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Getting started
Welcome aboard!

If you are new to ViVa or are thinking of joining, please take the time to read the material on these pages. If you are new to flight simulation, congratulations, you've chosen a great new hobby. Please read the section on new pilots carefully. It contains information that will make your career here at ViVa an enjoyable one. If you've been a simmer for long time and are looking to expand your horizons by joining Vatsim, and flying on line, the Vatsim section is for you. At ViVa, we don't expect you to fly on line, but we do encourage you to try it, because flying on line is a great way to enhance your flight sim experience and to learn more about aviation in general.

How this works
If you've never flown with a VA before, this is basically what happens. First, you need to sign up to become a pilot. Once you've done that, you'll have a call sign and a password. Use those to log on to the web site. Once you log on, you will see your personal stats on the left-hand column on the home page. You'll also have access to our house mail system, and the Pireps form.

Next, you can download one or more of our aircraft from the Fleet page. You can select routes to fly from the Routes page, and once you've flown them, you can log your time using the Pireps form. You can also log time for charters, multis and training (see thePireps link to the left for more information).

As you accumulate time, your rank will go up. All of this will be reported on the Roster page so that your fellow pilots can see how you are doing. Once you get more comfortable with the planes, you might want to consider flying on the Vatsim network, which provides very realistic ATC in a multiplayer environment.

If you are new to flight simulation
If flight simming is a new hobby for you, you have a lot to look forward to, and a lot to learn. If you don't know anything about airplanes, you might want to work through the lessons that come with Microsoft Flight Simulator. The lessons are very good, and will not only teach you how to fly properly, but will teach you about how to fly by instrument (IFR), and how to navigate.

There's also a lot of great information on the Internet. A good place to ask questions is one of the major flight sim sites, like or These sites also have very large libraries of free aircraft and scenery addons. Of course, you can also ask questions on the ViVa forum.

If you are an experienced flight simmer
If you're an old pro at flight sim and have tons of Vatsim hours logged, welcome aboard, and thanks for choosing to spend your time with ViVa! Although you will be starting out at zero hours, and with a rank of second officer, you can jump right in and start flying those IFR routes on line if you like. And feel free to make suggestions, we welcome your input.

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