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Colin Lawrence VI3224 flight log
ViVa pilot since: Nov 26th, 2017
Total hours: 5.20

 Flight history
 2018-01-13CharterCZBB-CYCD1.00Maule M7-260sightseeing test flight over lower mainland and the gulf islands
 2017-12-10CharterCAB4-CAU60.60Maule M7-260Sunday morning charter Tofino SPB to Gold River SPB
 2017-12-07CharterCAB3-CYYJ0.30Maule M7-260Check ride for Maule amphib
 2017-12-04CharterCYCD-CAM30.40Cessna 152Early morning VFR in JF C152 C-VIVA
 2017-11-27203Powell River - Victoria
0.70Beech 1900Downloaded realworld wx today and got bit of a tailwind and lots of clouds. Good chance to refresh the IFR skills
 2017-11-27CharterCYWL-CYCD1.10Beech 1900

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