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This is Viva's core fleet. The core fleet is made up of the planes we use for our every day operations. The core fleet is intended to provide all of the equipment required to operate Viva's passenger, cargo and charter services.

[Single Engine[Amphibians[Multi Engine[Jetliners[Helicopters

 Single Engine

Cessna 172
A stable and trustworthy plane, most pilots have logged at least a few hours in a Cessna 172, since it's the most widely available aircraft in the rental fleet, and is used by most flight schools. Since the first prototype was completed in 1955, more than 35,000 C172s have been produced, making it the world's most popular single-engine plane. One of Cessna's first tricycle-gear airplanes, the 172 quickly became the favorite of a growing class of business pilots. Its reliability and easy handling (along with thoughtful engineering and structural updates) have ensured its continued popularity for more than 35 years. This is a repaint of the default C172 - so no extra downloads neccessary.

Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
Wherever you want to go today, the Cessna Caravan can get you there. First introduced by Cessna in 1985, the Caravan was designed to land nearly anywhere, on land or water. Undoubtedly, it has lived up to its creators' intentions. Whether supplies need to be brought to a flooded village in the mountains of Peru, an injured person needs to be flown out from a remote lake in Alaska, or an archaeologist wants access to a tiny site in the African desert, the Caravan has what's needed to do the job. Only this is the version that can not land on water! ;)

Repaint by Ken Peters
Max Speed:    175 kts
Cruise Speed: 164 kts
Range:        7.2 h
Ceiling:   22,800 ft
Max Weight: 8,785 lbs
Max Cargo:  4,000 lbs
Passenger:     14

Maule M7-260
The M-7 aircraft are known around the world as the workhorse of the Maule line. The M-7 can easily be outfitted for work and for luxurious cross-country cruising. With itís fast cruise speed and slow stall speed, the M-7 is a very comfortable and safe travel airplane.
No. of Seats:       5
Cruising Speed:   160 mph
Gross Weight:    2500 lbs.
Empty Weight:    1665 lbs.
Fuel Capacity:     70 gal.
Stall speed :      40 mph 
Takeoff distance: 250 feet
Base Package:



Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibian
The Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibian is ViVa's coastal workhorse. The C208 is our primary coastal charter aircraft. It is used by recreational groups such as hikers, kayakers, fishers and hunters. It is also frequenlty used to transport workers in the forestry and mining industries. The aircraft bears an image of the Vancouver Island Marmot, a small mammal indigenous to the mountains of Vancouver Island. This package is a repaint of the default C208, and includes texutres only.
Max Speed:        175 KIAS
Cruise Speed: 117-143 KIAS
Range:          6.8-8 h
Ceiling:       33,000 ft
Max weight:     8,035 lbs
Passenger:         14


Dehavilland Beaver
**Full package**

Repaint of Steven Grant's Dehavilland Beaver. Includes Fred Banting's great panel, with updates by Joe Watson, and sounds by Aaron Swindle. Special thanks to Henry Williams for sharing his paint kit.
Requires FSSound.dll, which can be found here:

Aerosoft's Beaver repainted in ViVa colours by Dan Wambolt. These textures are DXT3 format and includes only the standard wheeled version, the amphibian model and the 5 seat float version. Textures for all three models are slightly varied so they are separated in this package. Choose any or all.

Full package:

Repaint for Aerosofts Beaver:

DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo Beaver
DeHavilland DHC2- MkIII Turbo Beaver by Premier Aircraft Design. Repaint by Stefan Werner. Textures only. Requires the base model available from


Dehavilland Super Otter
This is a repaint of Eugene Heyart's Super Otter in Viva livery. Includes an excellent 2D cockpit and VC. Textures only. Requires, available on and Repaint by Dave Laycock.
Cruise Speed:    145 kts
Stall Speed:   49-70 kts
Range:          4.64 hours
Ceiling:      18,800 ft
Max Weight:    8,367 lbs
Max Payload:   3,767 lbs
Passenger:         8

Takeoff:        8-10 sec
Landing:         300 ft
Climb:         1,600 ft/min

Fuel Flow:       315 lbs/hr
Base Package:


 Multi Engine

Antonov An-14
Soviet built liason and passenger STOL aircraft. A perfect aircraft for bush flying. You can take off and land 'Little Bee' even across the runway! FS2004 model includes highly detailed external model and virtual cockpit, both utilizing advanced animations.

Base Package:

Beech 1900
**Full package**

The Beech 1900 is ViVa's primary commuter aircraft. Seating 18, the Beech 1900 is used to connect Vancouver Island and Sunshine coast communties with the mainland. This package is a repaint of Mike Stone's 1900 model, and features an excellent 2D panel by Marcello Lugari.

Repaint of PMDG's Beech 1900D in viva colours by Ken Peters. Textures only, requires the PMDG Beech 1900. Visit PMDG for more information.

