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Howard Brennan VI181 flight log
ViVa pilot since: Aug 7th, 2006
Total hours: 985.16

 Flight history
 2017-10-15406Victoria - Whitehorse
2.50Boeing 737-200Smooth flight in fair weather
 2015-01-26408Comox - Anchorage
3.00Boeing 727-200FL360.T/O rwy 30.Uneventful flight. Landed rwy 32.
 2014-07-21CharterKSEA-PAKT2.00B757-200FL300 on Ivao. Departure Rwy 16L in good weather light 5 knot wind. Landed rwy 11 in low cloud
 2014-07-10406Victoria - Whitehorse
2.50Boeing 737-200FL330. Stiff wind on approach to CYXY. Heavy landing
 2014-06-01408Comox - Anchorage
3.00Boeing 727-200FL300. Light winds & clouds on T/O, Uneventful Flight,
 2014-05-29406Victoria - Whitehorse
2.50Boeing 737-200FL310. Rough weather with gusts of 20MPH on approach
 2014-05-24CharterEGLL-CYVR10.30B767-300FL380. Uneventful flight some considerable headwind.
 2014-05-04CharterCYVR-EGLL10.00Boeing 757-200Fl370. Taking a flight home for a few days.
 2014-03-07CharterCYTZ-CYOW1.45Marchetti SF260VFR on Vatsim. Touch & go at CNT7,CNN8,CYSH. Flew alongside VI207.
 2014-03-05CharterCYKA-CYSE2.00Cessna 337HVFR with touch & go at CAR3 & CYPS. Flew alongside VI207
 2014-03-04CharterCYCG-CYKA2.15Socata TB20VFR Orbx scenic flight with touch & go at CYYF;CYLW. Flew alongside member VI207
 2014-01-27CharterLFLP-LIPB2.15Beech Baron 58FL150. Light clouds over Dolomites. Landed rwy 01 in good weather
 2014-01-26CharterCYVR-PANC3.30Boeing 737-800FL340. Plenty of cloud at 8000 to 11000ft. Heavy landing in mist rwy 07L.
 2014-01-24CharterCYHC-CYRV2.00Dehavilland Twin OtterAlt 11000ft. Light clouds. Taking a group for Skiing break, Landed on North water close to town.
 2014-01-22CharterCYSE-CZNL2.15Cessna 337Alt15000ft, Plenty of light cloud. Landed rwy 04
 2014-01-21CharterCYSE-CYLW1.45Duke B69 TurboTour via Pitt Meadow,Hope & Princeton. Landed rwy 16 in Light cloud
 2014-01-20CharterPAKT-CYVR2.00Becchcraft Duke TurboAlt 10000ft on IVAO. Broken cloud at altitude all the way. Landed rwy 08R
 2014-01-19CharterCYXY-PAKT2.15Beechcraft Duke TurboAlt 11000ft. Heavy cloud most of the way. Landed rwy 11
 2014-01-18CharterPANC-CYXY2.30Beechcraft Duke TurboAlt 13000ft. Heavy clouds 50nm from landing down to 4000ft. Landed rwy 13R
 2014-01-13CharterPAJN-PANC3.00Beechcraft Duke TurboAlt 12000ft. Touch & Go at Yakutat. Cloud & mist at 4000ft. Landed rwy 06L at PANC
 2014-01-12CharterPAKT-PAJN1.30Beechcraft Duke TurboAlt 8000ft. Landed rwy 08 in low cloud & mist.
 2014-01-10CharterCYYJ-CYBD2.00Beechcraft Duke TurboVFR flight. Needed to climb to 13000ft to clear mountains. Fair weather with light clouds.Landed rwy 04.
 2014-01-07CharterKHAF-KWMC3.00Cessna 206HVFR on Vatsim. With touch & go at KSAC & KTVL. Some buffeting during flight with some cloud.
 2014-01-06CharterKSMO-KHAF2.45Socata TB20VFR on Vatsim. With Touch & go onroute at L45 & KMRY. Flew alongside VI207.
 2014-01-05CharterKHII-KSMO2.30Socata TB20VFR on Vatsim with touch & go onroute at KSDM & KAVX. Flew alongside VI 207.
 2014-01-04CharterKGCN-KHII2.00Marchetti SF260VFR on Vatsim. Touch & go at L50 & 1G4, Flew alongside VI 207. Good weather over Grand Canyon
 2013-10-20CharterCYVR-EGLL10.15Boing 767-300FL390. Taking trip home for a few days to update software.
 2013-10-07CharterMUHA-KMIA1.15SAAB340Bn Vatsim. Alt 4000ft. Landed rwy 26L in good weather. Flew alongside member VI207.
 2013-10-06CharterMUCU-MUHA2.15SAAB340BOn Vatsim. Alt 4000ft. Landed rwy 06 in haze. Papi lights visible thank goodness. Flew alongside member VI207.
 2013-10-05CharterSVVA-MTPP2.15SAAB340BOn Vatsim.FL080. Landed rwy 28 in Cloud & Lightening. Flew alongside member VI207.
 2013-10-05CharterMTPP-MUCU1.00SAAB340BOn Vatsim. FL060. Landed rwy 36 in low cloud & lightening.Flew alongside member VI207.
 2013-10-04CharterSYCS-SVVA2.30SAAB340BOn Vasim. FL140. Landed rwy10 in light cloud. Flew alongside member VI207.
 2013-10-03CharterSOCA-SMJP1.00SAAB340BOn Vatsim. Alt 600oft. Landed rwy 11 in mist. Flew alongside member VI207.
 2013-10-03CharterSMJP-SYCJ1.00SAAB340BOn Vatsim. Alt 600oft. Landed rwy 11 with cloud down to 3000ft. Flew alongside member VI207
 2013-10-02CharterSBBE-SBMQ1.00SAAB340BOn Vatsim. FL080. Landed rwy 08 in cloud & lightening. Flew alongside member VI207.
 2013-10-02CharterSBMQ-SOCA1.30SAAB340BOn Vatsim. FL080. Landed rwy 08 in light clouds. Runway part shielded by trees,Flew alongside member VI207.
 2013-10-01CharterSBMS-SBBE2.45SAAB340BOn Vatsim. FL080. Landed rwy 06 in thick mist. Flew alongside member VI207
 2013-09-30CharterSBMO-SBNT1.15SAAB340BOn Vatsim. FL160. Landed in thick mist rwy 12, Flew alongside member VI207
 2013-09-30CharterSBNT-SBMS1.00SAAB340BOn Vatsim. FL060. Landed rwy 05 in light clouds.Flew alongside member VI207
 2013-09-21CharterSBSV-SBMO2.00Socata TB20GTOn Vatsim. Alt 5000ft. Landed rwt 12. in minimum visibilty & heavy rain. Flew alongside VI207.
 2013-09-20CharterSBPS-SBSV1.45Mooney M20JOn Vatsim. FL090. Landed in mist & rain rwy 10. Flew alongside VI207
 2013-09-19CharterSBGL-SBPS2.15SAAB340BOn Vatsim. FL110. Landed rwy 10 in light clouds. Flew alongside VI207.
 2013-09-18CharterSBLO-SBGL2.15SAAB340BOn Vatsim. FL170. Landed rwy 28. Flew alongside VI207. Blue skies & light clouds.
 2013-09-17CharterSBPA-SBLO2.00SAAB340BOn Vatsim. FL110. Landed rwy 31. Flew alongside VI207. Light clouds with 39knot headwind on descent.
 2013-09-16CharterSAEZ-SUMU1.00SAAB340BOn Vasim. FL070. Landed rwy 19. Flew along side VI207
 2013-09-16CharterSUMA-SBPA1.45SAAB340BOn Vatsim with active controller. Alt 110. Landed rwy 11. 20 knot side wind
 2013-09-15CharterSAZB-SAEZ1.30SAAB340BOn Vatsim. FL210. Landed rwy 11. Flew alongside fellow pilot VI207
 2013-09-13CharterSAVC-SAZB2.00SAAB340BOn Vatsim. FL190.Landed rwy 16. Flew alongside fellow member VI207
 2013-08-24CharterEGYP-SAVC2.00SAAB340BOn Vatsim. FL180. Flew alongside member VI207. Landed rwy 28 in light clouds.
 2013-08-11CharterSCCI-EGYP2.00SAAB340BOn Vatsim. Alt 5000ft. Landed rwy 28. Flew alongside member VI207.
 2013-08-10CharterSCBA-SCCI2.00SAAB340BFL230 on Vatsim. Landed rwy 30. Flew alongside fellow member VI207
 2013-08-04CharterCYVR-PANC3.15Boeing 737-800FL340. T/O 08R in light clouds. Some turbulence onroute Landed 06L.
 2013-08-03CharterSCVD-SCTE0.45SAAB340BFL170 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 35 in broken cloud. Landed rwy 35 in 12 knot wind. Flew alongside member VI207
 2013-08-03CharterSCTE-SCBA1.30SAAB340BFL170 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 35 in light cloud. Landed rwy 09. Flew alongside VI207.
