
 2007-05-31CharterCBL9-CBL90.75Grumman G44A WidgeonScenic flights out of the Elkin Creek Guest Ranch.
 2007-05-30CharterCAX5-CAX50.75Cessna 150 LChecking the new Cessna 150 Aerobat out at Likely.
 2007-05-30CharterCLRD-CLRD0.50Rockwell Turbo Commander 690BOut of Liard River in the new Viva painted Turbo Commander.
 2007-05-27CharterCYYC-CYXC1.00North American F-86 SabreCalgary - Cranbrook; Checking out the CanUK Calgary & Springbank scenery before heading over the border to Cranbrook.
 2007-05-26CharterW12-O9S1.25Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - CargoLost River - Sullivan Bay State; VFR 8000', to deliver cargo to the newly opened lodge.
 2007-05-23Charter1.50Hughes 500DChecking out various airports after installing Ultimate Traffic. Cool.
 2007-05-20CharterO9S-O9S0.75Hughes 500DScenic flight out of Sullivan Lake State.
 2007-05-18CharterL67-L671.00ALPHA BLEU CIEL Vought F4U-7 CorsairHaving fun out of Rialto CA. Checking out Stefans home field and local area.
 2007-05-17CharterW12-W121.00ALPHA BLEU CIEL Vought F4U-7 CorsairHaving fun in the F4U-7 Corsair out of Lost River.
 2007-05-17CharterCAK4-W121.50Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoWoss - Lost River; FL180, transfering some Viva beer.
 2007-05-15Charter27W-27W1.00Hughes 500DLake Wenatchee State scenic flights
 2007-05-14CharterKESW-KESW1.00P-51 MustangEaston State; Cruising around northwest Washington chasing Boeings on approach to SEA and generally having fun.
 2007-05-13CharterW12-W121.00Hughes 500DLost River scenic.
 2007-05-11CharterCYGE-CZST1.00Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoGolden - Revelstoke - Stewart; Short legs over spectaculer scenery.
 2007-05-10CharterCAK4-CAK40.75Hughes 500DOverseeing the construction at Woss
 2007-05-10CharterCAK4-CAK40.75P-51 MustangHaving some Mustang fun.
 2007-05-09CharterCZST-CAK42.25Curtiss C-46A CommandoStewart - Woss; VFR 5500'.
 2007-05-03CharterPAJN-CZST1.75Curtiss C-46A CommandoJuneau - Stewart; VFR.
 2007-05-02CharterPANC-PAJN3.25Curtiss C-46A CommandoAnchorage - Juneau; VFR 4500' via the coast.
 2007-05-01CharterPAJN-PAJN0.75Grumman F8F BearcatChecking out the new Viva Bearcat .... COOL
 2007-05-01CharterPAFA-PANC1.75Curtiss C-46A CommandoFairbanks - Anchorage; VFR 5500' via Denali Pass.
 2007-04-30CharterPAKP-PABR1.50Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Anaktuvik Pass - Barrow; VFR.
 2007-04-30CharterPABR-PAFA2.00Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Barrow - Fairbanks; VFR.
 2007-04-29Charter15Z-PAKP2.50Aeroworx Beech King Air B200McCarthy - Anakyuvik Pass via Chisana where we had to make a brief stop.
 2007-04-28CharterPAHO-15Z1.50Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Homer - McCarthy; VFR 15,500'.
 2007-04-27CharterPATK-PAHO1.00Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Talkeetna - Homer; VFR 14500'.
 2007-04-26CharterPACV-PACV1.00Grumman F8F BearcatTaking the my new Bearcat for a blast around the Cordova area
 2007-04-26CharterPACV-PATK1.00Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Cordova - Talkeetna; VFR 12500'.
 2007-04-25CharterCYSQ-PACV2.00Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Atlin - Cordova; VFR 16500'. via Yakutat VOR.
 2007-04-24CharterCAJ9-CYSQ2.00Aero Commander 680Ft Ware - Atlin; VFR 8500', via Dease Lake NDB.
 2007-04-23CharterCYNH-CAJ91.50Aero Commander 680Hudson's Hope - Fort Ware; VFR, with a stop at Ingenika.
 2007-04-21CharterCBX7-CBX70.75Pacific Aerospace Fletcher FU24-954Testing the new Fletcher out of Tumbler Ridge and a bit of topdressing.
 2007-04-20CharterPAKT-PAKT1.75Beechcraft D18S CargoKetchikan - Prince Rupert - Annette Island - Ketchikan; Cargo run delivering to the outposts.
 2007-04-18CharterCYYD-PAKT1.50Beechcraft D18S CargoSmithers - Ketchikan; VFR 4500', following the Skeena River out to the coast.
 2007-04-17CharterCZST-CZST1.25Aerospatiale AS350Scenic flight out of Stewart to check on the newly installed Misty Fjords.
 2007-04-15CharterCYSQ-PAYA1.25Hughes 500DAtlin - Yakutat; checking out the newly installed Glacier Bay v2 - Awesome.
 2007-04-14CharterCAB5-PAWG0.75Curtiss C-46A CommandoBronson Creek - Wrangell; VFR 1800' checking out Tongass Fjords.
 2007-04-13CharterCYYD-CYXY3.00Curtiss C-46A CommandoSmithers - Whitehorse; VFR 9500'.
 2007-04-09CharterCYVR-CYKA1.25Curtiss C-46A CommandoVancouver - Kamloops; VFR 9500'. Another cargo run for the guys.
 2007-04-09CharterCYKA-CYYD2.25Curtiss C-46A CommandoKamloops - Smithers; VFR 8500'. Making our way back up north to help Sid with the cargo contract.
 2007-04-06CharterKGZ-15Z0.75Abacus Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Glacier Creek - McCarthy
 2007-04-05CharterCYSQ-CYSQ1.00Douglas A-26B InvaderChecking the new A-26B Invader out of Atlin.
 2007-03-27CharterCYSE-CYSE1.00Aerosoft PA-18 Super Cub - TundraRiver survey flight out of Squamish.Checking the gravel bars for an upcoming fishing trip.
 2007-03-20CharterPHKO-PHTO1.50PZL Wilga - wheelsKona - Hilo; VFR 1000', scenic flight along the coast.
 2007-03-18CharterPHOG-PHKO0.75Flight1 Cessna 421C Golden EagleKahului - Kona; VFR 3000', moving onto the next watering hole.
 2007-03-17CharterPHOG-PHOG1.25Aerospatiale AS-350Scenic flight out of Kahului over Mt Haleakala and Hana.
 2007-03-16CharterPHLI-PHOG1.25Flight1 Cessna 421C Golden EagleLihue - Kahului; VFR 5500',more tropical fun.
 2007-03-14CharterPHNL-PHLI0.75Flight1 Cessna 421C Golden EagleHonolulu - Lihue; VFR 3000'. Meeting up with Stefan.
 2007-03-13CharterPAVD-PHNL5.00Eaglesoft Citation XValdez - Honolulu; IFR FL510, meeting up with Stefan to indulge in the Aloha spirit.
 2007-03-12CharterPAYA-PAVD1.25Embraer EMB-120Yakutat - Valdez; VFR 12,500', helping out Everts Air Cargo.
 2007-03-08CharterPAFW-PAYA2.75Curtiss C-46A CommandoFarewell - Yakutat; VFR 5500'. Went via Rainy Pass and had a brief stop at Cordova.
 2007-03-07CharterPAOM-PAFW2.25Curtiss C-46A CommandoNome - Farewell; VFR 5500', dropping off some parts and extra supplies for the Iditarod.
 2007-03-06CharterPAUN-PAOM2.00Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (skis)Unalakleet - Nome; VFR. Day 3 of the Iditarod supply run with landings at Shaktoolik, Koyuk, Elim & White Mountain.
 2007-03-05CharterPAMC-PAUN3.00Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (skis)McGrath - Unalakleet; VFR, Iditarod supply run day 2. Landings at Takotna, Ophir, Shageluk, Anvik, Grayling & Kaltag.
 2007-03-04CharterPANC-PAMC2.75Cessna C185 Skywagon (skis)Anchorage - McGrath; VFR, Iditarod supply run with landings at Willow, Skwentna, Rainy Pass & Nikolai.
 2007-03-02CharterPADL-PAVD2.50Curtiss C-46A CommandoDillingham - Valdez; VFR 5500'. via Iliamna, Kenai, Lawing and Whittier.
 2007-02-28CharterPADL-PADL1.00Curtiss C-46A CommandoDillingham. Pre-acceptance flight. It's ok and ready for the cargo runs.
 2007-02-27CharterPAIL-PATG1.25Curtiss C-46A CommandoIliamna - Togiak; VFR 3000', Fuel delivery flight.
 2007-02-26CharterPATK-PAIL1.50Beechcraft D18S CargoTalkeetna - Iliamna; VFR 3000' via Lake Clark Pass.
 2007-02-26CharterPATK-PATK1.50Hughes 500DMt McKinley scenic out of Talkeetna.
 2007-02-25CharterCHP-PAFA0.75MAAM DC-3 - CargoCircle Hot Springs - Fairbanks; VFR 5000'.
 2007-02-25CharterPAFA-PATK1.75Beechcraft D18S CargoFairbanks - Talkeetna; VFR 3000' with landings at McKinley National Park and Denali.
 2007-02-24CharterPANI-CHP3.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoAniak - Circle Hot Springs; VFR 5500' via Minchumina Lake.
 2007-02-18CharterPANV-PANI1.75MAAM DC-3 - CargoAnvik - St Mary's - Aniak; VFR 3000'.
 2007-02-17CharterPDCK-PANV2.25MAAM DC-3 - CargoDahl Creek - Anvik; VFR 3500'. Also stopped off at Kaltag do deliver the usual.
 2007-02-16CharterPAKP-PDCK1.50MAAM DC-3 - CargoAnaktuvuk Pass - Dahl Creek; VFR 3000'. More essential supplies to the outlying communtities.
 2007-02-13CharterPAOT-PAKP1.25Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoKotzebue - Anaktuvuk Pass; FL300, another cargo run to the outlying settlements
 2007-02-11CharterPANC-PAOT1.50Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterAnchorage - Kotzebue; IFR FL300.
 2007-02-10CharterCBS4-PANC3.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoMule Creek - Anchorage; VFR 3000', via the coast after crossing the coastal mountains.
 2007-02-08CharterCYSQ-CBS41.25MAAM DC-3 - CargoAtlin - Mule Creek; 4000' VFR via Skagway and Haines, a trip through the valleys.
 2007-02-07CharterCEX4-CYSQ2.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoCarmacks - Ross River - Atlin; VFR 6500'.
 2007-02-03CharterCYEV-CEX43.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoInuvik - Carmacks; VFR 6500' with stops at Eagle Plains & Pelly Crossing.
 2007-01-30CharterCYEV-CYEV1.75MAAM DC-3 - CargoCargo run out of Inuvik with stops at Aklavik and Fort McPherson before returning to Inuvik.
 2007-01-27CharterCYZF-CYEV4.25MAAM DC-3 - CargoYellowknife - Inuvik; VFR with stops at Norman Wells & Fort Good Hope.
 2007-01-24CharterCYCB-CYZF3.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoCambridge Bay - Yellowknife; VFR 5500'. With a brief stop at Lupin to drop off cargo.
 2007-01-20CharterCYRB-CYCB2.75MAAM DC-3 - CargoResolute Bay - Cambridge Bay; VFR 8500'.
 2007-01-19CharterCYFB-CYRB2.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200Iqaluit - Resolute Bay; IFR FL320. Taking a contruction team to carry out some building work.
 2007-01-18CharterCYCS-CYRT0.50Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoChesterfield Inlet - Rankin Inlet; 3000'. Positioning flight.
 2007-01-18CharterCYRT-CYFB2.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoRankin Inlet - Iqaluit, via Pelly Bay; FL240.
 2007-01-17CharterCYTN-CYCS2.25Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoThompson (Manitoba) - Chesterfield Inlet (Nunavut); FL200.
 2007-01-13CharterCYYC-CYTN2.75Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoCalgary - Thompson, Manitoba; IFR FL230.
 2007-01-11CharterCYQR-CYYC2.00Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoRegina - Calgary; IFR FL200.
 2007-01-09CharterCYWG-CYQR1.50Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoWinnipeg - Regina; IFR FL200.
 2007-01-08CharterCYFD-CYWG3.50Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoBrantford - Winnipeg; IFR FL200, via Thunder Bay VOR.
 2007-01-06CharterCYAW-CYFD3.25Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoHalifax Shearwater - Brantford; IFR FL240. Time to pay David V a visit.
 2007-01-03CharterCYQT-CYAW4.50Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoThunder Bay - Halifax Shearwater; IFR FL240. Just thought I would pop out east to see Danno.
 2007-01-02CharterCYYQ-CYQT2.75Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoChurchill - Thunder Bay; IFR FL210.
 2007-01-01CharterCYHY-CFA71.50Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoHay River - Ft Resolution - Taltheilei; Cargo Run.
 2007-01-01CharterCFA7-CYBB3.00Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoTaltheilei Narrows NWT- Kugaaruk Pelly Bay; IFR FL200; another cargo run to the far reaches of Nunavut.
 2007-01-01CharterCYBB-CYYQ2.25Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoPelly Bay - Churchill; IFR FL210.
 2006-12-26CharterCYCB-CYHY3.00Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoCambridge Bay - Hay River; FL210.
 2006-12-25CharterCYZF-CYZF0.50Alphasim Westland Merlin HC-3Local flight out of Yellowknife.
 2006-12-25CharterCYZF-CYZF0.75Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoYellowknife scenic flight in my new aircraft.
 2006-12-25CharterCYZF-CYCB2.75Flight1 Pilatus PC-12 - CargoYellowknife - Cambridge Bay; FL200, delivering presents for the local children.
 2006-12-24CharterCYXY-CYZF3.50MAAM DC-3 - CargoWhitehorse - Yellowknife; VFR 10,000. Delivering some goodies for the kids.
 2006-12-20CharterCAK4-CAK41.00Hughes OH-6ALocal flight out of Woss.
 2006-12-18CharterCYYJ-CYYJ1.00Hughes 500DChecking the new Victoria scenery and making the Viva base.
 2006-12-11CharterCYRV-CYRV0.75Hughes 500DLocal flights around Revelstoke.
 2006-12-09CharterCYXY-CYXY1.00Hughes 500DLocal flights around Whitehorse.
 2006-12-07CharterPADU-PADU1.25Hughes 500DLocal flights around Dutch Harbor - Unalaska.
 2006-12-06CharterPSGY-CYSQ1.50Hughes 500DSkagway - Atlin.
 2006-12-06CharterCYXY-PADU3.00Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoWhitehorse - Dutch Harbour; IFR FL340. via Middleton Is, Kodiak and Cold Bay VOR's.
 2006-12-05CharterCYSM-CYSM0.75Hughes 500DScenic flights out of Ft Smith.
 2006-11-27CharterCFV6-CFV61.50Alphasim V-22 OspreyMargaret River; SAR.
 2006-11-26CharterCFV6-CFV61.50Alphasim V-22 OspreySAR out of Margaret Lake. Stll looking ..
 2006-11-25CharterCYEV-CYVQ1.50FSDS3 HS748 First AirInuvik - Norman Wells; IFR 12000'.
 2006-11-25CharterCYVQ-CYFS1.50FSDS3 HS748 First AirNorman Wells - Ft Simpson; IFR 12000'.
 2006-11-25CharterCYFS-CYXY2.00FSDS3 HS748 First AirFt Simpson - Whitehorse; IFR 12000'.
 2006-11-24CharterCYVQ-CYVQ0.75Hughes 500DScenic flights out of Norman Wells.
 2006-11-23CharterCYFS-CYFS0.75Hughes 500DScenic flights out of Ft Simpson.
 2006-11-18CharterCYOC-CYEV1.00FSDS3 HS748 First AirOld Crow - Inuvik; Moving freight.
 2006-11-18CharterCYEV-CYUB0.50FSDS3 HS748 First AirInuvik - Tuktoyaktuk; More freight to the northern people.
