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Irvin McIntyre VI4747 flight log
ViVa pilot since: Apr 15th, 2004
Total hours: 499.75

 Flight history
 2017-09-29CharterPAJN-PAGY0.45Aero Commander 500Short hop. Sure need some practice.
 2017-09-25CharterCZST-PAJN2.00DeHavilland Dash7VFR to Runway 8 approach, circle to land Runway 26.
 2017-02-24CharterPAJN-PAGY1.00Aero Commander 500Short hop in Aero Commander 500
 2017-02-18CharterPAKT-PAJN1.50Dehavilland Dash-7Short hop with passengers and cargo. {Beer_
 2017-02-15CharterCYPR-PAKT1.25Douglas C-47Short IRF flight
 2017-01-15CharterNZMF-NZCH1.50Cessna U206G Soloy MK1 FloatA short hop after re-installing the South Island.
 2017-01-04CharterCAH2-CYBD0.75Cessna U206G Soloy MK1 FloatShort hop in my new Cessna U206G Soloy MK1 Float.
 2016-12-25Charter1.00Grumman G-73 MallardShort hop from Port Hardy to Ocean Falls.
 2016-11-04CharterCBS8-PAGN3.45Grumman GooseChecking to see if computer would run out of memory.
 2016-07-08CharterCBS8-CAG31.30Grumman G-73 MallardFlight to try out new Mallard
 2016-01-29CharterNIL-NIL0.82Grumman Mallard G-73 CF-HWGShort charter to Prince Rupert. Love this Mallard
 2016-01-27CharterCYZP-NIL0.94Grumman Mallard G-73 N98BSShort hop in heavy WX
 2015-12-27CharterCYZT-CAF20.94Grumman Mallard G-73 N98BSShort hop from Port Hardy to Walisha Seaplane Base.
 2015-10-02CharterCBS8-CBS81.72Grumman_Goose_G21A N121GLCBS8 -Alberni Regional to Ucluelet Harbour to CYAZ Tofino to Tofino Harbour to Bamfield Harbour and back to CBS8.
 2015-05-31CharterCBS8-CYAZ0.59Beech D18S N21925Finally got me feet in the air again.
Short hop from PA to Tofino along the canal and over Ucluelet.
 2015-03-20CharterNVSS-AGGH3.81Douglas C-47 RCAF KN269Santo-Pekoa (NVSS) Vanuatu to Honiara Int. (AGGH) Solomon Islands.
ATC gives a steep approach to this place.
 2014-12-01CharterNWWM-NVSS2.67Douglas C-47 RCAF KN269Another hop. Might be home by Christmas 2015 if I hurry.
Magenta (NWWM) New Caledonia to
Santo Pekao (NVSS)
 2014-10-12CharterYSNF-NWWM2.61Douglas C-47 RCAF KN269Pete scared me!!!
Norfolk Island (YSNF) to Magenta,, New Calidonia.. (NWWM)
 2014-04-19CharterNZAA-YSNF3.49Douglas C-47 EATS 315221Auckland to Norfolk Island.
Interesting flight. Left NZAA and was cruising at 15M. I was tracking flight using Plan G3. About 2 hrs 30 minutes out of YSNF Plan G decided that I was taking too long and put me on top of YSNF at 15M feet. Was just l [details]
 2014-04-08CharterNZCH-NZAA2.95Douglas C-47 EATS 315221C-47 sure is nice to fly.
 2013-12-26CharterNZCH-NZAA3.13Douglas C-47 Canadian PacificLong time since I made a flight.
Thought I would try this nice freeway C-47
 2013-04-18CharterNZAS-NZCH1.56jfC152_INSIDERNZAS - Ashburton to NZPH - Pudding Hill to T001 - Mount Hutt Station
to NZWY - Wyndale to T013 - Russel Flats to NZWL - West Melton to
NZCH - Christchruch Int.
Made one unscheduled stop in a farmers field. Thought it was an
airport. BLUSHdetails]
 2013-03-11CharterNIL-NZAS1.76AC500W VIVANew Zealand - South Island
NZTI Taieri - NZOU Oamaru - NZWM Waimate - NZRI Rangita
NZAS Ashburton
 2012-12-09CharterNZGC-NIL1.89AC500W VIVAMore NZ South Island.
NZGC - Gore to NZNV - Invercargill to NZRC - Ryans Creek to NZBA - Balclutha to NZDN - Duneden to NZTI -Taieri.
 2012-11-13CharterNZMO-NZGC1.29jfC152_INSIDERNew Zealand - South Island
NZMO - Te Anau / Manapouri to T008 - Monowai to
NZCB - Centre Bush to NZVL - Mandeville to NZGC - Gore.
 2012-11-02CharterNIL-NZMO1.80TB10G1X G-YELONZCS - Cromwell Race Course to NZLX - Alexandra to
NZRX - Roxburgh to NZTZ - Te Anau to
NZMO - Te Anau / Manapouri
 2012-07-03CharterNIL-NIL1.19TB10G1X G-YELOMore New Zealand South Island airport hopping.