 2013-07-31CharterCAP5-CAQ31.45Dehavilland Twin OtterVFR flight with tour around Victoria harbour at start of flight.
 2013-07-30CharterPANC-CYVR3.30Boeing 737-800FL370. Poor weather on T/O. Strong cross wind most of the way. Landed 08L in good weather.
 2013-07-26CharterCYVR-PANC3.15Boeing 737-800FL380. T/O Rwy 26L in light cloud. Some turbulence climbing through FL200. Landed rwy 06L
 2013-07-23CharterSCEL-SCVD2.15SAAB340BFL230 on Vatsim. High mountains with turbulence. Landed rwy 17 in low cloud.
 2013-07-19CharterEGLL-CYVR10.30 767-300FL380. Returning after visit home. Strong head winds all the way across. Some bad turbulence onroute.
 2013-07-13CharterCYVR-EGLL10.10767-300FL380.Taking trip back home for a few days, Lucky to have tail wind most of the flight. Landed 27L in clear skies & good weather.
 2013-07-11CharterSCFA-SCEL2.30SAB340BFL200 on Vatsim. Flew alongside member VI207, Landed rwy 17R in heavy mist.
 2013-07-10CharterSGME-SCFA2.30SAB340BFL160 for part of Flight then FL220 over mountains. On Vatsim. Flew with member VI207. Landed rwy 01 in low cloud.
 2013-07-09CharterSLVR-SGME1.15SAB340BFL150 on Vatsim. Flew alongside member VI207. Landed rwy 19 in scattered cloud
 2013-07-07CharterSPZO-SLVR2.15SAB340BFL290 on Vatsim. Flew alongside VI207. Thick cloud on approach to Rwy 34 restricted vision until final 500ft
 2013-07-06CharterSPQT-SPZO2.45SAB340BFL290 on Vatsim. Light clouds & wind on appr to rwy 28. Airport alt 10860 ft ASL.
 2013-07-05CharterSEQU-SPQT1.30SAB340BFL270 on Vatsim. Flew alongside fellow member VI207. Landed rwy 06 in low cloud , no wind.
 2013-07-03CharterSKBO-SEQU1.30SAB340BFL210 on Vatsim. Had to go up to FL235 nearer destination. Flew alongside fellow member VI207. Landed in good weather rwy 17.
 2013-07-01CharterMPTO-SKBO2.00SAB340BFL210 on Vatsim. Flew alongside fellow member VI207. Thick cloud & rain on take off. Light clouds on landing Rwy13R
 2013-06-30CharterMROC-MPTO1.30SAAB340BFL210 on Vatsim. Flew alongside fellow member VI207. Landed rwy 03R in thick low cloud.
 2013-06-29CharterMGGT-MROC2.00SAAB340BFL210 on Vatsim. Flew with fellow pilot VI207. Landed rwy 07 in heavy mist
 2013-06-24CharterMMMX-MMAA1.00B1900DFL210 on Vatsim. Flew Alongside member VI207. Some clouds at FL210. Landed rwy 10
 2013-06-24CharterMMAA-MGGT1.45Embraer 190FL290 on Vatsim. Heavy Cloud & Mist on approach to rwy 01. Flew alongside member VI207
 2013-06-23CharterMMSP-MMMX1.00SAAB340BOn Vatsim FL210. Light clouds at alt. Flew alongside VI207. Landed rwy 23L
 2013-06-21CharterMMAN-MMSP1.45SAAB 340BOn Vatsim FL210. Broken cloud at 10,000ft with light winds. Landed Rwy 32.
 2013-06-20CharterMMLP-MMAN2.15SAAB 340BOn Vatsim FL210.Flew alongside VI207. Light clouds & Winds. Landed rwy 11.
 2013-06-19CharterMMHO-MMLP1.30Beech 1900On Vatsim FL210. Flew alongside VI207. Broken clouds with light winds
 2013-06-18CharterKSAN-MMHO1.45Beechcraft Duke TurboOn Vatsim alongside fellow pilot VI207. FL210. Good weather with light winds landed rwy 23
 2013-04-08CharterCYZT-CYPR2.45Beechcraft Duke TurboVFR on Vatsim. With touch & go at CYZT,CYBD & CBW2, (overflew CAY4). Alongside fellow member VI207. Good visibility with some light clouds.
 2013-04-07CharterCYYF-CYAZ2.00Beechcraft Duke TurboVFR on Vatsim. With touch & go at S52;1S2 & CAM3. Flew alongside member VI207. Light clouds & some turbulence over the Cascades
 2013-04-06CharterCYQF-CYYF2.30Beechcraft Duke TurboVFR on Vatsim. With touch & go at CYBW,CYSW,CBR2 & CAU3. Flew alongside member VI207 in good weather.
 2013-04-05CharterCAJ3-CYQF2.30SF260 MarchettiVFR on Vatsim. With Touch & Go at CYXC, CYCZ, CYBA, CFS8. Flew alongside member VI207
 2013-04-04CharterCYHE-CAJ32.45SF260 MarchettiVFR on Vatsim. With touch & Go at CYXX,KOMK,CZGF & CAD4. Flew alongside member VI207.
 2013-04-02CharterCYRV-CYHE2.15SF260 MarchettiVFR on Vatsim. T/O rwy 29 & landed Rwy 07. Had touch & go's at CZAM,CYKA,CAD5 & CYCD. Flew with member VI207. Light Clouds during a very nice scenic flight.Using Orbx scenery in FSX.
 2013-04-01CharterCYCG-CYRV1.45SF260 MarchettiVFR on Vatsim, with Tough & go at CZNL,CBR2 & CAQ5 then turn at the Dam for Rwy 11 Revelstoke. Flew together with member VI207.
 2013-03-30CharterCYLY-CYCG2.15SF260 MarchettiFL100 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 01. Landed rwy 15. With touch & go at CYLW & CYYF. Flew together with member VI207. Light Clouds most of the way.
 2013-03-29CharterCYYJ-CYLY2.00Mooney MJ20On Vatsim. T/O rwy 27. Landed Grass strip 01. Had touch downs on way at CYSE & CYPS. Flew together with member VI207.
 2013-03-28CharterCYZF-CYYJ1.45Mooney MJ20Alt2500ft on Vatsim. T/O rwy 07. Landed Rwy 27. Flew with fellow member VI207.
 2013-03-27CharterPAKT-CYZT2.30Beechcraft Duke TurboAlt 4000ft on Vatsim. T/O Rwy 29. Landed Rwy 11. Very poor visibility at CYZT. Flew with fellow mwmber VI207.
 2013-03-26CharterPAGS-PAKT1.75Beechcraft Duke TurboAlt 6000ft on Vatsim. T/O rwy 11. With grey mist most of the way. Landed rwy 11 in fog.
 2013-03-25CharterCYZF-PAGS2.00Boeing 737-600FL340 on Vatsim. T/O rwy15. Landed rwy 29. Flew with Member pilot VI207. Good flight but heavy cloud at PAGS making for a difficult landing.
 2013-03-24CharterCYXY-CYZF2.00Boeing 737-600FL330. Took off Rwy 13R,Landed rwy 15. Good weather few clouds. 40knot tail wind for part of flight. Flew together with member pilot VI207.On Vatsim
 2013-03-23CharterPANC-CYXY1.75Boeing 737-699FL330. T/O rwy 15, Landed Rwy 13R. Good weather. Flew together with member VI207
 2013-03-22CharterPAJN-PANC2.00Boeing 737-600FL320. Took off rwy 26 in company of pilot VI207. Landed rwy 07L in good weather.
 2013-03-21CharterKSEA-PAJN2.45MD11FL360. Take off Rwy 16R Flew with pilot VI207. Poor visibility on landing.
 2013-02-17CharterLHD-7K23.25Twin Otter Float plneFL115 on Vatsim. LHD SNRIS V319 JOH T269 CENTA 7K2. Taking 6 persons to Skagway for business meetung.
 2013-02-15CharterCYXY-PANC2.00Boeing 737-600FL340. Route CYXY YXY BR44 DB J511 GKN J124 BGQ V510 TAGER PANC. Good visibility at CYXY & heavy snow at PANC
 2013-02-14406Victoria - Whitehorse
2.50Boeing 737-600FL360. Flew accompanied by VI207. Good Weather with light clouds
 2013-02-01CharterCYHC-CAH71.25Dehavilland Twin OtterOn Vatsim VFR using floats with member VI207. Route taken CYHC CYSE CAE5 CYPS CAR3 YZA CAH7. Some haze over water.
 2013-01-31CharterCYHC-CAE50.75Dehavilland Twin OtterVatsim VFR. On Floats. Fair weather.Took 9 passengers for a Ski run.
 2013-01-31CharterCAE5-CAR30.75Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianLocal flight transfer of fishermen to Lillooet
 2013-01-30CharterCAX6-CYHC0.50Dehavilland BeaverAlt 800ft. Good weather
 2013-01-30CharterCYHC-CAX60.50Dehavilland BeaverAlt 800ft in good weather.
