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Vatsim Guide
VATSIM is a virtual air traffic control organization for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Virtual air traffic controllers log on to the network using special software that acts just like radar and this enables them to provide realistic ATC to Flight Simulator pilots. VATSIM has over 60,000 members and will have thousands of pilots and air traffic control logged on at nearly any given time. This results in a very realistic and fun experience.

When you are flying on VATSIM you must use standard radio procedures. You can learn all about them, and how to install and use the software required to fly on VATSIM through the VATSIM Pilots Resource Centre learning program. All new users to VATSIM must complete this program.

A few notes about flying on VATSIM for Viva. VATSIM is geared for more serious pilots who want to fly realistic IFR flights. This is not the place to do aerobatics over an airport or intercept other aircraft in a fighter jet. You should use a proper flight plan and a suitable aircraft for the flight. This means you shouldn’t be flying a Boeing 747 from Vancouver to Nanaimo, nor should you fly a Boeing 737-200 across the Atlantic. You MUST comply with all of VATSIM’s rules and regulations when flying on VATSIM.

Please remember when you are flying on VATSIM with a Viva call sign, you are representing our virtual airline as a whole. Please act appropriately as we would not like to receive complaints from VATSIM staff about the behaviour of our pilots. Again if you want to fly aerobatics or just mess around, the Viva Multiplayer server is the perfect place for that, not VATSIM.

When you fly on VATSIM for Viva, use the call letters “VI” followed by your Viva number. For example my call sign is “VI007”. Our spoken call sign is simply “Viva”. Be sure to add Viva’s website address in the comments section of your flight plan! [url] [/url]

For more information on VATSIM simple visit VATSIM’s website at

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