 2006-11-18CharterCYUB-CYEV0.75FSDS3 HS748 First AirToktoyaktuk - Inuvik; Positioning flight to be ready for the next day.
 2006-11-17CharterCYQH-CYXY1.25FSDS3 HS748 First AirWatson Lake - Whitehorse
 2006-11-16CharterCYXY-CYOC2.25FSDS3 HS748 First Air.Whitehorse - Old Crow; VFR 10,500'.
 2006-11-15CharterPHNL-CYYJ4.75Eaglesoft Citation XHonolulu - Victoria; IFR FL510.
 2006-11-11CharterPHOG-PHNL0.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200Kahului - Honolulu; IFR FL190.
 2006-11-10CharterPHNL-PHOG0.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200Honolulu - Kahului; IFR FL180. A short flight to Maui.
 2006-11-10CharterPHOG-PHOG1.00Hughes 500DScenic out of Kahului
 2006-11-07CharterCYYJ-PHNL5.00Eaglesoft Citation XVictoria - Honolulu; IFR FL510.
 2006-11-04CharterKPDX-CYBL1.50Eaglesoft Citation II/SPPortland - Campbell River; IFR FL300.
 2006-11-04CharterCYBL-CAK40.75Alphasim De Havilland C-7 CaribouCampbell River - Woss; low level cargo run.
 2006-11-01CharterKLMT-KPDX1.00Eaglesoft Citation II/SPKlamath Falls - Portland; IFR FL240.
 2006-10-30CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.75NA Harvard Mk.IIbHaving fun at Tofino.
 2006-10-29CharterKLAS-KLMT1.75Eaglesoft Citation II/SPLas Vegas - Klamath Falls; IFR FL340, via Reno.
 2006-10-28CharterPAKT-PAKT0.75AOPA/Flight One Piper Cherokee SixChecking the new AOPA Piper Cherokee Six out of Ketchikan.
 2006-10-25CharterKLXV-KLAS1.75Eaglesoft Citation II/SPLeadville - Las Vegas; IFR FL340.
 2006-10-24CharterKSFO-KLXV2.50Eaglesoft Citation II/SPSan Francisco - Leadville; IFR FL350.
 2006-10-23CharterCYBL-KSFO2.50Eaglesoft Citation II/SPCampbell River - San Francisco; IFR FL350, via Victoria, Seattle, Portland, Medford, Red Bluff and Oakland VOR's.
 2006-10-22CharterCYYD-CYPR1.00Beechcraft D18S CargoSmithers - Prince Rupert.
 2006-10-22CharterCYPR-CYBL2.00Beechcraft D18S CargoPrince Rupert - Campbell River; VFR 8500'.
 2006-10-21CharterCYZW-CYSQ0.50Beechcraft D18S CargoTeslin - Atlin.
 2006-10-21CharterCYSQ-CYDL1.00Beechcraft D18S CargoAtlin - Dease Lake; VFR 7000'.
 2006-10-21CharterCYDL-CYYD1.50Beechcraft D18S CargoDease Lake - Smithers; VFR 7500'.
 2006-10-20CharterCYCQ-CYXJ0.75Hughes 500DChetwynd - Fort St John.
 2006-10-18CharterCYQH-CYZW1.00Beechcraft D18S CargoWatson Lake - Teslin; VFR 7000'.
 2006-10-16CharterCYYE-CYQH1.50Beechcraft D18S CargoFort Nelson - Watson Lake; 5500'.
 2006-10-15CharterCYXJ-CYYE1.25Beechcraft D18S CargoFort St John - Fort Nelson; several sim crashes approaching Ft Nelson.
 2006-10-14CharterCYBL-CYXJ1.50Beechcraft D18S CargoWilliams Lake - Fort St John; several sim crashes approaching Ft St John.
 2006-10-10CharterCYBL-CYWL1.50Alphasim De Havilland C-7 CaribouCampbell River - Williams Lake; VFR, cargo run.
 2006-10-09CharterPAKT-CYBL1.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoKetchikan - Campbell River; IFR FL300.
 2006-10-08CharterPACV-PAKN1.00Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoCordova - King Salmon; IFR FL300.
 2006-10-08CharterPAKN-PAMC0.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoKing Salmon - McGrath;
 2006-10-08CharterPAMC-PAKT2.25Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoMcGrath - Ketchikan; IFR FL330.
 2006-10-03CharterPABR-CACV1.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoBarrow - Cordova; IFR FL350.
 2006-10-02CharterPAFA-PABR1.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoFairbanks - Barrow; IFR FL340. Can't really get much further north than this.
 2006-10-01CharterPAUN-PABT1.00Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoUnalakleet - Bettles; IFR FL280.
 2006-10-01CharterPABT-PFYU0.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoBettles - Fort Yukon; IFR FL260.
 2006-10-01CharterPFYU-PAFA0.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoFort Yukon - Fairbanks; IFR FL150.
 2006-09-30CharterPAOM-PAUN0.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoNome - Unalakleet; IFR FL200.
 2006-09-28CharterPAYA-PAOM2.25Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoYakutat - Nome; IFR FL340.
 2006-09-24CharterCAB5-CZST1.00Beechcraft D18S CargoBronson Creek - Stewart; VFR, an early morning flight through the mountains.
 2006-09-24CharterPABT-PABT0.50Hughes 500DA few short flights around Bettles.
 2006-09-23CharterPAGS-CAB51.50Beechcraft D18S CargoGustavus - Bronson Creek; VFR 3000'.
 2006-09-20CharterPAOR-PACV1.50Beechcraft D18S CargoNorthway - Cordova; VFR 10000', via Gulkana.
 2006-09-20CharterPACV-PAGS2.00Beechcraft D18S CargoCordova - Gustavus; VFR 9500' tracking down the coast.
 2006-09-18CharterCYXY-PAOR2.00Beechcraft D18S CargoWhitehorse - Northway; VFR 5000'. Landings at Haines Junction, Burwash & Beaver Creek.
 2006-09-16CharterCYBL-CYXS2.00Beechcraft D18S CargoCampbell River - Prince George; via Williams Lake VFR.
 2006-09-13CharterCYBL-CYBL1.00Hughes 500DCampbell River .... checking the new scenery for the field.
 2006-09-11CharterCYZP-KBFI3.75Alphasim PBY-5A CatalinaSandspit - Boeing Field, Seattle; VFR 7500'. The second leg of the delivery flight to the new owner in Seattle.
 2006-09-10CharterPANC-CYZP5.50Alphasim PBY-5A CatalinaAnchorage - Sandspit; VFR 10,000'. First leg of a delivery flight for new owner down in Seattle.
 2006-09-08CharterCBM5-PANC3.75Beechcraft D18S CargoTelegraph Creek - Anchorage; VFR 10,000'.
 2006-09-07CharterCYXY-CBM51.50Beechcraft D18S CargoWhitehorse - Telegraph Creek; VFR 9500'.
 2006-09-05CharterCYXS-CYXY4.00Beechcraft D18S CargoPrince George - Whitehorse; VFR 10500', with a landing at Dease Lake.
 2006-09-04Charter1.25Beechcraft D18S CargoPrince George - ? ; Sim crashed - flight terminated.
 2006-09-03CharterCYRV-CYXS1.75Beechcraft D18S CargoRevelstoke - Prince George; VFR 8500', north up the Columia River to McNaughton Lake then over head Valemount & McBride.
 2006-09-02CharterCYYJ-CYRV1.75Beechcraft D18S CargoVictoria - Revelstoke; VFR 8500'.
 2006-09-02CharterCYRV-CYRV1.00Hughes 500DFlying around Revelstoke to try and eliminate the cause of the CTD.
 2006-08-30CharterPAYA-CYZF2.25Eaglesoft Citation II/SPYakutat - Yellowknife; IFR FL350.
 2006-08-30CharterCYZF-CYYJ2.75Eaglesoft Citation II/SPYellowknife - Victoria; IFR FL360.
 2006-08-28CharterPANC-PANC0.50Hughes 500DChecking the new AI traffic and Viva Hangars at Anchorage.
 2006-08-25CharterPANC-PAYA1.25Eaglesoft Citation II/SPAnchorage - Yakutat; IFR FL300.
 2006-08-25CharterPAYA-PAYA1.75Beechcraft D18S CargoYakutat - Mule Creek - Yakutat; VFR 7500'. Delivering supplies and materials to a group of prospectors working in the Mule Creek area.
 2006-08-24CharterCYYJ-PANC3.75Eaglesoft Citation II/SPVictoria - Anchorage; IFR FL360.
 2006-08-22CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Aerospatiale AS-350Scenic flight out of Vancouver Intl with a landing at Grouse Mountain.
 2006-08-20CharterCBQ2-CYVR1.50Hughes 500DFort Langley - Vancouver Intl.
 2006-08-18CharterCYXT-CYXT1.00Aviation Traders\Several flights out of Terrace.
 2006-08-16CharterW12-CAK41.50Flight1 Cessna 441 ConquestLost River - Woss; via Victoria VOR.
 2006-08-15CharterKPDX-W121.00Flight1 Cessna 441 ConquestPortland - Lost River.
 2006-08-13CharterPAKW-PAKW1.25Alphasim F7F-3 TigercatSeveral flights out of Klawock checking the new addition to my hangar and viewing Tongass and Misty Fjords.
 2006-08-13CharterKASE-KPDX3.50Flight1 Cessna 441 ConquestAspen Pitkin - Portland; IFR FL260.
 2006-08-11CharterKLXV-KASE0.50Flight1 Cessna 441 ConquestLake Co - Aspen Pitkin; Repositioning flight.
 2006-08-11CharterKASE-KASE1.00Bell/Textron 430Aspen Pitkin - Lake Co ( Leadville ) - Aspen Pitkin; Popped over to Leadville to collect my passengers and to catch up with Bill Irvine who was in the area.
 2006-08-10CharterCAK4-CYBL0.50Flight1 Cessna 441 ConquestWoss - Campbell River.
 2006-08-10CharterCYBL-KLXV4.00Flight1 Cessna 441 ConquestCampbell River - Lake Co Colorado; IFR FL250.
 2006-08-09CharterCAK4-CAK40.50Hughes 500DWoss scenic
 2006-08-09CharterCAK4-CAK41.50Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (amphib)Restocking the cabins around Woss.
 2006-08-08CharterPAWG-CAK43.25Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (Tundra)Wrangell - Woss.
 2006-08-07CharterCYSQ-CYSQ0.50McDonnell Douglas MD500EShort scenic out of Atlin.
 2006-08-06CharterCAB5-CAB51.00McDonnell Douglas MD500EBronson Creek - Bradfield Creek - Bronson Creek.
 2006-08-03CharterCAB5-CAB51.00Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (Tundra)Bronson Creek - Bob Quinn Lake - Bronson Creek.
 2006-08-02CharterPAWG-CAB50.75Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - CargoWrangell - Bronson Creek. VFR 2000'.
 2006-08-01CharterCAB5-CAB51.25Bell/Textron 430Scenic out of Bronson Creek.
 2006-07-31CharterPAKT-PAKT1.50Bell/Textron 430Out of Ketchikan to explore Misty Fjords.
 2006-07-30CharterPAWG-PAWG1.25Bell/Textron 430More exploring of Tongass Fjords out of Wrangell.
 2006-07-29CharterPAWG-PASI0.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200Wrangell - Sitka; FL200.
 2006-07-29CharterPASI-PASI0.75Bell/Textron 430Tongass Fjords scenic out of Sitka.
 2006-07-28CharterPAWG-PAWG1.25Eurocopter EC120b ColibriMore exploring around Tongass
 2006-07-27CharterPAKT-PAKT1.25Hughes 500DChecking out Misty Fjords from Ketchikan
 2006-07-27CharterPAWG-PAWG0.75Hughes 500DChecking out Tongass Fjords from Wrangell
 2006-07-23CharterCBQ2-CBQ21.25Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (Tundra)A little trip out of Fort Langley and up the river north of Pitt Lake.
 2006-07-21CharterPANC-PACV1.00Wilco/Feelthere Boeing 737-400Anchorage - Cordova; IFR FL220. Salmon Run.
 2006-07-21CharterPACV-PAYA1.00Wilco/Feelthere Boeing 737-400Cordova - Yakutat; IFR FL220. Salmon Run.
 2006-07-21CharterPAYA-KBFI3.00Wilco/Feelthere Boeing 737-400Yakutat - Boeing Field/ Seattle; IFR FL360. Salmon Run.
 2006-07-19CharterKBFI-PANC3.50Tinmouse Boeing 737-200 CargoBoeing Field/Seattle - Anchorage; IFR FL360, via Victoria, Port Hardy, Sandspit, Sitka, Yukutat, Johnson VOR's.
 2006-07-18CharterCAP5-CAP51.50Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (amphib)A flight around some of the San Juan Islands from the Victoria Intl Seaplane Base.
 2006-07-17CharterKBFI-KBFI0.75Hughes 500DChecking new buidings at Boeing Field/Seattle.
 2006-07-16CharterPAJN-PAJN0.75Tinmouse Boeing 737-200Evaluation flight out of Juneau.
 2006-07-15CharterCYZP-KSEA2.50Flight1 Cessna 421C Golden EagleSandspit - Seattle; IFR 17000', via Port Hardy VOR, Comox NDB and Victoria VOR.
 2006-07-14CharterPAJN-CYZP2.00Flight1 Cessna 421C Golden EagleJuneau - Sandspit; VFR 12,500', via Level & Annette Island VOR's.
 2006-07-09CharterPAJN-PAJN1.00Eurocopter EC135 P2Scenic out of Juneau
 2006-07-08CharterPAJN-PAJN1.25Wilco/Feelthere Boeing 737-400Evaluation flight out of Juneau.
 2006-07-08CharterCYSQ-PAJN0.75Flight1 Cessna 421C Golden EagleAtlin - Juneau; VFR 9000'.
 2006-07-07CharterCYDL-CYSQ1.00Flight1 Cessna 421C Golden EagleDease Lake - Atlin; VFR 8500'.
 2006-07-06CharterCYSE-CYSE1.25Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (Tundra)A low level survey flight out of Squamish to check on suitable gravel bars for fishing.
 2006-07-05CharterCYDL-CYDL1.30Aerospatiale AS350Scenic flight out of Dease Lake.
 2006-07-03CharterCYZT-CYDL2.45Flight One Cessna 421C Golden EaglePort Hardy - Dease Lake; VFR 10500', with a brief stop off at Terrace.
 2006-07-01CharterCYXT-CYYJ3.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoTerrace - Victoria; VFR 9500', via McInnes Island NDB & Port Hardy VOR.
 2006-07-01CharterCYXT-CYXT0.75Hughes 500DLocal flights around Terrace
 2006-06-30CharterCYZP-CYXT1.25MAAM DC-3 - CargoSandspit - Terrace; VFR 3000'.
 2006-06-28CharterCYYJ-CYZP3.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoVictoria - Sandspit; VFR 8500. Freight run.
 2006-06-27CharterCYZP-CYZP0.75Hughes 500DWhale watching out of Sandspit.
 2006-06-25CharterCYBD-CYYJ3.00Beechcraft D18S AmphibBella Coola - Victoria; VFR with landings at Port Hardy and Tofino, also checking out a few lakes and inlets along the way.
 2006-06-24CharterCYZP-CYZP0.75Hughes 500DScenic flight out of Sandspit
 2006-06-24CharterCYZP-CYBD1.50Beechcraft D18S AmphibSandspit - Bella Coola; VFR 3000'.
 2006-06-23CharterCYZP-CYZP1.00Hughes 500DChecking the new Sandspit scenery
 2006-06-22CharterCAK4-CYZP1.75Beechcraft D18S AmphibWoss - Sandspit; VFR 4500'. Taking a load of building supplies up to Sandspit.
 2006-06-20CharterKSZT-8S12.25Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - CargoSandpoint ID - Polson MO; Following the route Sid and Chester took.
 2006-06-19CharterKSFO-CYVR1.75Eaglesoft Citation XSan Francisco - Vancouver; IFR FL450.
