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Alan Reid VI857 flight log
ViVa pilot since: Jun 12th, 2005
Total hours: 286.75

 Flight history
 2017-12-07CharterEGSX-EGMC0.50Auster J1N AlphaNorth Weald to Southend.
 2017-12-02CharterCYAZ-CAP31.00Cessna 177RG Cardinal IITofino to Sechelt.
 2017-11-22CharterNZTU-NZWN1.50Handley Page Jetstream 200Timaru to Wellington.
 2017-11-20CharterKHQM-CYAZ1.00Beechcraft B1900DBowerman to Tofino.
 2017-11-17CharterCAG8-CYCD0.50Dehavilland BeaverPender Harbour to Nanaimo.
 2017-11-10CharterCYPW-CYZT1.00Beech King Air 350Powell River to Port Hardy.
 2017-11-06CharterKHQM-KCLM0.75Beech King Air 350Bowerman to Fairchild Intl.
 2017-10-25CharterCYAZ-KHQM1.00Beech Super King Air 300Tofino to Bowerman.
 2017-10-23CharterKHQM-CYPS1.25Beech Super King Air 300Bowerman to Pemberton.
 2017-10-21CharterCYZT-CYBL1.00Dehavilland BeaverPort Hardy to Campbell River with some sightseeing diversions enroute.
 2017-10-19CharterENBR-ENBR0.75Cessna 182 SkylaneCircuits and sightseeing around Bergen.
 2017-10-10CharterEGMC-EGJJ1.25ATR 72-200Southend to Jersey.
 2017-10-09CharterENML-ENVA0.75DeHavilland Dash 8-100Molde to Trondheim.
 2017-10-09CharterENZV-ENKB1.50DeHavilland Dash 8-300Stavanger to Kristiansund.
 2017-10-08CharterENBR-ENML1.00DeHavilland Dash 8-Q400Bergen to Molde.
 2017-10-07CharterENTC-ENHF0.75DeHavilland Dash 8-100Tromso to Hammerfest.
 2017-10-07CharterENHF-ENBS1.00DeHavilland Dash 8-100Hammerfest to Batsfjord. Continuing my exploration of Norway.
 2017-10-06CharterENLK-ENBO0.75DeHavilland Dash 8-Q400Leknes to Bodo.
 2017-10-05CharterENST-ENLK1.00DeHavilland Dash 8-100Sandnessjoen to Leknes.
 2017-10-04CharterENTC-ENBO1.25DeHavilland Dash 8-300Tromso to Bodo.
 2017-10-03CharterENTC-ENEV0.75DeHavilland Dash 8-100Tromso to Harstad Narvik.
 2017-10-03CharterENEV-ENTC0.75DeHavilland Dash 8-200Harstad Narvik to Tromso.
 2017-10-02CharterCYXT-CYPR1.00Dehavilland BeaverTerrace to Prince Rupert.
 2017-09-26CharterENSH-ENAN1.00PA23 Aztec F 250Svolvaer to Andoya.
 2017-09-25CharterENBN-ENST0.75Diamond DA40Bronnoy to Stokka.
 2017-09-24CharterEGJA-EGHI1.00BN-2 IslanderAlderney to Southampton.
 2017-09-23CharterEGHH-EGJA1.00BN-2 IslanderBournemouth to Alderney.
 2017-09-17CharterENNM-ENBN0.75Piper PA32 Satatoga II TCNamsos to Bronnoysund.
 2017-09-16CharterENVA-ENNM1.00PA23 Aztec F 250Trondheim to Namsos.
 2017-09-16CharterENNM-ENRM0.50PA38 Tomahawk IINamsos to Ryum Rorvik.
 2017-09-14CharterENCN-ENLI0.75Dehavilland Twin OtterA flight in Norway from Kristiansand, Kjevik to Farsund, Lista
 2017-09-14CharterENLI-ENCN0.75PA32 Saratoga II TCReturn flight from Farsund, Lista to Kristiansand, Kjevik.
 2017-09-11CharterEGPK-EGGW1.50BAC 1-11-500Prestwick to London Luton.
 2017-09-10CharterEGGW-EGPK1.50BAC 1-11-500London Luton to Prestwick.
 2017-09-09CharterEGKK-EGNT1.25BAC 1-11-500London Gatwick to Newcastle.
 2017-09-09CharterEGNT-EGKK1.50BAC 1-11-500Return trip from Newcastle to London Gatwick.
 2017-09-08CharterEGSS-EGPH1.50DC10-30FA flight on home soil using FS9 for a change. Cargo run from London Stansted to Edinburgh, Scotland using the CLS DC10-30F.
