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Walt Moehle VI851 flight log
ViVa pilot since: Aug 8th, 2014
Total hours: 96.10

 Flight history
 2017-10-21CharterPP11-PAJ11.00DHC-3 OtterCascade Hydro project PP11 to Juneau International SPB PAJ1
 2017-10-20CharterPF-20-PP111.50DHC-3 OtterMisty's place to the Cascade creek hydro project.
 2017-09-28CharterPASI-CYXI1.25HS748Sitka to White Horse
 2017-09-12CharterSDR-BAM0.50Dehavilland Twin Otter
 2017-09-10CharterCAP5-21H1.00D-18s Victoria Harbor to Skyline Marina and a fair amount of milling about over the islands.
 2017-09-08Charter21H-PAKX3.50G-73t Turbin MallardSkyline harbor ( Anacortes Wa. ) to Ketchikan SPB
 2016-11-16CharterBGBW-KPQI7.50Douglas DC-3
 2016-08-27CharterNZCH-NZIR6.00Airbus A400MA load of beer,booze and those little cocktail wieners. Christchurch Intl. to Mcmurdo station Antarctica
 2016-08-17CharterPAFA-PASC1.30Turbin Duke
 2016-08-16CharterPAJN-PAFA2.30Pilatus PC-12
 2016-02-03CharterPADQ-RSH2.00F406B caravan II
 2015-12-26Charter5KE-5Z11.25Grumman G-73A Mallard
 2015-09-10CharterAYMD-KRK1.00PC-6CMadang to Kairik New Guinea
 2015-09-09CharterAYTK-SULE0.45MU-2B-60Hauling a cargo of beer and pretzels from AYTK ( Rabaul New Britain ) to the village of Sule.
 2015-09-07CharterCYYJ-KJFK8.30L-1649A Starliner
 2015-09-06CharterEGAR-SCPZ4.00Dehavilland Twin OtterBritsh Antarctic survey weekly supply flight from Rothera Station to the Patriot Hills camp.
 2015-09-04CharterNZIR-NZSP3.00LC-130Macmurdo station to the Amundson-Scott south pole station.
 2015-09-03CharterNZIR-NZCH10.00C-121J ( Super Constellation)Macmurdo Station Antartica to Christchurch New Zealand.
 2015-05-26CharterBGBW-BGGH1.50Mitsubishi Mu-2 MarquiseNarsarsuaq to Nuuk in Greenland
 2015-05-15CharterENGM-ENBR1.00Mitsubishi Mu-2 Marquise
 2015-05-04CharterBGSF-BGBW2.00Fokker F27-200
 2015-04-16CharterCYYJ-KSFO2.75L-1049HConnie flight from Victoria to San Fransisco
 2015-04-15CharterCYYJ-KSLC2.25Dehavilland Dash-8
 2015-04-11CharterCYYJ-CZST2.50DeHavilland Dash-8-100Emergency beer run to Stewart
 2015-01-27CharterCYXX-CYKA1.00Pilatus PC-12
 2015-01-23CharterPASI-PAMR2.00Beech B60T
 2015-01-11CharterCYYJ-PASI3.00Beech B60T
 2014-09-20CharterKWIT-74S0.50Quest KodiakPassengers and cargo from Tacoma Narrows into Anacortes.
 2014-08-26CharterKSFO-CYYJ1.50DC-8-73FBeer Run, Frisco to Victoria
 2014-08-21CharterSFAL-EGAR4.00DeHavilland Dash7Port Stanley to the British Antarctica survey station at Rothera with Passengers and freight.
 2014-08-16CharterPAKT-CYYJ1.75Bombardier Dash8-Q400Return flight from PAKT to CYYJ with passengers and freight. Decent weather for most of the flight with a nice 33 knot tailwind to help things along.
 2014-08-15CharterCYYJ-PAKT1.75Dehavilland Dash-8Dash-8-Q400 Passengers and cargo to Ketchikan from Victoria.
 2014-08-13200Vancouver - Tofino
0.75Beech 1900
 2014-08-12204Victoria - Vancouver Intl
0.50Beech 1900First flight in the books. Have to recheck my settings in Black Box as my PIREP failed to go through.

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