 2006-06-18CharterPHNL-KSFO4.25Eaglesoft Citation XHonolulu - San Francisco; IFR FL510.
 2006-06-17CharterNZTG-PHNL7.00Eaglesoft Citation XTauranga NZ - Honolulu; IFR FL510. via Tonga & Pago Pago VOR's.
 2006-06-16CharterNZTG-NZTG1.00Cessna L-19E Bird DogA flight around the local patch
 2006-06-15CharterPHNL-NZTG7.75Eaglesoft Citation XHonolulu - Tauranga NZ; IFR FL510, via Pago Pago, Tonga & Auckland VOR's.
 2006-06-14CharterCYVR-PHNL5.00Eaglesoft Citation XVancouver - Honolulu; IFR FL510.
 2006-06-13CharterCAK4-CAK40.75Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - AmphibA quick flight out of Woss to drop off a couple at one of the cabins.
 2006-06-11CharterCAK4-CAK40.75Alphasim De Havilland C-7 CaribouEvaluation flight of the new Caribou. Wonderfull aircraft.
 2006-06-11CharterCAK4-CAK40.75Alphasim De Havilland C-7 CaribouMore fun out of Woss
 2006-06-11CharterCAK4-WFN1.00Alphasim De Havilland C-7 CaribouWoss - Rivers Inlet; VFR , picking up machinery parts.
 2006-06-11CharterWFN-PANT1.50Alphasim De Havilland C-7 CaribouRivers Inlet - Annette Island; VFR 6500'. Delivering the machinery parts picked up from Rivers Inlet.
 2006-06-11CharterPANT-CYZT2.00Alphasim De Havilland C-7 CaribouAnnette Island - Port Hardy; VFR 7500.
 2006-06-10CharterCYQQ-CAK40.75Captain Sim C-130E HerculesComox - Woss; The Air Force generously transported the needed building materials to Woss and combined it with a low level Nav exercise.
 2006-06-10CharterCAK4-CAK41.00Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - AmphibSupply flights out of Woss to the new cabins.
 2006-06-09CharterCAK4-CAK41.50Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - AmphibChecking out the lakes in the Woss area for suitable building sites for Cabins.
 2006-06-08CharterCYAZ-CAK41.75Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - AmphibTofino - Woss; with landings at Tofino waterfront, Lars' cabin and Woss Lake.
 2006-06-05CharterCYBL-CYBL1.25Beechcraft D18S AmphibMoving freight to the islands east of Campbell River
 2006-06-04CharterCBQ2-CYSE1.50Aerosoft PA-18 Super Cub - TundraFort Langley - Squamish. A nice low level trip through the valley to do a bit of fishing up the river to the northwest of Squamish.
 2006-06-04CharterCYSE-CBQ21.00Aerosoft PA-18 Super Cub - TundraSquamish - Fort Langley.
 2006-06-03CharterCYXY-CYXS2.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-200 FreighterWhitehorse - Prince George; IFR FL330.
 2006-06-03CharterCYXS-CYYJ2.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-200 FreighterPrince George - Victoria; IFR FL300. The final leg of the far north freight run.
 2006-06-02CharterCYEV-CYXY1.50Dreamfleet Boeing 727-200 FreighterInuvik - Whitehorse; IFR FL320.
 2006-06-01CharterPABR-CYEV1.75Dreamfleet Boeing 727-200 FreighterBarrow - Inuvik; IFR FL330, with an intermediate stop at Deadhorse.
 2006-05-30CharterPAFA-PBRW1.50Dreamfleet Boeing 727-200 FreighterFairbanks - Barrow; FL320. Another leg in the freight delivery flight.
 2006-05-29CharterCYXY-PAFA1.50Dreamfleet Boeing 727-200 FreighterWhitehorse - Fairbanks; FL320, heading into the far north with more freight.
 2006-05-28CharterPAKT-CYYJ2.50Boeing 737-200Ketchikan - Victoria; IFR FL300, with a stop off at Stewart for several hours.
 2006-05-28CharterCYYJ-CYXY3.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-200 FreighterVictoria - Whitehorse; IFR FL340.
 2006-05-28CharterCBC7-CBC&1.00LZ Sikorsky S-76-ExecScenic flight from the Helijet Terminal downtown Vancouver.
 2006-05-25CharterCYZF-PAKT2.25Boeing 737-200Yellowknife - Ketchikan; IFR FL340.
 2006-05-24CharterCYYJ-CYZF2.50Boeing 737-200Victoria - Yellowknife; IFR FL300. Taking the Air North baby Boeing for a trip.
 2006-05-23CharterCAK4-CAK41.50FSD Cessna 337DLocals flights around the Woss area.
 2006-05-22CharterCAK4-CAK41.75FSD Cessna 337DSeveral short scenic flights out of Woss.
 2006-05-21CharterCYBD-CAK42.00Beechcraft D18SBella Coola - Woss; freight run with landings at Machmell logging camp and Rivers Inlet.
 2006-05-19CharterPANT-CYBD1.76Beechcraft D18SAnnette Island - Bella Coola; freight run along the coast.
 2006-05-18CharterCYYJ-CAK41.50Beechcraft D18SVictoria - Woss; a nice day for the trip up the coast.
 2006-05-18CharterCAK4-PANT2.25Beechcraft D18SWoss - Annette Island; freight run up the coast with a stop at Prince Rupert.
 2006-05-14CharterCBQ2-CBQ21.50Hughes 500DSeveral flights from Fort Langley to Widgeon Lake to check on the progress of the new cabin complex being built there.
 2006-05-13CharterCYFD-CYVR4.24Eaglesoft Citation XBrantford - Vancouver; FL510. Back home again after the European experience.
 2006-05-13CharterCAS4-CAS41.75Abacus Cessna C185 Skywagon (floats) C-FUIEOut of Fort Langley SPB to check on my cabins up in the lakes to the north of here.
 2006-05-12CharterEDDC-CYAW6.25Eaglesoft Citation XDresden - Halifax/Shearwater; IFR FL510. Bringing Danno and David V back home again after a few days with Lars.
 2006-05-12CharterCYAW-CYFD2.00Eaglesoft Citation XHalifax/Shearwater - Brantford; IFR FL360, dropping David V off at his home town field after the trip to see Lars.
 2006-05-11CharterEDAU-EDAU0.75Eurocopter EC120b ColibriRiesa - Gohlis; having a look around Lars' home town and the improved scenery for his local airfield.
 2006-05-10CharterEDDC-EDDC1.75FSD Navajo PantherTaking off out of Dresden for a look around the area where Lars lives. Up and around Berlin and lunch at Riesa at the Airport Cafe.
 2006-05-08CharterCYAW-EDDC5.75Eaglesoft Citation XHalifax/Shearwater - Dresden; IFR FL510, direct GPS route.
 2006-05-07CharterNZTG-NZTG1.50Eurocopter EC120b ColibriSeveral flights checking out the new scenery for Tauranga NZ.
 2006-05-07CharterCYVR-CYAW4.75Eaglesoft Citation XVancouver - Halifax/Shearwater; IFR FL510, Direct GPS route.
 2006-05-06CharterCBF7-CBF71.00Bell/Textron 412 - HovercontrolCamel Point Helipad - Standard Oil Rig 57 - Fairchild Intl - Camel Point Helipad. Supply Flight
 2006-05-05CharterCBA7-CBA71.25Eurocopter EC120b ColibriHaving a look around to the north of Scar Creek
 2006-05-05CharterCAK4-CYYJ0.75Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Woss - Victoria; VFR 13500'.
 2006-05-04CharterPAKT-PAKT0.50Eurocopter EC120b colibriJust a short flight around Ketchikan.
 2006-05-04CharterPAKT-CAK41.50Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Ketchikan - Woss; 18000', Taking the passengers down to our Lodge for a good party.
 2006-05-03CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.75North American F-86 SabreHooning out of Victoria.
 2006-05-03CharterCYYJ-CYYJ1.25North American F-86 SabreMore fun in the Sabre out of Victoria.
 2006-05-02CharterPAKT-PAKT2.25Realair Scout AmphibScenic flight around the Ketchikan area.
 2006-05-01CharterCYXS-PAKT1.75Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Prince George - Ketchikan. 18500'.
 2006-04-30CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25Spitfire MK1ADawn Patrol out of Vancouver.
 2006-04-29CharterCYYC-CYEG1.00Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Calgary - Edmonton.
 2006-04-29CharterCYEG-CYXS3.25Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Edmonton - Prince George; VFR, with landings at Whitecourt, Slave Lake and Peace River. Exploring the western side of Alberta.
 2006-04-27CharterCYRV-CYYC1.00Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Revelstoke - Calgary; VFR.
 2006-04-26CharterCYRV-CYRV1.00Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Taking a look around the Revelstoke area.
 2006-04-25CharterCYSE-CBQ21.25Realair Scout TundraSquamish - Fort Langley.
 2006-04-25CharterCZBB-CYRV1.25Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Boundary Bay - Revelstoke; VFR 10500.
 2006-04-24CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.50Hughes 500DChecking Sids new Tofino ... awesome.
 2006-04-23CharterCYPS-CYSE0.75Realair Scout TundraPemberton - Squamish; I'm still amazed at the incredible detail in Vancouver+, even has the Brandywine Falls.
 2006-04-22CharterCYXX-CZBB1.75Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIAbbotsford - Boundary Bay; Cruising around the Fraser Delta area checking various Vancouver+ scenery.
 2006-04-22CharterCAU6-CYWH1.50MAAM XC-47C - AmphibGold River - Victoria Harbour; VFR 2500', delivering a load of beer to Jon.
 2006-04-21CharterCBB7-CYPS1.50Aerosoft PA-18 Super Cub - TundraTipella - Pemberton; looking around Harrison Lake area before heading up the valley to Pemberton. Landing at a few cabins along the way.
 2006-04-20CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25Hughes 500DOut of Vancouver Intl to check out the newly installed Vancouver+. Awesome.
 2006-04-20CharterCBQ2-CBQ22.50Aerosoft PA-18 Super Cub - TundraDeparted Fort Langley for more exploring of Vancouver+.
 2006-04-18CharterCYCG-CZAM1.50Lockheed P-38 LightningCastlegar - Salmon Arm; went via the upper reaches of Kootenay Lake across to Revelstoke for a brief stop and then through the valley to Salmon Arm.
 2006-04-17CharterCYAW-CYVR5.50Eaglesoft Citation XHalifax/Shearwater - Vancouver; IFR FL510, nonstop flight east to west coast. Definitely the way to travel in style.
 2006-04-15CharterCYFD-CYAW5.50MAAM DC-3 - CargoBrantford - Halifax/Shearwater; VFR 5500',Fuel stop at Montreal/Dorval, the final legs to deliver Danno's beer.
 2006-04-14CharterCYVR-CYMJ4.50MAAM DC-3 - CargoVancouver Intl - Moose Jaw; VFR 10500', the first leg of the marrathon flight out east to visit Danno to deliver his monthly supply of beer.
 2006-04-14CharterCYMJ-CYQT4.25MAAM DC-3 - CargoMoose Jaw - Thunder Bay; VFR 5500', leg 2 of the west to east coast beer delivery flight for Danno.
 2006-04-14CharterCYQT-CYFD3.75MAAM DC-3 - CargoThunder Bay - Brantford; VFR 5500', leg 3 of Danno's beer delivery. Overnight at David V's.
 2006-04-12CharterCYGE-CYBA1.75Eurocopter EC135 P2A pleasant trip thought the valleys.
 2006-04-11CharterKPDX-CYYJ1.50MAAM DC-3 - CargoPortland - Victoria; VFR 8500'.
 2006-04-09CharterCYZT-CYZT1.50FSD Pilatus B2-H2 Porter - wheelsPort Hardy - Woss - Port Hardy
 2006-04-09CharterCYZT-KPDX2.25MAAM DC-3 - CargoPort Hardy - Portland; VFR 9500'.
 2006-04-08CharterCYPR-CYZT2.75MAAM DC-3 - CargoPrince Rupert - Port Hardy; VFR 6500' , via Annette Is for a short stop.
 2006-04-07CharterCBS8-CBS81.50Hughes 500DAlberni Valley Regional and around the area checking scenery.
 2006-04-07CharterCYPR-CYPR2.50Aerosoft PA-18 Super Cub - TundraOut of Prince Rupert for a low level look around the area, via Terrace and Kitimat.
 2006-04-06CharterCBW3-CYPR2.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoFort Graham - Prince Rupert; VFR 8500'.
 2006-04-05CharterCBQ2-CBQ21.25Hughes 500DFort Langley local flight.
 2006-04-05CharterCYBD-CYBD1.50Hughes 500DBella Coola area.
 2006-04-04CharterCBS8-CYQQ1.25LZ Sikorsky S-76-ExecAlberni Valley Regional - Comox; scenic around the Port Alberni area then up to Comox.
 2006-04-02CharterCYSQ-CBW32.50MAAM DC-3 - CargoAtlin - Fort Graham; VFR 9500' with a short stop at Dease Lake.
 2006-04-01CharterCYWH-CYWH1.50Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver (floats)Flying out of Victoria Harbour after installing the new Victoria scenery by Jon Patch & Holger Sandmann. Very nice guys.
 2006-04-01CharterCYZF-CYSQ4.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoYellowknife - Atlin; VFR 12500' via Fort Simpson and Watson Lake.
 2006-03-31CharterCBQ2-CBQ21.50Howard 500Fort Langley scenic.
 2006-03-30CharterCYYJ-CYYL1.00Hughes 500DJust cruising around the Victoria area
 2006-03-28CharterCYYJ-CYZF5.50MAAM DC-3 - CargoVictoria - Yellowknife; VFR 15000' freight run to the far north.
 2006-03-27CharterW12-CYYJ3.00feelThere Cessna C208B Caravan CargoLost River - Victoria; VFR , with stops at Stehekin State, Darrington, Concrete & Whidbey to deliver various supplies.
 2006-03-26CharterW12-W120.75McDonnell Douglas MD500EScenic flight out of Lost River.
 2006-03-25CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.75Gee Bee Model Z SupersportsHaving fun out of Tofino.
 2006-03-25CharterCYZT-CYZT0.75Hughes 500DPort Hardy local flight.
 2006-03-25CharterCYYJ-W121.00feelThere Cessna C208B Caravan CargoVictoria - Lost River; VFR , beer & supplies to the lodge at Lost River.
 2006-03-24CharterCYZT-CYZT0.75Bell/Textron 430Local flight at Port Hardy.
 2006-03-24CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.75Bell/Textron 430Local flight at Victoria.
 2006-03-24CharterCYZT-CYZT1.25LZ Sikorsky S-76-ExecA scenic flight out of Port Hardy.
 2006-03-23CharterCYYJ-CYYJ1.50LZ Sikorsky S-76-ExecA scenic flight out of Victoria up to Nanaimo and Daves Place.
 2006-03-22CharterPAKT-CYYJ2.25Flight1 Cessna 441 ConquestKetchikan - Victoria; FL190. via Port Hardy VOR.
 2006-03-20CharterCAK4-CAK41.00Cessna O-1A Bird DogWoss local flight.
 2006-03-19CharterCYXT-CZST1.50McDonnell Douglas MD500ETerrace - Stewart.
 2006-03-18CharterCYP8-CYP81.00McDonnell Douglas MD500EA scenic flight out of Macmillan Bloedel around the Port Alberni area.
 2006-03-17CharterCAG3-CAW31.50McDonnell Douglas MD500EChilko Lake - Scum Lake; Survey flight .
 2006-03-17CharterCAE9-CYCD1.50Bell/Textron 430Bamfield - Nanaimo; via Port Alberni and Qualicum.
 2006-03-16CharterCBQ2-CBQ21.75Realair ScoutOut of Fort Langley for a scenic flight up through the valleys and around Squamish and Pemberton.
 2006-03-16CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.75Bell/Textron 430A short scenic out of Tofino.
 2006-03-15Charter1.75Realair Scout AmphibCheck other locations after installing UT.
 2006-03-14Charter1.00Hughes 500DChecking vaious locations from Woss after installing UT.