 2013-01-28CharterCYHC-CAE50.75Dehavilland Twin OtterFlew with VI207
 2013-01-27CharterCYLW-CYVR0.45Boeing 737-800Flew flight with new member VI207
 2012-12-30CharterCYVR-EGLL10.15Boeing 767-300FL390. Night Flight
 2012-11-26CharterPAFA-LHD1.45Goose 21AAlt 12000ft. Landed SE Water
 2012-11-25CharterPACV-PAFA2.15Goose 21AFL180.
 2012-11-24CharterPAYA-PACV1.30Goose 21AAlt14000ft on Vatsim. Cloud below alt down to 4000ft
 2012-11-22CharterA29-PAJN0.45Goose 21AAlt 10,000 Water take off but Landed Rwy 08 in poor weather.
 2012-11-21CharterPAKX-A291.15Goose 21AAlt6000ft
 2012-11-20CharterCYBD-PAKX2.00Goose 21AAlt 13000ft. Cloud & Mist on approach
 2012-11-19CharterCAE5-CYBD2.00Goose 21AAlt 12000ft in Good weather Landed rwy 07
 2012-11-18CharterCYHC-CAE50.45Dehavilland BeaverAlt 8000ft
 2012-11-17CharterCAX6-CYHC0.30Dehavilland BeaverAlt 800ft as in real life to keep below glideslope of CYVR int
 2012-11-16CharterCAB4-CAX61.00Dehavilland BeaverAlt 7000ft. Water T/O & Landing
 2012-11-15CharterKHQM-CYAZ1.15Mooney M20J
 2012-11-13CharterKBIL-KGEG2.15Beechcraft Duke TurboAlt 14000. Heavy Cloud.
 2012-11-12CharterKBOI-KBIL2.00Beechcraft Duke TurboFL210
 2012-11-11CharterKTTD-KBOI1.30Beechcraft Duke TurboAlt 15000ft on Vatsim. Rain on T/O. Clear skies landing rwy 10R
 2012-11-10CharterCYBD-HTTD2.30Beechcraft Duke TurboAlt 16000ft, Vatsim active (Vancouver Centre)
 2012-11-09CharterCYZT-CYJQ1.00Beechcraft Duke TurboAlt 4000ft on Vatsim
 2012-11-09CharterCYJG-CYBD0.30Beechcraft Duke TurboAlt 800ft. Clear Skies, Landed rwy 07
 2012-11-08CharterCYKA-CYZT2.00Beechcraft Duke TurboSlt 12000ft. Thick Cloud on T/O rwy 08. Landed Rwy 29 in good weather.
 2012-11-06CharterCYRV-CYKA1.00Socata TB20Alt10000ft on Vatsim. Poor Vision until above 9500ft.
 2012-11-05CharterCYLW-CYRV1.00Socata TB20Alt 9500ft on Vatsim
 2012-11-04CharterCYVR-CYLW2.00Socata TB20Alt 13000ft. Heavy cloud at destination. Landed rwy16
 2012-06-09CharterTBPB-TLPL1.00Mooney M20JOn Vatsim. Alt 6000ft. Light clouds at 8000ft so good vision.T/O rwy 09. Landed rwy 10
 2012-06-08CharterPAFA-PACV2.30Mooney M20JFL170 on Vatsim.
 2012-06-07CharterPAWS-PAFA1.45Cessna 337-HOn Vatsim. FL120. T/O rwy03. Landed rwy 01L.
 2012-06-06CharterPAVD-PAAQ1.00Siai Marchetti SF260On Vatsim. FL140. T/O rwy 06 Landed rwy 34
 2012-06-06CharterPAVD-PAAQ1.00Siai Marchetti SF260On Vatsim. FL140. T/O rwy 06 Landed rwy 34
 2012-06-06CharterPAAQ-PAWS0.30Siai Marchetti SF260On Ivao. Alt 4000ft. T/O rwy 16. Landed rwy 03
 2012-06-05CharterPAJN-PAVD2.45Marchetti SF260On Vatsim FL140.
 2012-06-04CharterPASI-PAJN1.00Mooney M20JOn Vatsim. Al;t 8000ft. T/O rwy 29. Landed rwy 08.
 2012-06-03CharterPADQ-PASI3.15Beechcrasft Duke TurboOn Vatsim. FL270.T/O rwy 36 Landed rwy 11. Good flight
 2012-06-02CharterPAKN-PACD1.45Beechcrasft Duke TurboOn Vatsim FL180
 2012-06-01CharterZ41-PAKN2.15Mooney M20JVatsim ATC active throughout entire flight. T/O rwy 13. Landed rwy 12. FL140
 2012-05-30CharterCYQH-PANC2.15737-800On Vatsim.T/O rwy 26. Landed rwy 07L
 2012-05-29CharterCYYC-CYQH3.30Beechcrasft Duke TurboOn Vatsim.Alt 16000ft. Light Clouds at 10000ft. Landed rwy 26
 2012-05-08CharterEGLL-CYVR10.30LevelD 767-300T/O rwy 27L with initial light winds, overcast. Landed rwy 08L.
 2012-05-02CharterCYVR-EGLL9.45767-300Overnight flight T/0 08L Landed 27L. Mod following wind
 2012-03-31CharterCYAZ-KDLS2.30Cessna 337HFL100 on Vatsim. T/O Rwy10 Landed rwy 12
 2012-03-30CharterCYSE-CYAZ1.45Cessna 337HFL100. T/O rwy 32. Landed rwy25 in Light Clouds at 8000ft
 2012-03-28CharterCYLW-CYSE1.30Cessna 337HFL80 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 34. Landed rwy32 using Orbx PNW scenery.
 2012-03-27CharterCYCD-CYLW1.45Cessna 337HFL110.On Vatsim Good flight no incidents.
 2012-03-26CharterCYBD-CYCD2.15Cessna 337HFL150 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 07 in good weather.Landed Rwy 16 in poor visibilty & rain
 2012-03-25CharterCYPW-CYBD2.00Mooney M20JFL160 T/O rwy 27 in good weather & Landed rwy 25 from the Mountain valley.Wonderful Orbx scenery with thev Necleets connay river.
 2012-03-24CharterKSEA-CYPW1.45Mooney M20JFL80 on Vatsim. ATC active at KSEA, T/O rwy34R. Landed rwy 27 in good weather once below 6000ft
 2012-03-22CharterKLMT-KSEA3.00Cessna 337HFL160 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 32 Landed rwy 16L in light clouds
 2012-03-21CharterKBKE-KLMT2.15Mooney M20JFL120. T/O rwy 13 Landed rwy 32
 2012-03-20CharterKYKM-KBKE1.45Moonet M20JFL110 on Vatsim.T/O rwy 27. Landed Rwy 13 in a snowstorm. Difficulty seeing runway. Had a rough landing
 2012-03-19CharterKPDX-KYKM1.30Mooney M20JFL130
 2012-03-18CharterKBOI-KPDX2.00Lancair IVPFL200. On Vatsim. T/O rwy 28R.Landed Rwy 21
 2012-03-16CharterKMSO-KIDA2.30Cessna 337-HFL130 on Vatsim. T/O Rwy 29. Landed Rwy 20
 2012-03-15CharterCYXD-KMSO2.30Lancair IV-PFL130 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 12 from Edmonton City Centre. Landed in Good weather & light winds Rwy 11
 2012-03-14CharterCYWL-CYEG2.45Cessna 337FL130 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 11 Landed Rwy20. Good Flight in this lovely Push/puller
 2012-03-12CharterCYVK-CYWL1.30Moonet M20JOn Vatsim FL140. T/O rwy 05. Landed Rwy 29. Quiet Flight. Nothing to observe.
 2012-03-11CharterCZNL-CYYF1.15Mooney M20JOn Vaatsim. FL130. T/O rwy 04 out over the bridge before turning for CG ADF. Landed Visual rwy 24. Light clouds with superb Orbx scenery
 2012-03-11CharterCYYF-CYVK0.30Mooney M20JOn Vatsim.Alt 8000ft. to Vernon. T/O rwy 34 Landed Rwy 05. Short flight up the Okanagan lake. To remind me of some great holidays.
 2012-03-09CharterCYKA-CZNL1.15Dehavilland Twin OtterOn Vatsim.FL130. Take off Rwy 08 & Landed Rwy 04. Beautiful Orbx scenery exactly as in my memory from visits there. Good weather flight
 2012-03-08CharterCYPS-CYKA1.15Piper PA-20 PacerOn Vatsim. FL130. On take off followed valley west in order to gain height then turned back east to follow the plan. Superb ORBX scenery
 2012-03-07CharterKSEA-CYPS1.30Piper Arrow III TurboOn Vatsim. FL100. Excellent weather. Using ORBX Pacific North West Scenery & Pemberton scenery is amazing
 2012-03-06Charter2.30Dehavilland Twin OtterOn Vatsim.FL150. T/O rwy 28L with 20 passengers enjoying the view. Landed rwy 05.