NZTL - Lake Tekapo to NZUK - Pukaki to NZOA - Omarama to NZCW - Cromwell to NZCS - Cromwell Race Course.
Wonder why these airports don't show up in Blackbox?
 2012-04-12CharterNZMC-NZTL0.46Maule M7 260C paint5Couple of short hops.
NZMC - Mount Cook to NZGT -Glentanner, then on to NZTL - Tekapo.
 2012-04-02CharterNZFJ-NZMC0.43200DAnother short hop over some high mountains.
Franz Josef on the coast to Mount Cook in the interior.
 2012-03-13CharterNZHT-NZFJ0.56200DAnother short hop in NZ. NZHT - Haast to NZFJ - Franz Josef.
 2012-02-21CharterNZMF-NIL1.62An-14AMore canyon flying.
Milford Sound - Wanaka - Makarora - Haast
 2012-02-10CharterNZGY-NIL1.50PC-6C_H2Not sure how this is going to show up.
Flew from NZGY - Glenorchy to NZMJ - Martins Bay Lodge
Flew from NZMJ - Martins Bay Lodge to NZMF - Milford Sound
Flew from NZMF - Milford Sound to T004 - Quintin
Flew from T004 - Quintin to NZMF - Milfor [details]
 2012-02-06CharterNZQN-NZGY0.71jfC152_INSIDERShort hop from one hayfield to another. Think I might have broken some flight rules regarding altitude. LOL
 2012-02-03CharterNZWN-NZQN1.51PA318 - LufthansaLove the approach to Queenstown. We came in that way
when we went there. It was a nice clear day and you
could see grass growing on the hills as you went by. LOL
 2012-01-31CharterNZTG-NZWN2.24Maule M7 260C paint1Tauranga to Wellington. MS sure did a better job of the NZ coast lines. Next hop onto South Island.
 2012-01-27CharterYBBN-NZAA3.19Boeing 777-333ER Air Canada 'C-FITU'Finally NZ.

 2012-01-27CharterNZAA-NZTG1.27Tiger Moth VHDHANot sure what time it is, but I'm in Tauranga.
 2012-01-25CharterYPDN-YBBN3.76Boeing 777-200LRF General Electric 90-110B1L FedExBrisbane - Next hop Auckland Int.
This buggy sure is hard to taxi on narrow taxiways.LOL
 2012-01-22CharterRPMR-YPDN3.29Thai A300-600FDown at Darwin. A few more hops and will be in NZ
 2012-01-19CharterRCKH-RPMR2.95Thai A300-600FGetting closer to NZ.
 2012-01-16CharterRJFK-RCKH2.81Thai A300-600RChange of plans. Didn't get home so thought I would go to
New Zealand and try my new scenery.
Also had a puter crash part way through flight. Hope it doesn't
cause a problem with the report.
For some reason the winds aloft went nuts and wer [details]
 2011-12-14CharterZGKL-RJFK3.60HONDA FSXEastern China to Southern Japan.
Bumpy trip and ATC had me going in circles.
 2011-12-13CharterVEIM-ZGKL2.40HONDA FSXEast into China
 2011-12-01CharterVIDF-VEIM2.39HONDA FSXAnother step east.
Names are still hard to say.
 2011-11-26CharterOPRN-VIDF1.90CasaC295MP Chilean NavyBit of a rough landing.
Little fast and bounced.
 2011-11-17CharterOAMS-OPRN1.72AN-32_FAPNice plane. Boring trip again
Be glad to get back to the North American mountains.
 2011-11-09CharterUTAM-OAMS1.92AC500W N500MS VCAnother step east. VFR
 2011-11-07CharterUBBB-NIL3.33B1900CC SerairNight flight to Mary, Turkmenistan.
 2011-11-03CharterLBWN-UBBB3.47HONDA FSXAgain not the best scenery.
Still, getting further east.
 2011-10-31CharterLHBP-LBWN2.45Dash 7-100 ViVaFerihegy, Hungary to Varna Bulgaria.
Still heading east.
Will make it home one day.
 2011-10-28CharterEDAU-LHBP1.68HONDA FSXNice personal jet.
 2011-10-26CharterCBS8-CBS80.50RNZAF CT-4EFlight test in a hot rod.
 2011-10-24CharterEGLL-EDAU2.65Howard 500 - 105 vivaDrop in to see Lars.
Had a hard time finding the airport in this ugly scenery.
 2011-10-20CharterEGNJ-EGLL1.24Grumman_Goose_G21A_HP VHIRMOff to the big city. Traffic gets pretty heavy here.
ATC keeps one hoping with the radio.
 2011-10-19CharterEGPH-EGNJ1.55Grumman_Goose_G21A_HP VHIRMBlack Box seemed to work much better this time.
Will see if GPS route showes up on map.
 2011-10-18CharterBIKF-EGPH2.62Luftwaffe MRTT A310Night flight to Scotland.
Had real problem sending report with Black Box.
Still not sure if it will get through.
 2011-10-13CharterCYYT-BLKF3.00Boeing 727-200Rather boring flight. Good time to read a book.