 2006-03-14Charter1.50Bell 430Continuing to check the installation of UT.
 2006-03-13CharterPANC-PAKT2.50Flight1 Cessna 441 ConquestAnchorage - Ketchikan; IFR FL190.
 2006-03-11CharterCZBB-PANC5.00Flight1 Cessna 441 ConquestBoundary Bay - Anchorage; IFR FL200.
 2006-03-10CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.50Boeing Chinook CH-47Out of Tofino for an evening flight.
 2006-03-10Charter1.50Hughes 500DChecking the new installation of UT Canada & Alaska at various strips and fields throughout BC and SE Alaska
 2006-03-08CharterKLAX-CYYJ2.75Dreamfleet Boeing 727-200 FreighterLos Angeles - Victoria; IFR FL340.
 2006-03-07CharterKLAX-KLAX2.50Carenado Cessna 210 CenturionOut of Los Angeles for a look around the surrounding area with landings at a number of local airfields.
 2006-03-06CharterPHNL-KLAX5.00Dreamfleet Boeing 727-200 FreighterHonolulu - Los Angeles; IFR FL330.
 2006-03-05CharterPHNL-PHNL2.50FSD Piper Seneca VHonolulu - Maui - Honolulu; VFR , landings on Maui at Kahului and Hana, plus a bit of a look at some of the familiar sights.
 2006-03-04CharterCYXJ-CYVR1.75Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterFort St John - Vancouver; IFR FL300, via Prince George VOR and ILS Rwy 26L approach.
 2006-03-04CharterCYVR-PHNL5.75Dreamfleet Boeing 727-200 FreighterVancouver - Honolulu; IFR FL340, time to relax in the tropical sun for a few days.
 2006-03-03CharterCYZF-CYXJ1.50Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterYellowknife - Fort St John; IFR FL260.
 2006-03-03CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25Eurocopter EC135 P2A scenic flight out of Vancouver South Ramp for the mountains to the north of the city.
 2006-03-02CharterPAKT-CYXY1.50Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterKetchikan - Whitehorse; IFR FL260.
 2006-03-02CharterCYXY-CYZF1.75Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterWhitehorse - Yellowknife; IFR FL300.
 2006-03-01CharterCYYJ-PAKT1.75Dreamfleet Boeing 727-100 FreighterVictoria - Ketchikan; IFR FL300, via Port Hardy VOR.
 2006-02-28CharterCYZT-CYAZ1.50Captain Sim C-130E HerculesPort Hardy - Tofino; landings at Alert Bay and Woss.
 2006-02-26CharterCYQQ-CYQQ1.25Avro Vulcan B Mk2Out of Comox for a low level Nav Ex and precision beer drop at Woss.
 2006-02-25CharterKSFO-KRNO1.50Flight1 Cessna 310San Fransisco - Reno Tahoe; VFR, landed at Lake Tahoe on the way.
 2006-02-24CharterCYYZ-CYVR5.75Boeing 717-200 - JCAToronto Pearson - Vancouver; IFR FL300; Delivery flight for new aircraft.
 2006-02-20CharterCZBB-KSFO3.50Flight1 Cessna 310Boundary Bay - San Francisco; VFR 11500'.
 2006-02-19CharterCYYF-CZAM1.50Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - AmphibPenticton - Salmon Arm; VFR with stops at Kelowna, Vernon and a few lakes along the way.
 2006-02-18CharterCZBB-CYYF1.50Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - CargoBoundary Bay - Penticton; VFR, with a brief stop at Princeton to drop off some cargo.
 2006-02-16CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.50Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - CargoTesting the new cargo version of the C206 out of Tofino.
 2006-02-16CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.75Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II - AmphibEvaluating the new amphib and exploring a few of the local inlets around Tofino.
 2006-02-16CharterCAR3-CAR31.00FSD Pilatus B2-H2 Porter - wheelsScenic flight out of Lillooet.
 2006-02-10CharterKDLS-CYVR4.50Alphasim PBY-5A CatalinaThe Dalles - Vancouver; 1000' via the Columbia River out to the coast then cruising up the coast at low level.
 2006-02-06CharterKEUG-KPSC1.75Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIEugene - Tri Cities; VFR 9500'.
 2006-02-05CharterKPSC-KPDT1.00EMB 120Tri Cities - Eastern Oregon Regl at Pendlete; VFR 11000, evaluating a new aircraft.
 2006-02-03CharterKLMT-KEUG1.00Aeroworx Beech King Air B200Klamath Falls - Eugene; VFR 12500'.
 2006-02-02CharterCYPK-CYPK0.75Aeroworx Beech King Air B200A short scenic out of Pitt Meadows.
 2006-02-01CharterCZBB-KLMT2.00Aeroworx Beech King Air 200Boundary Bay - Klamath Falls; IFR FL200, Checking out the new King Air with a load of Executive types.
 2006-01-30CharterCAK4-CYAZ1.25Beechcraft Mentor T34BWoss - Tofino, A pleasant run down the coast with a few aeros to pass the time.
 2006-01-29CharterCAK4-CAK41.00Beechcraft Mentor T34BSeveral flights out of Woss to try out the new toy.
 2006-01-27CharterCYUL-CYYZ1.25Boeing 717-200Montreal Dorval - Toronto Pearson; Evaluating the baby Boeing .
 2006-01-27CharterCYDL-CAK43.00Spartan ExecutiveDease Lake - Woss; VFR 10500'. via Annette Island and Port Hardy VOR's.
 2006-01-25CharterCYXT-CYDL1.50Spartan ExecutiveTerrace - Dease Lake; VFR 10500' .
 2006-01-24CharterCYYD-CYXT0.75Spartan ExecutiveSmithers - Terrace; 3000', low level run along the valley.
 2006-01-23CharterCBQ2-CYWL1.25Spartan ExecutiveFort Langley - Williams Lake; VFR 10500'.
 2006-01-23CharterCYWL-CYYD1.50Spartan ExecutiveWilliams Lake - Smithers; VFR 8500'.
 2006-01-22CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.75Spartan ExecutiveEvaluating the new Spartan out of Tofino.
 2006-01-21CharterPHNL-PHNL1.75Aerosoft PA-18 Super Cub - WheelScenic flight out of Honolulu around Oahu.
 2006-01-21CharterPHNL-CYVR5.50Boeing 727-200Honolulu - Vancouver; IFR FL360, nice sunset as we approached Vancouver.
 2006-01-20CharterCYAZ-CYAZ1.00PZL Wilga - Tundra wheelsFlying out of Tofino and developing a new 2D panel.
 2006-01-19CharterCAK4-CAK41.50PZL Wilga - Tundra wheelsExploring the area around Woss.
 2006-01-17CharterCYVR-PHNL5.75Boeing 727-200Vancouver - Honolulu; IFR FL350.
 2006-01-15CharterCYBD-CYBD1.25Aerosoft PA-18 Super Cub - TundraOut of Bella Coola for a try out in the new Aerosoft Super Cub.
 2006-01-13CharterCYAZ-CYAZ1.00Bowers Fly BabyLocal flying out of Tofino, visited Cigarette Cove.
 2006-01-13CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.75PZL Wilga - Tundra wheelsOut of Tofino checking the new ViVa repaint.
 2006-01-12CharterCYVR-CYVR2.00DHC-2 Beaver (amphib)Vancouver - Phantom Lake - Vancouver; checking out the new find and some of the other lakes in the area.
 2006-01-08CharterCAK4-CYAZ0.75MAAM DC-3 - CargoWoss - Tofino; VFR 2500', just a pleasant cruise down the coast.
 2006-01-07CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.50Shorts 360Just a short flight around the Tofino area.
 2006-01-07CharterCYAZ-CYAZ0.75Lockheed Martin F-16 FalconOut of Tofino and formated on a B747 heading northwest up the coast.
 2006-01-07CharterCYBD-CAK41.50MAAM DC-3 - CargoBella Coola - Woss; Marginal VFR, bad Wx, flying down the coast at 2000'.
 2006-01-06CharterCYVR-CYBD2.50MAAM DC-3 - CargoVancouver - Bella Coola; VFR 10500' via Port Hardy VOR & Bella Bella NDB.
 2006-01-05CharterKPDX-CYVR1.75Eaglesoft Citation II/SPPortland - Vancouver, via Lost River W12; FL200. Had a brief stop off at Lost River for several hours.
 2006-01-04CharterKSFO-KPDX2.00Eaglesoft Citation II/SPSan Francisco - Portland; IFR FL300. Nice Biz Jet to fly.
 2006-01-03CharterKOLM-KSFO2.50Eaglesoft Citation II/SPOlympia - San Francisco; IFR FL300. Trying out my new Biz Jet. Nice.
 2006-01-02Charter76S-KOLM1.00Boeing StearmanLupien - Olympia; a nice leasurely cruise down at 2000'.
 2006-01-01CharterKEAT-76S1.45Boeing StearmanWenatchee - Lupien(Oak Harbor); VFR 9000'.Following the route of the Cannibal Queen, flying over stratus layer covering the ranges.
 2006-01-01Charter76S-76S1.30Boeing StearmanFlying around the Whidbey Island area.
 2005-12-31CharterKCOE-KEAT1.75Boeing StearmanCoeur d'Alene - Wenatchee; VFR following part of the route of the Cannibal Queen.
 2005-12-30CharterKMSO-KCOE2.25Boeing StearmanMissoula(MO) - Coeur d'Alene(ID); VFR 5000', flying part of the route that Stephen Coonts did in the book Cannibal Queen.
 2005-12-27CharterKOTH-KRBL2.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoNorth Bend (OR) - Red Bluff (CA); VFR 5500' tracking down the coast to Eureka then following the valley through to Red Bluff.
 2005-12-27CharterKRBL-CYVR4.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoRed Bluff (CA) - Vancouver; VFR 12500' via Portland and Seattle VOR's.
 2005-12-26CharterCAK4-KOTH3.00MAAM DC-3 - CargoWoss - North Bend (Oregon); VFR 5500', tracking down the coast.
 2005-12-26CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00DHC-3 Otter PZL AmphibVancouver Intl; local scenic up around the Squamish area.
 2005-12-25CharterCYAZ-CAK41.00MAAM DC-3Tofino - Woss; delivery flight to the Christmas camp at Woss.
 2005-12-25Charter1.00MAAM DC-3Several flights in the Woss and west coast Vancouver Island area evaluating the different variants of the MAAM DC-3.
 2005-12-24CharterCZST-CAK42.25DHC Dash 7-101 CargoStewart - Woss; 13000'; delivering supplies to Woss for the Christmas gathering.
 2005-12-24CharterCYZT-CAK40.75Erickson S-64E SkycranePort Hardy - Woss; Beer delivery flight to supply the gathering for the festive season.
 2005-12-23CharterCYVR-CZST3.25DHC Dash 7-101 CargoVancouver - Stewart; IFR 18000'. via Port Hardy & Annette Island VOR's. Freight run up to Stewart.
 2005-12-18CharterCBQ2-CBQ21.00Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIFort Langley; Local flight testing new paint job.
 2005-12-18CharterCAK4-CAK41.00PZL WilgaWoss; Scenic flight in the local area.
 2005-12-17CharterKLXV-CYVR2.50Cessna Citation XLeadville - Vancouver; IFR FL470 via SEA VOR. Back in familiar territory from our Bahamas trip.
 2005-12-16CharterKMIA-KLXV3.50Cessna Citation XMiami - Leadville , Colorado; IFR direct GPS route at FL470.
 2005-12-15CharterMYEM-MYEM1.00PZL WilgaGovernor's Harbour, Eleuthera Island; Evaluating the new Wilga models on wheel and floats.
 2005-12-15CharterMYNN-KMIA2.00Grumman GooseNassau - Miami; via Freeport and Bimini with landings at various spots along the way.
 2005-12-14Charter1.00DHC8-Q314 - Caribbean StarFlying in and out of various strips in the Bahamas
 2005-12-12CharterMYEF-MYNN1.75Dehavilland Twin OtterExuma - Nassau; via Crooked and Eleuthera Islands with landings at several strips along the way.
 2005-12-10CharterMBGT-MYEF2.50Flight One Cessna 421C Golden EagleGrand Turk - Exuma Intl; VFR, after a bit of sight seeing around the Turks & Caicos Islands we headed up to Exuma.
 2005-12-09CharterTNCM-MBGT3.00Flight One Cessna 421C Golden EaglePrincess Juliana - Grand Turk; VFR 10,000'.
 2005-12-08CharterTNCM-TNCM2.50Britten Norman BN-2A IslanderMore Island hopping out of Princes Juliana to Anguilla, Saba, and St Kitts & Nevis Islands.
 2005-12-04CharterTFFJ-TFFJ1.50Grumman Goose - ChalksOut of St. Barthelemy for a look around the neighbouring islands including Saba and St. Maarten.
 2005-12-03CharterCYVR-KMIA5.00Cessna Citation XVancouver - Miami; IFR FL410, direct GPS route. Going somewhere warmer and where there's no snow for a while.
 2005-12-02CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.75Breguet 763Test flight out of Victoria.
 2005-12-02CharterCYQQ-CYQQ1.00Breguet 763More flying in this unusual looking aircraft. This time we're out of Comox for another evalution flight and a landing at Campbell River.
 2005-12-01CharterCYAZ-CAK41.05de Havilland DH104 DoveTofino - Woss; a leasurely jaunt up the coast of Vancouver Island.
 2005-11-30CharterCYYJ-CYYJ1.00Boeing 727-200A scenic flight out of Victoria with a load of children as a pre Christmas present.
 2005-11-29CharterKSHN-KSHN0.75de Havilland DH104 DoveJust a bit of local flying out of Sanderson (WA).
 2005-11-28CharterCYQZ-CZBB2.25Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIQuesnel - Boundary Bay; with a stop at Lillooet. Back home after the roamings of central and northern BC.
 2005-11-27CharterCBW3-CYQZ1.45Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIFort Graham - Quesnel; VFR via Prince George.
 2005-11-26CharterPAWG-CBW41.25Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIWrangell - Bob Quinn Lake; 2000' via the Chutine and Iskut Rivers, brief stop at Bronson Creek.
 2005-11-26CharterCBW4-CBW31.75Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIBob Quinn Lake - Fort Graham; VFR at 9500', more or less direct.
 2005-11-26CharterCAK4-CAK41.00Bell/Textron 412Several short flights in and around Woss.
 2005-11-25CharterCAK4-CAK41.50Bell/Textron 412Testing the new Bell 412 at Woss. Awesome machine.
 2005-11-25CharterPAJN-PAWG2.00Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIJuneau - Wrangell; Leaving Juneau we turned up the Taku River to a small strip past Taku Lodge then down into Snettisham. From there we climbed out to fly down the Stephens Passage to Wrangell.
 2005-11-24CharterCYSQ-CBS41.25Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIAtlin - Mule Creek; via the valley route.
 2005-11-24CharterCBS4-PAJN1.25Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIMule Creek - Juneau; with a brief stop at Haines.
 2005-11-22CharterCYDL-CYSQ2.25Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIDease Lake - Atlin; VFR , with landings at Telegraph Creek and Muddy Lake.
 2005-11-21CharterCBX2-CBX22.25Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIA freight run and survey flight out of Fort Nelson, with landings at Yoyo, Mobile Sierra, Helmet, Petitot, and Gordon Field before returning to Fort Nelson.
 2005-11-21CharterCBX2-CYDL2.50Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIFort Nelson - Dease Lake; with landings at Mile 422 and Liard River.
 2005-11-20CharterCYXS-CYXJ1.50Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIPrince George - Fort St John; VFR 8500'.The trip north continues..
 2005-11-20CharterCYXJ-CBX21.50Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIFort St John - Fort Nelson; VFR 4500', heading up into the northeast corner of BC.
 2005-11-19CharterCZBB-CYXS2.25Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIBoundary Bay - Prince George; VFR 10500'. via Williams Lake VOR.
 2005-11-18CharterKPDX-KPDX1.00Douglas DC6-BTesting the DC-6 systems at Portland
 2005-11-18CharterKPDX-CYQQ1.50Douglas DC6-BPortland - Comox; Freight run.