 2012-03-06CharterKBOI-CYQL0.00Dehavilland Twin OtterLast Flight details missed ot
 2012-03-05CharterCYRV-CYBA2.00Dehavilland Twin OtterOn Vatsim. FL130. Took a flight from Revelstoke to Jasper & then back to Banff. FTX Orbx Northern Rockies scenery is amazing.
 2012-03-04CharterCYZP-CYJQ1.30Dehavilland Twin OtterPn Vatsim. VFR tour of Queen Charlotte Islands & then on to Bella Bella(Denny)
 2012-03-03CharterCZST-PAKT1.00Dehavilland Twin OtterOn Vatsim. FL100. T/O rwy 18. Landed Rwy 11. Heavy cloud all the way.
 2012-03-03CharterPAKT-CYPR0.45Dehavilland Twin OtterOn Vatsim. FL90, T/O rwy 29. Landed Rwy 13. No other aircraft in sight.
 2012-03-03CharterCYPR-CYZP1.00Dehavilland Twin OtterOn Vatsim FL60. T/O rwy 13. Landed Rwy 12. Good visibility.
 2012-03-02CharterCYBD-CZST2.00Dehavilland Twin OtterOn Vatsim. FL150. Scenic route from Bella Coola rwy 25 to Stewart Rwy 36. Light Clouds. YJQ A10 PR V309 ANN V317 GIRTS
 2012-03-01CharterCYYC-CYBD2.45SAAB 340BOn Vatsim. T/O rwy 34. FL170, Landed Rwy 07. Followed the waterway into Bella Coola. Light Clouds at FL130.
 2012-02-27CharterCYVR-CYLW1.15SAAB 340BOn Vatsim. FL110. Good weather. Route taken YVR YARRO HE B13 LW. Took off rwy 08L & landed Rwy 16
 2011-11-24CharterEGLL-CYVR9.55BOeing 767-300TO/O Rwy 27R FL380. 20Knt headwind wsith some turbulence. Landed 08L
 2011-09-26CharterCYVR-PANC3.15Boeing 757-200FL360. T/O rwy 08R Scattered Clouds Wind 06. Landed rwy 14 in Clear weather but winds gusting to 23. 162 Souls onboard.
 2011-09-25CharterCYWG-CYVR3.00Boeing 757-200FL350 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 18. Landed Rwt 08L. 168 Souls onboard
 2011-09-24CharterCYXU-CYWG2.30Boeing 757-200FL330 on Vatsim. ATC active at London & also Toronto ctrl. T/O rwy 33 in good weather with light clouds. Landed rwy 13. 162 passengers onboard
 2011-09-22CharterEGLL-CYVR9.45B767-300FL380. 222 Souls onboard. T/O Rwy 27R in good Weather. Low to moderate headwinds throughout journey. Landed 08L.
 2011-09-21CharterCYYJ-PANC3.50Boeing 737-800FL340 on Vatsim. 91 persons onboard. T/O rwy 27 in good weather. Landed on Rwy 07L with light clouds above at 3000ft
 2011-09-20407Whitehorse - Victoria
2.50Boeing 737-200FL350 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 13R in rain. 91 Souls onboard. Landed rwy 27 in good weather
 2011-09-19406Victoria - Whitehorse
2.50Boeing 737-800FL340 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 27 with 114 Souls on board. Landed Rwy 31L
 2011-06-26CharterCYQR-CYYJ2.00Boeing 757-200FL320 on Vatsim. T/O Rwy 26 in light winds. 180 souls on board. Landed rwy 27 in good weather.
 2011-06-25CharterCYOW-CYQR3.00Boeing 757-200FL320 on Vatsim. Good weather. 180 onboard. Landed Rwy 13
 2011-06-24CharterCYFB-CYOW3.00Boeing 757-200FL320. On Vatsim. T/O rwy 17 in light rain. Landed rwy 14 non ILS in Good weather. Broken clouds at 2500ft
 2011-06-23CharterCYWG-CYFB3.15Boeing 757-200FL330 on Vatsim. Winnipeg ATC active. T/O Rwy 36. Landed non ILS rwy 17.
 2011-06-22CharterCYZF-CYWG2.45Boeing 757-200FL330 on Vatsim. Take off rwy 15 in light winds. Landed rwy 36 in good weather.180 souls onboard.
 2011-06-21CharterPANC-CYZF3.00Boeing 757-200FL330. T/) rwy 32 in fair weather. Landed non ILS Rwy 15 at Yellowknife
 2011-06-19CharterCYLW-PANC3.00Boeing 757-200FL380.Good flight. 180 on board. Took off rwy 34 Landed rwy 07L in rain showers
 2011-06-18CharterCYVR-CYLW1.00Boeing 757-200FL310. Weather at CYVR OVC at 010,Sct at 060. Rwy 08R Landed rwy 16 in mist
 2011-02-01CharterCYVR-CYHZ5.58Boeing 757-200Long flight & uneventful. T/O Rwy 08R & Landed Rwy23. FL370
 2010-09-27CharterPANC-CYYC3.45Level D 767-300FL380. T/O rwy 32 at Dawn. Landed Rwy 16 into a 4 knot breeze. Stunning sky after take off using REX2
 2010-09-24CharterKJFK-PANC7.15Level D 767-300Dawn T/O at JFK,FL380. Landed Visual rwy 32.
 2010-09-21CharterCYVR-KJFK5.30Level D 767-300FL390 T/O Rwy 30 in clear skies. Landed rwy 22R
 2010-09-17CharterEGLL-CYVR9.45Level D 767-300FL380. T/O rwy 27R Few clouds at 4300 ft.Cross the pond to Vancouver Landed rwy 26R. Overcast at 5800ft
 2010-09-16CharterCYHZ-EGLL6.30Level D 767-300FL390. T/O Rwy 32 for trip across the pond into London. Landed rwy 27R in strong cross wind.
 2010-09-15CharterKMCO-CYHZ3.30Level D 767-300FL380 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 35L at dawn. Landed rwy 14 with 9knt head wind. Scattered clouds at 2000ft
 2010-09-14CharterKSAN-KMCO5.15Level D 767-300FL390. T/O rwy 09 at Dawn. Brilliant sunrise. Landed rwy 36L in light clouds.
 2010-09-13CharterCYVR-KSAN3.00Level D 767-300FL390 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 08L in light clouds. Landed rwy 09 in good weather.
 2010-09-12CharterPANC-CYVR3.15Level D 767-300FL390. T/O rwy 32 in light winds. Landed Rwy 08L.
 2010-09-11CharterCYYZ-PANC6.30Level D 767-300FL380.T/O rwy 15L in 5knt headwind. Landed Anchorage Visual Rwy 32.
 2010-09-03CharterCYVR-CYYZ4.45Level D 767-300FL370. T/O rwy 08R in clear skies. Scattered clouds at 12000 over Toronto. Landed rwy 33R
 2010-09-02CharterPHNL-CYVR5.45Level D 767-300FL370. T/O Rwy 08R in sunshine over Honolulu Landed Vancouver Rwy 08L.
 2010-09-01CharterCYVR-PHNL5.50Level D 767-300FL380 on Vatsim. T/O Rwy 08L beautiful scenery over Honolulu. Landed Rwy 08L some coincidence eh!
 2010-08-31CharterCYXU-CYYJ4.45Level D 767-300FL380. T/O rwy33 Brkn clds at 12000ft. Landed Rwy 09 in poor visibility rain & mist
 2010-08-29CharterCYQM-CYXU3.15SAAB 340BFL260 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 24 ATC active in cruise & at arrival. Landed rwy 33 visual
 2010-08-28CharterCYWG-CYQM3.15Level D 767-300FL350.T/O rwy 36. Landed Rwy 29. Uneventful flight
 2010-08-27CharterCYLW-CYWG3.45SAAB 340BAlt 15000ft on Vatsim. T/O rwy 16 at Dawn in mist. Cloud at 8/10000ft. Strong winds in cruise. Landed visual rwy 18
 2010-08-26CharterCYZP-CYLW2.15SAAB 340BAlt13000ft on Vatsim. T/O rwy 12 in heavy low clouds at Sandspit.BKN clouds at 10000ft during flight. Landed visual Rwy 34 in Kelowna with clr skies.
 2010-08-24CharterCYXY-CYZP2.15SAAB 340BAlt 17000ft on Vatsim. T/O rwy 31L at Whitehorse in heavy rain. Landed Sandspit rwy 12 in low cloud.
 2010-08-23CharterPANC-CYXY2.15SAAB 340BAlt 17000ft on Vatsim. T/O in rain Rwy 07L. Landed Visual Rwy 13R. Broken clouds at 7/10000 ft on route.
 2010-08-22CharterPAKT-PANC3.15SAAB 340BFL180 on Vatsim. ATC on at Ketchikan controlling from PANC. T/O rwy 29. Dawn take off with heavy dark clouds at 8000/10000ft. Visual landing rwy 07L.