 2017-09-08CharterEGPH-EGSS1.50BAC 1-11-500Edinburgh to London Stansted.
 2017-09-07CharterCYPR-CYXT1.00Dehavilland BeaverPrince Rupert to Terrace.
 2017-09-06CharterNZNR-NZPM1.00Tecnam P92 EagletNapier to Palmerston North.
 2017-09-05CharterCYPR-CZST1.00Cessna 206 StationairPrince Rupert to Stewart.
 2017-09-04CharterCYPW-CYZT1.50Pilatus Porter PC6Powell River to Port Hardy.
 2017-09-03CharterKHQM-KDLS1.25Cessna 402C BusinesslinerBowerman to Columbia Gorge.
 2017-09-02CharterNZTG-NZNR1.00Piper PA-34 Seneca IITauranga to Napier.
 2017-08-30CharterYBCS-YIFL0.75Piper PA-28 ArrowCairns to Innisfail.
 2017-08-29CharterYSCH-YSTW1.50Cessna 177 Cardinal RGA flight in Australia from Coffs Harbour to Tamworth.
 2017-08-28CharterKBLI-KPWT1.00Piper Comanche 250Bellingham to Bremerton.
 2017-08-28CharterKPWT-KHQM1.00Piper SaratogaBremerton to Bowerman.
 2017-08-27CharterKCLM-KBLI1.00Cessna 182 SkylanePort Angeles to Bellingham.
 2017-08-27CharterEGTF-EGTR0.50Cessna 182 SkylaneQuick flight on home soil Fairoaks to Elstree.
 2017-08-25CharterNZWN-NZMS0.75Cessna 182 SkylaneWellington to Masterton.
 2017-08-25CharterNZMS-NZWN0.75Cessna 182 SkylaneMasterton to Wellington.
 2017-08-24Training 1.25Cessna 182 SkylaneGetting to know the A2A Cessna 182 Skylane with a number of circuits at NZWN Wellington including touch-and-goes.
 2017-08-23CharterCYLW-KCLM2.00Douglas C-47Kelowna to Port Angeles.
 2017-08-22Training 1.00Douglas C-47Getting to know the C-47 with a number of circuits at NZHN Hamilton including touch-and-goes. This aircraft is outstanding and it is freeware.
 2017-08-21CharterNZHN-NZWN1.25Lockheed Electra L-188 CargoCargo run from Hamilton to Wellington.
 2017-08-19CharterCAX6-CAC80.50Drifter Ultralight FloatGanges SPB to Nanaimo Harbour Water Airport.
 2017-08-18CharterNZWN-NZNP1.00Beechcraft Duke B60Wellington to New Plymouth.
 2017-08-18CharterNZNP-NZHN1.15Cessna 402C BusinesslinerNew Plymouth to Hamilton with some detours for sightseeing en route.
 2017-08-16CharterNZTU-NZOU0.75Drifter UltralightTimaru to Oamaru testing the Drifter Ultralight.
 2017-08-15CharterNZHN-NZTG0.50Cessna 152Hamilton to Tauranga.
 2017-08-15CharterNZOU-NZGT0.75Dehavilland Twin OtterOamaru to Glentanner.
 2017-08-15CharterNZOU-NZOU1.25Tecnam P92 EagletFirst flight in this aircraft so took it from Oamaru to NZTU Timaru and then back to Oamaru.
 2017-08-14CharterNZQN-NZDN1.00Beechcraft Bonanza F33AQueenstown to Dunedin.
 2017-08-14CharterNZDN-NZOU0.75Cessna 208B Grand CaravanDunedin to Oamaru.
 2017-08-13CharterNZNV-NZQN1.00Cessna 206 CargoContinuing my exploration of South Island, New Zealand with a flight from Invercargill to Queenstown.
 2017-08-12Training 0.75Cessna 182RGTesting Orbx North Island, New Zealand around the Hastings area. Wonderful scenery.
 2017-08-12CharterNZRC-NZNV0.75Britten-Norman BN-2 IslanderRyans Creek, Stewart Island to Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand.
 2017-08-06Charter2WA1-CYCD1.00Piper PA-28 ArrowDiamond Point to Nanaimo.
 2017-08-05CharterCYXC-CYCZ0.50Piper Cherokee 180Cranbrook to Fairmont Hot Springs.
 2017-08-05CharterCYCZ-CYXC0.50Piper Cherokee 180Return leg Fairmont Hot Springs to Cranbrook.
 2017-08-04CharterPAJN-PAGY0.75Aero Commander 500Cargo flight from Juneau to Skagway.