 2005-11-18CharterCYAZ-CYAZ1.00Carenado Cessna U206G Stationair 6 IIChecking Carenado's new Cessna 206 out of Tofino.
 2005-11-13CharterCAK4-KHQM2.00Stinson ReliantWoss - Bowerman (WA); via Tofino and Tatoosh VOR. A nice trip down the coast.
 2005-11-12CharterCAK4-CAK41.00Hughes 500DGenerally stooging around Woss.
 2005-11-12CharterCAK4-CAK41.50Piper PA18 Super Cub with Tundra TyresSeveral local flights out of Woss
 2005-11-11CharterCZST-CAK42.25Beechcraft D18SStewart - Woss; VFR 9500'. Return freight flight.
 2005-11-11CharterCAK4-CAK41.00North American B-25J MitchellA bit of fun flying in an old classic warbird.
 2005-11-10CharterCAK4-CZST2.50Beechcraft D18SWoss - Stewart; VFR 8500', Freight run to pick up some donated material for the Woss project.
 2005-11-07CharterCYVR-CAK41.50AFG Pilatus PC-12Vancouver - Woss; via Port Hardy to pick up some extra gear.
 2005-11-06CharterPHNL-CYVR5.00Cessna Citation XHonolulu - Vancouver; IFR FL510, initial climb to FL430 then slowly drifted up to 510 as fuel burnt off. Totally awesome aircraft.
 2005-11-05CharterCAK4-CAK41.50Hughes 500DNumerous short flights from Woss to check on progress of various buildings under construction and to search out suitable locations to build cabins.
 2005-11-05CharterCYVR-PHNL5.00Cessna Citation XVancouver - Honolulu; IFR FL460. What a neat aircraft to fly.
 2005-11-03CharterCZBB-CAK41.25Beechcraft D18SBoundary Bay - Woss; VFR , delivering some building material for a project soon to be started.
 2005-10-30CharterCAK5-CAK51.50Auster Mk5A series of short flights from Delta Heritage Air Park; checking panel mods and repaints.
 2005-10-27CharterCYVR-CAR31.25DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)Vancouver - Lillooet; via Pemberton.
 2005-10-27CharterCBQ2-CBQ20.75Spitfire Mk1AOut of Fort Langley for a bit of fun and aerobatics.
 2005-10-27CharterCBQ2-CBQ20.75Diamond DA20-C1 EclipseTrying something different from the Diamond stable
 2005-10-26CharterKHID-CZBB1.25DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)Hideaway Ranch (WA) - Boundary Bay; with landings at Hermits Lair and Orcas Island.
 2005-10-25CharterCZBB-KHID1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)Boundary Bay - Hideaway Ranch; a nice low level flight up the Fraser to Hope and then down through the valley to the north end of Ross Lake [WA].
 2005-10-24CharterPAKT-PAKT2.50Maule M7-260 Tundra WheelsA series of short flights landing various strips and beaches in the Ketchikan area.
 2005-10-24CharterPAKT-CYVR2.50FSD Cessna 337H C-OHOCKetchikan - Vancouver; IFR 19000', via Port Hardy VOR.
 2005-10-23CharterCYAZ-CYAZ1.00Maule M7-260 Tundra WheelsScenic flight out of Tofino exploring the surrounding area.
 2005-10-23CharterCYVR-PAKT3.00FSD Cessna 337H C-OHOCVancouver - Ketchikan; IFR 18000'. via Port Hardy VOR.
 2005-10-22CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Bell 430Return flight out of Vancouver to visit various cabins.
 2005-10-21CharterKTXK-KTXK0.75Maule M7-260 AmphibOut of Texarkana Regl for the BIG hole scenic.
 2005-10-21CharterCYZT-CBA70.75FSD Cessna 337H C-OHOCPort Hardy - Scar Creek.
 2005-10-21CharterCBA7-CYVR1.00FSD Cessna 337H C-OHOCScar Creek - Vancouver; VFR,13500'.
 2005-10-21CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Cessna Citation XThe unvailing of the new aircraft and demo flight.
 2005-10-20CharterKCLM-CYZT1.50FSD Cessna 337H C-OHOCFairchild - Port Hardy; VFR, 12,500 direct route.
 2005-10-19CharterKPDX-KCLM1.00FSD Cessna 337H C-OHOCPortland - Fairchild; VFR 12,500, trying the new pressurised 337.
 2005-10-17CharterW12-KPDX1.75FSD Cessna 337D N86256Lost River - Portland; VFR, 11,500'.
 2005-10-16CharterCYPS-CYPS0.50FSD Cessna 337D N86256Short flight out of Pemberton, checking my new FSD C337.
 2005-10-16CharterCZBB-W121.00FSD Cessna 337D N86256Boundary Bay - Lost River; VFR 9000'.
 2005-10-15CharterCYLT-CYVR5.75Boeing 727-200Alert - Vancouver; FL380 via Yellowknife VOR, non stop.
 2005-10-14CharterCYVR-CYZF2.50Boeing 727-200Vancouver - Yellowknife; IFR FL350.
 2005-10-14CharterCYZF-CYLT3.50Boeing 727-200Yellowknife - Alert; IFR FL350, Beer delivery flight from Vancouver to Alert with a fuel stop in Yellowknife.
 2005-10-12CharterW12-CYVR0.75AFG Pilatus PC-12Lost River - Vancouver.
 2005-10-12CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25Boeing 737-200Re-enacting the September 21st, 1972 event when a Boeing 737 landed and took off several times on Hope's 4,600-foot grass runway.
 2005-10-11CharterCYVR-W120.75AFG Pilatus PC-12Vancouver - Lost River.
 2005-10-10CharterCYFS-CYZF1.00Cessna 421C Golden Eagle C-FYHBFort Simpson - Yellowknife.
 2005-10-10CharterCYZF-CYVR3.75Cessna 421C Golden Eagle C-FYHBYellowknife - Vancouver; IFR FL200.
 2005-10-09CharterCYFS-CYFS2.00Pilatus PC6 Porter N73WFort Simpson out to Praire Creek and return.
 2005-10-08CharterCYSY-CYHI1.25Cessna 421C Golden Eagle C-FYHBSachs Harbour - Holman; VFR.
 2005-10-08CharterCYHI-CYFS2.75Cessna 421C Golden Eagle C-FYHBHolman - Fort Simpson; VFR FL150, more or less direct.
 2005-10-08CharterCYFS-CYFS3.00Helio H-295 Super Courier N4XVSupply Flight out of Fort Simpson; Landings at Nahanni Butte, Mount Flett, Pointed Mountain, Fort Laird, Trout Lake, Jean Marie River and Island before returning to Ft Simpson.
 2005-10-07CharterCYZF-CYVQ3.50Cessna 421C Golden Eagle C-FYHBYellowknife - Norman Wells; VFR, 3000', with landings at Snare River, Wha Ti, Rae Lakes, Port Radium and Great Bear Lake.
 2005-10-07CharterCYVQ-CYSY3.00Cessna 421C Golden Eagle C-FYHBNorman Wells - Sachs Harbour; VFR 3000', landings at Fort Good Hope, Colville Lake, Paulatuk.
 2005-10-06CharterCYVR-CYZF4.00Cessna 421C Golden Eagle C-FYHBVancouver - Yellowknife; IFR, FL200.
 2005-10-05CharterCYZT-CYVR1.75Cessna C206 StationairPort Hardy - Vancouver; VFR, 7500'.
 2005-10-03CharterCYAZ-CYZT1.25Cessna C206 StationairTofino - Port Hardy; VFR 6500'.
 2005-10-02CharterW12-CYAZ2.25Cessna C206 StationairLost River - Tofino; VFR 10500', direct apart from dodging some building Cu.
 2005-10-01CharterCYVR-CYDC1.00Cessna C206 StationairVancouver - Princeton;
 2005-10-01CharterCYDC-W120.75Cessna C206 StationairPrinceton - Lost River; Following the valley due to low cloud.
 2005-09-30CharterKLAX-CYVR2.75Bombardier CRJ-200Los Angeles - Vancouver; IFR FL280, via Reno.
 2005-09-29CharterKPDX-KLAX2.25Bombardier CRJ-200Portland - Los Angeles; IFR, FL250.
 2005-09-27CharterCYVR-KPDX1.00Bombardier CRJ-200Vancouver - Portland; IFR, FL250.
 2005-09-26CharterCAR3-CYVR1.25AOPA Commander 112ALillooet - Vancouver; VFR 10000'. Late afternoon flight back.
 2005-09-26CharterCYVR-CBQ21.00Cessna AW AnzanniVancouver - Fort Langley; via a bush strip at the top end of Pitt Lake.
 2005-09-25CharterCYKA-CAR31.00AOPA Commander 112AKamloops - Lillooet; VFR 4000'. A scenic trip through the valleys.
 2005-09-23CharterCYVR-CYKA1.00Aero Commander 680Vancouver - Kamloops;
 2005-09-23CharterCYVR-PAKT1.75Bombardier CRJ-200Vancouver - Ketchikan; IFR, FL260, via Port Hardy VOR.
 2005-09-23CharterPAKT-CYVR1.75Bombardier CRJ-200Ketchikan - Vancouver; IFR, FL270, via Port Hardy VOR, early evening flight back.
 2005-09-21CharterCAR3-CAR30.75Hughes 500DSeveral short scenic flights out of Lillooet.
 2005-09-20CharterCYVR-CYZT1.50Dehavilland Twin OtterVancouver - Port Hardy; VFR 8500'.
 2005-09-20CharterCYZT-CYAZ1.00Dehavilland Twin OtterPort Hardy - Tofino; VFR 9500'.
 2005-09-20CharterCYAZ-CYVR0.75Dehavilland Twin OtterTofino - Vancouver; VFR 9500'.
 2005-09-19CharterCYQQ-CYQQ1.25Canadair CT-114 Tutor \"Snowbirds\"Several flights out of Comox with the
 2005-09-18CharterCYVR-CAR31.00Cessna 208B Grand CaravanVancouver - Lillooet; VFR 10,000', checking on the progress of the new development at the strip.
 2005-09-18CharterCAR3-CYVR1.00Cessna 208B Grand CaravanLillooet - Vancouver; Return flight in the late afternoon.
 2005-09-17CharterCYQR-CYXC4.25Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Regina - Cranbrook; VFR via Medican Hat and Lethbridge VOR's.
 2005-09-17CharterCYXC-CYVR2.75Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Cranbrook - Vancouver; VFR 10500'. Final leg of the trans Canada expedition.
 2005-09-16CharterCYQT-CYQR5.00Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Thunder Bay - Regina; VFR 4500' via Winnipeg and Lumsden VOR's.
 2005-09-15CharterCYYB-CYQT3.75Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)North Bay - Thunder Bay; VFR 4500', via Marathon VOR.
 2005-09-14CharterCYUL-CYYB2.50Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Montreal Dorval - North Bay; VFR 4500'
 2005-09-13CharterCYAW-CYUL3.75Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Halifax/Shearwater - Montreal/Dorval; VFR 4500'.
 2005-09-12CharterCYOW-CYQB1.75Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Ottawa - Quebec/Lesage Intl; VFR 3000', brief landing at Montreal Intl.
 2005-09-12CharterCYQB-CYST2.253000\Quebec/Lesage - St John; VFR 5500'.
 2005-09-12CharterCYSJ-CYAW1.00Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)St John - Halifax; VFR 3500'. Finally made it to the east coast.
 2005-09-11CharterCYFD-CYOW2.00Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Brantford - Ottawa; 2500', brief landing at Kingston.
 2005-09-10CharterCYTZ-CYFD1.25Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Toronto City Ctr - Brantford; 2500' via Niagara Falls.
 2005-09-10CharterCYFD-CYPT1.50Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Brantford - Pelee Island; 2000' via
 2005-09-10CharterCYPT-CYFD1.25Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Pelee Is - Brantford; 2500'.
 2005-09-09CharterCYWG-CYQT3.00Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Winnipeg - Thunder Bay; VFR 3000', via Sioux Narrows.
 2005-09-09CharterCYQT-CYAM2.50Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Thunder Bay - Sault Ste Marie; VFR 3000' via Marathon & Wawa.
 2005-09-09CharterCYAM-CYTZ3.75Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Sault Ste Marie - Toronto City Centre; VFR 3000', via Sudbury & Midland.
 2005-09-08CharterCYYC-CYMJ4.00Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Calgary - Moose Jaw; VFR, landings at Saskatoon and Regina.
 2005-09-08CharterCYMJ-CYWG2.75Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Moose Jaw - Winnipeg; VFR 4000'.
 2005-09-07CharterCYVR-CYVR0.75DHC-2 Beaver (floats)Short scenic from off the Docks by CYVR .
 2005-09-07CharterCYVR-CYXC2.75Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Vancouver - Cranbrook; VFR 9500', diverting around bad Wx near Cranbrook.
 2005-09-07CharterCYXC-CYYC2.00Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Cranbrook - Calgary; VFR 6000' via Esk Valley and landing at Banff.
 2005-09-06CharterCYZF-CYVR3.25Beech King Air 350Yellowknfe (NWT) - Vancouver; IFR, FL220. Diverting around a few Cb's closer to home.
 2005-09-05CharterCYVR-CYZF3.00Beech King Air 350Vancouver - Yellowknife(NWT); IFR, FL200.
 2005-09-04CharterPAPG-PAKT2.50Beechcraft D18SPetersburg - Ketchikan; VFR 2500'. Landed at Bronson Creek, tracking by the Stikine & Iskut Rivers and the Unuk River.
 2005-09-04CharterPAKT-CYVR2.75Beechcraft D18SKetchikan - Vancouver; VFR 9500', via Port Hardy VOR.
 2005-09-03CharterPANC-PAWG3.50Beechcraft D18SAnchorage - Wrangell; IFR FL150, via the coastal VOR's.
 2005-09-03CharterPAWG-PAPG0.50Beechcraft D18SWrangell - Petersburg; VFR 2000'.
 2005-09-02CharterCYLW-CYVR1.25Douglas DC-3Kelowna - Vancouver; Passing through an area of Cb activity enroute.
 2005-09-02CharterCYVR-PANC7.25Beechcraft D18SVancouver - Ketchikan - Anchorage; refuel stop at Ketchikan, tracking the coastal VOR's.
 2005-09-01CharterW12-CYLW1.00Douglas DC-3Lost River - Kelowna; via Princeton VOR.
 2005-08-31CharterKLMT-W122.25Douglas DC-3Klamath Falls - Lost River; via Redmond and Yakima VOR's.
 2005-08-30CharterKLAX-KSFO2.00Douglas DC-3Los Angeles - San Fransisco; VFR 10500'.
 2005-08-30CharterKSFO-KLMT2.00Douglas DC-3San Francisco - Klamath Falls; 13000' via Point Reyes and Red Bluff VOR's.
 2005-08-29CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Hughes 500DVisiting my cabins in the mountains north of Vancouver.
 2005-08-29CharterCYVR-KLAX5.25Douglas DC-3Vancouver - Los Angeles; 15000' via Reno.
 2005-08-28CharterCYXS-PAKT1.50Gulfstream G100Prince George - Ketchikan; via Houston VOR FL300.
 2005-08-28CharterPAKT-CYVR1.75Gulfstream G100Ketchikan - Vancouver; via Port Hardy VOR, FL310.
 2005-08-27CharterCYXJ-CYXS1.25Gulfstream 100Fort St John - Dawson Creek - Prince George; brief stop at Dawson Cr before proceeding to Prince George.
 2005-08-26CharterCYVR-CYXJ1.75Gulfstream 100Vancouver - Fort St John; IFR FL300.
 2005-08-25CharterCWGC-CYVR2.00Grumman GooseLars' Cabin (West Great Central Lake) - Tofino - Victoria Harbour - Vancouver; we were in no hurry so had plenty of sight seeing oportunities.
 2005-08-24CharterCAQ8-CWGC1.50Grumman GoosePowell Lake - Lars' Cabin (West Great Central Lake); A leasurely trip meandering our way around various lakes and valleys.