 2010-08-21CharterCYVR-PAKT2.15SAAB 340BAlt 12000ft on Vatsim. T/O Vancouver rwy 08R at sunrise in pink sky & good weather. Landed visual rwy 29 Ketchikan.
 2010-08-20CharterKSFO-CYVR3.00SAAB 340BFL180 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 01L in mist. Broken clouds below 10000 ft on route. Landed Rwy 08L
 2010-08-19CharterKLAX-KSFO1.30SAAB 340BAlt 9000ft on Vatsim. T/O Rwy 25R with overcast skies. Landed Visual Rwy 01R with heavy cloud at 2300ft on approach
 2010-08-18CharterKDEN-KLAX3.00SAAB340BFL180 on Vatsim. Dawn T/O rwy 17R at Denver. Lovely weather but tricky cross wind during flight. Landed Rwy 25R at LA. 32 happy passengers
 2010-08-17CharterKICT-KDEN2.00SAAB 340BAlt 10000ft on Vatsim T/O rwy 14 in rain. Landed rwy 34R at Denver in good weather
 2010-08-16CharterKCRP-KICT2.30SAAB340BAlt 9000ft on Vatsim. T/O rwy 35 Corpus Christi in good weather. Landed Visual rwy 14 at Wichita
 2010-08-15Charter2.15SAAB340BAlt 10,000ft on Vatsim. T/O rwy 28. Held up a few minutes for incoming aircraft. Good weather with light clouds. Landed rwy 13 at Corpus Christi Int
 2010-08-14CharterKTPA-KMCO0.45SAAB 340BAlt 9000ft on Vatsim. T/O rwy 33L. Landed 35L. Scenic flight to see new scenery for both airports.
 2010-08-14CharterKMCO-KMSY2.15SAAB340BFL200 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 36R. Severe thunderstorm with lightening on appr to rwy 28 at New Orleans
 2010-08-12CharterKBWI-KTPA2.15Boeing 757-200FL350 on IVAO. T/O Rwy 33L in rain. Broken clouds in 3 layers up to 15000ft. Visual landing at Tampa Florida Rwy 36L
 2010-08-11CharterKRCA-KBWI3.30Boeing 757-200FL350 on Ivao. T/O Rwy 13. Broken clouds at 3000ft. Cumulus at 10000ft. Landed Rwy 31L at Baltimore Wahington Int.
 2010-08-10CharterCYYC-KRCA2.15Boeing 757-200FL330 on IVAO. T/O rwy 25. Visual landing Rwy 31 at Elsworth Afb
 2010-08-09CharterPAFA-CYYC3.15Boeing 757-200FL390 on IVAO. T/O rwy 01L. Uneventful flight. Good weather. Landed rwy 34
 2010-08-07CharterPANC-PAFA1.00Boeing 737-800FL300 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 14. Landed rwy 01L. Uneventful flight, no traffic around.
 2010-08-06CharterCYLW-PANC3.15Level D 767-300FL380 on Vatsim. Dawn Flight CYWL Kelowna Rwy34 to Anchorage. Landed Rwy 07R. Light Clouds & nice day for flying.
 2010-08-03CharterCYQR-CYLW2.00LevelD 767-300FL380 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 31 in good weather scattered clouds at 3000ft up to 8000ft. Landed Kelowna rwy 16 in thin mist.
 2010-07-28CharterCYQT-CYQR2.15Level D 767-300FL360 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 25. Light Clouds at 10000ft. Uneventful flight. Landed Rwy31 at Regina Int.
 2010-07-27CharterCYOW-CYQT1.45Level D 767-300FL360 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 32 in rain & cloud. Landed Rwy 25 in Thunderstorm. Vatsim controller on in Toronto airspace
 2010-07-26CharterCYYT-CYOW3.00Level D 767-300FL380 on Vatsim. T/O Rwy 29 at St John's & raining. Landed Ottawa Rwy 32 in good weather.
 2010-07-25CharterCYHZ-CYQX1.45Level D 767-300FL310 on Vatsim. T/O Rwy14. Raining at Halifax. Landed Rwy 13 at Gander with light clouds. It was final flight West to East across Canada. In all 5 flights about 10 hrs total
 2010-07-25CharterCYQX-CYYT1.00Beech Baron 58Alt 5000ft on Vatsim. Short flight from Gander to St John's. Light clouds no traffic.
 2010-07-24CharterCYOW-CYHZ1.45Level D 767-300FL350 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 25. Good weather few clouds. Landed rwy 14
 2010-07-23CharterCYQT-CYOW1.45Level D 767-300FL370 on Vatsim. T/O Rwy25. Nice clouds at 15000ft. Some heavy turbulence due to high tail wind. Landed Rwy 07.
 2010-07-22CharterCYXE-CYQT2.00Level D 767-300FL370 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 09. Light Clouds in Good flying weather. Landed Rwy 07
 2010-07-21CharterCYXS-CYXE2.00Level D 767-300FL350 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 15 at Prince George. Landed Rwy 09 at Saskatoon.
 2010-07-20CharterPAKT-CYXS1.30Level D 767-300FL350 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 11 Nice clouds at 10000ft. Good flight. Landed rwy 33
 2010-07-19CharterPANC-PAKT2.00Level d 767-300FL310 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 14 Broken clouds at 4/6000ft. Landed Rwy 11.
 2010-07-16CharterCYEG-PANC3.15Level D 767-300FL380 on Vatsim. Good weather flight. T/O rwy 30 at Edmonton. Landed rwy 25R at PANC. Min alt on initial appr 9000ft
 2010-07-15CharterCYLW-CYEG1.00Boeing 757-200FL250 on Ivao. T/O rwy 34 at Kelowna with some heavy cloud at 4000ft. Landed Edmonton rwy 21.
 2010-07-14CharterCYZT-CYLW1.45Beech King Air 350FL250 on IVAO. T/O rwy 34 at Port Hardy. Light clouds at 8000ft. Landed rwy 16 at Kelowna in good weather
 2010-07-13CharterCYCD-CYZT2.00Cessna 172Alt 8000ft on IVAO. T/O rwy 32. Some clouds & lightening near the aircraft. Pitching a lot Landed OK rwy 29
 2010-07-12CharterKPDX-CYCD1.30SAAB 340BAlt 8000ft on Vatsim. T/O from Portland Int rwy 03. Overcast weather on take off. Landed rwy 16 at Nanaimo.
 2010-07-11CharterKSFO-KPDX1.45Level D 767-300FL340 on Vatsim. Good weather flight. T/O rwy 28L. Vatsim controller on at Portland Int. Landed rwy 28L
 2010-07-10CharterKLAS-KSFO1.30Boeing 757-200FL340 on Vatsim Light clouds & low winds on take off rwy19L. Good weather at San Francisco. Landed Rwy 28L
 2010-07-03CharterKLVS-KLAS1.30Boeing 757-200FL340 on Vatsim. Las Vegas New Mexico to Las Vegas Nevada. Rain on take off. Some heavy clouds below 10000ft. Landed rwy 25L
 2010-06-22CharterKLAX-KLVS2.00Boeing 727-200FL350 on Vatsim. Controller online at LA. T/O rwy 25R Good flight to New Mexico Las Vegas.Landed rwy14
 2010-06-21CharterKSMO-KLAX1.15Boeing 757-200FL310 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 34R at Sacramento. Landed at LA rwy 25L. Vatsim controller made contact when 200ft from touch down.
 2010-06-20CharterCYQQ-KSMF2.00Boeing 757-200FL350 on Vatsim. T/O at Comox rwy 30. Landed Sacramento rwy 34L. Cargo carrying trip.Good Weather some thin clouds at FL230
 2010-06-19CharterCYVR-CYBD1.15SAAB340BFL200 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 08R. Good weather. Landed rwy22
 2010-06-19CharterCYBD-CYQQ1.00SAAB34BFL190 on Vatsim. Zero wind at Bella Coola so T/O rwy 04. Landed Comox rwy12. Good weather
 2010-06-18CharterPANC-CYVR3.00Boeing 757-200FL350 on Vatsim. T/O rwy 14. Landed rwy 12. Good weather after some rain in Anchorage
 2010-06-17CharterCYXY-PANC1.30Boeing 757-200FL240 on Vatsim. T/O at Whitehorse was rwy 13R. Landing at Anchorage rwy 14
 2010-06-16CharterCYLW-CYXY2.15Boeing 757-200FL340 on Vatsim. Good flying conditions. Wind at Whitehorse required Landing rwy 13R
 2010-06-15CharterCYVR-CYWL1.00Airbus A320-232FL250 on Vatsim. Raining heavily at CYVR. Took off rwy 08L & landed rwy 16
 2010-06-11CharterPANC-CYVR3.00Airbus A320-232FL320 on Vatsim. Landed rwy 30. Uneventfull flight
 2010-06-10CharterPAOT-PANC2.15SAAB340BFL210 on Vatsim. Good weather. 8C on landing rwy 14
 2010-06-09CharterPAFA-PAOT2.00SAAB340BAlt 14000ft on Vatsim. Some very dark broken clouds throughout flight. Landed rwy 26
 2010-06-07CharterPANC-PAFA1.15SAAB 340B15000ft on Vatsim. Light Clouds & wind. Landed rwy 01L
 2010-06-06CharterCYQQ-PANC3.00Boeing 757-200FL380 on Vatsim.Good flight. Controller on at PANC. Landed rwy 07L
 2010-06-05CharterKSEA-CYQQ1.00SAAB 34BFL180 on Vatsim. Plenty of clouds at 10000ft. Landed rwy 30
 2010-06-04CharterKSLC-KBOI1.00Boeing 757-200FL300 on Vatsim. Light Clouds at 8000ft. Good flying conditions. Landed 10R
 2010-06-04CharterKBOI-KSEA1.15Boeing 757-200FL320 on Vatsim. Heavy showers on take off. Thick dark clouds(29.66) at KSEA. Landed Rwy 34R
 2010-06-03CharterKSAN-KSLC2.00Boeing 757-200FL370 on Vatsim. Good flying conditions. Had to go around on approach. Landed rwy 34L. Runway is 4226ft AMSL.