 2011-10-06CharterCYYT-CYHZ4.00Mooney BravoTest flight with new computer. Went well.
 2011-10-02CharterCYSJ-CYYT2.64Howard 500 - VIVASaint John to St. John's. Last hop before new puter.
 2011-09-27CharterCYQT-CYSJ2.93Boeing 737-800 Paint1Heading for Europe next.
 2011-09-26CharterCYYC-CYQT3.05Boeing 727-200ADV(F) Pacific Air Express EFLP ADVA RSBKCalgary to Thunder Bay.
O'hum boring scenery.
 2011-09-22CharterNIL-CYYC2.92Boeing 727-100 Lufthansa BLDR NBRKVancouver to Calgary booze party in my new B727 100
 2011-09-20CharterCYZT-CYVR1.73AC500S Blue ShrikePort Hardy to Port Alberni and then on to Vancouver.
 2011-09-16CharterCYPR-CYZT2.32Maule M7 260C paint4Prince Rupert to Port Hardy.
 2011-09-15CharterCZST-CYPR1.14Maule M7 260C paint4Evening flight from Stewart, B.C. to Prince Rupert, B.C.
 2011-09-13CharterCYXY-CZST2.10Dash 7-100 ViVaMercy flight. Beer to Stewart B.C.
 2011-09-12CharterCYDB-CYXY1.17Grumman_Goose_G21A_HP VHIRM
 2011-09-11CharterAK0-CYDB1.21Grumman_Goose_G21A_HP VHIRM
 2011-09-09CharterPAAQ-PAZK0.66Cessna 177RGShort hop with a really weak video card. GeForce 210
 2011-09-09CharterPAZK-AK01.35Cessna 177RGTough landing when you only see every third frame. LOL
 2011-09-01CharterPANC-PAAQ0.75Cessna 177RGFlew PANC to PAAQ, landed, took off again heading for PAZK and computer crashed. Out of memory?
 2011-08-26CharterPADQ-PANC1.75Beech Baron 58Forgot to load FSBlackbox
 2011-08-25CharterPAEN-PAKN1.64AC500W N500MS VC
 2011-08-25CharterPAKN-PADQ1.69Cessna 177RG
 2011-08-23CharterPANC-PAEN0.72AC500W N500MS VC
 2011-08-02CharterPACY-PANC1.51CasaC295MP Chilean Navy
 2011-06-06CharterPAYA-PACY0.86Dash 7-100 ViVaRusty !!!!!
 2010-08-26CharterPAHN-PAYA1.67Dash 7-100 ViVaRusty
 2010-05-30CharterPASI-PAHN1.79AC500W N500MS VCPrivate charter for some business executives.
 2010-05-28CharterPAWG-PASI0.96AC500W N500MS VCWrangell to Sitka
 2010-05-27CharterPAKW-PAWG0.87Maule M7 260C paint1On to Wrangell PAWG
 2010-05-26CharterANN-PAKW0.76Maule M7 260C paint1Short hop to look at UT Alaska. Looks pretty good so far.
 2010-05-18CharterCYVR-CYQQ0.93Airbus Industries A330-200FFamiliarization in heavey.
 2010-04-20CharterKSAN-CYVR3.47Boeing 737-800 Paint1Heading home.
 2010-01-17CharterKLAX-PHNL5.54Airbus Industries A330-200FLong haul.
 2010-01-12CharterKSFO-KSNA3.02Beech_p35Started VFR landed IFR in dark
 2010-01-11CharterKCEC-KSFO2.37Beech_p35McNamara to San Francisco Intl
 2010-01-04CharterKONP-KCEC2.15AA-5BBad WX. Had to leave Newport IFR.
WX improved by the time I got to McNamara and able to land VFR. Another bouncy ride.
 2010-01-03CharterKAST-KONP0.99SIAI-Marchetti SM.1019A "N626AC"Fun to fly as you need to keep trim all the time.
Downside, everytime you start to lose altitude some voice comes on over and over again. In Italian I think. Don't know what is being said.
 2010-01-01Charter0S9-KAST1.46200D_N294TCJefferson Co. Int. to Astoria Regional, Oregon
Terrible WX to start. High winds, heavy gusting. Rough Ride.
 2009-12-30CharterCYCD-0S90.76AC500W VIVAHeading south to warmer WX. Thought I would stop and play a little golf first.
 2009-12-22CharterCBS8-CYCD0.84DH80 Puss Moth BlueFun to fly this this. Doesn't carry much beer though and need to stop for a hot rum once in a while. It's cold!
Also short hops are a must as you can't leave this thing to fly itself.
It's like a feather and float every which way in the wind.
 2009-12-21CharterCYQQ-CBS80.57DH80 Puss Moth RedShort hop home from Comox. Not the best WX or the fastest plane in the world.
 2009-12-20CharterCAG3-CYQQ1.13Grumman_Goose_G21A N48550Back to Comox. Heading home for Christmas.
 2009-12-18CharterNIL-CAG30.69Piper PA28-201 TCBA7 Scar Creek to CAG3 Chilko Lake
Some tight spots when the WX changed.
Then the landing at Chilko Lake is llike landing on a pencil line.