 2017-08-04CharterPAGY-PAJN0.75Aero Commander 680Return cargo flight from Skagway to Juneau. The approach to R08 at Juneau was a great experience.
 2017-08-03CharterCYXS-CYPR1.75Dehavilland Dash-7Prince George to Prince Rupert.
 2017-08-03CharterCYPR-CYXT0.75Cessna 182RGSightseeing trip from Prince Rupert to Terrace following the Skeena river.
 2017-08-02CharterCYKA-CYWL1.25Dehavilland BeaverKamloops to Williams Lake.
 2017-08-02CharterCYWL-CYXS1.00Cessna 206 CargoCargo delivery Williams Lake to Prince George.
 2017-08-01CharterKAST-CYXX1.30Dehavilland Dash-7Astoria to Abbotsford.
 2017-07-30CharterKHQM-KONP1.15Aero Commander 500Cargo flight from Bowerman to Newport.
 2017-07-30CharterKONP-KAST1.00Dehavilland Dash-7Newport to Astoria with cargo.
 2017-07-29Training 0.75DeHavilland DH-104 DoveFirst flight in my latest aircraft from Port Hardy to Bella Bella.
 2017-07-29CharterYBLN-YABA1.15DeHavilland DH-104 DoveBrusselton to Albany.
 2017-07-26CharterCYZT-CYPW1.00Dehavilland Twin OtterPort Hardy to Powell River.
 2017-07-25CharterCYBL-CYZT1.00Pilatus Porter PC6Campbell River to Port Hardy.
 2017-07-24CharterCAG8-CYBL1.15Cessna 185F AmphibianPender Harbour SPB to Campbell River. Diversions enroute for sightseeing from the air including Powell River, Cortes Island and Whaletown. Using FSX and Orbx scenery. Great to be back at Viva after a long absence.
 2012-02-04CharterNIL-CYXX1.27C337 Skymaster CRAKelowna to Abbotsford VFR
 2012-01-01CharterEGNT-EGAA1.44Dash 7-110 Brymon G-BRYENewcastle to Belfast IFR
 2012-01-01CharterEGAA-EGBB1.24Dash 7-110 British Midland G-BOAYBelfast to Birmingham IFR.
 2011-12-31CharterEGLC-EGGP1.30Dash 7-100 Greenland AirLondon City to Liverpool IFR.
 2011-12-28CharterLFMN-EGKK1.77FSPAP A321 British AirwaysNice to London Gatwick IFR.
 2011-12-27CharterEGKK-LFMN1.6950N Boeing 737-500 British Airways G-GFFHLondon Gatwick to Nice IFR.
 2011-12-07CharterEGJJ-EGGD1.12do328 Blue IslandsJersey to Bristol IFR.
 2011-12-06CharterEGGD-EGJJ1.09Jetstream31 Blue islands ISLBAnother trip on home soil..........Bristol to Jersey IFR.
 2011-12-04CharterEGLC-EGGD0.90EMB120 British AirwaysA trip on home soil..........London City to Bristol IFR
 2011-11-26CharterCYXT-CYPR0.79BONANZA A36 DEEP GREENTerrace to Prince Rupert VFR
 2011-11-25CharterCYPR-CYXT0.78de Havilland Canadian Twin Otter Canadian NorthPrince Rupert to Terrace VFR.
 2011-11-20CharterCYPR-CYJQ1.16C337 Skymaster N53472Prince Rupert to Bella Bella VFR
 2011-11-18CharterANN-CYPR0.68Islander 15Annette Island to Prince Rupert VFR in the BN-2 Islander
 2011-11-14CharterPANT-PANT1.25Dehavilland BeaverTaking some campers from Annette Island to the cabin on Big Goat Lake, off the Behm Canal. Then returning to base.
 2011-11-12CharterCYWL-CYXS0.81T210 CENTURION BLUE CLASSICWilliams Lake to Prince George.
 2011-11-10CharterCYKA-CYWL1.09C208B Grand Caravan N410GV HagelandKamloops to Williams Lake in the Carenado C208B Grand Caravan.
 2011-11-07CharterCYXX-CYHE0.51Cessna 206 N2272D No PWV1Quick hop from Abbotsford to Hope in the Carenado C206
 2011-11-06CharterCYLW-CYXC1.46Islander 15Kelowna to Cranbrook in the BN-2 Islander. Very enjoyable flight through some great scenery in a great aircraft.
 2011-11-05CharterCYLW-CYLW1.00BN-2 IslanderSightseeing tour of Kelowna and the surrounding area admiring the Orbx NRM scenery and the Flight1 BN-2 Islander. Both superb products.