Max speed:     330 mph
Range:       1,720 nm
Ceiling:    33,000 ft
Max weight: 16,949 lbs
Passenger:      19

Full package:

Repaint (payware):

Beech Baron 58
With the wonderful control harmony that is the hallmark of the Bonanza line, the Beech Baron 58 is considered a classic light twin. The Baron 58 is the spiffed-up version of a time-tested favorite, made more modern by its new Continental Special engines. The Baron combines the attractiveness of Beechcraft design with the reliability of twin engines, resulting in a gorgeous workhorse of an aircraft.

This is a repaint of the deafult Beech 58, so there's no need to download anything extra.

Repaint: baron

Dehavilland Dash-7
Dehavilland's four engine workhorse. Original model by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, Joao Paz. Textures work with both FS2002 and FS2004.

Base Package:
For FS2002 - Download and install
For FS2004 - Download and install first, then


Dehavilland Dash-8
The Dash-8 is perfect for short to medium range runs.

* 1st Dash 8 is by Oleksiy Frolov. The Frolov Dash-8 Q300 features a very detailed and functional panel, including a working FMS. The flight model is excellent, and the sound set is simply the best turboprop sounds available. You'll need to break out the manual for this one, it's that detailed. It's best used with a monitor resolution of 1200 x 1024 or better. Requires the files and, available at and

* 2nd Dash 8 is by PSS Phoenix Simulation Software repainted by Ben Leggett

Base Package for #1:

Update for #1:

Repaint for #2:

Repaint for #1:

Dehavilland Twin Otter
DHC6 Dehavallind twin otter in Viva colours.

Ken's repaint requires the base package by Barry Blaisdell,Udo Lemmob,Samy Fay and Bob May.

Lars' repaint for Eric Date's Amphib/Floarts/Wheeled and Ski versions requires the following files: Amphib, Floats, Wheels and Ski, update for FS2004

For David V's and Danno's repaint you need to buy Lago's Twotter at

Ken´s Textures:

Repaint for Eric Date´s version: De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter -

Repaint for the Lago Twotter:


BAC 1-11 200
Repaint of David Maltby's BAC 1-11 200. This repaint is only for the 200, it may work with the other models, but has not been tested. Features a superb VC, flight model and sounds. This is a payware quality aircraft. requires the file from David Maltby's web site


Boeing 727-200
A repaint of Eric Cantu's Vista liners 727 for FS2004. Textures only. You will need to locate and install the base model. I recommend using Richard Probst's 727 panel, available on Avsim. You will need the following files: Richard Probst's panel:

Enrique Rueda FS2004

Boeing 737-200
**Full package**

Well, it's a 737. Everyone should know it ;-)

It's a full package, so no extra downloads are needed unless you'd like a nicer panel and/or sounds which you can get from

Max Range:             2,645 nm
Max Weight:          115,500 lbs
Cruising Altitude: 31-37,000 ft
Cruising Speed:          350 kts
Passenger:               130

Full Package::

Boeing 737-800
**Full package**

FS2004/FS9 FFX-Flight FX Group Boeing 737-800 Vancouver Island Virtual Airlines Reg_ID C-FXHA This download file contains a complete package with new night textures, model in Gmax with dynamic shine in full suspension, moving flight control surfaceses etc. Aircraft performance and specifications updated for 737NG. Original FFX Flight FX Group FDE by Mike Baumann. Night textures and livery by Henk Arents.

Boeing 747
The big one :-) This is a repaint of the deafult 747, so you don't need to download any extra files.

Boeing 757-200
Highly recommended: Rolls Royce sound pack for 757

Highly recommended: 757/767 panel

Also nice: Virtual Cockpit

Base Package and Textures: Boeing 757-200

Gulfstream V
With the Gulfstream V, business truly knows no bounds. The world's best-selling, ultra-long range business jet can easily span distances of up to 7,300 miles. It can fly non-stop from Rome to L.A., Chicago to Tokyo, or San Francisco to Buenos Aires. Improving on the GIV-SP, the Gulfstream V defines international business travel. In fact, it won the 1997 Robert J. Collier trophy for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America.

Repaint by Peter Ham
Base Package can be found at

Learjet 45
The first all-new Learjet since Bill Lear rolled the model 23 off the line in the 1960s, this computer-designed airplane is a fast, high altitude flyer. Certified up to 51,000 ft (15,545 m), the Learjet 45 often cruises above standard airliner altitudes. After transitioning in Flight Simulator from the complex single-engine airplanes to the King Air, move into piloting jets with the Lear.

This is a repaint of the default Learjet by Peter Ham



Agusta A109
The Agusta A109 is a helicopter manufactured by Agusta (now AgustaWestland) of Italy. It is a light-weight, twin engine, eight seat multipurpose helicopter.
Repaint by Peter Ham

Base Package:

Repaint and Panel update:

Hughes 500D
Viva repaint of the Hughes 500D Helicopter. Original by Bjorn Buchner and Mikko Maliniemi. Repaint by Ken Peters. Works for both the FS2002 and FS2004 versions.

FS2002: requires by Bjorn Buchner and Mikko Maliniemi
FS2004: requires by Bjorn Buchner, available on


VC Update: panel.cfg

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