 2009-12-16CharterCC19-CBA70.76Piper PA28-201 TBad visual all the way.
 2009-12-14CharterCBS8-NIL0.52AC500W VIVAShort hop to Hansen Airfield. (CC19)
 2009-07-04CharterCYBL-CYPW0.38Grumman_Goose_G21A_HP VHIRMShort hop in the new FSX revised default Goose.
 2009-03-09CharterCAT5-CYBL1.10Cessna Skyhawk 172SPPort McNeil to Campbell River hop.
 2009-02-19CharterCYAL-CYZT0.46Cessna Skyhawk 172SPVancouver Island airport hopping.
 2009-02-19CharterCYZT-CAT50.36Cessna Skyhawk 172SPMore hopping.
 2009-02-18CharterCAK4-CYAL0.50Cessna Skyhawk 172SPWoss Lake to Albert Bay
 2009-02-17Training 0.57Cessna Skyhawk 172SPBrushing up.
 2009-02-17Training 0.71Cessna Skyhawk 172SPTofino
 2009-02-17Training 1.05Cessna Skyhawk 172SPTofino to Woss Lake
 2009-02-13Training 0.29Cessna Skyhawk 172SPFlitting around island getting some feel back.
 2009-02-13Training 0.32Cessna Skyhawk 172SPAirport hopping.
 2009-02-13Training 0.43Cessna Skyhawk 172SPHopping
 2009-01-06CharterCYVR-CYYJ4.05Lockheed L-1649A Starliner VIVA 2.1Connie- For FS9 has some problems in FSX. Nice plane though.
 2008-09-12CharterCYAZ-CYQQ0.72Dash 7-100 ViVaPractice
 2008-09-06CharterCBS8-CYAZ0.46Dash 7-100 ViVaTesting Dash 7
 2008-07-19CharterCBS8-CYBL0.50AC500W VIVATesting out FS9 AC500 paint job in FSX
 2008-07-13CharterCBS8-CAT41.39Maule M7 260C paint4CBS8 to CYAZ to CAT4
 2008-06-24CharterCBS8-CYQQ0.60AC500W N500MS VCTesting FSBlackBox in FSX. Seemed to work A-OK.
 2008-03-21CharterMYSM-MYCI0.92Aero Commander 500Caribbean Tour - Leg 4
 2008-03-12CharterMYNN-MYSM1.67Aero Commander 500Leg 3 of Caribbean Tour. Not much to look at at Salvador Intl.
 2008-03-10CharterMYBS-MYNN1.00Aero Commander 500Leg 2 of Caribbean Tour
 2008-03-07CharterKBCT-MYBS1.10Aero Commander 500Start of Caribbean Tour.
 2008-02-27CharterCYYT-CYFB5.33Howard 500Cross Canada flight. Long haul, final leg to Iqaluit.
 2008-02-26CharterCYHZ-CYYT2.68Howard 500Canada cross country. Night flight to St. John's.
 2008-02-25CharterCYYG-CYHZ1.20Howard 500Cross Canada tour. Halifax
 2008-02-24CharterCYFC-CYYG1.10Howard 500Cross Canada - Arrival at Charlottetown
 2008-02-23CharterCYQB-CYFC1.35Howard 500Cross Canada flight.
 2008-01-09CharterCYQW-CYQB1.28Howard 500Cross Canada flight.
 2008-01-08CharterCYTZ-CYOW1.62Howard 500Across Canada.
 2008-01-06CharterCYWG-CYTZ4.30Beriev Be-103Canada cross country. Started in daylight, finished at night.
 2008-01-05CharterCYEG-CYQR2.17Howard 500Canada cross country.
 2008-01-05CharterCYQR-CYWG1.70Howard 500Canada cross country.
 2008-01-03CharterCYZF-CYEG3.25Howard 500Canada cross country. Yellowknife to Edmonton.
 2007-12-31CharterCYXS-CYXY3.28Howard 500Prince George to Whitehorse, cross Canada
 2007-12-30CharterCYYJ-CYXS2.00Howard 500Left CYYJ, stopped at CYXS, heading for Whitehorse.
 2007-12-29CharterCBS8-CYYJ0.85Howard 500Flight to Victoria to start cross Canada flights.
 2007-11-18CharterCBS8-CYYJ1.00Dehavilland Dash-7FSX - Finally getting some reasonable frame rates with FSX. Sliders not at max, but high enough to give good scenery.
 2007-11-05CharterCBS8-CYVR0.80Dehavilland Dash-7Flight was smooth although FPS took a beating.
 2007-10-24CharterCBS8-CYVR1.00Arrow Commander 500First flight on new machine. Flew ATC. Took 1 hour for a 1/2 hour flight.
 2007-10-17CharterCYQQ-CYVR0.75Dehavilland Dash-7FSX - Last flight on my old computer. Hope it runs better on the new one.