 2011-10-30Training 1.50Realair ScoutCircuits at Bowerman familiarising myself with the Realair Scout, Decathlon & SF260 for FSX. A great stable of aircraft.
 2011-10-22CharterCYCD-CYZT1.25Epic LT DynastyGreat sightseeing flight along the coast from Nanaimo to Port Hardy
 2011-10-19CharterWA09-74S0.30Cessna C185 SkywagonIsland hopping from Roche Harbor to Anacortes and taking in the wonderful Orbx PNW scenery.
 2011-10-19Charter74S-WA090.30Cessna C185 SkywagonReturn flight to Roche Harbor.
 2011-10-16Training 0.45C185F BushCircuits at Bowerman familiarising myself with the Carenado C185F Bush for FSX. Excellent aircraft.
 2011-10-16Training 0.45Epic LTCircuits at Bowerman familiarising myself with the Lionheart Creations Epic LT for FSX. Another excellent aircraft.
 2011-10-12CharterKHQM-CYCD1.25C337 Skymaster REDReturn flight for VIVA after a long absence and thoroughly enjoyed it. Took passengers from Bowerman to Nanaimo with some rough weather en-route. Great to be back.
 2006-08-23CharterEGMA-EGMA1.15RealAir DecathlonA flight on my doorstep for a change. Fowlmere to Southend and return with some diversions for sightseeing.
 2006-07-06CharterYMHB-YMHB1.00RealAir DecathlonUsing Hobart as the base, exploring Southern Tasmania with the new VOZ V1.21. Fantastic scenery.
 2006-05-28CharterCYYJ-CYZT1.75Beech D18SBack in the D18S after a long absence.....lovely.
 2006-05-08CharterYBNA-YGFN0.75DecathlonBallina to Grafton, Australia in the Realair Decathlon.
 2006-04-20CharterYNTN-YBCS2.00HS748Normanton to Cairns in Rick Piper's excellent HS748.
 2006-04-12CharterYSBK-YSCH1.50Aeroworx KingairBankstown to Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia
 2006-04-07CharterYGFN-YBNA0.75Realair DecathlonGrafton to Ballina, NSW, Australia in stormy weather. Screenshot taken.
 2006-03-25CharterYSCH-YGFN0.75DecathlonCoffs Harbour to Grafton, Australia in the Realair Decathlon.
 2006-03-19CharterEGSX-EGSX1.00Cessna 206Using North Weald as the base, flying around SE England being enthralled by UT Europe and Ground Environment. What a transformation!
 2006-03-07CharterYPAD-YMML1.75Boeing 737-800Adelaide to Melbourne.
 2006-02-26CharterEGSX-EGSX1.00Beech Baron 58UK flight from North Weald to Southend, and return, with some detours to view Ground Environment....great.
 2006-02-26CharterYMML-YPAD2.50De Havilland DoveMelbourne to Adelaide using the fantastic VOZ scenery.
 2006-02-21CharterYLIS-YKRY1.75Piper PA-28 ArcherLismore to Kingaroy in Queensland, Australia.
 2006-02-19CharterYGFN-YLIS1.00Piper PA-28 ArcherContinuing up the east coast of Australia....from Grafton to Lismore.
 2006-02-17CharterYSCH-YGFN0.50Beech Baron 58Coffs Harbour to Grafton.....continuing up the east coast of Australia.
 2006-02-14CharterYPMQ-YSCH1.00Cessna 182RGPort MacQuarie to Coffs Harbour....continuing my journey up the east coast of Australia.
 2006-02-12CharterYSBK-YPEC1.00Carenado MentorBankstown to Aeropelican...exploring the east coast of Australia with VOZ scenery.
 2006-02-12CharterYPEC-YPMQ1.25Cessna 404 TitanAeropelican to Port MacQuarie...continuing my journey up the east coast of Australia.
 2006-02-11CharterYSBK-YMDG1.00Cessna Stationair 206Bankstown to Mudgee with VOZ scenery. Fantastic.
 2006-02-10CharterYSBK-YSBK1.00Cessna 206Leaving Bankstown and sightseeing around the Sidney area with the VOZ scenery.....fantastic.
 2006-02-09Training 0.75Piel EmeraudeAnother very nice freeware package.
 2006-02-07Training 2.00Hovercontrol 412Teaching my self to fly a helicopter.
 2006-02-07CharterCYBL-CYCD0.75Hovercontrol 412Campbell River to Nanaimo. Screenshots taken.
 2006-02-05CharterCMBR-CYXT0.50Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianMoose Bay Fishing Camp to Terrace.
