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Pireps - logging your time
Pilot flight reports (Pireps) provide a way of logging the time you fly for ViVa. To log a Pirep, you must first log in on the home page, then select the Pirep link on the main menu bar. Next, fill out and submit the report form. Your report will be applied to your total hours flown as soon as you submit it. This will be relfected on the Roster page, and on your personal stats on the home page. Your flight will also be reported for everyone to see in the recent flights section of the home page.

Filing your report - routes, charters, multis and training
Many virtual airlines require you to fly particual routes with particular aircraft, or the time doesn't count. At ViVa, we want to log all of the time you fly. To make that possible, we've created several different flight types you can file. These are, Routes, charters, multis and training.

  • Routes: A route is any predefined numbered route from the route page.

  • Charters: A charter is any flight you make that is not on the route page. As a general guideline, these should be in our area (the West Coast) or in our livery elsewhere, and using the ViVa callsign if you are on Vatsim.

  • Multi flights: Whenever you fly with one or more fellow ViVa pilots, whether it is on Vatsim, or using the Flight sim multiplayer function, you may file the flight as a multi.

  • Training: Whenever you are learning something new, such as how to fly a new aircraft, or how to fly on line or IFR, you can file your time as training.

Aircraft selection
Each of the defined routes includes a suggested aircraft. You do not have to use the suggested aircraft if you don't want to. You can use any aircraft you want as long as the airport you are landing in can handle it. You probably shouldn't try to land a 747 at Qualicum Beach for example, but a Dash-8 is OK if you are pilot enough to handle it ;).

There is one requirement, however. Please choose an aircraft that is appropriate to your route if you are flying on Vatsim. In otherwords, no flights from Victoria to Frankfurt in a 737 please! If you want to do that, go right ahead, but please don't use your Viva call sign.

Ranks and routes
At ViVa, we don't want to get hung up on ranks - the ranks are just for fun. That means that you don't have to achieve a particular rank to fly a particular route. However, we do ask that you fly a given route properly before you file it. That means that if the route is IFR and you don't know how to fly an aircraft under IFR conditions, you shouldn't file that route. Of course, if you are trying to learn how to fly IFR, you can still file your flight as training. :)

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