 2010-06-02CharterMMMY-KSAN3.15Boeing 757-200FL370 on Vatsim. Good Weather. Landed rwy 27
 2010-06-01CharterKMSY-MMMY2.00Airbus A320-232FL300 on Vatsim. Landed rwy11 no ILS. Poor visibility below 3000ft. Difficult landing only saw rwy at about 1 mile distance
 2010-05-31CharterKATL-KMSY1.45Airbus A320-232FL310 on Vatsim. Very misty on appr to rwy 01 for landing
 2010-05-30CharterKBWI-KATL2.00Airbus A320-232FL310 on Vatsim. 2nd in line for Landing. Runway 09R. Nice day nice broken clouds at 8000ft
 2010-05-29CharterTXKF-KBWI2.15Airbus A320-232FL320 on Vatsim. Controllers on at JFK & Balimore Landed rwy 33L
 2010-05-28CharterMYGF-TXKF2.30Boeing 757-200FL350 on Vatsim. Low clouds at 2300ft on appr to rwy 30 in Bermuda
 2010-05-27CharterTBPB-MYGM3.30Boeing 757-200FL340 on Vatsim. Smooth flight,light clouds. Good landing rwy 23 no ILS
 2010-05-26CharterTJBQ-TBPB2.00Airbus A320-232FL350 on Vatsim.Good weather with broken clouds until approach when flying through torrential rain for rwy 09.
 2010-05-25CharterMGGT-TJBQ3.30Boeing 757-200FL370 on Vatsim. Rain on descent into TJBQ. Landed rwy 08. No ILS at this airport
 2010-05-24CharterMMMX-MGGT2.00Airbus A320-232FL310. Some turbulence on approach below FL100
 2010-05-23CharterKELP-MMMX2.30Airbus A320-232FL370. Good weather,few clouds. Landed rwy 05R
 2010-05-22CharterKDEN-KELP1.30Boeing 757-200FL340 on Vatsim. No traffic
 2010-05-21CharterKOMA-KDEN1.30Boeing 757-200FL340 on Vatsim. Wind from 280. Landed rwy 25
 2010-05-20CharterKORD-KOMA1.30Boeing 727-200FL340 on Vatsim. Landed rwy 36
 2010-05-19CharterCYYZ-KORD1.30Boeing 757-200FL320 on Vatsim. Landed Rwy 04L
 2010-05-17CharterKJFK-CYYZ1.15Boeing 757-200FL320 on Vatsim
 2010-05-11CharterKORF-KJFK1.00Boeing 757-200FL210 on Vatsim. Controller online at JFK. Landed Rwy 31R
 2010-05-10CharterKCLT-KORF1.00Boeing 757-200FL310 on Vatsim
 2010-05-09CharterKTPA-KCLT1.45Boeing 757-200FL340 on Vatsim
 2010-05-08CharterKMEM-KTPA1.45Boeing 757-200FL350 on Vatsim
 2010-05-07CharterKCIT-KMEM1.15Boeing 757-200FL350 on Vatsim
 2010-05-06CharterKAFW-KICT1.15Boeing 757-200FL380 on Vatsim
 2010-05-05CharterKABQ-KAFW1.15Boeing 757-200FL330 on Vatsim
 2010-05-04CharterKPHX-KELP1.15Boeing 757-200FL330 on Vatsim
 2010-05-04CharterKELP-KABQ1.00Boeing 757-200Offline
 2010-05-03CharterKSAN-KPHX1.15Beech King Air 350FL230 on Vatsim
 2010-05-02CharterKPSP-KSAN0.45Beech King Air 350FL120 with Vatsim
 2010-04-30CharterKSFO-KLAX1.15Boeing 757-200
 2010-04-30CharterKLAX-KPSP1.15Beech Baron 58FL110
 2010-04-29CharterCYVR-KSFO2.15LevelD 767-300On Vatsim. FL350.
 2010-04-28CharterPAJN-CYVR2.15Boeing 757-200FL350. Landed 08L. on Vatsim
 2010-04-27CharterPANC-PAJN1.45Boeing 757-200Flying with FSX and managed to add VIVA Livery to the FSX aircraft
 2010-04-12CharterCYVR-CYLW1.00Airbus A320-232FL250. On Vatsim. No controllers active
 2010-04-03CharterCYQR-CYVR2.15Boeing 757-200FL370. With Vatsim but no controllers active at this time
 2010-04-02CharterCYQT-CYQR2.00Boeing 757-200FL360
 2010-03-30CharterCYYZ-CYQT1.45Boeing 737-800FL320 No Vatsim Controllers active
 2010-03-29CharterCYHZ-CYYZ2.00Airbus A320-232FL320. No Vatsim controllers active
 2010-03-27CharterCYFB-CYHZ3.15Airbus A320-232Vatsim flight. ATC Controllers on for Gander,Bangor & Moncton. FL330
 2010-03-20CharterCYZF-CYFB3.30Airbus A320-232Online with Vatsim. FL330. No controllers active
 2010-03-19CharterCYXY-CYZF2.15Airbus A320-232On line with Vatsim. No contollers active. FL250
 2010-03-17CharterPANC-CYXY1.45Airbus A320-232Flew with Vatsim. Controller on at PANC FL330
 2010-03-16CharterPAJN-PANC1.45Airbus A320-232FL330. Online with Vatsim. Approach controller at PANC checked out just before entering his airspace
 2010-03-15CharterPAKT-PAJN1.00Airbus A320-232
 2010-03-14CharterCYYJ-PAKT2.00Airbus A320-232Online with Vatsim. No controllers on duty FL320
 2010-03-13205Vancouver Intl - Victoria
0.75Cessna 172
 2010-03-12CharterCYWG-CYVR3.15LevelD 767-300Flew with Vatsim. ATC controller on duty at CYVR tower. FL380
 2010-03-11CharterCYUL-CYWG2.45LevelD 767-300Flew with Vatsim. Controller on at CYWG before approach only, not on finals
 2010-03-09CharterCYQX-CYUL2.45LevelD 767-300Flew with Vatsim FL380
 2010-03-08CharterCYQB-CYQX2.00LevelD 767-300Flew with Vatsim. Controller on duty at CYQB
 2010-03-07CharterCYQT-CYQB2.15LevelD 767-300Online with Vatsim & controller on duty from approach for CYUL into CYQB. Visual landing Rwy 24 no ILS
 2010-03-06CharterCYWG-CYQT1.30Boeing 737-800With Vatsim but no controllers on duty
 2010-03-05CharterCYYC-CYWG2.15Airbus A320-232Vatsim controller online at CYWG for controlled approach & Landing
 2010-03-04CharterCYLW-CYYC1.15Dehavilland Dash-8Online with Vatsim. No controllers on duty this trip
 2010-03-03CharterCYVR-CYLW1.00Airbus A300-603Online Vatsim. No controllers on duty
 2010-03-02CharterPAKT-CYVR1.45Airbus A320-232FL250. Flew with Vatsim. No controllers on duty
 2010-02-28CharterCYZF-PAKT2.30Boeing 737-800Vatsim Controller on duty at CYZF
 2010-01-26112Victoria Harbour - Tofino Harbour
0.75Dehavilland BeaverOn line with Vatsim' FS9 AFCAD wworks in FSX
 2010-01-15CharterCYHZ-CYQB1.30Airbus A320-232online with IVAO
 2010-01-14CharterCYQB-CYHZ1.15Airbus A320-232On line with IVAO
 2010-01-11CharterCYHZ-CYQB1.30Airbus A320-232online with IVAO
 2010-01-10CharterCYQB-CYHZ1.15Airbus A320-232Online with IVAO
 2010-01-08402Victoria - Calgary
1.30Airbus A320-232
 2009-12-19402Victoria - Calgary
1.25Boeing 737-200Poorvisibility on landing rwy30
 2009-10-15402Victoria - Calgary
1.25Boeing 737-200
 2009-07-06405Edmonton - Victoria
1.50Boeing 737-200uneventful flight.