 2005-08-22CharterCWGC-CWGC1.25Bell 205A-1 FloatsSeveral scenic flights from Lars' Cabin on West Great Central Lake.
 2005-08-22CharterCYVR-CAQ80.75Grumman GooseVancouver - Powell Lake.
 2005-08-21CharterCYPB-CYAZ0.50Piper PA23 ApacheMacMillan Bloedel - Tofino.
 2005-08-21CharterCYAZ-CYVR1.00Piper PA23 ApacheTofino - Vancouver; 6500' evening flight
 2005-08-20CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Piper PA23 ApacheFlying around the Fraser delta with a landing at Fort Langley.
 2005-08-20CharterCYBL-CYPB0.50Piper PA23 ApacheCampbell River - MacMillan Boedel.
 2005-08-20CharterCYPB-CYPB1.25Erickson S-64E SkycraneReturn trip out of MacMillan Bloedel to Lars' Cabin at the west end of Great Central Lake.
 2005-08-19CharterCYVR-CYVR0.75Grumman GooseTaking the new Bill Lyons Goose for a tour of Vancouver and surrounds.
 2005-08-17CharterCYVR-CYBL2.25Globe Swift 2Vancouver - Lillooet - Campbell River; VFR, short stop at Lillooet.
 2005-08-14CharterKLAX-CYVR4.50Cessna 421C Golden EagleLos Angeles - Vancouver; IFR FL200.
 2005-08-13CharterCYVR-KLAX4.50Cessna 421C Golden EagleVancouver - Los Angeles; IFR FL180.
 2005-08-12CharterCYVR-CZAM1.25Cessna 421C Golden EagleVancouver - Salmon Arm;
 2005-08-12CharterCZAM-CYVR1.25Cessna 421C Golden EagleSalmon Arm - Vancouver;
 2005-08-10CharterCZST-PAKT0.75Cessna 421 Golden EagleStewart - Ketchikan.
 2005-08-10CharterPAKT-CYVR4.00PBY-5A CatalinaKetchikan - Vancouver; via Port Hardy VOR.
 2005-08-09CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25Hughes 500DChecking the new scenery for Vancouver and moving the base hangar
 2005-08-08CharterCYVR-CYVR0.50Christen Eagle IIAeros in the new Christen Eagle II - awesome fun !!
 2005-08-08CharterCYVR-CYVR0.75Hughes 500DA quick flight out of Vancouver
 2005-08-07CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25Aerospatiale SA.365C1 Dauphin 2Cruising around the Vancouver area following AI Beavers and sight seeing.
 2005-08-05CharterPAKT-5KE2.75PBY-5A CatalinaKetchikan - Ketchikan Harbour; cruising around the canals and inlets in the Ketchikan region. Landings at various camps and bases.
 2005-08-05Charter5KE-5KE1.50DHC-2 Beaver (floats)Ketchikan Harbour; round trip to Geneer Ark Station on Etolin Island.
 2005-08-04CharterCYSQ-PAKT2.50PBY-5A CatalinaAtlin - Ketchikan; VFR 5500', via Skagway, Juneau, Level Island VOR.
 2005-08-03CharterWLDY-CYXY0.75Beechcraft D18SWild Yukon BFU - Whitehorse; brief landing at Cousins.
 2005-08-03CharterCYXY-CYSQ1.00Beechcraft D18SWhitehorse - Atlin; 7500'. We depart the Yukon having landed at every strip.
 2005-08-02CharterCYZW-WLDY1.00Beechcraft D18STeslin - Carcross - Wild Yukon BFU; Picking up freight at Carcross and dropping off at the Wild Yukon Base.
 2005-08-02CharterWLDY-WLDY1.00Bell 206B III JetRangerDelivering supplies from Wild Yukon BFU to several camps including Wild 1 BFU.
 2005-07-31CharterCFP6-CYZW2.00Beechcraft D18SLa Biche River - Teslin(Yukon); with landings at Watson Lake and Pine Lake.
 2005-07-30CharterCYDM-CFP61.75Beechcraft D18SRoss River - La Biche River (Yukon); brief landing at Wolverine.
 2005-07-29CharterCYDM-CYDM2.00Cessna 208B Grand CaravanRound trip from Ross River with landings at Sheldon Lake and MacMillan Pass.
 2005-07-28CharterCYMA-CYDM2.75Beechcraft D18SMayo - Ross River (Yukon); landings at McQuesten, Pelly Crossing, Carmacks, Braeburn, Faro.
 2005-07-26CharterCYEV-CYMA2.25Beechcraft D18SInuvik(Zubko),NWT - Mayo, Yukon; with a landing at Fort McPherson.
 2005-07-24CharterCYOC-CYEV2.00Beechcraft D18SOld Crow (Yukon) - Inuvik(Zubko)( NWT ); VFR with a landing at Tuktoyaktuk.
 2005-07-23CharterCYSQ-CYXQ2.75Beechcraft D18SAtlin - Beaver Creek (Yukon); via Whitehorse VOR , landings at Haines Junction, Silver City & Burwash.
 2005-07-23CharterCYXQ-CAJ22.50Beechcraft D18SBeaver Creek - Eagle Plains (Yukon); Landings at Dawson, Chapman Lake, Ogilvie River.
 2005-07-23CharterCAJ2-CYOC1.25Beechcraft D18SEagle Plains - Old Crow (Yukon);
 2005-07-22CharterCYVR-CYSQ4.25Beechcraft D18SVancouver - Atlin; via Houston VOR, 12,000
 2005-07-20CharterPHLI-PHMK1.50Douglas DC-3Lihue - Molokai; VFR 3000', with a brief landing at Kalaupapa.
 2005-07-20CharterPHMK-PHNL1.50Douglas DC-3Molokai - Lanai - Honolulu; VFR 2500', Via north coast of Molokai and a brief stop at Lanai.
 2005-07-20CharterPHNL-CYVR5.50Gulfstream VHonolulu - Vancouver; FL470
 2005-07-19CharterPHLI-PHLI1.25Aerospatiale AS350Scenic flight around the Island of Kauai
 2005-07-18CharterPHKO-PHLI1.25Bombardier CRJ-200LRKona - Lihue; FL200
 2005-07-16CharterPHKO-PHTO1.75Cessna C206 StationairKona - Hilo; via the coast and Kilauea vent.
 2005-07-16CharterPHTO-PHMU0.75Cessna C206 StationairHilo - Waimea Kohala; via the north coast and checking out the small strips along the way.
 2005-07-16CharterPHMU-PHKO1.00Cessna C206 StationairWaimea Kohala - Kona; via Upolu
 2005-07-15CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Hawker Hunter F.Mk58Pure Fun at High Speed !!
 2005-07-14CharterPHOG-PHKO1.00Beechcraft D18SKahului - Kona. Leaving Maui for the Big Island.
 2005-07-14CharterCYPK-CYPK2.00McDonnell Douglas MD500EMutiple flights from Pitt Meadows to Widgeon Lake to check on the progress of a new base being built.
 2005-07-12CharterPHHH-PHOG2.00Aerospatiale AS350Hana - Kahului; Over Haleakala and around the western side of Maui.
 2005-07-11CharterPHOG-PHHH0.50Aerospatiale AS350Kahului - Hana.
 2005-07-10CharterPHNL-PHDH1.00Aerospatiale AS350Honolulu - Dillingham; scenic.
 2005-07-10CharterPHDH-PHNL0.75Aerospatiale AS350Dillingham - Honolulu; scenic.
 2005-07-10CharterPHNL-PHOG1.00DHC-2 Beaver (amphib)Honolulu - Kahului, Maui; VFR 3000'
 2005-07-10CharterCBQ2-CBQ21.00Cessna C185 Skywagon (floats)Out of Fort Langley. Flying the Abacus C185, C-FUIE; a trip down memory lane.
 2005-07-09CharterCBQ2-CBQ20.75Piper PA18 Super Cub with Tundra TyresA trip up to Raven Lake from Fort Langley, Landed on the beach at the lake.
 2005-07-09CharterCYVR-PHNL5.75Gulfstream VVancouver - Honolulu; FL450
 2005-07-08CharterKEAT-6S90.75Beechcraft D18SPangborn Mem - Stehekin State; via Columbia River and Lake Chelan, VFR 3000'.
 2005-07-08Charter6S9-W120.50Beechcraft D18SStehekin State - Lost River;
 2005-07-08CharterW12-CYVR1.00Beechcraft D18SLost River - Vancouver; VFR 10,500'.
 2005-07-08CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25Aerospatiale AS350Scenic flight out of Vancouver into the mountains north of the city.
 2005-07-08CharterCBQ2-CBQ21.00Unreal Aviation Bushman AutogyroOut of Fort Langley for a trip aroung Raven Lake.
 2005-07-07Charter39P-21W0.75Beechcraft D18SStrom - Ranger Creek; via the valley passing over Randle-Kiona and Packwood. Extremely bad weather through the saddle.
 2005-07-07Charter21W-KEAT0.75Beechcraft D18SRanger Creek - Pangborn Mem; weather lifted, still had to weave in amongst clouds.
 2005-07-06CharterKPDX-39P0.75Beechcraft D18SPortland - Strom.
 2005-07-05CharterCYVR-KPDX1.50Beechcraft D18SVancouver - Portland; VFR at 8500'
 2005-07-04CharterCYVR-CYVR2.00Partenavia P68-CScenic flight around the Fraser Delta with landings at Fort Langley and Hope.
 2005-07-03CharterCYPK-CYPK1.25Hughes 500DMutiple flights from Pitt Meadows to Raven Lake to deliver buiding supplies for the cabin.
 2005-07-03CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25DHC-2 Beaver (floats)Vancouver - Raven Lake - Vancouver; Taking the first guests to the new cabin at Raven Lake.
 2005-07-02CharterCZAM-CYVR1.50Beechcraft D18SSalmon Arm - Vancouver, VFR at 10,500'.
 2005-07-02CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50DHC-2 Beaver (amphib)Checking out a few lake for cabins. Landings at Raven &
 2005-07-01CharterCYVR-CZGF1.25Beechcraft D18SVancouver - Grand Forks, VFR at 9500'
 2005-07-01CharterCZGF-CAR21.00Beechcraft D18SGrand Forks - Crawford Bay; 4500' low level route.
 2005-07-01CharterCAR2-CZAM1.25Beechcraft D18SCrawford Bay - Salmon Arm; via Castlegar NDB , 10,000'.
 2005-06-30CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Bell UH-1H IroquoisSupply run up to my cabin
 2005-06-29CharterCYVR-PAKT3.25Beechcraft D18SVancouver - Ketchikan; VFR at 8500'
 2005-06-29CharterPAKT-CYVR3.00Beechcraft D18SKetchikan - Vancouver; night flight
 2005-06-28CharterCYPS-CAR30.50Beechcraft D18SPemberton - Lillooet; through the valley over D'Arcy and Seton Portage
 2005-06-28CharterCAR3-CAC51.00Beechcraft D18SLillooet - Williams Lake; via the Fraser River at 6500'
 2005-06-28CharterCAC5-CYVR1.50Beechcraft D18SWilliams Lake - Vancouver; 10,000' direct.
 2005-06-27CharterCBB7-CYPS0.50Beechcraft D18STipella - Pemberton; low level run up the valley at 2000'
 2005-06-26CharterCBQ2-CBB70.75Beechcraft D18SFort Langley - Tipella; via Alouette and Stave Lakes.
 2005-06-25CharterCYYD-CYBD1.75Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Smithers - Bella Coola; via Houston, Ootsa L.,Whitesail L.,Eutsuk L.,Dean Channel,Burke Channel.
 2005-06-25CharterCYBD-CYBD0.75Bell 430Local scenic flight at Bella Coola
 2005-06-25CharterCYBD-CYVR2.00Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Bella Coola - Vancouver
 2005-06-25CharterCYVR-CBQ21.00Beechcraft D18STook delivery of the new Beech 18, Scenic and ferry flight to Fort Langley
 2005-06-24CharterCZST-CYPR1.75Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Stewart - Prince Rupert; with landings at a bush strip and Shore Point.
 2005-06-24CharterCYPR-CYYD1.75Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Prince Rupert - Smithers; with landings at Terrace and Woodcock.
 2005-06-23CharterCBN9-CYDL3.25Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Tsay Keh - Dease Lake; via Laird River. Had to land on the beach at Laird.
 2005-06-23CharterCYDL-CZST1.50Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Dease Lake - Stewart.
 2005-06-22CharterCBW3-CBN91.00Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Fort Graham - Tsay Keh; with landings at Ingenika and Swannell
 2005-06-21CharterCYQZ-CBW32.50Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Quesnel - Fort Graham with a stop at Prince George
 2005-06-21CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Hughes 500DSupply run to my cabin
 2005-06-20CharterCBQ2-CBB71.25Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Fort Langley - Tipella via Stave Lake
 2005-06-20CharterCBB7-CYQZ2.00Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)Tipella - Quesnel
 2005-06-19CharterCYVR-CAS40.75Cessna C185 Skywagon (floats)Vancouver - Fort Langley floatplane dock
 2005-06-18CharterCYVR-CYVR0.75Eurocopter EC 135Night scenic flight over Vancouver
 2005-06-17CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25Bell 407Supply flight up to my cabin
 2005-06-17CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Eurocopter EC 135Flight to Nanaimo waterfront to check on AI Beavers and stop off at Dave's before returning to Vancouver
 2005-06-16CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50VariousChecking newly installed scenery
 2005-06-15CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25VariousChecking newly installed scenery
 2005-06-14CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Hughes 500DFlights up to my cabin
 2005-06-13CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Hughes 500DChecking on the cabin building project
 2005-06-13CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00DHC-2 Beaver (floats)First commercial flight to the new cabin
 2005-06-12CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Lockheed P-38 LightningTotally awesome fun
 2005-06-11CharterKANC-CYVR3.25Boeing 727-200Early evening flight back from Anchorage
 2005-06-11CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Hughes 500EChecking on the building progress of my cabin
 2005-06-10CharterCYVR-CYQQ1.00Junkers Ju-52Stopped at Qualicum Beach for burgers
 2005-06-10CharterCYVR-KANC3.50Boeing 727-200
 2005-06-09CharterCBQ2-CBQ21.25Harvard MkIVAerobatic flight
 2005-06-07CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Fairchild F24WA feeling for a return to the \"Golden Age\" of flying
 2005-06-05CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Bell 430Scenic flight to check on the progress of cabin being built.