 2007-09-03CharterCBS8-CYQQ1.10Dehavilland Dash-7FSX
 2007-07-26CharterCBS8-CYZT1.25Dehavilland Dash-7Test flight in FSX
 2007-07-13CharterCBS8-CYQQ0.75Dash7FSX - Test flight
 2007-05-19CharterEGNS-EGPH1.17Beech Baron 58Leg 22 - Around the world flight. Scotland. FSX
 2007-05-08CharterEIDW-EGNS1.25Aero Commander 500Leg 21 - Around The World
 2007-01-14CharterLFRB-EIDW3.75Aero Commander 500Leg 20 Around the world - Ireland LFRB Guipavas, to EIDW Dublin. First planned flight in FSX. Managed FPS at 15 and down to 8 at Dublin Airport. Scenery is really blaa with all the sliders down.
 2006-12-05CharterLECO-LFRB1.89Howard 500 - CargoLeg 19 _ Around the world _ Europe
 2006-11-06CharterLPPT-LECO2.36AC520 N2609Leg 18 Around the world _ Europe
 2006-11-03CharterLXGB-LPPT1.59Howard 500 - CargoLeg 17 - Around the world _Europe
 2006-09-21CharterLEMD-LXGB1.85Howard 500 - CargoLeg 16 Around the world _ Europe
 2006-09-18CharterLEAL-LEMD1.97AC520 N2609Leg 15 Around the world Europe
 2006-09-06CharterLEBL-LEAL2.38AC520 N2609Leg 14 Around the world flight.
 2006-08-03CharterLFNB-LEBL2.16AC520 N2609Leg 13 - Around the world tour.
 2006-07-04CharterEDMA-LFNB2.96AC520 N2609Leg 12 around the world.
Europe tour.
 2006-06-21CharterEDAU-EDMA1.99AC500 Cargo VC CleanStarting tour of Europe.
Around the world, Leg 11
 2006-06-08CharterENZV-EDAU3.61Cessna Skyhawk 172SPLeg 10
Just in time for the World Cup.
 2006-06-07CharterEKVG-ENZV3.02AC500S Blue ShrikeLeg 9.
ILS in 0 vis. Good thing it's a sim.
 2006-06-03CharterBIKF-EKVG3.15AC500 VIVA TwoLeg 8
Iceland to Faroe Islands.
 2006-06-02CharterBGBW-BIKF3.78Beech D18S AmphibianLeg 7. Narsarsuaq, Greenland to Kaflavik, Iceland. Flight was 660 miles.
 2006-06-01CharterCYAY-BGBW3.12Howard 500 - CargoPart 6 - Iceland
 2006-05-31CharterCYCL-CYAY2.91Beech D18S Amphibian CargoLeg 5
 2006-05-25CharterCYTS-CYCL2.32Howard 500 - CargoLeg 4
 2006-05-24CharterCYWG-CYTS3.53Howard 500 - Cargo3rd Leg
Had sim shut down. Left Black Box running, reloaded and finished flight.
Will see what happens.
 2006-05-22CharterCYYC-CYWG3.50Dash 7-101 Viva2nd leg.
 2006-05-21CharterCBS8-CYYC2.13Dash 7-101 VivaFirst leg of world tour.
 2006-04-22CharterCYVR-CBS80.65AC500 Cargo VC CleanFinally got to use the lights at CBS8. Late getting in.
Sure was good to see them when I couldn't see the runway.
Version two seems to show map OK in IE.
 2006-04-16Tofino - Vancouver
0.94Dash 7-101 VivaIFR
 2006-03-21CharterCYZT-CYAZ1.62Beech D18S VIVA CargoBouncy, bouncy Beach.
 2006-03-12CharterCYQQ-CYZT1.55AC500 VIVAEverything worked according to plan.
Delivery of passengers and parcels from Comox to Campbell River then on to Port Hardy with more passengers and some beer.
 2006-03-06CharterCYAZ-CYQQ0.60Beech D18S VIVA CargoLook! No wheels, nice belly landy.
 2006-02-25CharterBMS-Uclu0.34Aviat Husky A-1BBMS - Bamfield Marine Services to Uclu - Ucluelet. Accidently shut down Black Box so entered report the old fashioned way.
 2006-02-25CharterUCLU-CYAZ0.49Aviat Husky A-1B Am VivaDeparted UCLU - Ucluelet Harbour.
Landed CYAZ - Tofino Airport
Departed CYAZ -Tofino Airport
Landed TAIR - Tofino Air at Tofino Village Harbour
Departed TAIR
Landed CYAZ - Tofino Airport
 2006-02-20CharterVICC-BMS0.42Aviat Husky A-1B Am VivaMail Deliveries
VICC - Cigarett Cove
VIVA - Vacation Rentals #2
BMS - Bamfield Marine Services.
 2006-02-19CharterCYPB-NIL0.46Maule M7-260 floats ViVaCYPB - MacMillan Bloedel
VV03 - VIVA vacation rental #3
VICC - Cigarette Cove
Did some nice bouncy water landings.
 2006-02-17CharterCYAZ-CYZT1.02Howard 500 - 105 vivaTrouble tuning up the old Howard again.
 2006-02-16CharterCYCD-CYAZ0.51Howard 500 - 105 viva
 2006-02-15Vancouver - Nanaimo
0.54Beech D18S VIVA CargoNo throttle problems this flight.