 2006-02-04CharterCZST-CMBR1.25Dehavilland BeaverStewart to Moose Bay Fishing Camp via the Portland Canal and Prince Rupert. Used the Aerosoft Beaver and Freight Dogs scenery.
 2006-01-31CharterATR1-ATR11.50Piper Super CubAntelope Trail Ranch...Annette Island...Misty's Place, and return in the Aerosoft Cub. Very enjoyable.
 2006-01-28Training 1.00Piper Super CubGetting to know the Aerosoft Piper Super Cub...very enjoyable.
 2006-01-26Training 1.00Beechcraft MentorFamiliarisation circuits etc. with the Carenado Mentor T-34B. Great package.
 2006-01-26CharterCYPR-CYXT0.75Beechcraft MentorPrince Rupert to Terrace in the Carenado Mentor. Screenshots taken.
 2006-01-23Training 0.75Beech Bonanza A36Circuits testing Peter McLeland's Little Bandit Turbo Kit for the Dreamfleet A36. Very impressive.
 2006-01-22Training 0.75SpartanFamiliarisation circuits with the new Spartan.
 2006-01-22CharterCYXT-CYBL2.25SpartanTerrace to Campbell River, in FS9 real weather, in the new Spartan. Fantastic package.
 2006-01-19CharterCNB9-CNB91.50Challenger UltralightBarrie to Buttonville (CYKZ) and return in Bill Lyon\'s Challenger Ultralight. Great fun.
 2006-01-17CharterPAKT-CYPR1.00Maule M7-260Ketchikan to Prince Rupert.
 2006-01-17CharterCYKZ-CYKZ1.00Beech Bonanza A36Buttonville....exploring the Flight Ontario Toronto scenery....landed at Toronto City (CYTZ)....more exploring before returning to Buttonville.
 2006-01-15CharterCYLW-CYWG2.50Boeing 727-200Kelowna to Winnipeg using FSNavigator routing.
 2006-01-14CharterCYPK-CYXX1.25Beech Bonanza A36Pitt Meadows to Hope, pick up passengers and take them to Abbottsford.
 2006-01-11CharterCYXC-CYLW1.25Beech 1900CCranbrook to Kelowna in the PMDG B1900C....a great package.
 2006-01-10CharterCYLW-CYXC1.00Shorts 360Kelowna to Cranbrook using FSNavigator routing.
 2006-01-08Training 0.75Shorts 360Circuits at Victoria in Mike Stone's Shorts 360.
 2006-01-08CharterCYZT-CYBL0.75Shorts 360Port Hardy to Campbell River.....FSCargo flight.
 2006-01-08CharterCYBL-CYZT0.75Shorts 360Return trip from Campbell River to Port Hardy. Screenshots taken.
 2006-01-08CharterCYAZ-CAH30.50Beech Baron 58Tofino to Courtenay Air Park in the Dreamfleet Baron.
 2006-01-07CharterCYHE-CAT41.00Cessna 206 StationairFirst flight with FSCargo from Hope to Qualicum Beach. Great fun.
 2006-01-06CharterPANT-PANT1.50DeHavilland DHC3 PZLAnnette Island to Misty's Place and return with some detours for passenger sightseeing.
 2006-01-06CharterCYPR-CYXT0.75DeHavilland DHC3 PZLPrince Rupert to Terrace.
 2006-01-01CharterPAKT-PASI1.00Boeing 727-200Ketchikan to Sitka in the Dreamfleet B727-200. Screenshots taken.
 2006-01-01CharterATR2-ATR21.25Bonanza A36Antelope Ranch to Big Goat Lake Cabin and return in the Dreamfleet Bonanza. Screenshots taken.
 2005-12-31CharterCYPA-CYWG2.00ATR 72-500Prince Albert to Winnepeg in the Flight1 ATR and FS9 real weather.
 2005-12-30CharterATR1-ATR11.75Dehavilland BeaverAntelope Ranch to Big Goat Lake Cabin and return in the Aerosoft Beaver, with detours for sightseeing on both legs.
 2005-12-30CharterCYLW-CYXS1.50ATR 72-500Kelowna to Prince George in the Flight1 ATR. Screenshots taken.
 2005-12-29CharterCYYJ-CYLW1.00ATR 72-500Victoria to Kelowna in the Flight1 ATR awesome package. Screenshots taken.
 2005-12-28CharterPANT-PANT1.50Cessna 206 StationairAnnette Island to Prince Rupert and return in FS9 real weather.