 2005-06-04CharterCAT5-CYVR1.75Dehavilland BeaverVia Johnstone Strait and Powell River
 2005-06-03CharterCYVR-CYAZ1.50Dehavilland BeaverLanding at CYYJ and valley route to Port Renfrew and west coast to Tofino
 2005-06-03CharterCYAZ-CAL91.00Dehavilland BeaverTofino - Tahsis. Beach ldg. Bad Wx 1-2 miles vis rain, ovc 1000\
 2005-06-03CharterCAL9-CAK40.50Dehavilland BeaverTahsis - Woss. Bad Wx
 2005-06-03CharterCAK4-CAT50.50Dehavilland BeaverWoss - Port McNeill. Bad Wx
 2005-06-02CharterKRNO-KRNO1.00North American P-51D MustangAir Racing and Aerobatics
 2005-06-02CharterKRNO-KRNO0.75Cessna Citation IIMeating the challenge
 2005-06-02CharterKRNO-CYVR2.00Cessna Citation IIFinal leg of round the US trip
 2005-06-01CharterKSLC-KRNO1.50Cessna Citation IISalt Lake City - Reno
 2005-05-31CharterKLAS-KSLC2.00Cessna Citation IILas Vegas - Salt Lake City, plus scenic around SLC area
 2005-05-30CharterKASE-KLAS2.25Cessna Citation IIAspen Pitkin - Las Vegas
 2005-05-30CharterKLAS-KLAS1.00Aerospatiale AS350Night scenic
 2005-05-29CharterKDEN-KASE0.75Cessna Citation IIDenver - Aspen Pitken
 2005-05-29CharterKASE-KLXV0.50Cessna Citation IIAspen Pitken - Lake Co [ Leadville ]
 2005-05-29CharterKLXV-KEGE1.00Cessna Citation IILeadville - Eagle Co
 2005-05-29CharterKEGE-KASE0.50Cessna Citation II
 2005-05-29CharterKASE-KASE1.50Bell 430Landings at various strips
 2005-05-28CharterKORD-KDEN3.00Cessna Citation II
 2005-05-25CharterKBOS-LORD2.50Cessna Citation IIBoston - Chicago O\
 2005-05-24CharterKDCA-KDCA1.50Bell 430Scenic
 2005-05-24CharterKDCA-KLGA1.00Cessna Citation II
 2005-05-24CharterKLGA-KLGA1.25Bell 430Scenic
 2005-05-24CharterKLGA-KBOS1.00Cessna Citation II
 2005-05-23CharterKATL-KMIA2.00Cessna Citation II
 2005-05-23CharterKMIA-KDCA3.25Cessna Citation II
 2005-05-22CharterKDEN-KICT1.50Cessna Citation II
 2005-05-22CharterKICT-KATL3.00Cessna Citation II
 2005-05-21CharterCYVR-KLMT1.50Cessna Citation II
 2005-05-21CharterKLMT-KSFO1.25Cessna Citation II
 2005-05-21CharterKSFO-KLAX1.50Cessna Citation II
 2005-05-21CharterKLAX-KDEN2.50Cessna Citation II
 2005-05-21CharterKLAX-KDEN2.50Cessna Citation II
 2005-05-20CharterCYVR-CYQQ0.50Hughes H-1B Racer
 2005-05-20CharterCYQQ-CYVR0.50Hughes H-1B Racer
 2005-05-19CharterKPDX-CYVR1.75Douglas DC-3
 2005-05-19Training 1.00Hughes H-1B Racer
 2005-05-18CharterCYVR-KPDX1.50Douglas DC-3
 2005-05-16CharterCYVR-CYQQ0.50Dehavilland Dash-8
 2005-05-16CharterCYQQ-CYAZ0.50Dehavilland Dash-8
 2005-05-16CharterCYAZ-CYYJ0.75Dehavilland Dash-8
 2005-05-16CharterCYYJ-KSEA0.50Dehavilland Dash-8
 2005-05-16CharterKSEA-CYVR0.75Dehavilland Dash-8
 2005-05-15CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Dehavilland Dash-8
 2005-05-15CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25Dehavilland Dash-8
 2005-05-14CharterKLAX-CYVR2.50Gulfstream 100
 2005-05-13CharterCYVR-KLAX2.50Gulfstream 100
 2005-05-11CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25Erickson S-64E Skycrane
 2005-05-10CharterCYVR-CDAV0.50Bell 430
 2005-05-10CharterCDAV-CYVR0.50Bell 430
 2005-05-09CharterPHNL-CYVR4.75Gulfstream V
 2005-05-08CharterKDOC-CYHE1.25DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2005-05-08CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Douglas DC-3
 2005-05-08CharterCYVR-PHNL5.50Gulfstream V
 2005-05-07CharterKBDY-KTOM1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2005-05-07CharterKTOM-KNOR0.75DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2005-05-07CharterKNOR-KDOC0.50DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2005-05-07CharterCYHE-CYVR1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2005-05-06CharterCYVR-KHRM1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2005-05-06CharterKHRM-KBDY1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2005-05-04CharterCYVR-CAC51.50Beech Bonanza A36 (floats)
 2005-05-04CharterCAC5-CAH71.00Beech Bonanza A36 (floats)
 2005-05-04CharterCAH7-CYVR1.25Beech Bonanza A36 (floats)
 2005-05-03CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Beech Bonanza A36 Float
 2005-05-02CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Northrop T-38A
 2005-05-02CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Northrop T-38A
 2005-05-01CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)
 2005-05-01CharterCYVR-CYAZ1.00Cessna C185 Skywagon (wheels)
 2005-04-30CharterCYVR-CYZT2.00De Havilland Dh89a Dragon Rapide
 2005-04-30CharterCYZT-CYVR1.75De Havilland Dh89a Dragon Rapide
 2005-04-29CharterCYVR-KSEA1.00Beechcraft Staggerwing D17S wheel
 2005-04-29CharterKSEA-CYVR1.00Beechcraft Staggerwing D17S wheel
 2005-04-25CharterCYVR-CYWH0.75Cessna C185 Skywagon (floats)
 2005-04-25CharterCYWH-W330.25Cessna C185 Skywagon (floats)
 2005-04-25CharterW33-CNHB1.00Cessna C185 Skywagon (floats)
 2005-04-25CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Bell 430
 2005-04-24CharterCAR3-CYHE1.00Cessna C185 Skywagon
 2005-04-24CharterCYHE-CYVR0.75Cessna C185 Skywagon
 2005-04-23CharterCAY2-CYWL1.00Cessna C185 Skywagon
 2005-04-23CharterCYWL-CAR31.00Cessna C185 Skywagon
 2005-04-22CharterCBA7-CAG30.75Cessna C185 Skywagon
 2005-04-22CharterCAG3-CAG40.50Cessna C185 Skywagon
 2005-04-22CharterCAG4-CAY21.00Cessna C185 Skywagon
 2005-04-21CharterPANC-CYVR3.50Learjet 45
 2005-04-20CharterCYVR-PANC3.50Learjet 45
 2005-04-18CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00De Havilland Dh89a Dragon Rapide
 2005-04-18CharterCYVR-CYPW1.00Dehavilland Beaver
 2005-04-18CharterCYPW-CBA71.00Dehavilland Beaver
 2005-04-16CharterCYVR-W121.00Dehavilland Beaver
 2005-04-16CharterW12-6S90.50Dehavilland Beaver
 2005-04-16Charter6S9-CYVR1.25Dehavilland Beaver
 2005-04-15CharterCYVR-CBB71.00Dehavilland Beaver
 2005-04-15CharterCBB7-CYPS0.75Dehavilland Beaver
 2005-04-15CharterCYPS-CYVR1.00Dehavilland Beaver
 2005-04-14CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Dehavilland Beaver
 2005-04-14CharterCYBL-CAP31.00Piper PA18 Super Cub with Tundra Tyres
 2005-04-14CharterCAP3-CYVR0.50Piper PA18 Super Cub with Tundra Tyres
 2005-04-13CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Dehavilland Beaver
 2005-04-11CharterCYCD-CYBL1.00Piper PA18 Super Cub with Tundra Tyres
 2005-04-09CharterCYYJ-CYCD0.50Piper PA18 Super Cub with Tundra Tyres
 2005-04-07CharterNZAA-NZOX1.25Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2005-04-07CharterNZOX-NZTG1.50Dehavilland Beaver
 2005-04-02CharterCYVR-CYVR1.50Piper Aztec Nomad
 2005-03-31CharterKLAX-CYVR2.50Gulfstream V
 2005-03-30CharterCYVR-KLAX2.75Gulfstream V
 2005-03-29CharterCYQQ-CYVR1.25Douglas DC-3
 2005-03-28CharterCYVR-KRNT1.00Douglas DC-3
 2005-03-28CharterKRNT-CYYJ0.75Douglas DC-3
 2005-03-28CharterCYYJ-CYQQ0.75Douglas DC-3
 2005-03-27CharterCYVR-KNOP2.00Douglas DC-3
 2005-03-27CharterKNOP-KSLE0.50Douglas DC-3
 2005-03-27CharterKSLE-CYVR1.75Douglas DC-3
 2005-03-23CharterCNHB-CYVR0.50Dehavilland Beaver
 2005-03-23CharterCYVR-CNHB0.50Dehavilland Beaver
 2005-03-19CharterCYZT-CYVR1.00Lockheed C130 Hercules
 2005-03-12CharterBD7-CYDL0.50Lockheed C130 Hercules
 2005-03-12CharterCYDL-CAB50.75Lockheed C130 Hercules
 2005-03-12CharterCAB5-CYZT1.50Lockheed C130 Hercules
 2005-03-11CharterCYVR-BD72.75Lockheed C130 Hercules
 2005-03-06CharterCYVR-PAKT2.25Turbo Commander 690B
 2005-03-06CharterPAKT-CYVR2.00Turbo Commander 690B
 2005-03-05CharterCYYF-CZGF1.00Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2005-03-05CharterCZGF-CYVR1.50Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2005-03-04CharterCYVR-CYYF1.00Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2005-02-27CharterCYXT-CYVR1.50Beech King Air 350
 2005-02-26CharterCYVR-CYXT1.50Beech King Air 350
 2005-02-25CharterCBC3-CAB41.25Grumman Widgeon
 2005-02-25CharterCAB4-CYVR1.50Grumman Widgeon
 2005-02-24CharterCYVR-CBC31.50Grumman Widgeon
 2005-02-20CharterCYVR-CYXC1.50Dehavilland Dash-7
 2005-02-20CharterCYXC-CYVR1.75Dehavilland Dash-7
 2005-02-19CharterCYYD-PAKT1.25Dehavilland Dash-7
 2005-02-19CharterPAKT-CYVR2.50Dehavilland Dash-7
 2005-02-18CharterCYVR-CYYD2.00Dehavilland Dash-7
 2005-02-17CharterCYVR-21W1.00Dehavilland Dash-7
 2005-02-17Charter21W-CYVR1.00Dehavilland Dash-7
 2005-02-14Charter3U2-CYVR3.25Beech 18
 2005-02-13CharterCYVR-3U23.00Beech 18
 2005-02-12CharterCYBD-CYZT1.00Beech 18
 2005-02-12CharterCYZT-CYVR1.50Beech 18
 2005-02-10CharterCZST-CYBD2.25Beech 18
 2005-02-02CharterCYDL-CYSQ1.25Beech 18
 2005-02-02CharterCYSQ-CZST2.00Beech 18
 2005-01-29CharterCYXJ-CYDL2.75Beech 18
 2005-01-28CharterCYXS-CYXJ1.50Beech 18
 2005-01-26CharterCYWL-CYXS1.00Beech 18
 2005-01-25CharterCYVR-CYLW1.25Beech 18
 2005-01-25CharterCYLW-CYWL1.50Beech 18
 2005-01-22CharterCYVR-W121.00Beech 18
 2005-01-22CharterW12-CYVR1.00Beech 18
 2005-01-21CharterCYAZ-CYVR1.25Cessna 185 (skis)
 2005-01-19CharterCAK4-CYAZ1.50Cessna 185 (skis)
 2005-01-18CharterCYPW-CAK41.00Cessna 185 (skis)
 2005-01-16CharterCAZ5-CYPW1.50Cessna 185 (skis)
 2005-01-13CharterCZAM-CAZ51.00Cessna 185 (skis)
 2005-01-12CharterCYGE-CYRV0.75Cessna 185 (skis)
 2005-01-12CharterCYRV-CZAM0.75Cessna 185 (skis)
 2005-01-10CharterCYBA-CYGE0.75Cessna 185 (skis)
 2005-01-09CharterCYSW-CYBA1.00Cessna 185 (skis)
 2005-01-05CharterCAR2-CYSW1.25Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2005-01-02CharterCYRV-CAR21.50Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-12-29CharterCYCP-CYJA1.25Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-12-29CharterCYJA-CYRV1.25Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-12-28CharterCAR3-CAZ50.50Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-12-28CharterCAZ5-CZML1.00Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-12-28CharterCZML-CYCP0.75Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-12-27CharterCYVR-CAR31.75Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-12-23CharterCYZT-CYVR1.00BAe146-200 QT
 2004-12-23CharterCYVR-CYZT0.75BAe146-200 QT
 2004-12-19CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.50Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-12-19CharterCYAZ-CYYJ1.25Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-12-19CharterCAT4-CYAZ0.75Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-12-19CharterCYVR-CAT40.75Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-12-16CharterCYDL-CYVR2.00Learjet 45
 2004-12-16CharterPAKT-CYDL1.00Learjet 45
 2004-12-16CharterCYVR-PAKT2.00Learjet 45
 2004-12-15CharterCYPS-CYVR1.00Aviat Husky A-1B
 2004-12-15CharterCBB7-CYPS0.75Aviat Husky A-1B
 2004-12-14CharterCYCW-CBB70.75Aviat Husky A-1B
 2004-12-14CharterCYVR-CYCW0.75Aviat Husky A-1B
 2004-12-14CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Lear 45
 2004-12-13CharterCYPU-CYVR1.25Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-12-13CharterCYVR-CYPU1.50Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-12-12CharterCYYJ-CYVR1.00Grumman Gulfstream V
 2004-12-09CharterCYBL-CYVR0.75Cessna 337
 2004-12-09CharterCBA7-CYBL0.75Cessna 337
 2004-12-08CharterCAD5-CBA72.00Cessna 337
 2004-12-06CharterCYVR-CAD51.00Cessna 337
 2004-12-05CharterCYQQ-CYVR0.50Bristol 170 Freighter
 2004-12-03CharterCYZT-CYQQ1.00Bristol 170 Freighter
 2004-12-02CharterCYVR-CYZT1.50Bristol 170 Freighter
 2004-11-29201Tofino - Vancouver
0.75Beech 1900
 2004-11-29200Vancouver - Tofino
0.75Beech 1900
 2004-11-28CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Piper PA18 Super Cub
 2004-11-27CharterCYXJ-CYVR1.50Boeing 727-200
 2004-11-27CharterCYXS-CYXJ1.00Boeing 727-200
 2004-11-27CharterCYVR-CYXS1.25Boeing 727-200
 2004-11-23CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Pilatus PC-12
 2004-11-20CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25Pilatus PC-12
 2004-11-19CharterCYWH-CYVR0.50Beechcraft Volpar
 2004-11-18CharterCAV7-CAA90.50Beechcraft Volpar
 2004-11-18CharterCAA9-CYWH1.00Beechcraft Volpar
 2004-11-18CharterCAX7-CAV70.75Beechcraft Volpar
 2004-11-17CharterCAZ9-CAX71.00Beechcraft Volpar
 2004-11-16CharterCAU6-CAZ91.00Beechcraft Volpar
 2004-11-16CharterCAE9-CAU61.00Beechcraft Volpar
 2004-11-15CharterCYVR-CAE91.00Beechcraft Volpar
 2004-11-13CharterKBOI-CYVR1.75Lear 45
 2004-11-13CharterCYYC-KBOI1.75Lear 45
 2004-11-13CharterCYVR-CYYC1.50Lear 45
 2004-11-12CharterCAF6-CYVR1.00Beechcraft Volpar
 2004-11-12CharterCAX7-CAF60.50Beechcraft Volpar
 2004-11-12CharterCAV5-CAX70.50Beechcraft Volpar
 2004-11-12CharterCYVR-CAV51.75Beechcraft Volpar
 2004-11-09CharterCYZT-CYVR1.25Aero Commander 680
 2004-11-09CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Lear 45
 2004-11-08CharterCYPR-CYZT1.50Aero Commander 680
 2004-11-06CharterCBS4-CBM51.25Aero Commander 680
 2004-11-06CharterCBM5-CYPR1.75Aero Commander 680
 2004-11-05CharterCYVR-PAKT3.00Aero Commander 680
 2004-11-05CharterPAKT-CBS42.00Aero Commander 680
 2004-11-04CharterCAK4-CBX31.25Aero Commander 680
 2004-11-04CharterCBX3-CYVR1.50Aero Commander 680
 2004-11-02CharterCYVR-CAK41.25Aero Commander 680
 2004-10-30CharterCYVR-CYVR1.25DHC-6 Twin Otter ( amphib)
 2004-10-29CharterCYVR-CZGF1.00Pilatus PC-12
 2004-10-29CharterCZGF-CYYC1.00Pilatus PC-12
 2004-10-29CharterCYYC-CYVR2.00Pilatus PC-12
 2004-10-27CharterCYBL-CYVR0.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-10-26CharterCAF2-CYBL1.25Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-10-25CharterCYVR-CAF22.00Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-10-24CharterCBQ2-CBQ21.00Auster Mk5
 2004-10-24CharterCYVR-CYZT1.25Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-10-24CharterCYZT-CYAZ1.00Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-10-24CharterCYAZ-CYVR0.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-10-22CharterCAR2-CZGF1.25Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-22CharterCZGF-CBT61.00Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-22CharterCBT6-CYVR1.25Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-20CharterCAV4-CYCP1.00Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-20CharterCYCP-CAR22.00Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-18CharterCAS3-CBX71.00Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-18CharterCBX7-CAV41.75Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-16CharterCBT3-CAS31.25Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-15CharterCZST-CYYD1.25Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-15CharterCYYD-CBT31.25Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-14CharterCBD7-CBW41.50Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-14CharterCBW4-CZST1.00Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-13CharterCYPR-CBD72.50Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-12CharterCBD5-CBQ81.00Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-12CharterCBQ8-CYPR1.50Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-10CharterCBX3-CYBD1.00Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-10CharterCYBD-CBZ91.25Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-10CharterCBZ9-CBD51.25Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-08CharterCBA7-CBX31.00Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-07CharterCYPS-CBA71.75Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-05CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-05CharterCYVR-CYPS1.25Cessna 185 (wheels)
 2004-10-04CharterCYVR-CYVR0.75Pilatus PC-12