 2006-02-14Tofino - Vancouver
1.35Beech D18S VIVA CargoBounced landing.
Unusual happening. Loss of power about 20 nm from CYVR.
Had to nurse her home with no chance of a go around.
 2006-02-13Training 0.27Spartan 7W Executive NC17616bA little better on the landing.
 2006-02-13CharterCBS8-CYAZ0.52Spartan 7W Executive NC17616bPerfect landing. No bounce.
 2006-02-10Training 0.28Cessna Skyhawk 172SPBlack Screen
 2006-02-09Training 0.31Spartan 7W Executive NC17616bBig bounce on landing.
Need a lot more circuits.
 2006-02-08Vancouver - Port Alberni
0.64AC500 VIVA CargoBlack Box using Route from VIVA.
Had out of memory error first trip.
 2006-02-08Port Alberni - Vancouver
0.80AC500 VIVA CargoHope I didn't make a mistake this time.
 2006-02-04CharterNSFA-PHNL5.68Boeing 757-200 VIVANSFA Faleoto Intl, Soma to PHNL Honolulu, USA
Boring flight over oceans. Had time to clean the computer room.
 2006-02-03CharterNZAA-NSFA3.84Boeing 757-200 VIVADeparted New Zealand
NZAA Auckland to NAFA Faleolo.
 2006-02-02CharterNZHN-NZAA3.34Cessna Skyhawk 172SP VivaNZHN to NZAP to NZNP to NZRA to NZAA
Used Black Box received Feb. 1/06
 2006-02-01CharterNZUN-NZHN1.26Cessna Skyhawk 172SP VivaNZUN to NZWV to NZTG to NZHN

 2006-01-31CharterNZRV-NZAG0.80Cessna Skyhawk 172SP VivaNZRV-NZCX-NZAG-NZUN
Used Black Box received Jan. 30/06
 2006-01-29CharterNZKK-NZKF0.94Cessna Skyhawk 172SP VivaNZKK to NZWR to NZKF
 2006-01-29CharterNZKF-NZRV0.76Cessna Skyhawk 172SP VivaNZKF to NZNE to NZRV
 2006-01-28CharterNZKO-NZKT0.44Cessna Skyhawk 172SP VivaHad plane stall after pushing continue. Not sure what this will show.
 2006-01-28CharterNZKT-NZKK1.57Cessna Skyhawk 172SP VivaFlight to test mileage flown.
Departed NZKT Kaitaia, flew north to Cape Reinga, east to Surville Cliffs, most northern point of NZ, then south.
Landed at NZKK Kerikeri.
 2006-01-27CharterNZHB-NZPI0.44Cessna Skyhawk 172SP VivaNZHB-NZWP-NZPI
 2006-01-27CharterNZPI-NZKO1.03Cessna Skyhawk 172SP VivaNZPI - NZDA - NZKO - NZPI is addon scenery and not showing up in the FS9 menu for airports. Seems to be causing problems with the Black Box. Had to manually input NZPI.
 2006-01-26CharterNZAA-NZHB0.55Cessna Skyhawk 172SP VivaNZAA to NZAR to NZKP to NZHB
 2006-01-25CharterNZTG-NZAA0.98Spartan Executive 7W
 2006-01-24CharterNZRO-NZTG0.24Spartan Executive 7W
 2006-01-23CharterNZOH-NZRO1.10AC500 VIVA CargoFlight made using version received Jan.23/06.
Everything looks good. No problems.
 2006-01-22CharterNZWN-NZOH0.70Howard 500 CargoEasy flight. All systems worked perfectly.
 2006-01-21CharterNZWN-NZWN0.57Spartan ExecutiveTour around Wellington in the new Spartan Executive.
 2006-01-21CharterNZWN-NZWN0.72Spartan ExecutiveFlight taken using latest version of FSBlackBox
 2006-01-20CharterNZCH-NZWN0.90UnknownThis was sent after the Flight Sim was shut down.
 2006-01-19CharterNZNV-NZCH2.00Dehavilland Dash-7
 2006-01-17CharterNZNS-NZNV1.79Dash 7-101 VivaHad some problems part way through flight.
Had FSNav and AS2004.5 going and suddenly plane just dropped which accounts for the maximum descent rate and climb rate.
Sim seemed to recover and rest of flight uneventful.
 2006-01-16CharterNOPE-NZNS0.65Maule M7-260 floats ViVaNOPE is actually NZPN, Picton. FS2000 scenery didn't register in FS2004
Landing was pretty hot. Not enough flap.
 2006-01-15CharterCBS8-CYQQ0.44Beech D18S VIVA CargoDefault scenery at CBS8 and CYQQ
 2006-01-13CharterNZDN-NZPN2.50Aero Commander 500New Zealand - Dunedin to Picton. South Island
 2006-01-08CharterNZQN-NZDN1.25Aero Commander 500
 2006-01-07CharterNZAA-NZQN2.00BAC 1-11 200
 2006-01-01CharterCYQQ-CYVR0.75BAC 1-11BAC 1-11 familiarization
 2005-12-31CharterEGLL-EGCL1.50Cessna 172FS Nav tutorial.