 2005-12-27Training 1.00ATR 72-500Circuits at Victoria getting to know the Flight1 ATR 72-500
 2005-12-24CharterMM01-MM011.25Dehavilland BeaverMisty's Place to Antelope Ranch and return in the Aerosoft Beaver.
 2005-12-23CharterCYZT-CYYJ1.75DH104 DovePort Hardy to Victoria in this little cracker.
 2005-12-23CharterCYPR-CYXT0.75Beech Baron 58Prince Rupert to Terrace in the Dreamfleet Baron.
 2005-12-23CharterCYXT-CYPR0.75DH104 DoveTerrace to Prince Rupert.
 2005-12-21CharterCYLW-CYEG1.75BAC 1-11-400Kelowna to Edmonton in David Maltby's fantastic aircraft. Flew high altitude routing using FS Navigator.
 2005-12-19CharterATR1-ATR11.00PZL WilgaSightseeing in the Misty Fjords area, after a long absence, using Antelope Ranch as my base.
 2005-12-17CharterCYPK-CYHE0.75PZL WilgaPitts Meadow to Hope with some detours for sightseeing on the way. This aircraft is a little beauty.
 2005-12-17CharterCYHE-CYXX0.75PZL WilgaHope to Abbottsford with some detours for sightseeing.
 2005-12-15Training 0.75Dehavilland Super OtterFlying around the Vancouver area getting to know Eugene Heyart's new DHC3NG...fantastic. Screenshots taken.
 2005-12-14CharterCYSE-CYPK0.50SF260Squamish to Pitts Meadow.
 2005-12-14CharterCYPK-CAE50.75Cessna 208 Caravan AmphibianPitts Meadow to Whistler.
 2005-12-13CharterCYPK-CYPK1.50Dehavilland BeaverFlying around the Vancouver+ scenery and admiring it.
 2005-12-09Training 1.00Dehavilland BeaverRe-familiarisation with the Aerosoft Beaver in and around the Victoria area. Screenshot taken.
 2005-12-08CharterCYBL-CYYJ1.00Beech D18SCampbell River to Victoria.
 2005-12-04CharterCYQB-CYWG3.00Boeing 727-200Quebec-YMX-YMW-YYB-YSB-YQT-Winnipeg in the Dreamfleet 727-200.
 2005-11-30CharterCYWG-CYQD2.25Beech Baron 58Winnepeg to The Pas in the Dreamfleet Baron. Screenshots taken.
 2005-11-28Training 1.00Grumman GooseBuzzing around the Campbell River area re-familiarising myself with Bill Lyons' classic, after a long absence.
 2005-11-27CharterCYYJ-CYXE2.25Boeing 727-200Return trip from Victoria to Saskatoon in the Dreamfleet 727-200.
 2005-11-27Training 1.50Socata TMB 700Buzzing around Vancouver Island getting to know this new freeware is excellent.
 2005-11-27CharterCYAZ-KPWT1.00Socata TMB700Tofino to Bremerton via CYYJ. Screenshots taken.
 2005-11-26CharterCYCD-CYZT1.75A36 BonanzaNanaimo to Port Hardy in the Dreamfleet A36. Very enjoyable flight with some sightseeing on route.
 2005-11-22CharterCYXE-CYYJ2.25Boeing 727-200Saskatoon - YYC -YDC - YVR - Victoria in the Dreamfleet 727-200.
 2005-11-22CharterKPWT-CYLW1.50Beech King Air 350Bremerton - SEA - PAE - HUH - YDC - Kelowna in the Aeroworx King Air.
 2005-11-21CharterCYYJ-CYYJ1.50Beech Baron 58Victoria to Bremerton and return with some detours for sightseeing. Testing my new computer.
 2005-11-13CharterCYCD-KPWT1.50Beech Baron 58Nanaimo to Bremerton, including some detours for sightseeing, in the Dreamfleet Baron.
 2005-11-13CharterCYZT-CYQQ2.50Beechcraft D18SPort Hardy to Comox and return sweeping some of the valleys enroute.
 2005-11-10Training 2.00Beech Baron 58Flying around Vancouver Island, including touch and go's, getting to know the Dreamfleet Baron 58. Very impressive package.
 2005-11-08Training 1.00Douglas DC-6BBuzzing around familiarising myself with the CalClassics version.
 2005-11-08CharterCYYC-CYLW1.75Douglas DC-6BCalgary to Kelowna and screenshots taken.
 2005-11-06CharterPAKT-CYLW2.50Hercules C-130Cargo run from Ketchikan to Kelowna. Screenshots taken.
