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The ViVa management page lists the people who run the VA. We are always looking for ways to get our pilots more involved. Currently we have several management vacancies. If you can help us out, please let us know, even if the job you want to do is not listed.

To apply, please send an email to our president at

CEO: Ken Peters
The CEO's job is to provide the infrastructure that makes the website work. All of the programming and the webhosting is provided by the CEO. The CEO is also responsible for setting policy in consultation with management and staff.

President: Dave Laycock
The President is responsible for managing personnel, recruitment, and event planning. Events include multi player events and face-to-face meets. The president works with the CEO to ensure the VA runs smoothly.

Aircraft painters: position vacant
Aircraft painters will report to the fleet manager. They will take on painting projects as needed. We can use as many painters as we can get.

Route manager: David Voogd
The route manager is be responsible for maintaining the route page. This includes adding and editing routes, and flight planning.

Fleet manager: Lars Hoyer
The fleet manager is responsible for maintaining the ViVa fleet page. He approves submitted repaints for posting, and uploads files and screenshots and enters aircraft descriptions.

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