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 Activity this week
Over the past seven days, 10 pilots have filed 56 Pireps totaling 99.67 hours

 Pirep stats

Total pireps filed to date: 56525
Top routes flown:

Route 100: 183 flights

Route 107: 165 flights

Route 102: 155 flights

Top aircraft used:

Beech Baron 58: 1579 flights

Dehavilland Beaver: 1385 flights

Douglas DC-3: 1257 flights

 Current weather

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No one delivers more beer to coastal communities than Viva!

ViVa is Vancouver Island's very own virtual airline. No matter what kind of flying you like to do, we have a place for you. Our mission is to promote flight simulation on Vancouver Island and to help Island flight sim enthusiasts connect. So whether you like to fly the big iron on Vatsim, or you enjoy a quiet VFR flight on your own, if you live on Vancouver Island, or if you are interested in Vancouver Island, we want you!

 New pilots
ViVa is proud to introduce our newest pilots: Bernie Garrett (VI2001); Jeffrey Belford (VI593); Colin Lawrence (VI3224); Howard Thate (VI9888); Raul Rizk (VI211);

 PIREPS filed in the last 24 hours
DatePilot FlightDeptDestAircraftComments
18/2/18 VI2810 Doug Wilkinson Charter KSEA CYVR Alabeo PA31 350 Chieftain N4325C
school party
18/2/18 VI9336 Randy Wood Charter PAKT CYVR DHC-5 Buffalo WA

18/2/18 VI940 Richard Peabody Charter CYQL CEA6 FSD Porter Default on Wheels

18/2/18 VI940 Richard Peabody Charter CEY3 CYQL FSD Porter Alaskan Winds N301AW on Wheels

18/2/18 VI120 Terry Wright Charter PAGA PAKP Beech D-18 Galena to Anaktuvuk Pass, AK
18/2/18 VI940 Richard Peabody Charter CFX6 CEJ4 Cessna Skyhawk 172SP Canada Air C-172

18/2/18 VI940 Richard Peabody Charter CAJ7 CFX6 Cessna Skyhawk 172SP Canada Air C-172

18/2/18 VI2011 Jury Zaporozecs Charter KMIA TTPP Bombardier LJ-45 Miami,FL-Port OF Spain,Trinidad.
18/2/18 VI9336 Randy Wood Charter CYVR PAKT DHC-5 Buffalo WA

17/2/18 VI9336 Randy Wood Charter CYLW CYVR DHC-5 Buffalo WA

17/2/18 VI9336 Randy Wood Charter CYVR CYLW DHC-5 Buffalo WA

17/2/18 VI2810 Doug Wilkinson Charter CYYJ CYQQ C337 Skymaster BLUE
17/2/18 VI2810 Doug Wilkinson Charter KSEA CYYJ CARENADO PC12 1
ferry pilots
17/2/18 VI940 Richard Peabody Charter CFX2 CEN4 FSD Porter Alaskan Winds N160AW on Wheels

17/2/18 VI940 Richard Peabody Charter CEH4 CFX2 FSD Porter BushMaster Air Charter on Skis

17/2/18 VI1940 Elroy Bissonette Charter CYVR KPDX Boeing 787 Vancouver - Seattle - Moses Lake - Portland - Seattle- IFR

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