 2005-11-05Training 1.00Cessna 310Buzzing around re-familiarising myself with the Dreamfleet C310
 2005-11-05Training 1.00Lockheed C130Touch and go circuits in Mike Stone's C130 with Ken Mitchell's panel and Bill Irvine's excellent Viva repaint. Very nice.
 2005-10-31410Comox - Edmonton
1.60Boeing 727-200Very enjoyable flight in the Dreamfleet B727-200.
 2005-10-31411Edmonton - Comox
1.60Boeing 727-200.....and the return leg.
 2005-10-24Training 1.50Boeing 727-200Getting to know the Dreamfleet B727. A lot to learn with this great package.
 2005-10-24CharterCYZT-CYLW1.25Boeing 727-200Cargo run from Port Hardy to Kelowna in the Dreamfleet B727. Screenshots taken.
 2005-10-21CharterCYBL-CYZT1.25Douglas DC-3Campbell River to Port Hardy.
 2005-10-17CharterCYPR-CYXT1.00Piper SenecaSightseeing tour from Prince Rupert to Terrace.
 2005-10-16Charter1.25Piper SenecaGetting to know the Piper Seneca from Just Flight's Flying Club, and gaining an appreciation of BirdsEyeView.
 2005-10-13Training 1.00Dragon RapideGetting to know this excellent aircraft.
 2005-10-13CharterCYCD-CYYJ0.50Cessna 182RGQuick hop from Nanaimo to Victoria.
 2005-10-08CharterCYLW-CYYJ1.00NAMC YS-11Kelowna to Victoria in AFG's YS-11. Screenshots taken.
 2005-10-05Training 1.00AFG YS-11Getting to know the YS-11 again after a long absence. I had forgotten how great this freeware package is.
 2005-10-02Training 1.00Airbus A320-232Getting to know the A320 having not flown it for a long time
 2005-09-05CharterCZBB-CYLW1.50PBY CatalinaBoundary Bay to Kelowna at 7000' using FSNav low altitude airways. Screenshots taken.
 2005-09-04Training 1.00PBY CatalinaGetting to know the Alphasim Catalina
 2005-08-24CharterCYXT-CYPR1.00PA23 ApacheSightseeing trip from Terrace to Prince Rupert. Screenshots taken.
 2005-08-21CharterCYRV-CYLW1.00PA22 Tri-PacerRevelstoke to Kelowna.
 2005-08-20Training 0.75PA22 Tri-PacerGetting to know Lynn and Bill Lyons' Tri-Pacer. Excellent.
 2005-08-20CharterCYP8-CBS80.75PA22 Tri-PacerAmphibian version from MacMillan Bloedel, landed at West Great Central Lake, and then returned to Alberni Valley Regional
 2005-08-16Training 1.00Zlin Z-43Test flying the new PWDT Zlin Z-43. Very impressed. Screenshots taken.
 2005-08-14CharterPANT-CZST1.25Piper Warrior 111Annette Island to Stewart via the Portland Canal. Screenshots taken.
 2005-08-13Training 0.75Piper Warrior 111Test flight of Guenter Kraemer's aircraft.
 2005-08-07Training 0.75Cessna 172Test flights in the Campbell River area. Testing the default C172 with Realair and FP panel conversions.
 2005-08-07Training 0.75Beech Baron 58Test flights in the Campbell River area. Testing the default Baron with FP panel conversion.
 2005-08-07CharterCYLW-CYXC2.25Cessna 172Kelowna to Cranbrook in the default C172 with the Realair and Friendly Panels conversions.
 2005-08-03CharterATR1-MMO10.75Cessna 172RAntelope Ranch to Misty's Place in the Flight1 C172R. Screenshots taken.
 2005-08-01CharterCYLW-CYXX1.50Cessna 208B Grand CaravanKelowna to Abbotsford via Princetown, Hope and Chilliwack in default C208B. Screenshots taken.
 2005-07-31CharterCYPR-PASI1.25Super King Air B200Prince Rupert to Sitka in the Aeroworx B200.
 2005-07-31CharterCAT4-CYBL0.75Mooney BravoSightseeing tour along the coast from Qualicum Beach to Campbell River in the default Mooney Bravo.
 2005-07-31CharterCYBL-CYPW0.50Mooney BravoSightseeing tour around the bay from Campbell River to Powell River in the default Mooney Bravo.
 2005-07-31Training 0.50Cessna 208B Grand CaravanTesting the default C208B with Friendly Panels conversion. Excellent Panel.
 2005-07-26CharterCYBL-CAT40.75Stearman KaydetAlong the coast from Campbell River to Qualicum Beach. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Screenshots taken.