 2005-12-31CharterEGLL-EGCC0.75BAC 1-11FS Nav practice
 2005-12-14CharterCBS8-CYZT1.75Maule M7-260
 2005-11-29CharterCYQQ-CBS80.50Beechcraft 18
 2005-11-23CharterCYYJ-CYQQ1.50Beechcraft 18
 2005-11-04CharterCYAZ-CYYJ1.00Aero Commander 500
 2005-11-01CharterCYAZ-CBS80.75Aero Commander 500
 2005-10-26CharterCYPB-CYAZ1.00Maule M7-260Port Alberni to Bamfield then Tofino. Not good flying WX. Should have stayed on the ground.
 2005-10-19CharterCBS8-CYQQ0.75Maule M7-260
 2005-08-28CharterCYQQ-CBS80.50Beech D18s
 2005-08-25CharterCYKA-CYVR1.50Beech D18s Cargo
 2005-08-25CharterCYVR-CYQQ1.25Beech D18s CargoNight flight
 2005-08-24CharterCZML-CYKA1.00Beech D18S
 2005-08-09CharterCYXS-CZML1.25Beech D18SNo bounce. No wheels. LOL Guess it was a good landing as it didn't crash. LOL
 2005-08-04CharterCYXS-CAP61.50Beech D18S Cargo
 2005-08-03CharterCYPR-CYXS1.75Howard 500
 2005-07-24CharterCYBL-CYPW0.50Howard 500
 2005-07-23CharterCBS8-CYBL1.00Aero Commander 500First full flight with yoke and padals.
 2005-07-17CharterCYZP-CYPR1.00Beech D18S Cargo
 2005-07-16CharterCYZT-CYZP2.25Beech D18S
 2005-07-11CharterCAT4-CYZT1.50Beech D18S
 2005-07-09CharterCBS8-CAT40.50Beech D18S
 2005-07-05CharterNZDN-NZNV1.25Aero Commander 500
 2005-07-04CharterNZQN-NZDN1.50Beech D18S
 2005-07-03CharterCYAZ-CBS80.75Aero Commander 500
 2005-07-03CharterCBS8-CYQQ0.50Beechcraft 18
 2005-06-29CharterCAK4-CYAZ1.00Beech D18S
 2005-06-28CharterCBS8-CAK41.00Beach D18S
 2005-06-25CharterCYAZ-CBS80.50Howard 500
 2005-06-21CharterCYZT-CYAZ1.00Dehavilland Dash-7
 2005-06-18CharterCYPB-CYZT1.50Aero Commander 500
 2005-06-06CharterCYAZ-CBS80.75Aero Commander 500
 2005-06-05CharterCYYJ-CYAZ1.00Aero Commander 500
 2005-05-09CharterCYZT-CYYJ1.25Howard 500
 2005-03-28CharterCYPR-CYZT2.25Douglas DC-3
 2005-03-28CharterSKRG-SKMD0.50Douglas DC-3
 2005-03-27CharterCYVR-CYZT3.00Howard 500
 2005-03-19CharterCYZT-CYVR1.50DeHavilland Dash7
 2005-03-18CharterCYAZ-CYZT1.50Aero Commander 500
 2005-03-15CharterCBS8-CYAZ0.50Howard 500
 2005-03-06CharterNZQN-NZDN1.25Turbo Commander 690B
 2005-03-02CharterNZMF-NZQN0.75Aero Commander 500
 2005-03-01CharterNZTZ-NZMF0.75Bellanca Super Decathlon
 2005-02-28CharterNZQN-NZTZ1.25Cessna 172
 2005-02-27CharterNZAA-NZQN2.75Howard 500
 2005-02-24CharterCBS8-CYJJ0.75Howard 500
 2005-02-24CharterCYYJ-CYAZ1.00Howard 500
 2005-02-18CharterCYPB-CYAZ1.00Aero Commander 500
 2005-01-09CharterCYQQ-CYPR2.75Dehavilland Dash-7
 2005-01-05CharterCYAZ-CYYJ0.75Howard 500
 2005-01-05CharterCYYJ-CYQQ1.50Howard 500
 2005-01-04CharterCAK4-CYAZ1.00Aero Commander 500
 2005-01-01CharterCBS8-CAK41.50ACA 8KCAB Super Decathlon
 2004-12-25CharterCYLW-CYPR2.75Dehavilland Dash7
 2004-12-23CharterCYQQ-CYLW2.00Aero Commander 500
 2004-12-22CharterCYXS-CYQQ1.50Howard 500
 2004-12-21CharterCYEG-CYXS2.50Howard 500
 2004-12-18CharterCYZT-CYQQ0.75Howard 500
 2004-12-17CharterCYYC-CYEG1.50Howard 500
 2004-12-13CharterCYZT-CYYC2.50Howard 500
 2004-12-11CharterCYAZ-CYPB0.75Grumman Goose
 2004-12-07CharterCBS8-CYQQ0.50Howard 500
 2004-12-06CharterCYVR-CYZT2.25Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-12-04CharterCYBL-CYVR1.75Cessna 172
 2004-12-03CharterCYPW-CYBL0.75Cessna 172
 2004-11-30CharterCYVR-CYPW1.00Aero Commander 500