 2009-06-03211Seattle - Victoria
0.50Dehavilland Dash-8Short flight to keep membership
 2008-12-12404Victoria - Edmonton
1.50Boeing 737-800Uneventful fligh with light winds
 2008-08-30407Whitehorse - Victoria
2.50Boeing 737-200Uneventful flight but enjoyable on approach to CYYJ
 2008-04-10404Victoria - Edmonton
1.50Boeing 737-200Been away for some time. Back again with nice flight no problems
 2007-12-15404Victoria - Edmonton
1.50Boeing 757-200Good take off. Cruise at FL330 & Mach.79. Not the best flight with little traffic
 2007-08-17406Victoria - Whitehorse
2.50Boeing 737-200Early flight. Very little traffic and some low cloud near landing made seeing runway a bit difficult but made it OK
 2007-06-14410Comox - Edmonton
1.60Boeing 727-200Good Flight at FL330. Some clear air turbulence at high alt. Good landing if a little fast so needed a lot of runway
 2007-05-27409Anchorage - Comox
3.00Boeing 737-800Good flight. Some traffic on way.
 2007-04-25209Portland - Victoria
1.00Dehavilland Dash-8Smooth flight but very little traffic
 2007-03-18407Whitehorse - Victoria
2.50Boeing 737-200Uneventful fight. Very little traffic about.
 2007-03-17406Victoria - Whitehorse
2.50Boeing 737-200Beautiful flight but missed approach to CYXY and had to go around
 2007-02-01406Victoria - Whitehorse
2.50Boeing 737-200Not a good flight, Difficulty with flaps, must be my Joystick
 2006-11-28407Whitehorse - Victoria
2.50Boeing 737-200Poor Weather flight. Cross winds 25 knots.
 2006-11-25406Victoria - Whitehorse
2.50Boeing 737-200IFR FL350 Strong cross wind. Heavy landing at CYXY
 2006-10-13CharterPNHL-CYYJ5.50Boeing 757-200IFR Return Trip from Honolulu @ FL 360. Good weather on take off and little traffic on return. Landed Runway 09
 2006-10-10CharterCYYJ-PHNL5.50Boeing 757-200IFR to Honolulu Int. FL350. Took off runway 09 in fair weather with no wind. High Alt Airways. Very little traffic on way. Landed in perfect weather ILS runway 08L
 2006-10-09CharterCYYT-CYYJ6.75Boeing 747IFR to Victoria @ FL 360.Weather at St John's overcast. Winds 180/12. High alt airways home. Winds at CYYJ 270/03 some fog. Landed rwy27
 2006-10-08CharterCYYT-CYYJ6.75Boeing 747IFR from runway 34 atSt John's Newfoundland @ FL350 using high alt airways. Weather Light clouds, wind 293/13. Visibility 20 miles. Some traffic. Landed ILS runway 09. Rain with poor visibility.
 2006-10-02CharterCYQX-CYYJ6.50Boeing 747IFR return journey from Gander. FL360 Bad cross winds during flight. High Airways again. Landed runway 09
 2006-09-28CharterCYYJ-CYQX6.50Boeing 747IFR to Gander Int. FL350 via ydc,yyc,yxe,ydn,yxz,yyb,ymx,yqb,yri,ygp,yjt. Fair weather light cross winds. Landed Runway ILS 04. Boring Scenery.
 2006-09-27406Victoria - Whitehorse
2.50Boeing 737-200IFR to Whitehorse. FL260. Heavy cloud on take off to FL70. Fair weather on landing runway 31L
 2006-09-27407Whitehorse - Victoria
2.50Boeing 737-200IFR to Victoria. FL270. Very nice day for take off. Few aircraft on route. Landed visual 27
 2006-09-26CharterKCLT-CYYJ4.75Airbus A320-232IFR flight returning from Charlotte Douglas NC. FL360. Raining on take off. fair weather on approach. Landed runway 9
 2006-09-25Chartercyyj-KCLT4.75Airbus A320-232IFR to Charlotte Douglas NC at FL370. No turbulence until approaching KCLT at FL70. Cross wind on landing Runway 6L tricky.
 2006-09-25209Portland - Victoria
1.00Dehavilland Dash-8IFR at FL 150. Fair weather perfect landing visual runway 31
 2006-09-24407Whitehorse - Victoria
2.50Boeing 737-200IFR as planned' but FL 310. Better return flight.Fair weather some cloud on landing Runway 27
 2006-09-24CharterKIAH-CYYJ4.25Airbus A320-232IFR at FL380. George bush to Victoria. Cross winds and low cloud approaching Runway 27. Tough but good landing
 2006-09-23CharterCYYJ-CYUL5.00Airbus A320-232IFR to Montreal Dorval FL 390.Fair weather with full passenger list, Winds 210/20 on Approach. Ils landing 24L
 2006-09-22408Comox - Anchorage
3.00Boeing 727-200IFR to Anchorage. FL 330. Fiar weather winds 250/20. Landed Runway 6L
 2006-09-22407Whitehorse - Victoria
2.50Boeing 737-200IFR to Victoria. FL 320. Fair weather with cirrus at FL70 on descent t0 Runway 27. Some traffic on approach to it.
 2006-09-21CharterKMSY-CYYJ5.00Airbus A320-232IFR from New Orleans. Return of yesterday's flight. FL 320. Strong head winds 350/20 added 15 minutes to the journey time. ,Fair weather . Landed runway 27
 2006-09-20CharterCYYJ-KMSY4.75Airbus A320-232IFR to New Orleans FL310 via YVR'GEG,LKT,DBS,OCS,FQF,HGO,LAA,SPS,FUZ,HEZ Cross winds most of the way. Fair Weather. Landed ILS Runway 10
 2006-09-20100Vancouver Harbour - Nanaimo Harbour
0.50Dehavilland BeaverLove the Beaver so just took it out for fun. VFR to Nanaimo. Slightly choppy water, fine weather,
 2006-09-19CharterCYUL-CYYJ5.00Boeing 737-200 VivaIFR from Montreal Dorval. Cross winds prominent during whole of the flight Heavy cloud on Landing
 2006-09-17112Victoria Harbour - Tofino Harbour
0.75Dehavilland BeaverVFR at FL70. Fair weather. Wind 265/16. Good landing.
 2006-09-17201Tofino - Vancouver
0.75Beech 1900VFR return trip at FL 80. Cloudy with light rain. not much traffic about.
 2006-09-17CharterKORD-CYVR4.00Airbus A320-232 VivaIFR to Vancouver.FL350. Wind light with fair weather Full passenger list. High Altitude airways. Landed ILS runway 26L
 2006-09-16CharterCYHZ-CYYJ5.50Airbus A330-200IFR from Halifax NS at FL380 using high altitude airways. Heavy clouds to FL80 on take off. Light winds. Landed runway 27. Not much traffic.
 2006-09-15Chartercyyj-cylw1.25Dehavilland Twin OtterVFR to Kelowna. FL 140. Clear skies, gentle breeze. Landed Runway 15
 2006-09-15CharterKMIA-CYHZ3.50Airbus A320-232IFR to Halifax Int. Full passenger list. FL350. Wind 275/24. Heavy cloud and severe turbulence during descent to ILS Runway 24
 2006-09-14CharterCYYJ-KMIA6.00Boeing 757-200IFR to Miami Int. FL370.Using High Altitude airways. Good weather, light winds. Landed ILS Runway 9R
 2006-09-13112Victoria Harbour - Tofino Harbour
0.75Dehavilland BeaverVFR Flight Departed NW water at FL 70 Fair weather, light winds. Landed SE water.
 2006-09-13113Tofino Harbour - Victoria Harbour
0.75Dehavilland BeaverVFR depated SE water. FL80 Fair weather with choppy sea. Landed NW water.
 2006-09-13408Comox - Anchorage
3.00Boeing 727-200IFR. FL280 Full passenger list. Cloud to FL80. Wind 270/16. Landed ILS 6L
 2006-09-12406Victoria - Whitehorse
2.50Boeing 737-200FL310. Night Flight to Whitehorse, moonlight and stars. Landed ILS 31R
 2006-09-12Chartercyyj-cyul5.00Boeing 737-200IFR to Montreal Dorval. FL370. Cloudy with precipitaion for part of the journey via YDC,YXC,YXH,YYN,VLN,VLR,YXZ,YYB,YMX Landed ILS Runway 6L
 2006-09-11207Port Hardy - Victoria
1.30Dehavilland Dash-8FL150. Good Weather, light winds. Landed Runway 27
 2006-09-11404Victoria - Edmonton
1.50Boeing 737-200FL310 Light winds. Lovely cumulus at FL50 on descent to ILS Runway 2
 2006-09-11405Edmonton - Victoria
1.50Boeing 737-200Return Flight at FL320. Fair weather wind 375/08. Landed Runwat 27
 2006-09-10406Victoria - Whitehorse
2.50Boeing 737-200FL 310. Thunderstorms with poor visibility. Landed ILS 31L
 2006-09-10407Whitehorse - Victoria
2.50Boeing 737-200FL330. Return Journey in Better weather Cumulus at 5000 on Approach to Victoria. landed visual runway 9
 2006-09-09CharterCYHZ-CYYJ5.75Boeing 757-200IFR from Halifax. FL360 via YZX,YSL,MLT,YSC,YJN,YOW,YXI,YYB,YXZ,YHD,VLR,VLN, YEA,YYC,YDC,HE, Good weather with light clouds and winds.