 2005-07-24CharterCYBL-CYXS1.50Super King Air B200Campbell River to Prince George - continuing my journey in the Aeroworx B200.
 2005-07-24CharterCYPR-CYXT0.75Beech D18SCargo run from Prince Rupert to Terrace along the Skeena valley.
 2005-07-24Training 0.75Stearman KaydetTouch and go's, and flying around the Campbell River area, testing the Stearman Kaydet.
 2005-07-23Training 0.50Super King Air B200Familiarisation with the Aeroworx B200 V2.0.1 which has just been released. Superb.
 2005-07-23CharterCYKA-CYBL1.50Super King Air B200My first full flight in the Aeroworx B200. From Kamloops to Campbell River. Loved every minute of it.
 2005-07-23CharterCYAZ-CAT41.00Cessna 177RGSightseeing tour through the mountains from Tofino to Qualicum Beach.
 2005-07-22CharterCYLW-CYKA0.75Beech D18SCargo run from Kelowna to Kamloops.
 2005-07-20Training 0.75Cessna 206 StationairTrying out the C206 Stationair from Francesim on circuits at Port Hardy
 2005-07-20CharterPAKT-CYPR0.75Super King Air B200Familiarisation flight with the Aeroworx B200, using FSNav low altitude airways. Superb package.
 2005-07-18CharterCYZT-CYZT1.50Beech King Air B200Circuits testing the different variants of the Aeroworx Super King Air B200 which I have just purchased. Excellent package.
 2005-07-16CharterCYCD-CYZT1.30Beech D18SRouting via Hornby Island, Comox and Campbell River.
 2005-07-16CharterCYZT-CYZT0.75Dash 8-106Circuits test flying the new PAD Dash 8-106.
 2005-07-12CharterPAKT-CYPR1.00Cessna 172RKetchikan to Prince Rupert in the Flight1 Cessna 172R.
 2005-07-10CharterCYXS-CYPR2.75Beech D18SFSNav low altitude airways route. Distance 392, head wind most of the way.
 2005-07-07CharterCYWL-CYXS1.25Let 410Sightseeing tour along the Fraser River from Williams Lake to Prince George.
 2005-07-05CharterCYZT-CYLW2.25Dehavilland Twin OtterAltitude 16000', plenty of cloud and a strong head wind some of the way. Kelowna was busy on arrival.
 2005-07-05CharterCYBL-CYPW0.30PA38 TomahawkA quick hop across the Strait.
 2005-07-05CharterCYPW-CYBL0.75PA38 TomahawkA short hop back across the Strait.
 2005-07-04CharterCYBL-CYBL0.75PA38 TomahawkCircuits at Campbell River testing the Just Flight Tomahawk demo version.
 2005-07-03CharterCYPR-CYXT0.75Beech D18SSightseeing tour along the Skeena River.
 2005-07-03CharterCYXT-CYYD1.30Cessna 182RGContinuing the sightseeing tour of the Skeena River. North East to New Hazelton and then south through the mountains to Smithers. Magnificent secnery.
 2005-06-29CharterCYPW-CYBL0.75Cessna 185Test flight of this nice little aircraft from Abacus. Crossed the water from Powell River to Campbell River. Very enjoyable.
 2005-06-28CharterCYAZ-CYBL0.75Pilatus PC-12Sightseeing trip at 6000' via Comox. Used Pete's excellent repaint.
 2005-06-26CharterCYZT-CYZT0.50Pilatus PC-12Test flying Brian Gladden's Pc-12 on the recommendation of Bill Irvine (see Bill's shots on the Screenshot Forum). Excellent aircraft.
 2005-06-25CharterCYZT-CYYJ1.75Beech D18SPut this new masterpiece through its paces. Wonderful aircraft. Flew FSNav low altitude airways route which took me north of Campbell River and over the Vancouver VOR.
 2005-06-23CharterPAKT-CYYJ1.75Bombardier CRJ-200Test flight of this impressive aircraft. Left PAKT in the rain but weather improved on the way.
 2005-06-22CharterPASI-PAKT1.25Let 410Transport passengers to meet cruise ship at PAKT. Variable weather including rain.
 2005-06-19CharterCYPR-CZST1.75Let 410Test Flight. Landed at Terrace on the way to test ILS approach. What a great little aircraft.
 2005-06-14116Ketchikan - Wrangel
0.75Dehavilland Twin OtterVery enjoyable flight with some great scenery to admire.
 2005-06-12CharterCYPR-CYXT0.75Dehavilland Twin OtterFirst flight for Viva. Followed the river and views were stunning with Ultimate Terrain.

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