 2004-11-30CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.75Grumman Goose
 2004-11-26CharterCYAZ-CYYJ1.25Howard 500
 2004-11-23CharterCYZT-CYAZ1.50Aero Commander 500
 2004-11-23CharterCYQQ-CYZT1.25Aero Commander 500
 2004-11-20CharterCBS8-CYQQ0.50Howard 500
 2004-11-13CharterCYYJ-CBS80.75Aero Commander 500
 2004-11-05CharterCYPR-CYYJ2.25Howard 500
 2004-10-25CharterCYXT-CYPR1.00Howard 500
 2004-10-24CharterCYXS-CYXT1.50Howard 500
 2004-10-18CharterCBS8-CYAZ0.75Piper Aztec
 2004-10-17CharterCBS8-CYXS2.50Aero Commander 500
 2004-10-04CharterCZML-CBS81.75Beechcraft Twin Bonanza
 2004-10-03CharterCBS8-CZML1.75Cessna 182RG
 2004-09-30CharterCYAZ-CBS80.75Super Decathlon
 2004-09-13CharterCYYJ-CYAZ1.25Grumman Goose
 2004-09-09CharterCAT5-CYYJ1.00Howard 500
 2004-08-31CharterCYVR-CYCD0.50Howard 500
 2004-08-31CharterCYCD-CAT51.00Howard 500
 2004-08-30CharterCYAZ-CYYJ0.75Howard 500
 2004-08-30CharterCYYJ-CYVR0.75Howard 500
 2004-08-26CharterCYQQ-CYZT1.50Dehavilland Beaver
 2004-08-26CharterCYZT-CYAZ1.00Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
 2004-08-25CharterCYVR-CYYJ0.75Howard 500
 2004-08-25CharterCYYJ-CYQQ1.25Howard 500
 2004-08-24CharterCYPB-CAT40.50Beriev Be-103
 2004-08-24103Qualicum Beach - Vancouver Intl
0.75Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2004-08-23CharterCYZT-CYBL1.30Antonov An-14
 2004-08-23CharterCYBL-CYP80.75Maule M7-260
 2004-08-22CharterCYAZ-CYZT1.50Aero Commander 500
 2004-08-16CharterCBT9-CYAZ0.45Grumman Goose
 2004-08-07118Vancouver Intl - Port Alberni
0.50Beech 1900
 2004-08-06CharterPANC-CYVR4.75Howard 500
 2004-07-24CharterCBS8-CYZT1.00Howard 500
 2004-07-24CharterCYZT-PANC5.25Howard 500
 2004-07-23CharterCYYJ-CBS80.50Howard 500
 2004-07-04CharterCYVR-PAWG4.25Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-25CharterCYAZ-CYZT1.75Aero Commander 500
 2004-06-24CharterCYYJ-CYAZ1.00Dehavilland Dash-7
 2004-06-18Training 0.50Eclipse 500
 2004-06-14CharterCYZP-CYVR3.25Douglas DC-3
 2004-06-12117Port Alberni - Vancouver Intl
0.75Beriev Be-103
 2004-06-06CharterCBS8-CYPB0.75Grumman Goose
 2004-06-05209Sandspit - Prince Rupert
1.00Grumman Goose
 2004-06-05CharterCYPR-CYXT0.75Arrow Commander 500
 2004-06-01CharterCYBL-CYZP2.50Douglas DC-3
 2004-05-29CharterCYBL-CYAZ1.25Beriev Be-103
 2004-05-29CharterCYAZ-CYBL1.00Beriev Be-103
 2004-05-21CharterCYPW-CYBL0.50Beech Twin Bonanza
 2004-05-20CharterCAP3-CYPW0.50Beech Twin Bonanza
 2004-05-16CharterCAM3-CYYJ0.25Beech Twin Bonanza
 2004-05-16CharterCYYJ-CYCD0.50Beech Twin Bonanza
 2004-05-16CharterCYCD-CATE0.50Beech Twin Bonanza
 2004-05-16CharterCATE-CAP30.50Beech Twin Bonanza
 2004-05-13CharterCYVR-CAM30.50Arrow Commander 500
 2004-05-09CharterCYQQ-CYVR1.50Beech Twin Bonanza
 2004-05-05CharterCYZT-CYQQ1.00Douglas DC3
 2004-04-30CharterCAK4-CYZT0.50Beech Twin Bonanza
 2004-04-27CharterCBS8-CAK40.75Arrow AC500
 2004-04-26118Vancouver Intl - Port Alberni
0.80Beech 1900
 2004-04-25113Tofino - Vancouver Intl
0.45Beech 1900
 2004-04-24Charter0.50Grumman Goose
 2004-04-24Charter0.50Arrow Commander 500
 2004-04-17Charter0.50deHavilland Super Otter
 2004-04-17Training 0.50deHavilland Super Otter

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