 2004-10-03CharterCAD4-CZGF0.75DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-10-03CharterCZGF-CBM60.50DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-10-03CharterCBM6-CYDC1.25DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-10-03CharterCYDC-CYVR1.25DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-10-02CharterCYVR-CYHE1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-10-02CharterCYHE-CAD41.50DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-10-01CharterCYVR-CBQ20.50Agusta A-109
 2004-10-01CharterCBQ2-CBB71.00DH 82 Tiger Moth
 2004-10-01CharterCBB7-CBQ21.00DH 82 Tiger Moth
 2004-10-01CharterCBQ2-CYVR0.50Agusta A-109
 2004-09-30CharterCBS8-CYVR0.75Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-28CharterCAT4-CBS80.50Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-28CharterCBS8-CBS81.25Agusta A-109
 2004-09-27CharterCYYJ-CAT40.75Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-26CharterCYLW-CYLW1.25Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-26CharterCYLW-CYYJ1.75Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-25CharterCYXD-CYYC1.25Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-25CharterCYYC-CYLW2.50Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-24CharterCYVR-CYYJ0.50Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-24CharterCYYJ-CYRV2.00Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-24CharterCYVR-CYXD2.00Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-23CharterCYBL-CYVR1.25Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-22CharterCYZT-CYBL1.00Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-22CharterCYBL-CAG41.00Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-22CharterCAG4-CYBL1.00Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-21CharterCYAZ-CYZT1.25Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-20CharterCYVR-CYAZ1.00Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-19CharterPAKT-CYVR2.00Cessna Citation II
 2004-09-18CharterPANC-CYXY1.50Cessna Citation II
 2004-09-18CharterCYXY-PAKT1.50Cessna Citation II
 2004-09-17CharterCYVR-PAKT2.00Cessna Citation II
 2004-09-17CharterPAKT-PANC2.50Cessna Citation II
 2004-09-17CharterPANC-PAFA1.00Cessna Citation II
 2004-09-17CharterPAFA-PANC1.00Cessna Citation II
 2004-09-14CharterCYYJ-CYYJ0.50BD - 5J
 2004-09-14CharterCYYJ-KSEA1.00Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-14CharterKSEA-KBLI0.75Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-14CharterKBLI-CYVR0.50Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-09-12CharterCYYJ-CYYF1.25Beech Baron 58
 2004-09-12CharterCYYF-CZNL0.75Beech Baron 58
 2004-09-12CharterCZNL-CZAM1.00Beech Baron 58
 2004-09-12CharterCZAM-CYYJ1.50Beech Baron 58
 2004-09-11CharterCYGB-CYPB0.75Antonov An-14
 2004-09-11CharterCYPB-CYYJ0.75Antonov An-14
 2004-09-10CharterCYYJ-CBB71.50DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-09-10CharterCBB7-CYPS0.50DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-09-10CharterCYPS-CYPW1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-09-10CharterCYPW-CYYJ1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-09-10CharterCYYJ-CYGB0.75Antonov An-14
 2004-09-09CharterCYYJ-CYLW1.50Douglas DC-3
 2004-09-09CharterCYLW-CYYJ1.50Douglas DC-3
 2004-09-08CharterCYYJ-W121.25DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-09-08CharterW12-CYYJ1.50DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-09-07CharterCYYJ-CYBL1.00Aero Commander 500
 2004-09-07CharterCYBL-CYXX1.00Aero Commander 500
 2004-09-07CharterCYXX-CYYJ0.75Aero Commander 500
 2004-09-06CharterCYWL-CYYJ2.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-09-05CharterCBW3-CYWL2.50Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-09-04CharterCZST-CYSQ2.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-09-04CharterCYSQ-CBW32.25Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-09-03CharterCYYJ-CZST3.50Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-09-02CharterCYYJ-CYYJ1.00Hughes 500D
 2004-09-02CharterCYYJ-4S22.00Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-09-02Charter4S2-CYYJ1.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-09-01CharterCAG3-CAR31.25DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-09-01CharterCAR3-CAR31.50DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-09-01CharterCAR3-CYYJ2.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-08-31CharterCYZT-CYBL1.25DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-08-31CharterCYBL-CAG31.50DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-08-30CharterCBA7-CYBD1.50DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-08-30CharterCYBD-CYZT1.50DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-08-29CharterCBQ2-CBA71.75DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-08-28CharterCYPB-CYYJ1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-08-28CharterCYYJ-CYSE0.75DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-08-28CharterCYSE-CBQ20.75DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-08-27CharterCYBL-CYPB1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-08-27CharterCYPB-CYPB0.50Antonov An-14
 2004-08-26CharterCYYJ-CYAZ1.25DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-08-26CharterCYAZ-CYBL1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-08-25CharterPHNL-KLAX5.00Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-25CharterKLAX-CYVR3.00Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-25CharterCYVR-CYYJ0.50Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-24CharterNSTU-PLCH3.25Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-24CharterPLCH-PHNL3.00Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-23CharterNFTF-NSTU1.50Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-22CharterNZAA-NFTF3.00Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-20CharterNZTG-NZAA0.75Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-19CharterNFTF-NZAA3.00Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-19CharterNZAA-NZTG0.75Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-18CharterNSTU-NFTF2.00Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-17CharterPLCH-NSTU3.50Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-16CharterPHNL-PLCH3.25Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-15CharterCYVR-KLAX3.00Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-15CharterKLAX-PHNL5.75Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-14CharterCYVR-CBQ21.25Hughes 500D
 2004-08-14CharterCBQ2-CYVR1.00Hughes 500D
 2004-08-13CharterKLAX-CYVR3.00Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-08CharterPHNL-KLAX5.00Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-07CharterNZTG-NZAA0.75Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-07CharterNZAA-NFTF3.00Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-07CharterNFTF-NSTU1.50Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-07CharterNSTU-PHNL5.50Boeing 727-200
 2004-08-05CharterCAU8-CYBL2.00Maule M7-260
 2004-08-05CharterCYBL-CYYJ1.50Maule M7-260
 2004-08-04CharterCYYJ-CAE91.00Maule M7-260
 2004-08-04CharterCAE9-CAL91.00Maule M7-260
 2004-08-04CharterCAL9-CYZT1.25Maule M7-260
 2004-08-04CharterCYZT-CAU80.75Maule M7-260
 2004-08-02CharterCYSE-CYPW1.25Bellanca Scout
 2004-08-02CharterCYPW-CYPB0.75Bellanca Scout
 2004-08-02CharterCYPB-CYYJ1.00Bellanca Scout
 2004-08-01CharterCBB7-CYSE1.00Bellanca Scout
 2004-07-31CharterCBQ2-CBB70.50Bellanca Scout
 2004-07-30CharterCYYJ-CBQ20.75Bellanca Scout
 2004-07-29CharterCYYJ-CYCD0.75Hughes 500D
 2004-07-29CharterCYCD-CYYJ0.75Hughes 500D
 2004-07-28CharterCYYC-KSEA3.00Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-28CharterKSEA-CYYJ1.00Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-27CharterCYYJ-CYYC2.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-26CharterCYVR-CYVR1.00Boeing 727-200
 2004-07-26CharterCYYJ-CYYJ1.00Hughes 500D
 2004-07-25CharterCYYJ-PAKT4.00Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-25CharterPAKT-PAKT0.50Hughes 500D
 2004-07-25CharterPAKT-CYYJ3.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-24CharterCYVR-CYAZ0.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-24CharterCYAZ-CYYJ0.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-24CharterCYYJ-CYBL1.00Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-24CharterCYBL-CBA70.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-24CharterCBA7-CYZT1.00Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-24CharterCYZT-CYZP1.50Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-24CharterCYZP-CYYJ3.00Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-23CharterCYCD-CBQ20.50Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-23CharterCBQ2-CYLW1.00Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-23CharterCYLW-CYRV1.00Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-23CharterCYRV-CYGE0.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-23CharterCYGE-CYBA0.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-23CharterCYBA-CYYC0.50Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-23CharterCYYC-CYVR2.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-07-22CharterBLR5-CYPB1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-07-22CharterCYPB-CAK41.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-07-22CharterCAK4-CYCD1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-07-21CharterCYPW-BLR50.50DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-07-20CharterCYSE-CYPW1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-07-19CharterCBQ2-CYSE1.00DHC-2 Beaver (wheels)
 2004-07-18CharterCYPB-CAH30.50Hughes 500D
 2004-07-18CharterCAH3-CYCD1.00Hughes 500D
 2004-07-18CharterCYCD-CBQ20.75DHC-2 Beaver ( wheels)
 2004-07-17CharterCAU9-CWGC0.75Hughes 500D
 2004-07-17CharterCWGC-CYPB1.00Hughes 500D
 2004-07-16CharterCYVI-CAE90.75Hughes 500D
 2004-07-16CharterCAE9-CAU61.00Hughes 500D
 2004-07-15CharterCYPB-CWGC0.75Aerospatiale AS350
 2004-07-15CharterCWGC-CYPB0.25Aerospatiale AS350
 2004-07-15CharterCYPB-CYVI1.00Aerospatiale AS350
 2004-07-14CharterCYVI-CYPB1.25Antonov An-14
 2004-07-13CharterCYVR-CYVI0.50Howard 500
 2004-07-12CharterCYVI-CYZP2.00Howard 500
 2004-07-12CharterCYZP-CYVR1.75Howard 500
 2004-07-11CharterCAQ8-CYVI1.00Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-07-10CharterCAF8-CAF40.75Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-07-10CharterCAF4-CAQ81.50Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-07-09CharterCYVI-CAQ81.00Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-07-09CharterCAQ8-CBA71.00Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-07-09CharterCBA7-CAF81.25Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-07-08CharterCYRV-CYVI1.75Mitsubishi Mu-2 Marquise
 2004-07-07CharterKSEA-CYVR1.00Mitsubishi Mu-2 Marquise
 2004-07-07CharterCYVR-CYRV1.25Mitsubishi Mu-2 Marquise
 2004-07-06CharterCYP8-CYVI1.00Aerospatiale AS350
 2004-07-06CharterCYVI-KSEA0.50Mitsubishi Mu-2 Marquise
 2004-07-05CharterCYP8-CYP81.00Aerospatiale AS350
 2004-07-05CharterCYP8-CYP81.50Aerospatiale AS350
 2004-07-04CharterCYVR-CYVI0.50Aero Commander 500
 2004-07-04CharterCYVI-CYP81.25Antonov An-14
 2004-07-03CharterCYQQ-CYVR0.75Aero Commander 500
 2004-07-03CharterCYVI-CYVI1.00Aero Commander 500
 2004-07-03CharterCYVI-CYLW1.25Aero Commander 500
 2004-07-03CharterCYLW-CYVR1.50Aero Commander 500
 2004-07-02CharterCYPR-PAKT0.75Aero Commander 500
 2004-07-02CharterPAKT-PAKT1.00Aero Commander 500
 2004-07-02CharterPAKT-CYQQ2.50Aero Commander 500
 2004-06-30CharterCYZT-CYPR1.75Aero Commander 500
 2004-06-30CharterCYPR-CYPR1.25Aero Commander 500
 2004-06-29CharterCYVR-CYZT1.50Aero Commander 500
 2004-06-28CharterCYVR-CYVI0.50Aero Commander 500
 2004-06-28CharterCYVI-CYBL1.00Aero Commander 500
 2004-06-28CharterCYBL-CYPW0.75Aero Commander 500
 2004-06-28CharterCYPW-CYVR0.75Aero Commander 500
 2004-06-27CharterCYHC-CAE50.75Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-06-27CharterCAE5-CBB70.75Beriev Be-103
 2004-06-27CharterCBB7-CAM91.00Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-06-26CharterCYVI-CYHC0.75Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-06-25CharterCAE9-CYP80.50Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-06-25CharterCYP8-CYVI1.25Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-06-24CharterCWGC-CAE90.75Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-06-23CharterCYP8-CWGC0.50Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-06-22CharterCAE9-CYP80.50Antonov An-14
 2004-06-21CharterCYP8-CAE90.50Antonov An-14
 2004-06-20CharterCYP8-CYP81.00Antonov An-14
 2004-06-20Training 0.75Antonov An-14
 2004-06-20CharterCAD5-CYVR1.25Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-06-19CharterCYVI-CAD51.25Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-06-18CharterCYVI-KSEA0.75Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-18CharterKSEA-CYVI0.75Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-18CharterCYVI-CYBD2.00Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-18CharterCYBD-CYVI1.75Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-17CharterCYVR-CYPW1.00Maule M7-260
 2004-06-17CharterCYPW-CYSE0.75Maule M7-260
 2004-06-17CharterCYSE-CYVI0.75Maule M7-260
 2004-06-16CharterCYBL-CYAZ0.75Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-16CharterCYAZ-CYYJ0.75Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-16CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.50Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-15CharterCYQQ-CYBL0.25Bush Hawk XP
 2004-06-15CharterCYBL-CYBL1.50Bush Hawk XP
 2004-06-13CharterCYCD-CBS80.50Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-06-13CharterCBS8-CYQQ0.50Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-06-12CharterCYAZ-CYYJ0.75Beech 18 G
 2004-06-12CharterCYYJ-CYCD0.25Beech 18 G
 2004-06-11CharterCBB7-CYHE0.50Beech 18 G
 2004-06-11CharterCYHE-CYVR0.50Beech 18 G
 2004-06-11CharterCYVR-CYAZ0.75Beech 18 G
 2004-06-10CharterCYVR-CBQ20.25Beech 18 G
 2004-06-10CharterCBQ2-CBB70.50Beech 18 G
 2004-06-09CharterCBA7-CYVR1.25Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-08CharterCYCD-CYPB1.00Bell 206
 2004-06-08CharterCYPB-CYCD0.50Bell 206
 2004-06-08CharterCYCD-CBA71.00Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-07CharterCYBL-CAF60.50Grumman Goose
 2004-06-07CharterCAF6-CYBL0.25Grumman Goose
 2004-06-07CharterCYBL-CYYJ1.00Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-07CharterCYYJ-CYCD0.25Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-06CharterCYAZ-CAU60.50Grumman Goose
 2004-06-06CharterCAU6-CAL90.25Grumman Goose
 2004-06-06CharterCAL9-CAK40.25Grumman Goose
 2004-06-06CharterCAK4-CAQ30.50Grumman Goose
 2004-06-06CharterCAQ3-CYZT0.25Grumman Goose
 2004-06-06CharterCYZT-CYBL0.75Grumman Goose
 2004-06-06CharterCYBL-CBA70.75Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-06CharterCBA7-CBYL0.50Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-05CharterCYVR-CYPW0.75Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-06-05CharterCYPW-CYBL0.50Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-06-05CharterCYBL-CYCD1.00Dehavilland Super Otter
 2004-06-05CharterCYCD-CYCD0.25Bell 222
 2004-06-05CharterCYCD-CAE90.50Grumman Goose
 2004-06-05CharterCAE9-CYAZ0.25Grumman Goose
 2004-06-04CharterCBS8-CYVR0.75Cessna 208B Grand Caravan

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