 2006-09-08409Anchorage - Comox
3.00Boeing 727-200FL310. Low cloud to FL50. Strong tail wind. Good weather at CYQQ. Landed runway11
 2006-09-08410Comox - Edmonton
1.60Boeing 727-200IFR to Edmonton Int. FL310. Fair weather Wind 340/08. Landed ILS runway 2
 2006-09-07406Victoria - Whitehorse
2.50Boeing 737-200IFR FL330 to Whitehorse. Thunderstorms and heavy winds. Rought flight. Landed ILS runway thirty one left
 2006-09-07207Port Hardy - Victoria
1.30Dehavilland Dash-8IFR to Victoria. Fair weather light clouds wind 240/8. ILS Runway 27
 2006-09-06201Tofino - Vancouver
0.75Beech 1900IFR. FL110. Cloudy with poor visibility below FL40. ILS to Runway 8R.
 2006-09-06408Comox - Anchorage
3.00Boeing 727-200FL310. Cloudy with poor visibility on take off. Full aircraft.ILS landing on 6L.
 2006-09-05CharterKLVS-CYYJ3.25Boeing 737-200IFR from Las Vegas to Victoria following visit to the casinos. Big Losses. FL 370. Blue skies, loads of fires in Washinton State. Landed Runway 27.
 2006-09-05206Victoria - Port Hardy
1.30Dehavilland Dash-8FL70. Light winds. Visibility 10 miles. Not as much traffic as usual
 2006-09-04210Victoria - Seattle
0.50Dehavilland Dash-7FL50. Light Cloud. Just a breeze.Landed ILS 16R
 2006-09-04CharterCYYJ-CYHZ5.75Boeing 757-200IFR to Halifax. FL370 via: YVR,HE,YDC,YYC,YEA,VLN,VLR,YHD,YXZ,YYB,YXI,YOW,YJN,YSC,MLT,YSL,YZX. Landed ILS Runway 24. Fair Weather light tail winds.
 2006-09-03CharterKCLT-CYYJ5.25Airbus A330-300IFR Charlotte Douglas Int North Carolina to Victoria.FL390. Took off Runway 36L in Fair weather & light winds with full load of passengers. Landed ILS Runway 27
 2006-09-02CharterCYYJ-KIAH4.25Airbus A320-232 VivaIFR to George Bush Houston Texas. FL390. Cloudy with moderate winds. Landed Runway 33R.
 2006-09-01CharterKORD-CYYJ3.75Airbus A320-200IFR From Chicago O'Hare to Victoria.Via: FOD,FSD,DPR,MLS,GTF,YXC,YYF,YDC,HUH,YVR. FL390. Fair weather light winds
 2006-08-31201Tofino - Vancouver
0.75Beech 1900IFR FL70. Landed ILS Riunway 26L. Fair Weather
 2006-08-31407Whitehorse - Victoria
2.50Boeing 737-200IFR. Increased to FL310. High Altitude Airway J502. Stormy weather. Winds 22 Knots
 2006-08-31202Victoria - Powell River
0.75Beech 1900IFR. FL60. Fair Weather. Light winds. Landed Visual Runway 27
 2006-08-30CharterCYYZ-CYYJ4.75Boeing 757-200Toronto Pearson Runway 33R IFR to Victoria using High Altitude Airway J500 at FL390. Fair weather,light winds. Full passenger load. Landed ILS Runway 27.
 2006-08-29CharterKSEA-PANC3.50Boeing 737-200 VivaIFR To Anchorage. FL370. Via: TOU,YZT,YZP'MDO. Fair Weather Wind on approach 300/16. Heavy incoming traffic.Given Go Around to land ILS Runway 6R
 2006-08-28CharterCYYJ-KDFW4.00Airbus A320-232IFR to Fort Worth Texa, Via YVR,GEG,LKT,DBS,OCS,FQF,PUB,TBE,DHT,BGD,SPS,UKW. FL390. Fair weather. Light Winds. ILS Runway 36L.
 2006-08-27CharterCYVR-KSAN3.00Airbus A320-232IFR to San Diego. FL390. Fair weather wind 90/22 Landed ILS Runway 9
 2006-08-27207Port Hardy - Victoria
1.30Dehavilland Dash-8FL110. Clear. No wind. Landed ILS 27
 2006-08-26CharterCYYJ-KDEN2.50Boeing 727-200FL310 Visual Runway 34L
 2006-08-25408Comox - Anchorage
3.00Airbus A320-200FL310. ILS Landing Runway 6R. Good Weather,light winds
 2006-08-24CharterCYYJ-KBOI1.25Gulfstream VIFR To Boise Idaho for conference. FL390. Visual Landing on 10L
 2006-08-23CharterCYQT-CYYJ3.75Boeing 737-200 VivaIFR. FL330. Few Clouds at FL50. Wind on landing 245/22. ILS Runway 27
 2006-08-22CharterCYWG-CYVR2.75PMDG 737-800IFR. FL390. Constant headwind of 25Knots. Partial cloud.Landed ILS 26L
 2006-08-22202Victoria - Powell River
0.75Dehavilland Twin OtterFL60. Good flying conditions. Visual landing.
 2006-08-21409Anchorage - Comox
3.00Boeing 727-200IFR> FL310.Foul Weather on landing Runway 11.Wind 335/20.Visibility 10 miles
 2006-08-21112Victoria Harbour - Tofino Harbour
0.75Dehavilland BeaverVFR> FL60. Good Weather. Light wind. Sea calm
 2006-08-20411Edmonton - Comox
1.60Boeing 727-200IFR at FL290. Stormy weather Landing wind 342/22 ILS Runway 11
 2006-08-18CharterCYYJ-CYBD1.75Beech 1900VFR. FL205. Cruise at 210knots. Weather fair Wind 300/8. Visual Landing Runway 4
 2006-08-17407Whitehorse - Victoria
2.50Boeing 737-200FL310. Weather Clear. Wind Calm
 2006-08-16414Yellowknife - Inuvik
2.00Boeing 727-200IFR. FL360. Weather building storms.Wind 199/16.
 2006-08-15211Seattle - Victoria
0.50GulfstreamIFR FL60. Wind 285 @17. Fair weather. Visual landing Runway 31
 2006-08-15CharterCYEG-CYRV1.75Aero Commander 500VFR FL140. Cruise@135Knots. Wind Calm. Clear Skies. Visual landing Runway 11
 2006-08-14117Wrangel - Ketchikan
0.75Dehavilland Twin OtterDeparted Runway 10 & Landed Runway 11. VFR Alt 5500Ft. Winds light.Fair weather
 2006-08-14207Port Hardy - Victoria
1.00GulfstreamIFR at FL150. Fair weather. Wind 280@8. Departed Runway 7 and landed Runway 27
 2006-08-13108Vancouver - Qualicum Beach
0.33Beech Baron 58FL 1000ft. Clear skies. Landed Runway 29
 2006-08-13109Qualicum Beach - Vancouver
0.50Beech Baron 58FL 1000ft. Clear Skies. Landed Runway 26L
 2006-08-13407Whitehorse - Victoria
2.50Boeing 737-800 VivaFL350 IFR. Wind 270@16. Landed Runway 27
 2006-08-12213Port Hardy - Ketchikan
1.50Dehavilland Dash-8FL200 with 22Knot headwind.
 2006-08-11101Nanaimo Harbour - Vancouver Harbour
0.50Dehavilland BeaverVFR @700ft. Few to CYHC which I beleive to be the same destination ie Vancouver Harbour Waterfront.
 2006-08-11112Victoria Harbour - Tofino Harbour
0.95Dehavilland BeaverMajor Thunderstorm with 22 knot headwind
 2006-08-09102Nanaimo - Powell River
0.62DHC-6 Twin OtterIFR at 4000ft. Precipitation Med, Visibility Poor @ 1 mile. Wind 185@16.
 2006-08-09404Victoria - Edmonton
1.33Boeing 737-800IFR with FL change to FL310. Fair weather. Wind 249@25
 2006-08-08201Tofino - Vancouver
0.93DHC-6 Twin OtterIFR flight at 11000ft Took off from Runway 33 and landed 26L under ATC control. Flight time 56 minutes. Light cloud, wind 270 Deg @16 Knots
 2006-08-08205Vancouver Intl - Victoria
0.37Beech 1900FL4000. Fair Wether. IFR in 23 minutes. Wind calm.

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